She was Pissed Off At Her Father

She was Pissed Off At Her Father

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She was Pissed Off At Her Father

Wendy was sixteen years old and ‘hot.’ All of my friends went gaa-gaa over her. She had always lived next door to me and we played together every day of our lives. We were the best of friends and we could tell each other anything. Likewise we could ask each other anything.

One day Wendy told me that she was pissed off at her father. I tried to comfort her but that wasn’t what she wanted. Her father had accused her of fucking around. It really pissed her off because she was still a virgin. I was also a virgin and she knew it. At the time we were in my bedroom, which wasn’t unusual.

That was when Wendy told me that she wanted to have sex. I asked her whom she wanted to have sex with. I couldn’t believe it when she said, with me. I asked her why me and she said that her mother had always told her to make the boy a friend before she has sex with him. I was her best friend and she was my best friend too, so I was a natural choice.

Of course I agreed to help her out. She took off her shoes, jeans, and panties and lay back on my bed with her feet up on the edge and her knees spread. I took off my shoes, jeans, and underpants and stood before her. As I looked at her fuzzy pussy my cock stiffened harder than it had ever done before.

Wendy told me to just stick it in. I told her that it might hurt and she laughed at me, saying that she had put bigger things than my cock in her pussy. She told me to stick it in or she would find someone else to do it.

I really wanted to do it and I didn’t want her to let someone else do it. In fact there were lots of things that I had imagined doing with and to Wendy. So I felt it necessary to stick my cock into her, and I did just that. It went right in easily and it felt really nice in her. I stroked it in and out of her a few times before I started spewing cum into her.

I apologized for cumming so quickly but Wendy said that she had expected me to have a hair trigger the first few times. The first few times! Yes, I was going to get to do it again. Wendy told me that we had about an hour to do it as many times as we could before she had to go home for dinner.

I had always wanted to see her tits so I asked her, she just pulled her top up over her head and removed her bra for me. As I looked at her tits I got hard and slipped my cock back into her again. She giggled and started humping back into me. Hey, who was fucking who here?

After I had cum in her for the second time I asked her about the bigger things that she had put in her pussy. She giggled and asked me if I remembered the candle next to her bed…the big one…yes that one. She asked me if I remembered the big fat carrot that she had been eating the other day. She went on to mention her Barbie Doll legs feet first all the way up to her boobs, a cucumber, and a can of Red Bull. I thought she was kidding so I took a can of Red Bull out of my computer desk drawer and watched as Wendy smiled and fed it into her pussy while I watched. That got me hard again.

She let me pull the can out and slip my cock in. Surprisingly her pussy closed up around my cock and it felt good. At least I got to fuck her for a longer period of time.

Wendy sat up and told me that I could play with her boobs if she could play with my cock and balls. Okay. Her breasts were soft, warm, and firm all at the same time, her nipples were fun to play with, and I liked the way her areolas crinkled when I excited her. Her hand was so nice wrapped around my cock while the other one gently cupped my balls. Between the two of us it wasn’t long before I was hard and slipping my cock back into her again. My cock felt sore but I wasn’t going to complain about getting too much sex. That would be stupid for a guy to do. However, when Wendy said that her pussy was getting sore and that we would have to stop I told her that it would be okay. She actually thanked me, kissed me on the lips, and told me that she would make it up to me the next day.

We grabbed our clothes and ran down the hallway to the bathroom. I watched as Wendy sat on the toilet and peed, washed her pussy real good with soap and hot water, and then got dressed. I was still naked and watching her when she grabbed the washcloth and washed me off too, I got dressed and then we walked down to the kitchen so that she could say goodbye to my mother and go home.

After Wendy left Mom asked, “So did you have sex with Wendy? Her mother said that she was mad enough at her father to give you her virginity.”

I just said, “Yes.”

Mom said, “Good for you. If I were you I’d be tapping that girl every day after school.”

I just stared at her in disbelief. I couldn’t believe my mother was giving me sex advice.

Mom said, “Sorry, but I’d do her if I were you. That is one sweet little piece of pussy.”

I said, “Mom I’d rather not discuss my sex life with you.”

Mom said, “Okay but I’m just letting you know that Wendy’s mother is cool with her coming over here after school and that I have no intentions of going up those stairs until you two come down them. Is that perfectly clear?”

