Step Three Lisa and Tim Continued

Step Three Lisa and Tim Continued

Step Three.

Following Lisa and Tim's little romp in the hay on their first day as lovers, the two of them showered and had a quick breakfast. Lisa needed to get home and the two of them decided to tell her mom of their new-found love. This was not going to be easy for any of the three of them. Since Tim's dad, Jack, had shot himself, Lisa's mom, Vickie, had taken to drink. She was what could best be described as a functioning alcoholic. She arrived for work on time each day, did her job properly, left at quitting time, then bought a bottle of Quervo and sucked it down like water.

Vickie loved and cared for her daughter and Tim as well. She had no clue that Tim knew about his true lineage. She thought Tim still believed her to be his mother. Lisa would be crushed if she learned the truth, or so Vickie thought. The fact was that Tim and Lisa were on their way to her home at that very minute to tell her that the two of them DID know the truth about their parents. Worse still, they would reveal the fact that they were now in love with each other. In fact, they had consumated that love the previous night (and again this morning).

Tim drove slowly through Lisa's neighborhood as they neared her house. Both were afraid of what mom would say when she learned about the two of them. Tim said, "mom already drinks too much. I know you must have noticed". Lisa replied, "she does it so quietly. She is never loud or obnoxious. One would hardly have a clue unless they lived with her". "Still", Tim continued, "she is probably gonna tie on a big one when we tell her our news". "God, I hope not", Lisa sighed as Tim pulled the car in front of her house.

Lisa and her mom lived in a small, two bedroom home in a fairly nice location. Not Fifth Avenue by any means, but not the projects either. Tim exited the car and opened the door for Lisa. She stood on the curb and looked at Tim with a troubled expression. "What do we say? What do we do?", she said. Tim replied, "we just tell mom the truth. We know that we are NOT brother and sister, but we are in love". Lisa slumped a bit and said, "I guess that's all we can do. Let's just see if she freaks or what. I hope she will be happy for us, but I don't see it happening". "Me either", Tim said.

Vickie was waiting at the window as she saw Lisa and Tim arrive. Deep inside her she knew that something was different…was it the way that the two of them were standing? Was it the way that Lisa hung her head? Vickie just wasn't sure. She watched as Tim placed his arm around Lisa's shoulders as they climbed the stairs to the front porch. Vickie saw Lisa lean into Tim's side as they crossed the few feet from the stairs to the front door. Suddenly, she knew……

Vickie practically flew to the front door before either Tim or Lisa could touch the knob. "What the hell do you two think you are doing?", Vickie shouted at the pair even before they crossed the threshold. "Mom", both Lisa and Tim said at once. "Don't 'mom' me", exclaimed Vickie and the two young people were taken aback.

"I know what is going on. I can tell by the way you two are holding yourselves. You had sex together didn't you?", Vickie shouted. "Mom, please", Tim started. "I am NOT your mother and you know it!", Vickie screamed into Tim's shocked face. Tim said, "Lisa just found out and I have only known since around the time that dad died. I still love you, though, and that will never change".

Vickie stood, hands on hips and started to cry. "I loved Jack so much. I love the two of you as well. We never meant to deceive you. It just seemed logical to let you think you were brother and sister. The two of you obviously loved one another. Now I guess that love has turned into something entirely different".

Lisa spoke up, "Neither of us planned this, mom. It just happened. "Nothing 'just happens'", Vickie exclaimed. Tim and Lisa looked helplessly at each other as Vickie glared at the two of them.

After almost five minutes of silence, Vickie sighed and said, "I guess I should be happy for you. You have found love. But it is going to take a lot of getting used to, seeing the two of you as a couple".

"It isn't exactly easy for us, either, mom", Tim said. "We were just hanging out with friends", Lisa said. "As the evening went on, we just got lost in our love and desire. Tim told me the truth before anything, umm, happened".

Vickie held up both hands and said, "I don't need to hear anymore. I'm glad you've found some happiness in this sad old world. Let's just leave it at that". Both Tim and Lisa agreed and the three of them had a quiet lunch.

The day went mostly OK as Lisa and Tim tried to be discreet around mom. Vickie knew they were in love and had been sexually active only the night before, yet she was coming to terms with those facts. Actually, she thought, how could there be anyone better for the kids than each other? The thought of them being intimate still gave her a bit of a shiver, but she could learn to deal with it. They were happy. Isn't that what truly mattered?

As darkness started to fall in southwest Ohio, Lisa took her mom into the kitchen and, taking her by both shoulders said, "I hope you won't be too mad, but I want to live with Tim from now on. It's just a few blocks away and even though I am not quite eighteen, I hope you will respect my choice and give us your approval". "Oh child", Vickie said. "I know you are all grown up even if your are not eighteen yet. It is going to take me a while to get my poor brain around all this, but I would rather you be with Tim than with anyone else on earth. Go…be happy". "I love you, mom", Lisa gushed. "I love you both as well", Vickie replied.

Lisa and Vickie returned to the living room where Tim was waiting. Lisa kissed him on the forehead and said,"I need to get a few things for the weekend, but we will have to come back in a few days so that I can get my school stuff and the rest of my junk". With that, Lisa headed upstairs leaving Tim and Vickie alone for the first time since he and Lisa had told her what had happened. "Are you really OK with this, mom?", Tim asked. "I'm not exactly happy about it, Tim, But I love you both and wish the best for you. I'll get used to the idea in time".

