Sara and Mr. Rostand

Sara and Mr. Rostand

Sara sat in her desk, her stomach in knots, she needed an A on this test. Each test, which she studied so hard for, had come back to her with a lower grade than she expected. Her grade had gone continually down until she was in the C+ range. A place where she was not comfortable being. People never believed that she was a straight A student, they judged her based on her looks. Her hair was a lovely shade of blonde, that looked like golden flax. It cascaded down her shoulders, a waterfall of luscious locks. Her height, a diminutive 5 foot, made her look even more like a doll. Her eyes were a shimmering pool of cerulean blue which stood out against her pale porcelain-like skin. She was blessed, she never had a zit or blemish in her life. Her tiny frame, a size two in dress, made her look younger than her eighteen years. She used to hate her size 32A breasts, but had grown to like them because it meant she could go without a bra often. But as she was sitting in her desk, she could not get rid of this horrible feeling in her stomach.

Mr. Rostand was passing out the tests, he shuffled the papers so that Sara’s test was last. He had been systematically lowering her test scores. Just small enough so that she wouldn’t notice. He knew from the first day of school that she was a great student. Not to mention she was going to Brown next year and a C+ on her record would mean that she wouldn’t be able to go. So his plan would work perfectly. He handed the paper to her, with “see me after school” written at the top in red ink. The red ink always gets the blood pumping in students, makes them feel like they did something wrong.

Mr. Rostand was sitting behind his steel desk, waiting for Sara to come talk to him about her poor grade. She politely knocked on the door, he cleared his throat and told her to shut the door behind her. She put her books down on a desk and shut the door. Her hands floated down to her side and she stammered a bit before finally asking the question that he knew she would ask, “What can I do to get my grade up?”

“Well Sara, I know you are a hard worker, I hear you are going to Brown, correct?” Mr. Rostand played dumb, he knew this had to be her idea, or else he could get in major trouble.

“Yes, but I can’t have my GPA drop. I don’t know why my grade is so low, I study so hard. Is there any extra credit I can do?” Sara moved closer to his desk as she saw him take out a pile of her old tests and papers. He was separating the papers until she moved so close that he could smell a strawberry scent coming off of her skin. He licked his lips and breathed in deeply, trying to inhale as much of the fresh scent as possible. He had to clear his throat in order for his voice to come out normally. He felt his cock twitch to attention in his khakis. Sara leaned over and pushed around some of the papers, picking a few up then leaned her supple ass against the edge of his desk.

“My final grades get shipped out to Brown next week. I need an A by then,” Sara’s demeanor changed immediately. She noticed how Mr. Rostand reacted to her coming closer, she heard him when he was trying to smell her. She would do anything to make sure that nothing would jeopardize her going to Brown, “what can I do?” Sara put special emphasis on the word do, making sure to pucker her lips slightly. Mr. Rostand leaned back in the chair and wheeled back a couple of inches, revealing the hard bulge in his pants.

“There might be a few things that you could do that would raise your grade,” Mr. Rostand said, pushing his chair out all the way. He let her kneel down in front of him. It was such a sexy sight, the beautiful young blonde unzipping his khakis. She pulled them down with the assistance of him lifting up his hips. Once his khakis were down, she pulled down his boxers, his cock sprang out happy to be free from the confines of his pants. His cock was even happier that Sara was approaching with her mouth.

Sara’s lips were a soft pink, plump and perfect. It seemed to be slow motion, her lips slowly parted, her small tongue darted over her lips until they were glimmering with saliva. She came closer and closer until they pursed together and gave a small kiss to the tip of his cock. Then the most glorious thing happened, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and sucked on it. The warmth from her mouth sent the best sensations through him. He growled and his hands gripped the sides of the chair. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, her mouth stayed in place, wrapped just around the head as her tongue played tricks. It first swirled around one way, then stopped and went the other. Her tongue was tiny and wet, licking the tip all over. Flicking her tongue just over the very top, barely touching it. She made a slurping noise as she popped the cock out of her mouth. Licking her lips once again, her hand wrapped around his erect member. She loved the velvety feeling of his skin. She loved the feeling of a cock in her hand, and in her mouth. She then wrapped her beautiful lips around his cock again, but instead of doing anything that she had done before, she swallow his whole cock into her mouth. He saw her lips strain to fit around his wide shaft, but it was accomplished. The feeling of his whole cock being into her hot sexy mouth made him lurch forward a bit in his seat. The feeling of a warm mouth enveloping your whole cock never got old. She stayed down on his cock for a good long while before coming back up for air. He could see the tears glistening in her eyes from deepthroating him. A string of his precum travelled between her bottom lip and the top of his cock. She was breathing in, catching her breath, her mouth poised only centimeters away. Her hand stroked up and down, giving a nice amount of pressure, gliding smoothly from the wetness from her spit that coated his cock. Then she went back to work, her hand dropped for a moment, then came back up. He could feel her hesitation, but she finally cupped his balls in her hand. She played around a bit, getting used to the items in her hand, not wanting to hurt him. Her inexperience turned him on. He could feel himself, getting closer and closer to the moment of eruption. Then, when she was halfway down his cock, he wove his fingers through her luscious hair and jerked her head down. Her throat convulsed at the shock of having the cock being placed down there without warning. The convulsions sent him over the edge, he squirted ropes of cum down her throat. He didn’t let the back of her head go until he was completely finished. She jerked up and coughed a bit, bringing her fingers up to her chin, she felt some drippings of his cum that had managed to escape from the back of her throat. She examined her glistening fingers for a moment then slipped them into her mouth, licking them clean.

