Sold subbie gets to play

Sold subbie gets to play

God what a week. Nine nights solid of drunks and druggies, and strippers. She was exhausted. She swung her purse into the car and was about to follow it in when she saw the envelope taped to her windshield. She pulled it off, looking perplexed. "Open me" was all that was on it. Inside was a key to a hotel across town with a room number on it and a note "Dont go home, come straight here." She pulled her car out of the parking space with a grin. Master was pampering her again. She loved it when he pulled surprises on her like this. The last one had been six months previous when he had surprised her with a fishing trip to Thunder Bay. She pulled into the hotel parking lot and grabing up her purse, locked the car and headed for the lobby. It was a nice little place, not overly fancy but nice and cozy.

She inquired at the desk for the directions to the room and was soon opening the door, softly calling "Master?" as she entered. Noone was there. She shrugged and went in, hanging her coat from one of the coat hangers, she set her purse on the small suitcase rack and proceeded further into the room. Another envelope was propped against the TV. Inside the note read "You will find a surprise in the drawer below. Put them on. No clothing." She pulled open the drawer and found a box wrapped in purple iridescent paper and tied with a huge bow. She laughed softly when she pulled out 4 black and purple and black suede cuffs. There was another longer package next to it and she opened it, gasping in delight at the purple and black suede collar with a lions head attached. There was also a shiney chain link leash with a black handle attached inside. She took the packages and went into the bathroom. She didnt know how long she had to wait for Master to show up but she intended to be clean and dressed as ordered when he got there.

She undressed quickly but took a moment to admire the reflection staring back at her. At 5'4" she barely came to Master's chin but then she liked the feeling of femininity it gave her to be able to lay her head on his chest without having to bend down at all. She ran her hand through her light brown hair that fell to just below her shoulder blades and looked at her face critically. Yep, her age was definitely there if you looked close enough but she wasnt worried about the few lines she had. She had laughed alot and had earned them as far as she was concerned. She ran her hands over her breasts. Sure they sagged a little but then after having a few children everyones breasts sagged, she loved that the small nipples were so responsive to Masters slightest touch. Just the thought of his hands brushing over them made the tiny pink buds spring to life. She ran her hands down her flat stomach to her hairless pussy as her clit began to throb at the thought of his hands roaming her body this way. She whimpered a little in the back of her throat as a finger touched her throbbing clit.

"Oh wow, i better hop in the shower before i get too worked up," she thought as she reluctantly moved her hand away from her warm pussy. She turned on the water and hopped in. Using the small bottles of shampoo and conditioner the hotel provided she soaped a washcloth and washed every nook and cranny. Master liked his pet clean and with her new presents waiting for her on the sink she was going to be sure not to disappoint him. The thought of the cuffs and collar waiting for her made her clit throb again and she rinsed off quickly and got out of the shower. She dried off quickly and began attaching the cuffs, enjoying the tinkling of the buckles and she adjusted them to fit comfortably. Her small hands wouldnt slip out but they wouldnt bruise or cut off her circulation either.

As she placed the collar around her throat, she felt herself getting wet in earnest. For some reason ever since the first time Master had put his collar on her she had had the same reaction and Master knew it and made her wear her collar at home often. She smiled at herself in the mirror and attached the leash to the collar and went into the main room to wait for him. Instead she found another note, this time on the bed, "My pet, regretably I will be late getting in. Please watch some tv or take a nap as I know you must be tired from work. I expect to see you wearing your new gifts though when I do get in. I will bring dinner when I come."

She smiled, a nap would be heavenly about now. She crawled under the covers and soon was sleeping soundly. She didnt know how long she had slept but woke to find herself spread-eagle on her stomach, her hands and legs attached to what seemed to be ropes on either side of the bed, a man's hand running gently up her leg. She smiled and tried to turn her head. The room was still dark but she could just make out a shape beside her. "No talking lil one," he barely whispered. She nodded and laid her head down again as his hands continued roaming her legs, back and ass. Just as she relaxed from the slight massage, he left her. She felt disappointment surge through her but said nothing.

Suddenly he was back, this time by her head, "Eat," came the whispered command as she felt something small and cool pressed against her lips. A grape! She giggled a little at the image of a queen being fed grapes by a servant. More grapes and other pieces of fruit followed and soon she was sated and shook her head against  the hand pressing another piece of fruit, a strawberry, to her lips again.  This time his hand settled on her head, his fingers slipping easily through her hair. She whimpered, loving the feel of his fingers on her scalp. Suddenly, his hand tightened, turning her head towards him and she could feel the head of his cock pressing against her lips, she smiled and slid her mouth over the head and down the shaft. She loved the way her Master tasted and did her best to let her mouth show how much. He seemed bigger than usual but put it down to being in the dark, one's other senses heightening when one sense is dampened. She heard him hiss and whisper, "Ah that feels so good." She continued licking and sucking his cock, using her mouth to make him harder yet. He thrust hard and gagged her slightly. She hadnt been ready for him. SLAP! The hand that hit her ass made her jump. Then it rubbed the sting out. She heard him whisper, "No gagging" and she nodded, his cock following her head up and down.

As she worked his hard cock back forth in her mouth she jumped at the feel of hands on her legs, there were two sets of hands on her now. touching and petting her. She jumped slightly when yet another hand reached between her legs and buried two fingers inside her dripping cunt. How many were there? She tried to think but the sensations the hands were giving her soon overwhelmed her mind and she bagan cumming on the fingers pumping in and out of her. She moaned around the cock in her mouth and tried to buck her hips against the hand in her hot dripping hole. The way her legs were spread prevented it though and all she could do was wiggle a little.