"We both love you, mom", Tim said. He rose from his chair and embraced her lovingly. Tears fell from her eyes as she hugged Tim furiously. "Take care of my baby and yourself", Vickie said between sobs. "Please don't cry, mom", said Tim as he held her. "We are only down the street and we will be fine. We worry as much about you as you do about us". Straightening herself somewhat, Vickie said, "what do you mean?". Tim thought quickly and said, "We just care about you. We want you to be happy".

"I'm happy when my kids are happy", Vickie said. Lisa came back into the room with a suitcase full of her most needed clothes and sundry items. Vickie gave Tim another hug and told the two of them to be careful going home and to call her the next day. Vickie said that she would get Lisa's school books and supplies together as well as washing her remaining clothes so that they could pick everything up the next afternoon. Lisa embraced her mother with love and said, "good night, mom. We'll see you tomorrow". "'Nite kids", Vickie said as the young couple headed out the door into the early evening.

The few block trip home went without incident. Lisa snuggled close to Tim as he drove and he placed his right hand on Lisa's soft thigh. It may not have been the most sexy move, but it got Lisa going. By the time they reached Tim's apartment (THEIR'S now, thought Lisa), she was in full gear. She could feel her nipples pushing against the fabric of her bra in a tantalizing way. As they boarded the elevator to the fourth floor, Lisa turned to Tim and took him into her arms. Tim, a bit surprised by the sudden ardor, sucked in a ragged breath as Lisa's hand gripped his cock through his jeans. He felt her warm lips touch his as she rubbed the front of his pants with vigor. He responded by filling both hands with her tight ass cheeks. She moaned and he sighed as they both fondled each other. As the elevator door opened, they released one another and stepped into the hallway. Neither seemed to be able to cover the distance from the elevator to the door of the apartment fast enough, but they reached it just the same. Tim fumbled with the keys for just a moment before Lisa took them and unlocked the door.

Overheated and more than horny, the young couple raced to the bedroom shedding clothing as they went. Tim nearly fell onto his face as he tried to remove his pants before taking off his shoes. Lisa was wearing a skirt, blouse and sandals and she had little difficulty in peeling as she ran. She was naked and on her knees in bed when Tim finally extricated himself from the last of his garments. Tim dove into the bed with her and pulled her down onto the mattress. Laughing and grabbing at any appendage she could reach, Lisa was in paradise. Tim could not have been happier himself. There they were…two young people who had thought that they were brother and sister until only a short time ago. Now knowing the truth, they were free to be themselves and share the love that they felt for each other.

Lisa and Tim moved around so that they could share oral sex with one another. Lisa took Tim's hardening cock lovingly into her mouth as Tim planted his mouth firmly over Lisa's tight, wet pussy. Lisa felt Tim growing between her lips as Tim lapped up Lisa's rapidly flowing juices. In a matter of minutes, the young couple were both ready to cum, but, as if it had been predecided, they both stopped their oral activities and turned their bodies to face each other.

Neither said a word as Lisa knelt and straddled Tim's hips. She reached between his legs, grabbed his large cock and placed the head between her soft folds. Tim smiled up at her as she lowered herself down onto him. Lisa's own smile was heavenly as Tim felt her tight pussy snug around his hard cock. Lisa began a slow up and down routine with Tim buried inside her. Tim responded by gently stroking upward into her as she pushed herself down. Both felt so loved as they continued to pleasure each other. They kept at it for a surprisingly long time (both being so new at this) and after nearly an hour, both felt the urge in their respective bodies. Orgasm was close for both of the young lovers. Tim held Lisa's ass cheeks in both hands and she bent over him with her thighs tight around his hips. Her light brown hair was starting to moisten with her sweat as she worked her young body up and down on Tim's hard cock. Tim was a bit glazed himself as he felt the first rush of semen build in his cock, ready to explode into his sweet lover. Lisa experienced the initial tingle in her belly that told her she was almost there. She increased her speed on Tim's love muscle as the warmth built in her loins. The two of them were almost a blur of sexual motion as their orgasms took them both. Tim felt shot after shot of sperm shoot from his cock and into the body of the girl he loved. Lisa felt the wave of pleasure as Tim's cum hit her sensitive walls, and she felt herself let go. A near flood of pussy juice poured from around Tim's cock and onto their bed.

"I love you", Tim said as he finally got his breath. "I love you too", Lisa replied. "Do you think mom will be alright?", Tim asked. "I hope so", said Lisa. "She seemed OK when we left. I think she'll get used to us being together. With that, Lisa and Tim moved away from the 'wet spot' and drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

A few blocks away, Vickie was alone (as usual) in her bed in the dark. She was absentmindedly rubbing her pussy and thinking of her kids. Were they fucking right now? Would they want to get married some day? Vickie just didn't know. What she DID know was that she was tired of being a drunk and tired of being alone. She would have to do something about both of those problems. As she gave herself a small but unsatisfying orgasm, she decided to get her life together and she fell asleep knowing that tomorrow her life was going to change.

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