seducing my step dad 2

seducing my step dad 2

The next day after my mom left for work I decided to see if my "daddy" wanted to play again. This time I dressed in a short mini shirt that barely covered my ass and a white tank top. Knowing I wanted to let him know I wanted sex i wore no panties or bra. Once down satirs I saw him in the living room.

"Hi daddy how are you this morning?" I asked him standing on the last step.

"Alot better since you got out of bed." he rplied. "Don't you look like a little whore today for daddy."

"Do you like how I look daddy Mike?" I asked him as i stepped into the living room and slowly turned around. When I was facing him again I saw him grinning and rubbing his crotch.

"Turn on the cd player and dance for me my little baby girl." he told me. Going over to the cd player I put in a dance mix cd and got back into the center of the room. When the music started I started to dance as slutty and sexy as I could. thrusting my ass out and rubbing my titties threw my shirt. Mike just leaned back and enjoyed the show, Bending over to show off my cleavage or my ass to him.

When I got real excited I sank down to my knees and started to dry hump the floor. Crawling on all fours i turned and raised my ass to him. Pulling my Skirt up and exposed my two holes to him. Letting out a small moan as i started to rubb my pussy for him. Genetly rubbing my slit up and down and spreading my lips. Rocking my hips as I got myself wet for his cock.

"Thats it baby girl play with your slutty pussy. Show me how good of a whore you can be Tammy." was all Mike was telling me. i inswerted a finger into my pussy and did it ever feel so good. I was so wet my juices were starting to run down my hand. Turning to face my step dad i licked the juices clean.Still on my knees facing him I hiked up my skirt even more and inserted two fingers into my cunt. When he told me to pull up my top and play with my nipples I did. Pinching and pulling them as I finger fucked my self.

"Are you wanting to cumm tammy?" he asked me

"Ohh yes daddy I want to cumm so bad." I replied to him

Flashing a smile at me he said "Now be a good girl and stand up and come over here."Hopeing he was gonna fuck me I got up and hurried next to him. Standing next to him my step daddy smoothed down my skirt and tank top. looking up at me he told me "Tammy little white girls like you, don't deserve to cumm before black men. It is your job to please us first. Do you understand my Little white whore?"

"Does that mean you are gonna fuck me daddy?" I asked him looking down with lust filled eyes.

"No Tammy it means I am gonna use you like any white girl needs to be used." With that he got up and lead me to the kitchen. "Now be a good girl and bend over the table."
Bending over the table I felt him placing my skirt over my hips. Then a hard sharp pain as he slapped my ass. Crying out in pain i shot up from the table. Grabbing me by the back of the neck Mike forced me to bend back over "stay" was what he told me like I was a dog.

When he spanked my ass a few more times he told me he wished my mom would listen as well as I did. while he rubbed y my ass to atke away the stinging pain he asked me alot of questions. Like if i was a virgen and how old was my first time or if i had annal. I told him I had sex in both my ass and pussy and I lost my cherry at 12.

"Spread your legs tammy." he commanded me and wish I did. Hearing his jeans being unzipped I knew this would be the time.Rubbing his cock up and down my slit he told me this was gonna hurt. Using all of his weight he forced his cock up into my pussy with one thrust. ramming into me like a jack hammer he used my pussy hard and fast. In and out his cock went into my pussy. I have been fucked hard before so I was used to it.

"You like this don't you, you little white whore?" he asked me

"yes daddy yess." i replied. "Fuck me hard daddy, Use me daddy like the little slut I am." and other self degrading stuff came out of my mouth.

That is when he pulled out of my pussy and rammed as far as he could into my ass. when he did I screamed in pain and surprise, The guys i had up my ass were only like five or six inches and not thick. My step daddy's 11 inch very thick cock was reaming me a new asshole. Tears started to run down my face. Leaning onto my back Mike told me it was ok to cry.

"Do you want me to stop baby girl?" he asked me

"No daddy I told you yesterday you can do whatever you want to me" I replied. When he heard that he started to pound even harder. Each time it felt liek he was going deeper. This went for a good 15 teen minutes before he pulled out of my ass.

"Turn around Tammy and get back on your knees with your sexy mouth open." He commaned me. Doing as he told me he had me lick my shit off his big black cock. When his cock was all clean he started to fuck my face again. With only four or five strokes he started to cumm all over my face and hair.

With the last of the spurts he looked down at me. "We need to atke a shower now." he told me. Once in the bathroom he got undressed but told me to stay dressed. In the shower my top became see threw and my skirt stuck to my sides. I was gonna get my hair wet to wash out the cumm but he said no. Alll he wanted me for was to clean him up. When the shower was over I had to kneel and dry him.

Looking at the clock my stap dad saw it was about time for my mom to come home for lunch. "Now Tammy go and put on something more lady like before your mom gets home ok sweetie." he said to me. Pouting and stomping I headed to my room. Slamming the door when I got inside it. A couple seconds later my stepdad burst into the room.

"Stop acting like a spoiled little bitch tammy!" he yelled at me. "Do you want to get caught and have me end up in jail for molesting you?"

"Yes I want mom to catch us so I gan show her how it feels to be humilated." I screamed back "I don't want you to go to jail just make her feel how i felt when she dragged me away from the party " Then I bust into tears.

"Ssshhh babygirl you don't have to do that to her. Just show her how much of a better woman you are when it comes to the house work and stuff like that. And I will talk to her for you about you going to another party." Mike reassured me.With that he leaned down and french kissed me. "Now get dressed and be a good girl till your mom goes back to work."

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