Stinky Finger

Stinky Finger

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Stinky Finger

Ever since we were little I have poked my finger up into my little sister’s pussy. We called it ‘Stinky Finger’ and played it often. I enjoyed it and Ashley never seemed to mind it. When she turned thirteen and had her first period I still poked my finger up into her but she didn’t seem to like it as much then. However as her fifteen-year-old brother I just told her that I had always done it and that I wanted to keep doing it despite the blood. She protested saying that it was dirty but I assured her that it was natural and that all girls have to go through it. Further I made it a point to do it more often during her period and to convince her that I liked it even more.

A couple of weeks later I was fingering her pussy and playing ‘Stinky Finger’ when she asked me not to stop. I was fingering her clit at the time and she really liked it. That was the first time that Ashley had experienced an orgasm. She loved it and really didn’t want me to stop. Of course I didn’t want to stop either and kept playing with her clit. I made it raw and sore. That was when she made me stop. She would let my play Stinky Finger if I just promised to poke it in her hole and not to touch her clit anymore. Well a few days later we were back to normal but we both took it easy. She would ask me to give her an orgasm in the morning before breakfast, after lunch, and again about bedtime.

It was like clockwork. Ashley would get horny and ask me to help her out. When I asked her to help me out it was perfectly normal for her to do so. I would pull it out and she would jerk me off. She started sucking my cock too and swallowing my cum but then she wanted me to do the same to her. Why not! So we started taking turns eating one another when we discovered the sixty-nine position and could both do it at the same time.

I actually liked the taste of Ashley’s pussy and she liked sucking my cock. That went on until Ashley had her period again. I tried to eat her out and it was okay as long as I didn’t get blood in my mouth. That I didn’t like. Ashley understood and let me just finger her while she sucked me but she really missed having my tongue in her.

One of her girlfriends suggested that Ashley let me fuck her if she wanted something in her pussy that much. So I got to slip my cock into her hole. The blood made it slippery enough and I got to fuck her. Loosing our virginities together just made us that much closer. After her period stopped she still wanted to fuck so we would sixty-nine after lunch and fuck before breakfast and before bedtime.

That was exactly what we had been needing. We were both much more calm, we didn’t fight anymore, and everything in the house was peaceful.

One day mom asked me, “You kids are way too friendly. Have you gone past the Stinky Finger stage?”

I turned all shades of red and mom noticed saying, “I’ll take that as yes. It’s a good thing that I got her on birth control when I did then. How many times a day do you do it?”

I managed to say, “Twice. Once before breakfast and once before bedtime.”

Mom smiled and said, “It must be hard sneaking around with the fear of getting caught. Would it be easier if I just let your sister sleep with you?”

That put a smile on my face as I answered, “You bet it would.”

Mom said, “Consider it done. However you will need to take care of my needs too. Shall we say after lunch?”

I looked at mom and puzzled asked, “You want me to have sex with you?”

Mom smiled and said, “Yes. Why not! It isn’t any different than you and Ashley doing it. Is it?”

I replied, “Well yeah. You’re my mother.”

Mom snapped back, “And she is your sister.”

I replied, “Well yeah. But! Well okay…if that’s what you really want.”

Mom smiled and said, “That’s what I really want. Shall we get started? It is after lunch after all.”

Mom led the way to her bedroom. I watched in amazement as she turned around to face me and then ordered me to play Stinky Finger with her too. I slowly reached up under her skirt, got my fingers into her panties, and started running my finger up and down her slit until I found her opening and her clit. Mom let her breath out sharply. That was what Ashley had done a few times so I gathered up my courage to do to mom just what I had been doing to Ashley for years. I gave mom weak knees and dropped her right to the floor begging me to stop but I wouldn’t. For some reason I just knew that mom did not want me to stop what I had been doing. I remember that day that I gave my sister’s clit such a work out that it became raw and sore and I was determined to do the same thing to my mother.

She rolled and withered on the floor trying unsuccessfully to dislodge my hand from her crotch. Luckily her panties were tight and they helped my hand stay in contact with mom’s clit. Besides she was in no position to really fight me off with her continuous orgasms. Eventually mom was crying, shaking, and begging me to fuck her.

That was when I realized just how hard I was and how much I wanted to fuck her. Her skirt was up around her waist and my hand was in her panties so I just pulled them down, rolled her a little, and forced my cock into her. She was really wet and I slid right in easily. I humped into mom until I cum and then pulled it out.

As I sat on the floor next to her mom settled down, her breathing calmed down, and she opened her eyes.

Mom said, “Oh thank you honey. You don’t know how badly I needed that.”

As she lay there on the floor next to me I reached up under mom’s blouse and felt of her breasts. I pulled on her bra and managed to pop her breasts out of it. Then I lifted her blouse up high enough for me to be able to see her exposed breasts. Mom just smiled and moaned as I played with her big tits. They were enormous compared to my sister’s breasts.

