Second Chances – Part Last

Second Chances – Part Last

Early the next morning, Ben was already getting ready for another long drive. He snatched his cell phone up and without looking, turned the volume up in an autonomous motion. He prepped his log book and fired up the rig checking the oil pressure gauge for a few moments. He would just reach Tuscaloosa, Alabama by nightfall. Satisfied at the oil pressure reading, he climbed down from his cab retrieving his high pressure tire gauge and made his round about the truck making sure the tire pressures were good and the mud flaps were still attached. He noticed one “chicken” light wasn’t lit and made a mental note to have it fixed. Inspecting the other lights around the rig he saw the dark sky was overcast and the air humid and cooler than usual which might make for some rain once he was east of Dallas. He didn’t hear his cell phone ring due to the noise of the trucks idling around him. Now done with the check, he put away his gauge and walked to the fuel building to get a large cup of coffee before heading out. Returning, he climbed back up into his cab, set the gear shifter into 2 and released the brakes pulling out of the parking slot to begin his 700-plus mile day.

Ben thought of Lora’s beautiful face just before pulling out onto the main highway that made up US-82 East and US-287 South. Just then a large SUV swerved around Ben’s rig and blew the horn. Ben was taken by surprise and all thoughts of Lora vanished as Ben hit the brakes and steered right to keep the SUV from swiping his left front fender as it came over hard and fast in the typically stupid maneuver many 4-wheeler’s make to show their hatred for trucks. Regaining control of his lane Ben headed southeast toward the Dallas/Fort Worth area leaving Wichita Falls behind.
Lora was up before dawn and started the coffee machine with her own coffee she brought along. Afterwards she jumped in the shower for a quick cold rinse to help wake up. By the time she was dried off and dressed the coffee was ready and she partook of the hot go-juice. After half the cup was drained, she decided to try calling Ben once again before heading out herself. Again it went to voicemail but this time she left a message.

“Hello, Ben? This is Lora. I got your message about my hat and I wanted to thank you for keeping it for me. Can we meet? Just let me know where and I’ll come to you. I also want to thank you for the help yesterday. I found a tire shop and bought all new tires afterall. Thanks again for your advice but with the long trip to my parents I decided four new were probably the best choice after what happened.”, she said and paused a moment. She felt unsure and in a moment of anguish said, “ Please let me know if you’re alright.”

‘I’m going to miss you.’ She thought as she closed the phone more disappointed this time. She was sure he was ignoring her because she didn’t pick up the phone. And less sure about her last message for him to call her. She hoped she didn’t sound desperate.

Lora packed up her stuff, left the room, loaded up her car and checked out of the hotel. Before leaving town she consulted a map and decided I-44 East would get her on her way to her parents far more quickly than driving to Denton, Texas and picking up I-35 to Oklahoma City. Once she topped off the tank, she pointed the little convertible north toward the interstate and left Wichita Falls behind.

Four hours had passed uneventfully and Ben pulled into a truck stop near Tyler, Texas to take a break. He went inside to take care of the coffee he’d drank and get a couple more bottles of water. After getting back in the rig he put the water bottles in the cooler and it hit him that he hadn’t checked his phone that morning. He pulled his phone out and flipped it open. The display showed two calls were missed and one voicemail received. He recognized the number as Lora’s right away and his heart beat faster. He punched up his voicemail box and listened to her message. His thoughts now focused on her message the second time he played it and realized she’d called him just about four hours ago. He felt heartbroken at not checking his phone earlier and wondered why he felt that way. Then he realized why. She wanted him to call her and tell her he was ok. He felt that she was concerned for him and that made all the difference. He hit the redial button and called her right then.

Lora had reached the small town of Big Cabin, Oklahoma for gas and some breakfast. It was still morning and this was the only place along the turnpike here that was also a truck stop. She knew truck stops served anything 24 hours a day. After filling the tank on her car she pulled into a parking space and went inside to the ladies room and finally to sit down for something to eat. She was hungry and the miles she put behind her were many and quite fast. Especially since Oklahoma’s turnpike was set at 75 mph. She managed 300 miles in four hours and was quite happy with her accomplishment.

Lora had just given her order to the waitress when her cell phone rang. She picked it up and saw the number. Her eyes grew wide and her pulse quickened. She dropped it in her haste to open it and finally got it open just as it stopped ringing. She thought she’d missed the call.

“Hello?” Lora said in a voice very unsure if anyone was there.

“Lora?” Ben asked.

“Ben!” she said exclaimed excitedly. “Where are you? Are you alright? I tried calling last night. You didn’t answer and I thought I could catch you this morning before you left and I couldn’t reach you and-” She ran out of breath and stopped to breath. Ben could hear her and it sounded like she was gasping for breath.

