Sister's Fiery Lust 2

Sister's Fiery Lust 2

Mike drove to Becca and Cassie’s house quickly, pushing the speed limit at every mile. When Becca had called him on the phone, she hadn’t revealed anything of her plans for the day, but Mike knew that tone of voice she was in. She was up to something dirty. At the house he noticed that both of the parents were gone for the day, probably on some fantastic vacation in a tropical corner of the world. They were filthy rich, but more from inheritance than from their own hard work. Still, Mr. and Mrs. Masterson knew the value of a good education, so they pushed their children to do the best they could at everything they did. Little did they know that their kids would apply that to sex.

Mike knocked on the front door a few times, but noticed something odd through the window. It was two pair of panties, one maroon and lacy, obviously something bought at Victoria’s secret, and the other covered with flowers and hearts with Gap Kids printed on the label. Immediately his cock began to rise, and he tried the door, hoping to dear god that it was open. It was, and he wasted no time getting into the house and over to those delicious panties. He grabbed each of them and pulled them up to his nose. Each one had a small dark spot at the crotch. When he smelled the lace ones, he immediately knew it as Becca, but the others could only be one person. Cassie.

Mike smiled at his luck. Not only was he getting his girlfriend’s incredible pussy, but most likely he would get her sister’s today as well. He turned around, lust burning in his eyes, and on the floor in the hallway, he saw two pair of jeans. He followed them up to the stairs, where he was met by two stained t-shirts. Almost running now, Mike raced to the top of the stairs, looking frantically down each of the hallways. His catch was down to the left, down the hallway to the parent’s bedroom. There, hanging on a grandfather clock, were two bra’s, in the same pattern as the panties: one maroon lace, the other a training bra. Not stopping to think, he rushed into the bedroom where he was met by an incredible sight.

Cassie and Becca were lying on the bed, completely nude, each with their head in the other’s pussy, licking away with wild abandon. Mike had never seen a hotter sight. Each girl had perfect bodies for their respective ages, and with their naked bodies entangled like that, Mike’s cock grew to immense proportions. In a flash his pants were down, and his dick sprang out into the open air. It was long, a good 8 inches, and perfectly shaped, curving upwards to a large purple head at the end. But the penis itself was only half the reason Becca loved it so much. While it was longer than most men’s, the quantity of semen that his balls produced blew many large breeds of dogs right out of the water. And Mike was determined to destroy all of his previous records today.

He stroked his cock leisurely, enjoying the sight in front of him. Meanwhile, Becca and Cassie reached their orgasms at nearly the same time. With a moan from each, their pussy’s exploded with cum into the mouth of the other sister, where they drank it up automatically. Mike felt his cock grow at the sight of the two young girls climaxing, but he forced the urge to cum down. He needed to save it for these young ladies. He didn’t have to wait long. Soon, their tan, nubile bodies stopped their rigorous shaking, and as they lay there panting, they smiled in unison at Mike’s masturbations. Then Becca nodded to Cassie. Grinning, the 11 year old sprang from the couch, and over to Mike’s erect penis, taking it in her mouth.

Mike groaned in pleasure. Somehow, even at such a young age, this bitch was one of the best cocksuckers he had ever had in his entire 17 years of life. She sucked at his penis greedily as her tongue danced on the tip of his cock. Her right hand pumped up and down his 8 inches, while her left fondled at his balls. But while she was enthusiastic in her ministrations, she was also gentle. There was no biting or pinching, just pure pleasure jolting through his penis and into his brain. It didn’t take long at all for him to feel the cum rising in his balls, and he told her quickly that he was about to cum. She raised her dark blue eyes to his and smiled mischievously.

Suddenly her smooth hands clamped down on the base of his penis, blocking any of his teenage cum from spurting out. He gasped in shock at the feeling. It was as if he had prepared a steak dinner for hours, and then had not been allowed to eat it! His dick jolted up and down for a bit futilely, before it finally settled down, still hard, but not nearly as hard as it had been.