Just as she began to cum the fingers withdrew and she whimpered her disappointment. Suddenly the fingers that had been teasing her so well were replaced by a very large, thick cock. She moaned deeply. The hand holding her head found the rhythm of the cock fucking her and she continued to lavish it with her tongue and lips. She could feel the cock in her mouth growing harder as he got closer to cumming. The man fucking her from behind began driving her harder, pushing past her cervix and then further. She could feel the tip of his cock against her belly button it seemed and she continued trying to buck her hips back into him.

Suddenly the cock in her mouth exploded sending hot sticky cum cascading down her throat and pushing past her lips to drip off her chin. She licked and sucked, swallowing as much as she could. She could hear the man behind her groan as he shot his hot load deep inside her. Another voice whispered close to her ear "Cum on his cock little slut." And so she did, cumming so hard she squirted all over the man behind her. Within moments both men withdrew their still hard but softening cocks and 2 more cocks quickly filled her holes. Her jaws ached from sucking but the cum was so delicious she didnt mind the slight discomfort.

She felt her hands and feet being released from the ropes and she drew her arms in, one hand stroking the cock in her mouth matching its rhythm. With her other hand she raised herself slighty and began fucking back against the man behind her.

"Flip her." came a terse whisper. The man at her head withdrew long enough for the men to flip her over onto her back and then he was quickly straddling her face. The other man spread her legs wide, lifting them off the bed. But instead of his cock his head was swiftly between her legs and he licked and sucked the cum from inside her. His tongue was rough against her sensitive, throbbing clit.

"You want to cum again lil slut?" She heard a voice at the other side of her head whispering to her. "She broke contact with the cock in her mouth long enough to moan "yeeeesss pleeease?" "Then cum lil one. Come on, cum for them." She came again as the tongue slid inside her steaming pussy. Soon enough the cock at her lips began shooting its hot salty load into her waiting mouth. As she licked the cock clean she felt her legs being pushed up and back again and a hard cock slid inside her sopping pussy again. This one felt skinnier and longer than the other had and she cried out as he went even deeper than the first two men had.

She soon lost track of her own orgasms as the men surrounding her made her cum time after time. She knew the sheets were soaked with her juices as well as the men's but still they didn't stop. They turned her every which way, fucking her mouth and pussy until both were raw and aching and still they kept on. Then just as she thought she could take no more she was flipped back onto her stomach and her hips pulled up high, her ass cheeks spread. She could feel a finger slipping inside her tight asshole and she began to panic. "No that's my Master's only." She tried to squirm but several hands held her firmly where she was. All too soon she was dripping cum and lube. She tried to relax her muscles so that it wouldn't hurt but she had only ever been fucked with a slim vibe in her ass and she wasn't sure she could take the large cocks that had been fucking for what seemed like hours on end.

She forced herself to relax as she felt a cock head penetrate the first ring of muscles. "Relax lil one" the whispered voice in her ear was reassuring her, "Just let go." She came instantly as he pushed further into her. The burning pain was soon forgotten as she came over and over and more intensely than she had previously. And he wasn't even fucking her yet. He had only penetrated and then stayed still. Soon the lube did its job and slightly numbed her asshole. The man in her ass began slowly fucking the tight hole, letting her get used to the feeling of him inside her. His rhythm built slowly until within moments he was fucking her hard. She screamed as she came again, nearly passing out from the exctasy. Suddenly she heard her Masters voice speaking in normal tones behind her, "That's it lil one, make Master cum." "Cum for me Master, please…please… oh god please cum in my ass." She felt his cock throb inside her ass and came one more time . Her Master collapsed on top of her and she lay under him panting hard.

Soon he withdrew leaving her body feeling empty. She felt a warm wet cloth being pressed between her legs and ass cheeks. Someone was cleaning her up. Another set of hands stripped away the blindfold and she could see that only the bathroom light was on so as not to blind her right off. She was helped to sit up and then a light beside the other bed came on and she gasped. There were four black men all siting on the other bed grinning at her. Each was holding a gift-wrapped box. Master came to the bed behind her and gathered her close. As she relaxed into his arms he explained. "Remember your fantasy of being with 4 black men?" She nodded against his chest. "Well these gentlemen wanted to play with you so i sold them some time with you. Each one is paying for their time with you with the gifts you see."

One man got off the other bed and leaning down and kissing her deeply handed her his gift. She smiled and opened it, laughing at the crop she had been admiring for a while. It was a custom made one with a larger than usual slapper on the end of a back and purple stem.

The second man presented her with his gift, tweaking a nipple as he kissed her. She opened it and was delighted to find a set of rhinestone adjustable nipple clamps. She quickly attached them to her nipples grinning when the men laughed at her "Woo hoo sparklies!"

The third man brought her gift, pulled on the nipple clamps to make sure they were well seated, kissed her and moved back to the bed as she opened the gift. A remote control vibrating egg. She giggled as she handed Master the remote. "We will remember you ever time we play with this one for sure." She laughed.

The fourth man presented her with his gift, with a kiss. "I don't know if these were on your wish list but when your Master explained what was going to happen tonight I thought you might enjoy something like this." She opened his gift, gasping in sheer feminine delight at the gorgeous pearl cuffs laying in the box. She held out her arms and her purple and black cuffs were removed and the pearl ones put in their place. "For when you go out to play" He said smiling at her as she showed the cuffs off.
Master laughed, "Well next time i sell my lil one I'll have to make sure she gets a pretty pearl collar to wear with them."
She laughed as well and turning, kissed her Master. "Thank you Master for spoiling me so much." Her laugh turned to a yawn and she sighed a little as she snuggled closer to her Master. Listening to the men talking about their next play session she drifted off to sleep again, a very happy and well satisfied subbie.

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