Sam & Alicia 3

Sam & Alicia 3

This is the sequel to 'Sam & Alicia' and 'Sam & Alicia 2'.

The school holidays were starting soon. Alicia's family had booked two weeks in a unit just across the road from the surf beach at Avoca, up the coast from Sydney. They expected Alicia to go with them but Alicia and I did not want to be separated, especially during the school holidays. Phil, my dad, was coming down from Thailand, where he now worked as a diving instructor, for the first week of the holidays, so I had to be at home for that week. Eventually we negotiated that Alicia would stay with us for the first week, then, when Phil left, mum would drive us to Avoca and leave me with Alicia's family for the second week.

On the first Saturday of the holidays mum drove Alicia and me to the airport to meet Phil. Their greeting was very warm; they were obviously delighted to be together again, even though it was for only one week. When we got home they disappeared into mum's bedroom, theirs really, and Alicia and I stayed downstairs watching TV.

In less than an hour mum came back down looking very happy. “He fucked me three times, then mumbled something about jet-lag and fell fast asleep. He'll be out for a couple of hours. Put some clothes on and we'll go to Obelisk for a bit.” Obelisk is the nudist beach that we like. Going to a nudist beach had been one of Alicia's fantasies, because she wanted to see lots of men's cocks. As mum correctly predicted, I liked studying female bums and tits better.

For the trip to the beach mum and Alicia put on the bottoms of their bikinis and sexy tops. Mum's top left her back completely bare except for thin straps over her shoulders and under her armpits, rather like sleeve-holes without any sleeves. The top finished just below the bottoms of her breasts leaving her midriff bare and there was another thin strap across her back at that level. Alicia's top was a skin coloured singlet, which also finished just below the bottoms of her breasts leaving her midriff bare. The material of the singlet, which molded to the shape of her nipples and breasts, was a fine mesh which made it completely transparent.

By the time we got there the small beach was covered with hundreds of naked bodies lying on beach towels. Eventually we found a free patch of sand, spread our towels out and stripped off. Mum just lay down and buried her nose in her book, but Alicia and I just sat and stared at all the bodies, some very beautiful, some pretty ordinary and others so fat as to be ugly. We kept nudging each other and indicating some new beauty, female in my case, male in Alicia's.

After about an hour a big shadow stretched across the beach as the sun went behind the high ground behind us and so it was time for us to leave. When we got home dad was in the kitchen finishing off a sandwich. When we walked in he whistled first at Alicia's top, then again for mum's. “I've just rung our favourite restaurant and booked a table for 4 for 7:00pm tonight. I hope that you girls will wear those tops, please. You both look so sexy.” Mum agreed straight away! So did Alicia! I was stunned, pleasantly stunned.

When we were alone in my, ours really, bedroom I asked her “Weren't you nervous about going to the restaurant in a see-through top?” “Yes. But you're always telling me to confront my demons. And besides, Phil wanting me to look sexy in public really made my pussy wet.”

When we got to the restaurant mum and Alicia got big grins from the Italian waiters, and a few whistles from younger men sitting at tables around the room. Rather than being embarrassed, as I rather expected, they both seemed to enjoy the attention, arching their backs to push their boobs forward.

Over the meal we chatted about what we had been doing since dad went to Thailand. Dad told us a bit about diving at his resort and the rich tourists that came there to play. Then mum asked the question that we had all been wondering, “So Phil, have you got yourself a Thai girlfriend?”