“Are you alright? You sound out of breath. I didn’t make you run for the phone did I?”, he asked. She frowned and composed herself.

“No. I mean yes. I mean I’m ok, no I’m not out of breath. Are you ok? Where are you?” she repeated her questions in an undisguised voice of concern or agitation. He couldn’t be certain.

“I’m fine, really.” He said imploringly. He couldn’t mask his excitement at hearing her voice so he didn’t try. “I’m near Tyler, Texas. Where are you? Are you alright? Really?” his voice softened and sounded concerned.

‘There it is.’ She thought, feeling relieved. She heard the concern in his voice for her and it sounded genuine and sincere. Lora paused. She had to remember where she was. “I’m in Big Cabin, Oklahoma. I’m ok, now.” She said and sighed. There was a long pause.

Finally Ben spoke. “Lora?”, Ben asked.

“Yes?” she answered in a softer, almost breathless tone.

“I would very much like to see you again if that’s possible.” He said. He didn’t feel as awkward saying it. He felt the need to say it. He felt like he would bust if he didn’t tell her.

She felt strangely calm now. “I would like that very much Ben.” She said in a soft sultry tone. “Where are you headed?” she asked.

Ben’s pulse went up a few notches and had to clear his throat. She smiled even more at hearing this. She felt he was taken with her and that made her feel more confident. “I’m heading to Florence, South Carolina to deliver the morning after tomorrow.”

“Know the best route to Florence from here?” she asked upbeat, now emboldened by his answer.

He paused for a moment contemplating how to respond. He dare not sound too eager to see her again. But then…’What the hell!’ he thought to himself.

“Hold on a sec.” he said. Ben pulled out his laptop and opened up his trip routing software to figure it out. As Lora wrote down the directions of the route he gave, the waitress brought Lora’s order to the table. Lora was too engrossed in writing down the directions to notice. By the time they had finished working out the route, her breakfast was cold. She started to eat it anyway not really noticing.

“Drive safe please.” Ben said now calmed somewhat.

“I will. Where are you going to stop for the night?”

“I’ll probably make Tuscaloosa.” He replied. “Where do you think you’ll stop?”

“Don’t know yet Honey but I’ll get a map and figure it out.”, Lora said.

“You’ve got double what I’ve got left to go. Don’t push it. Why don’t you stop in Little Rock?” Ben suggested.

“I think I can make Memphis. If not I’ll stop somewhere. Don’t’ worry about me. I’m a big girl now. I’ll be fine.” She regretted mocking him immediately.

“I’ll worry about you if I want to. Don’t you be takin’ any chances. Ya’hear? I want you in one piece, ok?” his tone turned serious. He meant to say ‘want to see you’ but instead it came out the way he meant it. She picked up on what he’d just said. She wanted him too.

“I’ll stop in Little Rock if I have to. You drive safe too Ben.” She said, then added, “Can’t wait to see you either.” With that she hung up.

Ben heard the line go dead. He looked at his phone and it showed the call ended. He frowned but knew he probably got a little too excited about her driving that much and pushing herself. Just then, he realized she’d called him Honey. She was right. He couldn’t wait to see her.

Lora didn’t finish her meal. She paid for it and left in a hurry. She walked quickly to her car and after getting in, fired up the engine, put it in reverse and backed out quickly just missing another car pulling through the parking lot. She heard the horn but paid no notice but did get the attention of an off-duty police officer having a late breakfast. He watched as she tore out of the parking lot heading south on US69.
Lora floored the gas pedal and the little car lurched forward as soon as she’d hit pavement. She picked up speed rapidly as she came up through the gears. In no time at all she was cruising near 85 mph. Thoughts of Ben made her want the miles to simply evaporate. After a couple of minutes of this foolishness she slowed to 70.
Ben on the other hand stalled his rig twice and ground the gears just trying to get out of the parking lot in Tyler. After he’d ground the gears a fourth time he couldn’t help but start laughing at himself.

“Just like a pretty woman to turn you into a rookie driver again Ben. If ya can’t find ‘em, grind ‘em!”, he said aloud to himself. He chuckled at how easily he flustered over Lora.

Lora now blew through the little town of Pryor at near 60. The speed limit was 35 and when she realized it, she was already past it. She kept looking for cops in her mirrors to turn in behind her to chase her down.

In another 30 minutes Lora reached the Muskogee Turnpike after blowing through two more towns at fairly high speed. Once on the turnpike, she opened it up to 80 and set the cruise until reaching the Interstate.

Ben was cruising quite fast himself. His truck had no speed governor on it and more than once found himself running near 80. Finally reaching Louisiana he had to cut his speed back to 70 which was fine with him. His truck wouldn’t take the beating of I-20 through that state plus Mississippi and hold together for long. Still he had to cut his speed back and finally turned on the cruise control to keep from over speeding too badly.

