Sins of the Father G

Sins of the Father G


This is one of 13 parts. Beginning with Flight of Sin, Sins of the Father through Sins of the Father G. There are side parts, Naughty Pretty Things, Naughty Pretty Things II, Now a Family Affair, and That White Outfit.

Since most only read one part I will describe the characters. Keri is a beautiful 14 year old girl of Thai heritage. She has a delightful body, long legs and larger than usual breasts. Her eyes are soft brown and her hair is deep dark brown. She keeps a delicious tan and frankly is just to die for.

Linda my wife is a beautiful brunette of 34. She has warm soft brown eyes, the second most beautiful pussy on earth and nice size 34 breasts.

Sheila is a small blue eyed pixie like brunette of 34. She just makes you want to melt to look at her. Small hard breasts and an delicious tiny body made for using. She is married and the kinkiest thing on earth.

Lucy is a divine green eyed auburn redhead of 21. She strips for a living and has the body for it. Large natural breasts, very good shape and a wonderful shaved pussy. She is bi now. Thought herself a lesbian for quite awhile.

Sherry is Keri's best friend. A tiny angel haired blue eyed blond. Small under developed breasts with long nipples and a dancers body.

There are other female characters but they have not be introduced into the play that much yet.

I am a late middle aged male. I maintain a fit body, have a nice large cock and love using it on all this delicious females. (Hey. This is my fantasy first.)

I enjoy reading the comments pro or con. I am not changing anything nor pouring over these stories for days trying to edit them to perfection. I like my style.

I encourage readers to rate the parts but will only keep sharing them as long as the fantasy to lives. The real Keri has done another of her disappearing acts.

Keri flipped through the small stack of Valentines that came in the mail this morning.

3 from silly boys, one mushy gushy one from Sherry. Mom's, Daddy's which contained a beautiful emerald solitaire ring, a couple more from girlfriends at school. Another sweet one from Suzie, daddy's daughter, a rather stiff sounding one from Kan and Young Mei.

There was one that had a little signature on the lower right hand corner. 'Lucy'!

Keri felt her pussy flush warm at the image of the beautiful auburn haired stripper that she, daddy and Sheila had played with that evening.

Opening the nice card there was a short note and a little penciled map.

Miss you Keri! Likely you do not know since it was dark when you came to my place but your school is only 3 blocks away from my condo. I would love to fix you lunch one day. Come on Keri! It will be fun! I promise!

Keri laid back on her bed and thought about it. She would really like to be alone with Lucy.

She had the sense that Lucy had been a little restrained by the presence of Daddy. Plus he fucked Lucy so much there had been little time for her to really enjoy that incredible body. God did Daddy fuck her! Keri smiles. She knows how Lucy felt. She gets that same level of passion a lot. Now she dreams of Daddy fucking her and Lucy licking them like she and Sheila did her.

Slipping her hand inside her workout pants she teased her pussy lips. Feeling them get wetter and wetter. She thought about getting the big double dildo she and Mommy loved to use but she needed real sex, real juices, the feeling of being held, kissed and Oh God! Licked and sucked.

Glancing at the clock she hoped Mommy would not work late tonight. If she could just wait, maybe get dinner started, Mommy would get home and they could lay in the sauna tub together while dinner was in the oven. Getting up, hating to take her fingers out of herself she headed for the kitchen.

Lucy's place was only 3 blocks from school. Hmmmmm. She thought.

Lucille Rose smiled cruelly as Sheila withered in pain at her feet. Both were stark naked.

Sheila was bound up like a hunk of meat ready for cooking. The stainless steel frame and padded restraints had her open, spread and available. That was not the source of her pain. The pain was denial. Lucy had fucked her, licked her till she was on the edge of orgasm then denied it to her. Making her beg for release, plead to be finished. Making her kiss her Mistress's feet, her mouth stuffed with a rubber ball on a head harness now so all she could do was whimper and cry.

She had once had a delicious dildo up her ass and between licks and sucks from Lucy's lips a wonderful vibrator in her cunt. She knew that eventually she would be allowed to cum but only when her Mistress permitted it.

