Some Time Alone

Some Time Alone

Some Time Alone

* * * * *

Jimmy Williams had been dating Sue Yune for several months. The slim little teenager was quite shy when they met; not because of any Korean culture transmitted with her ancestry, since her parents were consciously assimilated to the Nth degree. Sue had almost never heard them mention Korea. She had no memory of it, of course, since her mother had immigrated before Sue's older brother was born and never went — or looked — back.

Sue was shy when Jimmy first asked her out, and in fact had gotten to her first year of college without any dating except double-dating. Their first evening together was in November, his first peck on her cheek on the third date, and even then she squeaked. He liked that squeak.

The night when, after a dinner, an unusually good movie, and ninety minutes conversation in a coffee-shop, she turned to him and opened her mouth when he kissed her goodnight, was in late February — but close enough to Valentine's Day that she was affected by the card and flowers he gave her then. He kissed her goodnight, but once the boundary of the closed mouth was crossed, she did not get up. She jerked her head back and gasped, then returned for more. It was some minutes later before she opened the car door, tingling, flushed, with arousal in her eyes, and slow to get to sleep that night.

The next time they were together, Sue had drawn back over that boundary. Jimmy tried to tongue-kiss her when they met, but she resisted. She pulled away when he tried again in the movie theatre, but settled back into his arms. Then at the end of the evening she opened up again and went to sleep with dreams of him. Or, in another sense, she left him hard, and knowing that in a way excited her more than what his tongue did to her.

The time after that, Jimmy gave her only a chaste little touch on the lips when she got into his car. Perhaps for that reason, her tongue leaped out to his when the lights went down in the movie. And at the end of the evening, his lips wandered over her face and cheeks and neck, her body stiffened and arched as his tongue explored the inside of her mouth, and she only finally dissuaded him when his hand went up to cup around her breast. But as March turned into April, Sue let his hand stay, and then not stay as it slid down to the bottom of her sweater or blouse, depending on the night, and return over the bare flash until it reached her breast again, now between the bra and the outer clothing.

And in May he opened the hook in the back of that bra and his fingers tweaked her nipples as his tongue reached for the back of her throat. Somewhere in there also her hand stopped avoiding the hard tube she had noticed for months with a changing mix of emotions, and touched it, then grasped it, and finally slid gently along its length.

On the first weekend in June, when they stopped in a secluded spot at the end of the evening, he finally opened her blouse and raised her bra to circle one hard trembling nipple with his lips, and she opened his zipper to hold and then stroke his naked penis for the first time. They were together only once after that before school ended for the year, and that night all of his family were out for the night. They went no further that night, indeed not as far since she insisted that all the clothing stay on (though pulled and loosened much of the time) but what they did do they did from seven to midnight and never left his house, and almost all of it was done horizontally on his couch. And after that they spent no time alone with each other for two months. His mother's brother had a lumberyard in Illinois, and Jimmy started in a summer job there a few days after school ended. The work of unloading boxcars was very hard on him for the first week, but then the physical exertion turned to an increase in physical appetite — and the first letter from Sue Yune was no help in that direction. Some of the other men in the lumberyard made offers and suggestions that might have relieved that difficulty, but he now was the one who was shy, or at least unwilling. He read and re-read her letters, thought about Sue, and took matters in hand frequently.

He thought about kissing her until she was filled with desire for him, taking her blouse off, her bra, her skirt, her panties, her… He imagined being buried deep within her body, thrusting in and out until she arched up in fulfillment under him. He put little of that into his letters to Sue, only the early part, but with a suggestion of the rest, and found to his gratification (and pain, in a way) that it struck a chord in her.