About four hours after getting back on the road, Ben’s cell phone rang. He turned down his music and saw the phone display LORA. He had already put her at the top of his fast dialing list.

He put on his headset and picked up the call. “Hello beautiful.”

Without missing a beat, Lora answered back. “Hello handsome. Whatchya doin’?”

In his best imitation of W.C. Fields he answered. “Driving my dear. Driving.” Then asked simply “Where are you?”

“Oh, I’m in Little Rock. Where are you?”

“Damn girl! You’re burning the gas aren’t you?!” he exclaimed.

“Well,” she started, “better to burn it for a purpose than not burn any at all.”

He felt love for this woman. It was plain and simple now. She was hurrying to meet him. “Are you going to stop soon I hope?” Ben asked.

“I’ll stop when it’s time to. I’m not tired. Honest. I’m good for Memphis. So where are you? You haven’t told me.” She said.

“Not far west of Jackson, Mississippi. I’ll make Tuscaloosa no problem.”

They talked for nearly an hour on the phone about the usual stuff. Likes, dislikes and the like. They also flirted with each other heavily with overt sexual connotations and obvious underlying double-meanings. He rose to the occasion while she got hot down under.

“I don’t know about you my dear but I’m about to bust. I need to pull off and take a break.” He said.

“What’s the matter? Am I too hot to handle?” she said still hot and bothered herself.

“Oh you’re hot alright. But I really need to go. I just pulled into a rest area.”

She felt embarrassed a little. “Oh! I wasn’t thinking you were serious. Sorry about that. Call me when you get to Tuscaloosa.”

“You can count on it!” Ben assured her. “Talk to you then Hon.”

She felt upbeat at the endearing title he just bestowed on her. “Great! Talk soon!” and she hung up.

Ben got back on the road after a visiting the men’s room. Hot and bothered was foremost on his mind.

Ben pulled into a truck stop just east of Tuscaloosa. It was around 6:00 PM. He was too hyped up on adrenalin to lay down in the sleeper just yet so he went for a walk around the parking lot. Several times. While walking, he called Lora. She answered but sounded very tired. She had just checked in to a motel in West Memphis. She was utterly exhausted and apologized to him saying she needed to rest. He didn’t feel put off. He knew that much driving for someone unused to it took its toll.

After talking with Ben for a short time and saying her goodbyes, she shed her clothes and visited the bathroom. Then she climbed into bed and fell asleep quickly.
Ben felt sorry for her. He knew she pushed herself too hard but was glad she was safe. He was coming down from his high rapidly now and headed straight for his rig. It didn’t take long for him to fall asleep after his head hit the pillow.

Lora awoke feeling strange. She thought she saw the room was lit up but her vision was blurry. Blinking her eyes several times helped only a little. When she could see, she thought she was looking at a very high ceiling. She turned on to her stomach and she was looking through a hand-hewn log railing. Beyond it was a wall that appeared to be made of stone. Another few seconds and her vision cleared. She was in an enormous room. No. A large one-room log cabin. She noticed she was laying with her head at the foot of the bed and the stone wall was the stone fireplace and chimney. She realized she was in a loft. She remembered seeing log home plans where the master bedroom was in the loft that overlooked the Great Room and fireplace. She felt a movement beside her.

Lora turned her head to the left and saw Ben laying there looking at her with a gentle smile on his face. She forgot about the cabin and saw only him. They were laying on an oversized king mattress with white sheets. She moved over to him and snuggled up to him laying her head on his chest.

“Good morning sweetheart.” Ben said in a sleepy kind of way. Lora lifted her head and looked into his sharp hazel eyes and smiled then kissed him. She held their kiss long and passionate as she pulled herself on top of him. His nakedness felt solid and warm. She kissed his face and neck then down to his chest. She eased down and reached behind her. She felt the thing she wanted and as she slinked down, guided him into her. At first she felt him inside her and she started moving up and down on him in long and slow strokes. She felt his hands reach up and gently squeeze her breasts then kneading them like dough. He gently pinched and twisted her nipples that were now fully erect and hard. She started feeling that familiar surge in her belly when she was about to reach orgasm.

Then suddenly, she couldn’t feel him anymore. She looked down and she could see him but couldn’t feel his hands on her breasts or his cock inside her. She tried to speed up the strokes and she felt like she was moving in thick water. The room changed from color to grays as she looked around. She was still trying to feel him touch her and she again sped up her efforts. She looked back down at Ben only to find him becoming transparent. She screamed out to him in panic as he faded away beneath her.