Lucy stood above her. Teasing her with her sweet wet cunt. Knowing Sheila wanted to lick it, suck and drive her fingers in and out of it. She had already serviced her Mistress three times. She needed so badly to cum, wanted to cum, burned inside to cum.

Lucy closed her green eyes. Wishing, dreaming of having delicious beautiful Keri at her feet one day. Would she tie the young girl up like Sheila? Perhaps not. So beautiful, so deliciously innocent unlike herself. Those swelling budding breasts, the almost bare hot tiny pussy! Mmmmmm. Using Keri, sucking her, licking her, making her serve her Mistress, making her give Lucy her cum and take Lucy's from her.

'Sheila you filthy cum slut'! Jerking loose the restraints, 'Fetch my dildo you filthy dog'!

Keri cannot pay attention in class today. She cannot think of anything but the short walk it would be to Lucy's condo. God! She might not be home! When does a stripper sleep? Oh shit! What if she is! Your sweet silk lace panties soaked now. 'Darn'! 'Good thing I have a change'! Mmmmm. Change later, before I hurry back to be picked up by Sherry's mom.

1130, lunchtime. Sherry looks all over the cafeteria. 'Where did Keri go'? 'Did she sneak off with Tommy Trenton'?

Keri's heart is pounding as she walks up the walkway to Lucy's door. She should have called first! She does not have her number. She turns to leave. Sighs, 'what the hell'. 'Why am I scared'? 'I am like daddy, I can control her if I want'. 'Hmmmm, if I want'.

She takes a deep breath, pushes the doorbell and waits.

The door opens suddenly. An irritated looking Lucy blurts out 'What'!

She immediately softens at the sight of you, opens the door wider and tells you 'please come in Keri'. As she closes the door one can almost see her nipples harden under the short silk robe.

Facing her you say, 'I got you Valentine and the little map'. 'We actually spent so little time talking that evening'. 'I wanted to know you better Lucy'.

Lucy smiles, 'Yes, I would like that very much'.

She wants to set the mood immediately. She leans forward and holding your face kisses you tender. In almost a breathless voice she tells you, 'I did not get to kiss you nearly enough'.

You respond. Letting her draw you close into her arms. Standing there feeling her body through the robe as she kisses you, tongue twirling with yours. Both of you moaning with need already.

She leads you by the hand to her bedroom. The bed is rumbled from her sleeping. She is out till 2 on work nights and does her housework afterward so rarely gets to bed before 4am.

The sheets are delicious pink satin. Big fluffy pillows. Her bedroom very feminine.

You let her undress you slowly. Your own hands opening her robe and beginning to touch her divine body softly. Both naked she lays you back onto the bed, eases her naked right leg over your body, her hand cupping you as she kisses you again.

She makes love to you almost as I do. Long kisses, sucking your nipples, fingers, hers with long nails, teasing your clit, rubbing your slit and slipping inside to open you slightly.

'You are wonderful Keri'. She sighs 'so young, so budding'. 'It is wonderful to be a girl at your age'. 'Especially since you are making love, knowing passion'. Kissing up your neck, 'I made love with my sister when I was 13 like you'. Now your lips again. You can feel her nipples so hard against your arm, you touch them as much as you can, kiss Lucy's neck making her gasp between words.

'She was older, she taught me many things about my body'. 'About what makes me feel good'.

You are on the verge of cumming but manage to ask her 'what'.

'She showed me that some things like a little pain make it better Keri'. 'That sometimes it feels wonderful to do things to another person and have them do things to you in return'. Your pussy gushes and clinches her finger as you have a mini orgasm.

Feeling that Lucy moves you, spreads you, then moves down to kiss your pussy like it was your mouth. You grab her head but she stops quickly making you whimper. Her green eyes flash with fire and you feel her fingers touch your hard clit. She pinches it hard. Making you jerk and cry out in pain but in pleasure too.

Lucy looks up at your face. You see the cruelty there. You are afraid. Panicked a little but then she rubs your clit between her fingers slowly. It feels so good. Your need to cum rushing back like a hot wave through your body. On her knees she leans up, offers your mouth those big full breasts. Breasts men pay big money to see, maybe touch and if they pay enough kiss and suck. There was only one man with the price it took to use her pussy and that price was his beautiful 13 year old daughter.