I said, “Yes it’s clear and thank you, Mom.”

Later that evening Wendy’s mother came over and said to my mother, “I need a cup of coffee. My husband went to another one of his late night rendezvous. I bet he’s fucking that bimbo down at the car wash.” She looked at me and said, “You can go over and say goodnight to Wendy. I’ll stay here until you come back and her father won’t be home for another hour at least.” She paused and said, “I think her pussy is sore though. She soaked in the tub for an hour. She might like having her pussy licked by a nice caring young man.”

My mother said, “I always like that too.”

As I was on my way out I heard Wendy’s mother say, “How about you and I go upstairs and lick each other?”

I just walked into Wendy’s house and up to her room. I tapped on her door, waited for her to say come in and then I opened the door. She was not at all surprised to see me and was actually waiting for me to show up. She was in a very sexy nightie that was probably her mothers. She was leaning back on her bed with several pillows under her head. She did not have on any panties either.

I said, “Your mother sent me up here to lick your pussy…but I don’t know how.”

Wendy said, “That’s okay I’ll tell you what to do. Get naked lover boy. Then get over here.” She patted her sore pussy.

It didn’t take me long to get undressed and on my knees before her. Wendy pulled my face into her pussy and told me to start licking, then slower, and then deeper. When I hit her clit that was what she wanted me to concentrate on. I liked giving Wendy pleasure because she had given me plenty earlier. I even liked the taste of her pussy but I also knew that it was clean from her bath. Wendy started breathing harder and panting, then she started to shake and vibrate. She told me not to stop even if she begged me too.

That next hour was a roller coaster ride for her. I could take her up and I could bring her down again. Wendy kept pulling my head in tighter and then tried to push it away. She totally enjoyed what I was doing to her.

As a show of her appreciation Wendy gave me a blowjob before I left. She swallowed my cum because her mother had told her too not because she enjoyed it. Then we kissed like we had never kissed before. It was very passionate. I went home with a hard-on.

When I returned home I didn’t see the women in the kitchen or in the living room so I called up the stairs to let them know that I was home. Mom hollered for me to come up. When I got up in the hallway she told me to come into her bedroom. Both women were in Mom’s bed with the sheet pulled up above their breasts. I was told to sit on the bed at their side and tell them what Wendy and I had done. Wendy’s mother was closest to me and when I sat down the sheet moved just enough for me to see one of her nipples before she moved her hand over it.

As I sat there telling them how much I liked the taste of Wendy’s pussy I noticed Mom’s hand moving under the sheet. She was playing with Wendy’s mother. Mom brought her hand out from under the sheet and held it to my face. She then asked, “Did Wendy taste this good.” Then Mom put her fingers in my mouth.

I tasted her fingers and then said, “She is a lot stronger tasting that Wendy is.”

Mom said, “She sure is. I like a full-bodied taste of a real woman. You had the clean bathed younger copy.”

Just for the hell of it I asked, “What do you taste like, Mom?”

Wendy’s mother smiled and moved her hand under the sheet and Mom moved to give her better access. After a minute Wendy’s mother brought her hand out exposing her breasts to me and putting her slimy fingers in my mouth. I tasted my mother’s pussy and it too was strong tasting.

Since they were granting requests I asked, “Can I taste you two ladies directly?”

Wendy’s mother reached across Mom, grabbed the top of the sheet, and quickly swished it off from both of them and wrapped it around the back of me. Mom looked a little surprised but didn’t say anything. I got up and removed the rest of the sheet before getting between Wendy’s mother’s legs. She held her knees up to her breasts so that I had full access to her. I ran my tongue up her slit from her asshole to her clit to her belly button. She tasted quite strong but I liked it so I licked her a few more times. Then I got between my mother’s legs and waited for her to lift her knees up to her breasts too. It was as if she were offering herself to me. I licked her like I had licked her lover. Mom had a strong taste too but I think I liked it better. I went from one pussy to the other without either of them trying to hurry me along. Mom was the first one to have an orgasm. My cock was hard so I slipped it into her. Mom’s eyes opened up wide when she realized that I was fucking her but once again she didn’t say anything or try to hurry me along.

Wendy’s mother just smiled as I pumped my sperm into my mother. She mumbled something about nine months to get out and sixteen years to get back in.

I was still in love with Wendy but I now had options too.

The End
She was Pissed Off At Her Father

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