She screamed so loud the third time she woke herself up and sat bolt upright panting in a cold sweat and trembling. Her heart was beating furiously and all she could hear was the blood rushing through her ears. Trembling fiercely, she tried to get up and fell to the floor as her knees buckled under. In a panic she pulled herself onto the bed moved across it and reached her phone.

‘Have to call Ben.’ She thought. She struggled to operate the phone as her fingers were numb and shaking so hard it was nearly impossible to hold it to her ear when she finally dialed his number. The phone rang once then twice. It stopped in the middle of the third ring and slightly groggy “Hello?” came over the earpiece.

She was so terror stricken she couldn’t speak. Her mouth worked but nothing came out. Again the voice spoke. “Lora?” She broke down and started to cry hard.

Ben was listening and knew it was Lora but couldn’t get her to answer him. He called her a second time more loudly and firm.

“Lora! Can you hear me?” he said. The crying quieted slightly and a very tiny voice answered.

“Yes. I'm…” she stopped in mid sentence as she cried in hysterics gasping for breath.

“Oh my God Lora! Are you ok? What happened?”, extreme concern now entered his voice as all sorts of thoughts raced through his mind. “Lora? Are you there?”

She answered slightly less squeaky than before as she started to come to her senses and escape her nightmare. “Yes Ben. I’m here. I’m here. Where are you?”

Ben heard a pleading in her voice. He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself.

“I’m here Lora. I’m in Tuscaloosa. Where are you? Are you alright?”

She heard the calmed voice on the other end and it calmed her as well. A few moments passed and she was able to answer more coherently.

“I’m in a motel in West Memphis.” She explained. Then a pause as she reached for and found the tissue dispenser. She pulled several tissues out and wiped her eyes to no avail. “Are you there Ben?”

“I’m here Lora. Please tell me, are you alright? Are you hurt? Did something happen to you?”, Ben asked a bit anxious.

A slight pause then she answered. “I don’t know. I just had the worst nightmare of my life.” She ended in a squeak and started crying again. Then she regained some composure and continued. “But I think I’m alright now. I think I’m awake now.” She sounded much more composed now.

“What happened Honey? What kind of nightmare?” he asked.

She could hear the concern more strongly now and it comforted and calmed her. She told him about her dream interrupted with bouts of uncontrollable sobbing and recovery. He listened intently to her description and it chilled his spine. He had the same dream too but with a different ending but he didn’t tell her that.

“You did? What happened to you?” she asked between sniffles.

“The room seemed to fade out and I woke up in a cold sweat. I had that same dream the other night. Before we met.” He explained. He didn’t tell her how it really ended.

At the end of his dream, everything started turning black and oozed a liquid blackness he’d never seen in his dream before. The he felt like he was falling fast. The blackness turned red and he landed in a pool of blood that burned and scalded him. He screamed and writhed in agony trying to escape the pool but the sides were too high to reach. He felt pain beyond belief and he wanted to give up trying. Just before he gave up, he looked up hoping for one last something or someone to pull him out. Suddenly a bright white light shown in his face and he looked away from the intensity. Then all at once he was standing next to the pool and without pain. He looked around trying to find who it was that pulled him from the pool. He looked back into the pool and then heard a woman’s voice.

“Look not at the past for it holds the things of great pain and greater sorrows. Look to the future for the joy and love you may have instead. Love isn’t love until you give it away.”

He turned around and saw a woman standing a few feet away from him. She looked familiar but couldn’t place where he’d seen her. Then she spoke again.

“You were always a good man Ben. Don’t throw away the life given you. Go find her. Love her with all your being and let her love you with all of hers.”

He puzzled over what she said and was about to ask what she meant when a little girl stood next to the woman. She smiled at him brightly and he realized who they were. Ben looked to his wife then back to his daughter and tears streamed down his cheeks.

“Thank you.” He said. The room lightened into white light and the two figures blurred as they turned as if to walk away. Before they had completely turned around, they vanished. He didn’t wake in a cold sweat. Instead he woke with a peace and steadiness in him he hadn’t known since he lost his family in the accident.

“Ben? Are you there? Ben?” came a more unsteady voice over the phone. Ben’s recollection of his dream was vivid. Then he knew what the dream meant.

“I’m here Lora. I’m here.” He said sounding calm.

Lora noticed the change in his voice and thought things were going to be ok now. “Ben. I’m scared. What does the dream mean?”

Ben answered in the same calm voice. “It means Lora that we are going to be ok.”

“We?” she asked.

“Yes. We.” He said trailing off in thought.

"I’m afraid to go to sleep. Stay up with me to talk with me please?” she pleaded.

He smiled and said he would for a little while. Another hour passed as they conversed about their lives and their hardships since their respective life-altering events. Around 3:30 in the morning she was yawning more than not and told him she thought she could go to sleep. He wished her pleasant dreams.
Then out of the blue she told him she loved him and hung up. He smiled knowing she did and he fell asleep with her face in his mind.