Lucy moves you, raises your left leg and you feel her press her bare hairless pussy against yours.

Her head back she grinds her cunt against you. You gasp, you can feel her hard clit against yours! You scream and push your own pussy hard against her's. You cum hard and just when you think you cannot cum any harder you feel her finger go into your ass and a warm stream of liquid hits your clit. She is pissing in you, on you while cumming and crying herself.

It is too wild! You grab her big right tit in your mouth, suck hard and bite it. She fucks you, you fuck her, hot wet pee all over you both.

She gasps, sags. She looks down, sees the bite mark from your teeth. 'You fucking little bitch'! She draws back her hand to slap you but stops. She realizes that to send you home bruised would be a possible big mistake. That man the fucked her, used her and then made incredible love to her is very very dangerous. She was told that by Sheila and once with him, looking into his face just somehow knew that it was true.

She smiles, she knows ways to punish you that will be more pleasant anyway.

You smile up at her, your chest heaving, feeling all nasty but good too. The bedding is wet. She must have jetted a gallon on you. God! That was gross! Still so exciting. Like when daddy marks me as his, she has kind of done that too.

You untangle from each other. A kiss and Lucy helps you off the bed. You help her strip the bedding off. She has a soft plastic covering over the mattress and pad. She is prepared for just such activities it is clear.

You feel all icky and Lucy kisses you, takes your hand and leads you toward the bathroom.

In the warm water she baths you. You bath her also. Hair wet, bodies wet. More touching, lots more kissing. Finally she holds you against the wall, letting the soothing water pour over you both.

'That was so nice Keri'. She bends and kisses your right breast, sucking softly on your nipple. 'I bet your Daddy has never done that on you has he'?

You whisper, 'No'. 'It is both gross and exciting, the way it felt on me, pushing inside me from the pressure'.

Lucy moans, kisses you longer, more passionately. 'I will show you, teach you many things sweet innocent Keri'.

She turns off the water, devouring your body with her eyes and towels you dry, biting your shoulder as she drys between your legs. Her hand around you, teasing its way down your tummy to touch your pussy, press against your clitoris.

Handing you a large towel she lets you dry her. Lets you explore her body as you massage and dry the water from it. You love her body. Her large breasts, her face so pretty, belying the passion it can show. Delicious back, bottom and tummy. Perfect legs, beautiful only the word one begins with to describe her. Her pussy of what men dream of. Keri cannot help remember how her Daddy used Lucy's pussy, drove her to orgasm after orgasm with his big hard cock. Keri goes wet again at the thought of how good Daddy fucks her.

Lucy brings you back by turning to hold you close, rub your nipples together then taking the towel, dropping it on the floor as she leads you out of the bathroom, out the bedroom door toward another room. A room with special things. Behind its closed door lies great pleasure and sometimes great pain.

Lucy opens the door, holding your hand leads you in.

You are amazed. There is a strange looking swing contraption. Things laying about, cabinets with drawers. A spartan bed in the center.

She leads you to the bed, sits down and draws you down beside her.

'Do you know what BDSM is Keri'?

You look puzzled. 'No, I don't know what that means'.

'It is about the feelings, the actions when one person takes complete control of another person'. 'It is about an exquisite form of lovemaking'. 'You are about to experience a little of this now Keri'. As she spoke her grip on your wrist tightened.

Her eyes go kind of hard, sinister.

'When you bit me you made a mark on my breast'. 'I show my body for money and cannot have it marked in any way'. 'When you were here with your Daddy he used me, made me almost hate what I am'. 'I meant to make him use a condom but he was so forceful, so much a man I could not withstand him and allowed him to cum in me over and over'. 'I only make love with females so now I may be pregnant'.

You search her mind. You are amused that she thinks she might be pregnant. Daddy uses his contraceptive drug and gets none of his women pregnant unless he wishes to.

Her mind is very strong, strong emotions, strong will. You cannot force thoughts or feeling into her without her being aware of it. You do feel that you could if you had to but this is interesting. She is so beautiful and you love new experiences. You glance at her hand around your wrist. It hurts a little and that is stimulating too.