“Does that make the grade?” Sara asked as she stood up, straightening out her shirt. Mr. Rostand was still gathering himself together after such an amazing blowjob. He cleared his throat, smiling, “well, that brings you up to a B, but I think more work will need to be done to raise your grade to an A. Why don’t you come here and lie down on my desk?”. Sara sat down on the faux wood top and then swung her thin legs so that she was sitting upright on the desk. Mr. Rostand stood up and lightly guided her back so that she was propped up on her elbows. He ran his hands up her silky legs until he reached the bottom of her jean shorts. His hands went further up until they wrapped around her waist and suddenly picked her up and plopped her down closer to the edge of the desk. He unzipped and slowly dragged the shorts down her legs which were dangling off the edge. Once he had them off he got a great view of her mound, covered only by a strip of white material which was translucent from the seeping wet liquid coming from her pussy. He positioned her legs so they were on the table, bent and giving him perfect access to her sweet pussy. He leaned forward and inhaled her beautiful aroma. He placed his mouth over her panties, sucking, through the soft material, as much of her juices as he could. The taste was glorious. He could not resist any longer, he ripped the panties down her legs and threw them next to his desk before he went to licking her soaking pussy. Juices dripped and soaked her lips and coated his lips in her sweet liquid. His tongue licked up and down her slit, her lips so lubricated with her lovely nectar that his tongue slipped in easily. Running up and down he entered her hole, tongue fucking her mercilessly. Once he had enough of that he widened and stiffened his tongue, running the length of her pussy. He could tell every time that he passed over her clit, because she gasped and her pussy made the smallest of convulsions. He swirled his tongue around and around the small button of hers, getting closer and closer, then farther and farther, repeating until she was whimpering from the teasing. His lips wrapped around it and he could see her head tilt backwards. His tongue then flitted across it, again, and again, and again. Soft moans of bliss travelled to his ears. He gave one more long lick before he stood up. Sara’s eyes snapped open and her mouth hung wide, wanting him to continue.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got something better for you,” Mr. Rostand picked Sara up off the desk and put her down in front of a student desk. He used his sheer strength to spin her around and placed a hand on her back, forcing her to bend over the desk. He took his cock, stroking it two times before placing it at the entrance to her pussy. He slid it up and down her hot wet slit, coating his head in her juice. Then, all at once, he plunged inside of her. She felt his cock inside of her, hard as a rock. Then, as he pumped it in and out, she could feel every movement. He wrapped a thick lock of her golden hair in his hand, pulling her head back and he fucked her with more intensity. She yelped in surprise, but the tugging of her hair along with the quick motions of his cock were bringing her pleasure in a way that nothing ever had before.

He bent over her, his breath warm in her ear, “Do you like this?”. His thrusts were slowing down, but seeming to go deeper, thrusting with more intensity than before. He would thrust, then pause, thrust, then pause. Each time seeming to go deeper. Sara could not articulate how much she was liking what he was doing, mews of approval escaped her mouth. She felt his manly deep chuckle in her ear, “that’s what I thought.”. He stood back up, the pressure of his body off of her back. She could feel his hand slide down her hips and underneath them, to her clit. With each thrust he came twirled his fingers around it. Her breathing increased and as it did, so did his fingers, quicker and quicker. Her breathy moans filled the room, louder and louder. He increased the speed at which he was slamming his cock inside of her, as well as the speed at which his fingers worked on her clit. Her pussy convulsed around him as she came, juices flowing down his cock. Her body went limp underneath on the desk and he was close, too close to stop, he kept pounding away. His hand went to her back, faster and faster, harder and harder, until he shot his hot cum into her pussy.

After a few seconds of staying inside of her, he withdrew. His hot cum seeped out of her pussy and oozed down her leg. She stood up and took her hand, scooping the liquid up and depositing it into her mouth. She smiled a bit as she picked up her discarded panties and put them on. He knew that they would be filled with his cum leaking out of her by the time she got home. She got dressed and as she was walking out the door turned around, “that better be an A+ on my final grades to Brown”.

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