Lora clutched the phone to her chest and laid on her right side looking toward where the window was. She curled up in a ball and soon fell asleep again imagining herself wrapped in his arms.
Ben’s alarm sounded off at 5:00 AM. He got up and quickly got dressed, grabbed his shaving kit and headed for the main building and the restrooms. He emerged from the main building fifteen minutes later with a large cup of coffee in one hand and breakfast sandwich in a bag in the other.

Ben climbed back into his rig and performed the daily inspection and by 6:00 AM was heading out the parking lot to the highway. Once merged on to the highway he set his cruise control to 60 mph allowing her to catch up to him faster. The night’s event ran through his mind and he felt content. She would have woken by now and be getting ready to get on the road. He knew she would call him when she was on the road but he couldn’t wait for the call. He called her.

Lora’s phone rang and she opened it up right away and spoke without any pretense as to who it was.

“Good morning Ben.” She said in a calm and collected tone.

“Well good morning beautiful. How are we doing this morning?” he asked in a pleasant and upbeat manner. She enjoyed his endearments and they talked for a few minutes about the night’s event. She balked about him stopping at a truck stop just east of town to wait for her and told him she was fine and she would catch up. He told her about his planned stop in Temple, GA to top off his fuel tanks before finishing the run to Florence. She thought she would catch him by the time he reached the loop around Atlanta and would call once she thought she was close enough. Convinced she was ok he said his goodbyes after telling her he would run at 60 so she could catch up sooner. She told him she loved him again and he answered in kind revealing his feelings to her.

After hanging up, it was all Lora could do to hurry up and head for a quick shower. After her shower she dried off and applied a body lotion all over. She was humming to herself and when she saw her image in the mirror, she was smiling. Opening her suitcase she slipped a pair of bikini panties on and slinked into a cotton slip choosing not to wear a bra today. Next she brushed her hair and placed a white hair band on top of her head that dropped just behind her ears. This kept her hair from falling forward into her face. Still humming to herself and satisfied her hair was just the way she wanted, she slipped a white cotton sundress over her head and pulled it down over her. It was sleeveless with a touch of lace around the shoulder straps and around the almost conservative empire cut in front. The bottom was hemmed with a three inch wide lace trim with a single row pattern of yellow daisies circling just above it. She tied the draw string up behind the small of her back to cinch up the light yellow narrow gathered waist of the dress.

Her wide brimmed sun hat would have completed the ensemble had she not left it behind that Ben now carried with him. That would be taken care of soon enough. She felt good and light on her feet and in no time packed her things back into the car, checked out of the motel and headed out and around Memphis once she crossed the river. Lora knew she would catch him. She also knew she wasn’t going to throw him back. Confessing her love to him and hearing his confession to her only reassured her of that. Before long she was through the traffic and lights and on to the open highway of US78 in Mississippi with her cruise set to 75. Mississippi would soon be a blurred memory as she blasted down the highway.

Lora called Ben when she got to Tupelo. She stopped for a quick break and a bite to eat and was back on the road again.

Ben’s phone rang and without looking, answered it and said, “Hello Beautiful.” Then a man’s voice answered.

“I’ve been called a lot of things but beautiful wasn’t one of them.”

Ben choked back a comment. “Hello Ray! Sorry. I thought you were someone else calling. Didn’t look at the display.”

“What’s her name?” Ray asked.

“Lora. She’s a real fine woman.” Ben answered.

“I can hear in your voice you’ve come to some sort of conclusion then?” Ray exclaimed.

“I’m ok if that’s what you mean. And I’m all hers if she wants me.” Ben said. “What can I do for you Ray?” he asked, changing the subject.

“I’m glad to hear it. Been worried about you some these last couple of months. You ain’t asked to go home or for any time off.”

“Funny you should mention that. I need a few days off after this run. I need to go home and take care of a few of things. Think you can you handle things without me?” Ben mocked his dispatcher terribly and today was no different and yet it felt like it was.

“Not your usual way. We usually need five days notice but seeing as how you’ve not been home for almost six months I’ll let this one slide. And yes we can survive without you. But only for a few days.” Ray paused and continued when he didn’t hear Ben make any comment about the sarcasm. “How much time do you need Ben?” he asked.

“Not much. Just a few days.” Ben replied then added, “At least four for now. A week tops.”

“You aren’t thinking of hanging up your keys are you?” Ray asked cautiously.

“I’ll call you when I decide. If you have a load on me, hang on to it as long as you can. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I’m hoping for the best outcome. Until then, I’ll finish this run and take a break.” Ben said.

“Alright. You’ve got your break. Call me if you need anything.”