“Jesus girl! Where in the hell did you learn how to do that?” Cassie smiled and shared a knowing look at Becca, who was lying on the bed, masturbating herself with a large dildo.

“Well, our parents always told us to do the best at whatever we put our mind too. So I did a little searching, and found a few things that will make you crazy.” Mike was sure that she had. After that little stunt, he was sure she had tricked his balls into making even more sperm than usual, as he felt a small pump at the base of his penis. Cassie, still grinning wildly, lay down in front of him, her legs open wide in invitation. Mike didn’t need any more hints. On his knees, he grabbed her by the waist and dragged her nude body across the carpet until his erect rod kissed her tiny clit. She was as wet as a water park, so he knew that now was the perfect time to take her virginity.

With a single hard thrust, he pushed all the way into her, filling Cassie’s nubile pussy from her clitoris to her cervix. Cassie moaned with pleasure, and wrapped her tan legs around his muscled back, trying to force him even deeper into her. But Mike was in total control now. He pulled back quickly and slammed in hard with no wasted movement. His cum filled balls slapped against her firm ass, and she squeeled with delight. Over and over again, he pounded her wet pussy, slapping his balls and moaning in unison with her. She was easily the tightest pussy he had ever had, every slam being a fight against her clamping pussy muscles.

Cassie was in heaven. His penis felt like hot steel ramming into her, filling her up more thatn she thought was possible. She could feel every throb, every one of his heartbeats. She clamped down with her pussy muscles harder, trying to bring him to climax faster and harder than he had ever known. Her hands reached up and found her nipples, and Cassie pulled on them hard with every thrust, doubling her pleasure. But suddenly she saw his face contort, and even in the throes of passion, she knew that if she wanted more pleasure in the future, she would stop him from cumming again. And so Cassie lifted her young body with her legs, and again, clamped her hand around the base of his shaft. Mike groaned in frustration. This little bitch had stopped him again! While his penis was still inside her!

With strength he had never known, Mike ripped Cassie’s naked body off of his, and lifted her over into the bathroom. He slammed her down onto the linoleum on her hands and knees. Then, without any regard for her well being, he slammed with all his strength into her snatch. Cassie started to scream, but was choked off as all the air was blasted from her lungs. But he was just getting started. Over and over he slammed into her, every time to the hilt of his cock. His balls slapped rapidly against her clit, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head in passion. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and she simply stared off into the distance, lost in a wave of pure pleasure. Mike grabbed her by her long auburn hair, and ripped her head up to face his. The look on her pure face sent him over the edge.

With one last slam, he came. A fountain of cum spouted out of his cock and deep into her pre-teen pussy. It throbbed, and another spurt washed into her womb. She knew that she shouldn’t be able to feel the hot semen, but she did, and it sent her into a bigger climax than she knew possible. She fell to the ground with her ass being held up by Mike. Her body shook uncontrollably, and pussy fluid spurted out of her in a long stream. Her pussy clamped even harder on Mike’s cock. He spurted more of his hot, white sperm into her fertile womb, but his cock blocked it’s exit, forcing it to stay inside her. Then he collapsed, exhausted from the amazing fuck he had just had with this pre-teen girl. Cum, now with a free passage out of her pussy, flowed out onto the hard bathroom floor. At least a quart of the stuff pooled onto the floor before it stopped running. Even with the large amount that had spilled out of her, most of the sperm was stuck in her womb, almost certainly impregnating her.

Cassie slumped the rest of the way to the ground, soaking her pussy in the pool of cum. She turned around, smiling, and began to lick the salty cum off of the floor. Mike couldn’t believe how sexy the little girl looked drinking up his seed, but the sight was so hot, his flaccid cock began to grow again, just a minute after spurting into her womb. Suddenly he felt a hot breath on his neck, and small breasts press into his back. Lust dripping in her voice, Becca made his cock erect again with only four words.
“Ready for round two?”

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