You decide to let her go. See where this leads. You enjoy a good slap on the bottom from Daddy. Your little pussy flushes wetter, your nipples grow perky again. Like little round pink marbles.

She jerks you up, forces you around, kneeing you in the thigh to make you pitch forward onto your face on the bed.

She grabs your arms, holds them behind you as she climbs onto your little back to pin you down. Reaching under the bed she pulls out a padded leather strap with a padded leather kind of bracelet. She buckles the bracelet around your right wrist. She pulls another and binds your left wrist leaving you laying across the bed face down.

She runs her long fingernail the length of your slit then stands up, goes to one of the cabinets. Such a nice young succulent pussy. She wishes she was a male at this moment. It has to be wonderful to feel you inside deep. Feel your pussy squeeze and suck on your lover. She remembers how Dale felt when he rode her, used her. Then when he made tender love to her. No. She is glad she is a woman. Now what to do to this exquisite 13 year old creature?

She takes out one of her strap-ons. The normal sized one. It has two 'cocks'. One for her and one for you. She gets her tube of k-y too. Your little asshole looks delicious and she smiles, that might hurt just enough to satisfy her need to punish you for biting her.

She carefully inserts her side into her wet pussy, closes the straps around her waist and inner thighs. Walking around to your front she shows it to you. A big thick pink flexible plastic cock. Your eyes widen, it is so big, looks so hard.

'Taste of it Keri'. 'It may still taste like Sheila'.

God that is so kinky you think. It does look good though. You take the hard plastic knob into your mouth. No, it has almost no taste but it feels good. You wish it was real, wish it was Daddy's nice thick dick but a girl cannot be choosy when her man is not available.

Lucy lets you lick and suck then moves around the bed and lifts your bottom. She rams the strap-on dick up inside you hard. She fucks you, deep and hard making your whole body move with each thrust. She slaps your ass hard with both hands, alternating making your skin hot red. You cry out at first but the pain merges with the movement of that 'cock' in your pussy. She raises one leg up to give herself more movement more feeling from the one buried deep inside her. She tells you to squeeze it hard when it almost comes out. 'Hold it in you Keri, hold it like the little fuck whore you are'! This makes it pull out partly from within her to be rammed back in deep when she thrusts into you.

On and on she fucks you. She gets more and more urgent, more shrill and suddenly pushes into your hard, grinding herself on both you and the dildo inside her. She calls you 'bitch', 'slut', 'whore', 'cunt' and many variations on that as she cums. Her orgasm sending you into yours. Your hands bound all you can do is grind your ass and pussy on her and that rock hard thing inside you.

At almost the same moment you both slump, the dick coming out of you and Lucy falling across the bed beside you.

She holds your face, sweet sipping kisses as she unfastens your restraints letting you snuggle into her arms. Feeling her big breasts heaving as your hearts beat together.

You lay there smiling at her. She is so beautiful and all the rage and anger is gone from her face now. 'I am falling in love with you Keri'. 'Do you mind darling sweet little girl'?

'No Lucy'. 'I think you are so beautiful, such a fantastic lover and I want to see you a lot'. 'It is just that my Daddy will always come first'. 'I cannot explain it but we are more than just lovers, father and daughter, but so much more'.

Lucy sighs, she knows you are right. She realizes she too would like to have more of his attention. She decides she hopes she is pregnant. He would have to help her, be with her more then.

'You must keep our meetings secret Keri'. 'Sheila will be wild with jealousy and certainly tell your Daddy'. 'He might keep you away from me when he is not with me too'. 'I would like to see him again'. 'Has he said anything about me since that night'? She has almost a look of desperation as she asks that question.

Keri thinks fast. No he has not said anything. The wonderful love triangle of Daddy, Mommy and you have been too new, too incredible to think of much more.

'Oh yes Lucy'. 'Daddy talked to me a lot about that night'. 'He was very pleased and thrilled with the way you made love to him'. 'He just has to be careful you know'. 'There is my mother to consider and she loves him as he loves her and lately she has gotten a lot of both our attention'.

You have slipped up again. Lucy ponces, 'You are having sex with your mother'!