“I will.” Ben said and hung up.
Ben stopped in Temple and topped off his tanks. He wasn’t hungry but he parked his rig and went inside to kill some time. He went to the restaurant and gave the waitress his drink order after being seated. He called Lora and asked where she was.

“I just stopped for gas here in Oxford. Where are you?”

“In Temple. Just topped off the tanks and sat down to eat.”

“You are impossible! What am I going to do with you?” Lora said mockingly.

“Tell me you love me and you can’t wait to catch me.” Ben chided.

“I love you and I can’t wait to catch you.” She said dreamily.

“Love you too my dear. Can’t wait for you to catch me either. I’ll be back on the road in a few minutes, Love. You’re less than fifty miles away.”

She sighed and said, “Is that all?”

“Call me when you catch me.” He said and hung up.

Lora stared at the phone for a long moment and realizing he’d just teased her. Considering the challenge and the fact that she was now less than fifty miles from him she guessed she would catch him by the time he reached the loop around Atlanta. He was leaving in a few minutes and with motivation like that, she hurried to her car and was back on the road in less than two minutes. She wasn’t going to let him off that easily.

As Lora sped past Temple, she’d been thinking about him in the big log house in her dream. She felt aroused at the image of him laying next to her in her mind. She dared not try to engage her thoughts lest he might disappear again or worse, soak through her dress and the seat before she reached him. Instead she kept the image of him laying next to her in her mind just holding him. Other thoughts passed through her mind briefly but she stolidly came back to that one giving her something solid to fixate on.

She’d been in another world by the time she reached the loop. Lora still hadn’t spotted him by that time. She did know which way around Atlanta he took. She turned to head south around the city by the airport. By the time she’d reached the I-675 interchange, she was now unsure where he was. Just then, her phone rang.

“Hey Handsome! Where are you?” she asked puzzled.

“You can’t see me yet?” he said in a mocking tone.

“Nooooo. I don’t see you. How far are you past the airport.?”

“Apparently not as far as you are.” He teased.

Lora instinctively looked in her rear view mirror and saw his rig directly behind her!
“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and drifted toward the right lane staring at his rig in the mirror. Realizing this she jerked the wheel back and the car bobbed and weaved a little as she regained her lane.

“Whoa! Might keep your eyes ahead of you my dear.” He said concerned.

“How-. Where’d –“ she was pretty much speechless. “Damn! Now I’m confused. Where the hell did you come from?”

“The Weigh Station pulled me in and did a partial inspection. Sorry about that. I wasn’t figuring that would happen.” He explained apologetically. “So I guess this mean I caught you after?”

“I’m not disappointed.” She said.

“I always like the chase scenes. ” He said. “But somehow catching you expecting to be caught by you is most gratifying.“

She thought the same way about her situation. She was gratified knowing he caught her after all, exciting as chasing him was. In a melodramatic tone she said, “So now that you’ve caught me,” she paused for effect. “What are you going to do with me?”

To this he already knew the answer as he figured she did. She was being playfully serious.

“Lora?” he called to her as softly as he could above the din of his rig.

“Yes.” She answered breathlessly.

“Why don’t you go on ahead and find a place where I can catch you again.”
Her breath caught and knew this was it. He wanted her and now. Her eyes misted up and in her soft bedroom voice she told him she’d call him when she found that place and hung up. The next he saw was her accelerating away from him at a very quick rate.
An hour later he was beginning to wonder what became of her. He knew she’d have to get fairly far ahead to find anything and check out a room then call him to tell him where. He just about decided to call her when his phone chirped indicating he received a text message. He looked at the display and pressed a button to read the message. All it showed was, ‘Exit 175. I’ll pick you up.’

Ben thought for a moment and knew there were two truck stops there. But he couldn’t recall a hotel or motel there. Still, was he to park at the larger of the two truck stops? He decided he would. If anything, she’d be there and watch him pull in. It was about the longest ten minutes away he would ever recall.

Nine minutes passed and he took the exit she indicated. Once off the highway he steered toward the large truck stop to pull in to. Traffic wasn’t very heavy being in between the really busy periods so parking wasn’t a problem. He pulled around to the last row of parking slots and lined up for one. After getting parked he let the engine run to cool down while filling out his log book. Once done he got up and retrieved his

day-bag and climbed out of the cab. He turned the ignition off, removed the key, locked and slammed the door shut. He turned to see Lora standing there waiting for him. He was surprised but not startled.

Ben gazed into her deep green eyes and she into his of hazel. Nothing needed to be said and both stepped toward each other to embrace. She stood on her toes and turned her head up to meet his. He bent over to embrace and kiss her passionately. She kissed him back as they stood there in each other’s arms afraid to let go as if the world would try to tear them apart. The sun burst into a billion fragments in their minds as their passion tore at them. Neither could pull away as their need for each other translated into tears of joy as soul mates once lost had found each other. Their tongues intertwined and danced around each other as if on their own accord while their lips touched and caressed.