Their letters quickly became of a sort that she would not dare to show her parents, and he took on receipt to the bedroom he used in his uncle's home and hid away there under some clothing. Neither was quite bold enough to say just what they had been thinking about, about doing with each other, but still there was a positive feedback leading to frequent peaks — but solitary ones. Jimmy Williams returned to Silver Spring in late August, but at just the time that Sue's family went to visit her older brother. They were, however, to spend a week before school began again at Rehoboth Beach…

Jimmy spent some frantic days finding a place to stay there or in some neighboring town, and finally his parents let him spend a week in a group house in Rehoboth Beach, with four other young men. Then a hunk of the money from his summer job went to a bribe to see that he got a rioom with a door on the bathroom, since he had ideas that might involve that. If Sue were agreeable. But with all of that, the time when Sue's family and Jimmy would both be in town only overlapped by three days. They were arriving on a Thursday and leaving on the following Thursday morning, while he followed late on the next Sunday night (when the fellow he was replacing in the room went back a week before school started) and stayed until Sunday afternoon.

A frantic letter sent to her brother's home and its fevered response arranged their meeting on Monday morning. Her parents knew that he was spending the day with her, but saw no reason to be up when they embraced at seven in the morning. When Sue was sure that they would not come out, she stripped off the green two-piece suit she put on for their benefit, leaving the bikini which, in a fit of puckishness, she bought when she found that it matched her golden skin almost perfectly in shade. She was delighted to know that all day she would be the recipient of double-takes from those close to her and stares from those more distant, all trying to be sure she was not naked. The effect on Jimmy was also remarkable. He had spent a lot of time imagining how she would look stripped of every cloth, and now… He hardly knew whether he preferred to have her face him, smiling at him, or turned to one side so that his eyes could supply the nipples and pubic hair that he consciously knew were covered.

They swam together, touching almost entirely while in the water, ate lunch together, returned to the ocean, and by five in the afternoon they had spent time lying beside each other, kissing, his hands roaming over her back and legs, hers on his chest-hair and once or twice on his erection when he pressed to her back with one arm around her. He felt her hand there but imagined how her lips would be instead, or the tight ring of flesh within her that he wanted to penetrate and fill.

At five they went to his group house, since Jimmy had suggested to her that she shower there before they met her parents, she changed, and they went to dinner together — not with her parents. A film was to follow for the couple. Here she could rinse her bikini and change to the more modest bathing costume her parents would prefer for her.

She went into the shower first, washing the salt off quickly, half-wishing that Jimmy had joined her there. She tried to keep her fingers from where she wanted his to be, and really more than fingers, but did not completely succeed.
Sue rinsed the bikini and put it back on — she had forgotten to take the green suit in the bathroom with her.

Jimmy barely touched her, giving her only a perfunctory kiss before he entered the shower stall himself. He was afraid to do more…

His hands also were busy despite his intentions, thinking of Sue with her legs spread on his bed, accepting him into her, gasping as he brought her to a climax. But he did not continue his motions to the conclusion that he desired to have with her.

Sue was uneasy about trying to change into her green swimsuit in Jimmy's bedroom. It should be safe, but it would be less so than the bathroom — that could be locked on both sides. So when Jimmy emerged, now in shirt and slacks, she was still in her flesh-tone –HER flesh-tone– bikini. His first thought, seeing her again, was that she was naked and waiting in his bedroom for him with open arms. Then he realized that she was not naked, but the rest was true.

She expected to be in his arms for only a moment before she took her green bathing suit and went to change into it. There was, in most ways, nothing different in this situation from what they had done before — except her state of mind, and his.

Having his tongue wrap around hers with her body pressed to his vertically, with his hands on her almost-bare back, brought her up more quickly more quickly — and him, in a sense other than purely emotional. His head drew back to stare into her arms. His hands went down to press her hips against him, against the erection that the feel of her had given him. His fingers soon went back up to the clasp holding her upper bikini half on. Sue squeaked but did not object. When she stepped back it was not to run but to let the garment fall. He could see now that while her breasts were the same shade as her suit, the color of her nipples made a great deal
of difference. And the way they pointed at him like tiny cones of dark wood. This was the first time that he had seen her naked mounds, and in another minute he also felt them against him for the first time, as she unbuttoned his shirt and offered her mouth to him again.

In a minute or so Sue stepped back again, but now it was to draw him on, as she stepped to and lay on his bed. Jimmy tossed his shirt onto the dresser, dropped his slacks to the floor, and lay beside her.