“No. You're still my girlfriend, but I have been fucking some of the rich tourists who come out on the dive boat. It seems to be part of the job description of a dive instructor. The first day out on the boat this rich American divorcee, she could only have been in her mid-thirties, came on board with her teenage daughter, who looked to be 18. I hope that she was at least 16. They were both dressed in hats, sunglasses, bikinis and bare feet. As soon as the boat pulled away from the dock they took the tops of their bikinis off. The mother presented me with a bottle of blockout and asked me to rub it on her back, which I did. Then her daughter wanted the same treatment. OK. But then she wanted me to do her front as well, so I payed special attention to her boobs, squeezing each nipple as I did. Then I knelt in front of her and rubbed the cream into her legs, all up and down. This time I payed special attention to her upper inner thighs and actually slipped my finger inside her bikini and across her labia. She moaned softly but did not object. All through the day's diving both mother and daughter flirted with me, and I with them. I think some of the other women on the boat were a bit pissed off at all the attention those two were getting, so I tried to spread my attentions around, but there was something about those two that kept me going back to them.”

“At the end of the day, the mother invited me to join them for dinner in the restaurant at their posh hotel. I turned up a bit early, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and thongs (In some countries 'thongs' are called 'flip-flops') and waited for them in the bar. They arrived soon after, still wearing the bikini bottoms, this time under very skimpy dresses which only extended inches below their pussies. In any case they did not hide anything because they were completely see-through, revealing their nicely tanned breasts and their erect nipples, just like Alicia's singlet now.” Alicia seemed to enjoy this reference to her near nudity.

“After dinner, which the mother insisted on paying for, I was invited up to their suite for a nightcap. Their suite consisted of an enormous main room, with TV, bar, lounge chairs, and a Jacuzzi in one corner, a bedroom with an enormous bed, and an en suite bathroom off the bedroom.
Somehow I got the impression that they shared the bed. While mother was pouring the drinks, daughter stripped off and hopped into the Jacuzzi. Mother handed us each a drink then invited me to get in the Jacuzzi with them. So there we all are, naked in the Jacuzzi and a little drunk from all the wine with dinner, not to mention the drinks that we were now sipping. I felt a hand on my thigh from daughter's side and another hand from mother's side. Then they both started to play with my cock, which very quickly stood to attention. I reciprocated by plunging my fingers into their two pussies and stroking their two clits with my thumbs. It only took minutes before they both had their first orgasms.”

“Then they both stood up, and pulled me toward the giant bed, without bothering that we were all soaking wet. Mother and daughter lay on the bed in a 69 with daughter on top and her cunt toward me at the foot of the bed, so while they sucked and licked each other I pushed in and fucked her for all I was worth. I just hoped that she was on birth control because I came before I could pull out and filled her with my load. I asked later and was assured that she had been on the pill for a year at least. Then we fell asleep in a jumble of wet naked bodies. Later that night mother woke me and said that it was her turn to fuck me, so we went at it again for about 15 minutes before she came and her orgasm triggered mine. The whole time that I was pounding mother, daughter slept peacefully inches away from us.”

“Phil, you call them 'mother' and 'daughter'. Don't they have names?” asked mum. “They did at the time, but there have been so many since that I have forgotten their names. They were around for two more days of diving, and two more nights of fucking brilliant fucking before they flew off to some other resort, probably to another dive instructor too.”

After dad had told us this story it seemed natural that we should tell him about all our recent sexual adventures, about my fucking mum the night that he left, about Alicia's fantasies and what we had done to make them reality, about the remaining fantasy which was to be fucked by someone else while I watched then have me fuck her. As told in 'Sam & Alicia 2' the difficulty with this fantasy was that she did not know how to tell someone that she wanted to fuck, but possibly only once.

We left the restaurant and started walking home. Dad had his arms around mum and Alicia they had their arms around him. I was on the outside of the group with my arm around Alicia and her other arm around me. It was fortunate that there were not many others out walking because we took up the full width of the footpath.

“Phil, you could fuck Alicia while Sam and I watched. We could have a family fuck with all four of us. I think of Alicia as family since she has been instrumental in expanding my own sexuality. How about it.” “Do you know? When you three came home from the beach today, I looked at Alicia in that sexy top and felt quite sad because I thought that I would never be able to fuck her and here you are, my own wife, suggesting that I fuck her in yours and Sam's presence. Please tell me that I'm not dreaming.”