After what seemed a small eternity, they broke their embrace but held on to each other closely, breathless in their passion. Again they looked into each other’s eyes. No words were needed. He led her to the driver’s side and held the door for her as she knew where they would go. She turned and kissed him full on the lips just before sliding into the driver’s seat. He closed the door and went around to the other side and climbed in. No sooner was the door close that she was in reverse and maneuvering through the parking lot toward the exit. He found some tissue and offered her one to wipe the tears from her face. She turned to him and smiled her thanks. He dried the moistness from his eyes as well and composed himself. She was getting back on the interstate and heading west from where they had come. Lora got off the highway about three miles later and after waiting for the light, turned left. She turned into a hotel parking lot and headed for a parking space near the end of the building. Parking the car, she shut off the engine and rolled into the space. Now stopped he got out and went around to her door and opened it. Somehow she expected this and allowed him the pleasure of the experience.

When the door opened he held out a hand to her. She took it and lifted herself out of the driver’s seat easily, she hit the LOCK button on the remote and he closed the door, almost the whole time looking at her face. He wanted the image burned into his memory as if this were a dream to be woken from.

Ben gently held her hand and she led him to the door of their room. She slid the cardkey into the reader and as soon as she pulled it out and the lock clicked open, he swept her off her feet and nudged the door open carrying her 102 pounds through across the threshold as if she were made of paper machete. She looked up at him and laced her fingers behind his neck. The spring on the door closed it with a thud sealing them off from the world outside. The room was dimly lit with only the light from around the curtains for illumination. He stood at the foot of the bed carrying her, holding her in his arms as they bestowed passionate kisses on each other.
Their eyes adjusted to the dim light and they could see each other once again. She slipped her pumps off her feet and he gently lowered her to the floor never taking his eyes off hers. Their height difference to anyone else was measurable to say the least. His alrge 6 foot frame seemed massive above her 4 foot 11 inch height. But the two of them didn’t take notice. They only knew they were meant for each other from now and into the future.

Ben embraced Lora holding her to him in a great encompassing hug that did not crush but rather, cradled as if he was protecting her. His right hand slid up and down her back in a caressing motion as she did to him. She reached back and pulled one of the draw strings in her dress and it came undone. Now both his hands caressed her back gently. She felt this gentle giant would protect her at any cost. She felt the tenderness and the heat of his body. She slid her hands under his T-shirt up his back as far as she could reach around him and drew them back down. She then lifted the shirt up higher and higher until he lifted his arms allowing her to pull it up over his head. She discarded the shirt onto the floor and her hands explored his torso, arms, shoulders and stomach. He ran his large hands down her back again and rested them on her firm ass. He squeezed them and lifted her toward him slightly. She closed her eyes and moaned softly tilting her head back. He slid his hands around to the sides of her thighs then up her waist pulling her dress higher. She raised her arms as Ben slid the dress up to her chest lifting it over her head. He let it fall to the floor behind her as she brought her arms back around his neck and pulled herself up to kiss him.

Ben beheld her magnificent breasts and saw that her hard nipples stood out erect and proud. He drew his hands up and around her to pull her against him. Her body was hot against his and soon she was motioning him in a turn around to sit on the bed.

Ben sat on the bed as Lora knelt down and removed his boots and socks. Then she stood up and splayed her legs to sit on his lap facing him. They kissed more hotly and tongues and lips pressed and retreated and pressed against each other. She eased into him wanting him lay on his back. He took the cue and lay back. She straddled his stomach and reached behind her to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his jeans. While she did this, her arms were behind her causing her breasts to thrust out. Ben reached up and cupped them in his large hands gently squeezing and caressing them while running his thumbs over those large hard nipples. She moaned softly at the attention. She hadn’t experienced gentleness in breast play in so long she’d forgotten how wonderfully sensual it felt.

Lora finally got the last button on Ben’s fly undone and slid her hand under this briefs. Ben could see her face and the priceless expression she wore when she discovered him. Bliss at first then surprise as she discovered too how large he really was. She looked down at him in awe as she wrapped her hand around his cock. She began to stroke him as he pulled his right hand from her breast to rub his thumb on her clit. He rubbed the swollen nub through her G-string and when he pressed against it, she caught her breath and her body froze, mouth open. He rubbed it around in circles again and again then pressed into it. Each time she froze and caught her breath. Soon she was panting and unable to hold onto him.
“Uuuuuuuuuuuuh!” She moaned. With great effort she grabbed his hand and made him stop. She was breathing harder now. When she finally spoke she cradled his face in her hands and smiled.