Their hands explored all the territory that they had known before, but for the most part not seen before today. Then he extended the holdings by sliding beneath her bikini bottom to graze her pubic hair and then her moist labia, as wet as if she had never used a towel, but not wet with water.

A gasp came as he slid that garment down, another as he bent over her, a third as his mouth descended where she had expected another part. His lips circled her clitoris, his tongue tip parted her lower lips, and soon she experienced sensations she had never known and barely heard about. Her arms came off the bed time and again, but never went to his head. She wanted very much to do something with them, but was afraid any contact with him in that region would be taken as a signal to stop, and that she did not want. Finally, as her back arched and her hips lifted when she came closer to orgasm, her hands dug into the sides of the bed and clenched.

As she recovered, Jimmy kicked off his shorts, wiping his mouth with them, and resumed his position by her side. He kissed her, pressed his body to her, and in only a short time brought her with his fingers to the point where she wanted him again. He had given her a climax with his mouth partly because he was unsure of his ability to do it with his penis. He knew that he might not last long enough — or at least he had heard of that happening. And he wanted to be in her as often as he could, on this day and many afterwards. If he did bring her to satisfaction any other way today, he had at least done it once. When his fingers confirmed that Sue was ready for him, he moved the end of his erection to her opening and began to move it back and forth. Her growing lust became obvious in her motions and sounds and then he turned away from her to reach for a dresser drawer.

"What are you looking for?" she asked.

"I don't want to get you pregnant."

"Oh, a, a condom?"


"Don't bother. I am safe for at least two days, maybe three."

"Oh, my God!" he exclaimed. "I have been thinking my luck was rotten being away from you this summer, and only having three days with you before…"

"I think your timing is wonderful, if you ask me." She smiled. "And your mouth was, and now I want… something else!"

He lay between her legs again, but now in a position to kiss her. He played at her opening again, slowly building her until she was almost at another orgasm.

He lined up his shaft at last, to bore into her tunnel.

"I hope that it doesn't hurt you much," he said to her. "I don't care. I want you!" she said.

And he looked into her eyes as he lowered his hips and pushed into her, saw her expression grow to wonder, her mouth open in imitation of what was going on below, and he was not sure that there was any pain for her or any barrier to break — though she told him later that she felt it give. He moved as slowly as he could and gave her a weak climax before he built her to another as his sperm shot out, hot and sluggish, deep into her. She cried out the last time.

They dressed, getting to her parents' rented cabin only a little after they said that they would. Sue changed, but they did not go to the movie after dinner.

Instead they returned to his group house where they worked around the soreness both felt to give each other another round of pleasure. The clothing was discarded swiftly, the foreplay went on for a long time, and in time Jimmy arranged his bedroom mirror so that they could both watch as Sue straddled his hips and he lay on his back He wanted to see her face again as the long hard tube vanished inside her, and both could see it as they faced the mirror. Her timidity and fear were gone now, and he felt her strength and enthusiasm as she pounded down onto his hips. Eventually, however, they separated so that she could feel his weight on her and he could feel her legs circle his hips as he drove his seed into her.

They showered together as the time alloted for their movie ended, and found that their appetites were still not overcome. Jimmy lay against one wall of the shower while Sue climbed his body, aided by his cupping hands, and slid down to be impaled over and over, deeper perhaps than before, until they both rested on the floor.

Both of them ached in the morning, but youth and the urgency of their three-day deadline overcame that and they kissed at the moments of entry and fulfillment, though not until the evening.

On the third and last day, however, they performed the highest expression of love in the morning (using a condom now, for security), the mid-afternoon, and just before she returned to her parents. Or one might say that he did twice and she three times, since on that afternoon Sue returned the favor he had given her on the first night (and since, though not to completion). She bent naked over his midsection and lowered her head until she kissed the head of his erection, then lowered it again to take his shaft in, and then a third time to swallow all of him — including, at the end, his semen.

"You've never done that before, but you did it so well," said an exhausted Jimmy Williams.

"Well, I actually have had some experience at that," answered Sue Yune, smiling.

He looked at her in shock.

"I've practiced with cucumbers and peeled bananas," she said. "That way it didn't matter if I bit down when I gagged at first."

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