Alicia took her arm from around my waist and used it to punch Phil quite hard in the ribs. “Ouch! Why did you hit me?” “So that you would be sure that you are not dreaming. Will you fuck me, please, as soon as we get home, please?”

As soon as we were in the front door, we all stripped very quickly. Everyone seemed very excited, I know that I was. We all went up to mum's bedroom and mum pulled the covers off the bed, then Alicia lay on her back and spread her legs for dad. Moisture was oozing out of her pussy, so she obviously was excited too. Judging by his erection, dad was very excited too as he plunged into her. Mum and I stood at the foot of the bed watching while she stroked my cock slowly and I pushed two fingers into her pussy. By the stiffness of my cock mum knew that I was excited and I knew that she was too, by the juices on my fingers. Alicia had two orgasms, one on top of the other as dad was stroking in and out of her. Then we knew by the grunts dad made and the look of ecstasy, almost agony, on Alicia's face that dad was filling her with his load and she was cumming a third time.

Next Alicia wanted me inside her and so mum and dad watched while I fucked her enthusiastically for only a very short time before I added my load to dad's, inside her. I was happy to see that same, ecstatic look on Alicia's face as when she came with dad. Then Alicia and I just cuddled up together and enjoyed the feel of our bodies pressed against each other. Mum now was frantic for a fuck. She knelt in front of dad and took his cock into her mouth to restore his erection. Once she succeeded she pushed him backwards onto the bed beside Alicia, straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock, which slid effortlessly into her pussy. She lifted herself up and down moaning with pleasure as her orgasm built. Finally she let out a loud scream and collapsed on top of dad.

We all slept in the huge bed that night, Alicia and I were holding each other, and mum and dad were close together too. Early in the morning I woke up and went to the toilet for a pee. On the way back to the bed I remembered all the action last night which caused my cock to be erect again; it bounced up and down as I walked back to the communal bed and climbed in beside mum, who had her back to me. I reached around her and fondled her breast while I pressed my body and my rigid cock against her back. She stirred and managed to turn towards me without pushing me out of bed so that we were lying side by side. “Mmm. It seems that you are ready for more action?” “Yes. Are you?”

Her answer was to move the head of my cock between her labia. All that I had to do was to push my hips forward and I slipped straight into her pussy, and started stroking in and out. I guess that she must have been lying awake thinking about last night because her pussy was already very wet.

Our shaking the bed must have woken dad and Alicia because, after mum and I came, I looked across to their side of the bed and there was Alicia on top of dad, impaled on his cock, and apparently enjoying herself as much as dad, judging by the moans from both of them.

Later that morning, while we were all in the kitchen eating breakfast, dad turned to me. “Sam. I think last night has so changed our relationships, that I think that from now on you should stop calling us 'mum' and 'dad'. Instead call us 'Rosalie' and 'Phil', the way Alicia does.” “Yes da…. sorry Phil.”

For the next few nights Rosalie and Phil slept in their bed and Alicia and I slept in ours.

Friday night was the night before Phil was due to return to Thailand, so we all went to the same restaurant again for a farewell dinner. After the meal, Phil ordered glasses of Limoncello, a specialty of the restaurant, for himself and Rosalie. Alicia and I were helping ourselves to sips from Rosalie's and Phil's glasses because we were too young to be served our own. Rosalie was a bit tipsy. “I have a sexual fantasy that I would love to fulfill tonight, before Phil goes back.” “So what is it?” “I hope you wont be too shocked.” “I hope I will. A fantasy that isn't shocking isn't very exciting. Come on. Tell us.” “I want to have Sam fuck my arse (oz spelling) while you, Phil, fuck my pussy.” “Hey! That's shocking enough to be exciting. But what about Alicia, can't she be part of the action too?” “I think I will be OK just watching.” “Nonsense! I want you to suck my nipples while all this is happening.”