You blush red, 'No'! 'That's not what I meant'.

Lucy lets it go. She thinks you are having sex with both your father and mother. She gets wet thinking about what incredible threesomes you must have. She will talk with Sheila, find out more and see about getting a look at your mother. This could be useful. Both for money and sex with you and your Daddy.

Lucy gets up, goes to her toy cabinet, returns with a large vibrator.

She lays down, 'I want you to make love to me with your mouth and tongue Keri'. 'You may use this nice toy on yourself but you must not cum till I allow you to'. 'It will make it just so much better to get really really ready then I will make you cum with it and my mouth'.

'You must be good and obey me now'. 'Do you understand'?

You nod, tell her yes. You would love to taste her pussy again. You did not get nearly enough of it when Daddy was fucking her that last time and it had his cum on it and you want to know just how she tastes and what she likes.

Putting the vibrator in your hand Lucy kisses you then moves and raises herself till she is straddling your little face. She smells of woman cum. Warm, pungent and at the touch of your tongue she gasps and pushes down gently.

You moan against her pussy. It is fabulous. So warm, so wet. You spread your legs, rub your wet slit with the tip of the vibrator. It feels so good, so hard. You are almost afraid to switch it on. You might cum and that is forbidden.

Concentrating on Lucy. You make a slow circle just inside her with your tongue. Feeling and tasting the delicious pink folds of her inner lips. She cries out, undulates slowly to fuck your tongue. 'Yes Keri, yes'! 'Oh yes, like that you little slut'. 'Fuck me slow with your tongue cunt'!

Now you unhood her hot clit. You suck it hard making her tremble and gasp. She jerks when she hears you switch on the vibrator. Once she gets control of her voice, 'Don't you dare cum you little whore'. 'Not till I am ready to let you cum bitch'.

You suck her, lick the length of her slit over and over, tease her clit then nibble it driving her wild. So wild she almost smothers you pushing down on your face and grinding her pussy on your mouth and teeth. You have the vibrator inside just a little too. It feels so good, you dare not put all of it in knowing you will cum so hard and displease your mistress.

Sucking Lucy's lips into your mouth, sucking them hard, your tongue holding them open she orgasms. Flooding your face with her pussy cum. Gasping and crying as she feels you swallow it, suck it into your mouth and hum hard on her clit.

She has you so turned on, you cannot help but rub your wet pussy and clit with that humming toy from hell. Harder and harder, feeling better and better. You are trying to keep control but you feel like you will explode if you don't cum and soon.

Lucy eases off of your face. You stop moving the vibrator, just letting it touch your wet outer lips. She slides down, takes it from your hand and sucks on the end. 'You want this in you don't you Keri'? 'It will feel so good when its magic fills your cunt completely'.

You are moaning, looking into her eyes. You know she is being mean to you. She knows you are used to having your way. Used to be the center of everyone else. Accustomed to being the one that all wish to please and make happy. Still it is exciting to be treated as something less, something to be used. Almost as exciting as when Daddy fucks Mommy then just slides off her and rams his big thick cock deep inside you and rides you till you both explode in waves of bone shaking orgasm.

Suddenly Lucy pushes your legs even farther apart, it hurts but you forget that immediately when she buries her face in you pussy. She eats you, she sucks you, fingers you and then starts biting you when you start to cum. There will be teeth marks on you. It hurts so bad but you cum so hard until you scream with pleasure and pain.

She stops, letting you calm down. She glances at the clock, 'get up and get dressed Keri'. 'I will drive you close to school'.

She gets up and heads back to her bedroom and picks out some jeans and a tee shirt while you put your clothes back on. She seems so cold now. So indifferent.

As she drives you three block and stops just out of sight of the front door of the junior high school she turns to you, more warmth in her face again. She takes your chin in her hand and kisses you tenderly. 'You were fantastic little girl'. 'Now hurry to catch your ride and you have my phone number so call me anytime you think you can get away and come to my place'.

As you get out of her car, walk to the crowds of kids just getting out of school you have to walk slowly. Those bites really hurt. You will have to look at them at home before Mommy sees them. No swimming for you this afternoon before homework.

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