“Not yet. Not this way.” She forced the words out before diving onto his lips again. She wanted to climax while making love, not just in the act of sex.
Ben then hiked his hips up off the bed and slid his jeans and briefs down quickly to his ankles where he could kick them off easily. This launched her forward towards him and the resulting action had her on her hands and knees with her breasts hanging just above his face. He put his hands on her back and circled his tongue around her areolas without actually touching her nipples. She enjoyed the sensations and the nipple tease and held herself in place above him.
Then he would suck a nipple in between his lips and gently but firmly , bite down on each one. This sensation shot through her like lightning and her arms began to quiver as she slipped into swooning moments making it more difficult to maintain her position above him. He reached around behind her and massaged her ass cheeks and finally her very wet clit once again. After a few minutes of this, she rolled off him onto her back panting.

Ben rolled over and took his place above her in the traditional missionary position. She gazed up at him with doe eyes. His eyes gazed into hers as he pressed his cock into her gently. A few teasing inward thrusts to help her become accustomed to his large two inch girth. Her first expression was one of fear that he’d split her in two. That lasted only moments as she realized he was letting her get used to him. She started raising her hips slightly meeting him thrust for thrust after she relaxed. Deeper and deeper he sank into her all the while each staring into the other’s eyes.
Lora reached up and cradled his face in her hands and pulled his lips to hers. Their tongues danced and his thrusts became longer and deeper now. Longer and deeper, stronger and faster as she raised her hips to meet him in their frenzy to be the beast with two backs. She felt full of him and wished it could go on and on. She was moaning louder and calling out his name. He was grunting as he kept up the pace. Both breathing harder and faster as each neared the pinnacle of their joining. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled harder on him. He thrust harder into her. He felt her clamp down on his cock hard, her mouth hung open and eyes began to roll back into her head. He felt her legs shudder around him as he continued to thrust in and out of her. She contracted again and the friction was greater still to him.

Both were too well primed to make it last very long. Her body went taunt and rigid as she held her breath and eyes now rolled back in her head mouth gaping. Nothing else existed but Ben making her cum. He felt the surge from his balls rise and made one last thrust into her as she screamed in orgasm. His hot seed gushed into her. She could feel his cum flow hot into her and she clamped her legs tightly around him shuddering as she came in waves of ecstasy only dreamt of, not wanting to let go as they came together.

Ben slowly lowered himself onto his elbows still coupled with Lora to avoid crushing her. The full body contact was especially tingly now. With eyes closed he kissed her face, neck and lips as she cooed and made tiny noises of delight. She kissed him back passionately and lovingly as well. He rolled off her onto his side and held her close to him as if she would suddenly disappear. She cuddled to him in his arms against his body as if he would fade away soon. Neither happened as they drifted to sleep.
Four years later

Lora woke with a start at some sharp sound. Light streamed in from somewhere overhead as she struggled to focus her eyes. When she could make out the high ceiling of the their bedroom she looked over to where Ben was laying. He was propped up on one elbow smiling at her. It took her a few moments to realize where she was. Just then she heard the sound that woke her.

“Bad dream honey?” Ben asked quietly. She looked slightly confused at first then her expression softened.

“Something woke me up.” She said sleepily as if she hadn’t heard his question.

“Just the kids downstairs watching cartoons.” He said. ‘Kids?’ she thought.

“Oh. When did they get up?” she asked laying back down looking at the ceiling trying to get focused.

“About thirty minutes ago. I fed them breakfast and let them watch a little TV. I came back up here and you were still asleep.” Ben ansered. “Something wrong?”

Lora looked at the ceiling and the blue sky beyond the skylights. Then she looked around slowly and saw the Craftsman style furniture and finally the log walls. She sat up quickly and looked toward the foot of the bed and saw another log wall with a dresser, vanity, book case and a door. Then turned to look at Ben and she smiled and rolled over to wrap her arms around him holding him tight.

“Hey hey!” he chuckled. “I love you too beautiful. Tell me what’s on your mind?

Lora smiled and said, “Remember when we first met?”


Lora and Ben married in North Carolina. Lora went with Ben on all his hauls. While out on the road she told him she was well-to-do and he didn't have to work if he didn't want to. He told her he was in similar situation and told her she didn't have to work either. They enjoyed discovering things about each other in the tight confines and long miles of an Over-The-Road truck dreaming up how they would spend the rest of their lives.

Lora announced she was pregnant with twins six months later. They decided to move to Cheyenne, Wyoming and Ben invested in a log home builder which did well in a couple of years. After the twins were born, a boy and a girl, Lora became a successful leader in the nursing field and became a manager at a hospital in Cheyenne.

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