There wasn't any further discussion, it seemed that we all accepted this outrageous suggestion. On the way home Rosalie wanted to reassure me. “Sam. I bought an enema today, which I'll use before we start, to clean my bowels out, and some lubricant so that you wont hurt me or yourself. Are you OK with that?” “Hell yes!”

Once home, we all stripped as usual. Then Rosalie asked Alicia to help her with the enema in the bathroom while Phil and I waited in the master bedroom.

“I'm glad that you have been fucking Rosalie. I feel a bit less guilty about leaving her and going off to Thailand now that I know that you are here for her.” “Rosalie helped me to learn about sex and pushed Alicia and me together. I'm much closer to her than most of my teenage mates who all seem to be fighting with their mums a lot of the time.” “What about Alicia? How much do you love her?” “Very much. But we have agreed that we are too young for any commitment, yet.” “Gosh! You two are mature! Good on you both!”

Then Alicia and Rosalie came back into the room, and we discussed how best to do this. In the end Phil lay on his back on the bed, Rosalie lay face-down on top of him and placed his cock in her pussy and pressed down until he was all the way into her. Then they lay still for Alicia to apply the lube. First she put some on one finger and pushed it into Rosalie's arsehole (oz spelling). This made Phil twitch. “I can feel your finger, Alicia.” “I can feel your cock Phil.” Then she put more on two fingers this time and pushed them both inside Rosalie's arsehole again. “This made Phil jump as she stroked his cock through the thin membrane that separated them. “Wow! Do that some more.” So she did. Finally she squeezed a generous amount of lube into her hand and stroked my cock to lube me up. Then she helped me point my erect cock at Rosalie's ready arsehole. I pressed forward but at first I could not get past her sphincter. Alicia pulled Rosalie's arse cheeks apart and I tried again. This time I slipped inside her incredibly tight tunnel. Then I felt Phil's cock twitch as he responded to the pressure of my cock against his. I kept pressing forward until I was fully inside.

“Oh my god! I have never felt so full!” “Wow! Sam's cock rubbing over my cock is even better than Alicia's two fingers.” “Ahh!” This last from me.

I began thrusting in and out, while Rosalie moved to meet me each time I pushed in. At first Phil just lay still, but after a bit he couldn't hold still any longer and added his thrusts to the general activity. Rosalie came first. “Oh my god! I love it! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” Then I came into her bowels. “Fuuuuuck!” And Phil was last. “I'll remember this the whole time I'm away. Ohhh!”

When we had all recovered, Rosalie asked. “What about you, Alicia. Do you want to try that too?” “No. I don't think that I'm ready to do anal yet, even with Sam. But I would like to fuck Phil again before he leaves. Is that OK, Sam?” “Of course it's OK. We agreed that we don't own each other. Besides, after what you just watched, how could any of us object?”

So Alicia bent over Phil where he was still lying on the bed and started sucking on his cock. When she was satisfied with his erection, she straddled him kneeling and lowered herself spearing his cock into her pussy. She must have been aroused by Rosalie's DP because she slid straight down until their pubic bones pressed together. Then she started to lift herself up till most of Phil's cock was out of her pussy before plunging back down. As she dropped back down Phil lifted his bum off the bed pushing into her. It only took about a dozen strokes like that before she was screaming and shouting unintelligible sounds. Then she collapsed onto Phil's chest with him still inside her.

Phil put his arms around her, stroking her back and whispering encouragement. She turned her head and kissed him on the lips. “You didn't cum, did you?” “I was so close, but no, I didn't cum.” “I'd like you to try again, please.” So Phil rolled them over, still inside her, so that they were in missionary position, then started stroking gently into her. Before long Alicia was moaning, then Phil's thrusting became more urgent. Suddenly he stopped moving, holding himself deep inside her as he pumped his load into her. I don't think that Alicia came again but she lay their smiling happily at Phil as he slumped down on top of her.

That night we all slept in Rosalie and Phil's bed again. However there was no time for any action next morning because Rosalie had to get Phil to the airport early for his flight back to Thailand.

To be contuinued.

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