As I sat there on the floor playing with mom’s tits Ashley came in to see what we were doing. Mom told Ashley that she was to start sleeping with me every night and to let me have sex with her in the morning and again at night as we had been doing but that she got me at lunchtime from then on. Ashley didn’t care who I had sex with as long as she got her share and now that it was all out in the open she liked it even better.

Ashley sat on the floor next to mom and watched me play with her boobs. Ashley reached out and played with one too pinching and twisting her nipple. At thirty-six years old mom was a 36-C while at thirteen Ashley was a 32-A.

Soon all three of us were naked and examining one another’s body. As I watched mom and Ashley finger each other’s pussy I got excited again and wanted to fuck one of them. I think that Ashley thought that she was next but mom reminded her that it wasn’t bedtime yet and that it was her turn again.

That time mom wanted it in her bed and climbed up on it. She had me get between her legs and had Ashley sit on her face. I had eaten Ashley’s pussy out on many occasions but I didn’t know that girls ate other girls too. It was very sexy. So as I slipped my cock into mom she was slipping her tongue into Ashley. I was glad that I had cum recently because I really wanted to last longer that time in mom. Ashley was sitting on mom’s face with her ass in my face. I could not resist licking my sister’s asshole while mom licked her pussy. Ashley was getting a going over from both ends at once. As Ashley’s orgasm started to build so did mom’s orgasm and my own. All of a sudden the three of us reached our climax together. It was fantastic and afterwards we each agreed that it was the best climax that any of us had ever had before, even mom.

That day the decision was made to get a king size bed, put it in mom’s bedroom, and for us all to sleep in it every night. We decided to keep our own bedrooms just incase our friends stopped over. That way we could still look like a normal family to any outsiders.

That summer, the three of us made love every chance that we got. Mom made love to both Ashley and I, Ashley made love to mom and I, and of course I made love to both of them just as often as I could.

When school started up again in the fall my friends noticed that I was different. While they all lusted after the girls I showed very little interest. While most of them were wishing to loose their virginity I had gotten laid about a hundred times over the summer.

Then I saw Veronica the new girl and fell in love immediately. I told mom and Ashley all about Veronica and listened to their advice. I made it a point to be nice to Veronica in school while Ashley found out that she had a younger sister and mom introduced herself to Veronica’s mother. I was very lucky to have the help of mom and Ashley.

Before Halloween Veronica and I were dating. She liked the freedom that she had at our house. Her mother was much stricter with her because she had caught Veronica fooling around with another boy last year at her old school. Her mother freaked out, had her checked out by a doctor to see if she was pregnant, and then moved to get her away from the boy. Thanks to my mother befriending Veronica’s mother she felt comfortable with her daughter around us.

When Veronica’s sister spent a night at our house she and Ashley slept together. Well slept might not be the right word since they fooled around all night long. Ashley taught Veronica’s sister how girls make love and she liked it very much.

About a week later when I came home from school mom told me that she and Veronica’s mother Cynthia had made out too. Cynthia had enjoyed it and mom had talked her into letting me fuck her that very weekend. Ashley, Veronica, and her sister were going to spend the weekend with a friend while mom and I entertained Veronica’s mother.

That Friday just as soon as the girls were gone, mom took Cynthia’s hand and they ran up to mom’s bedroom. There the two women put on a really nice show as they undressed. Cynthia’s tits were smaller than mom’s tits but they were still nice. Both women had shaved pussies. Cynthia had a tattoo on her left breast of a butterfly and a scroll design just above her pants on her lower back. Cynthia also had her belly button pierced and both nipples. She was amazing to look at.

Mom had told me that Cynthia was a nymphomaniac but Cynthia told me that herself and then proceeded to explain what it meant. First off Cynthia would have sex with anyone, anytime, anywhere and that was why she was so protective of her daughters. Cynthia could be a real slut if she wanted too but she constantly tried to deny her problem. She tried working in a whorehouse for a month too. She really liked the sex and the money but she didn’t like the quality of the clientele. It was a cheap dive and she was a ten-dollar whore so the drunks and perverts would fuck her. She wanted lots of sex and thought that the cheaper price would give it to her. It did but it was not all that satisfying. Eventually it made her feel dirty and disgusting so she quit even though the sex was just what she had needed. After that she joined a sex club and enjoyed several orgies. However when she saw her daughter Veronica following in her footsteps she panicked and tried very hard to straighten out her life.

She admitted that it had been hard, that she masturbates constantly, and that she almost always has something in her pussy. She really likes vibrating eggs. Then while making out with Cynthia my mother told her about me fucking her and my sister. Suddenly Cynthia could not think straight and could only imagine my cock in her. She admitted that it had been just over three months since she had had sex with a man.

Throughout that entire conversation my mother had been between Cynthia’s legs giving her a good working over, now it was my turn. As I fucked into Cynthia she cried for joy, begged for more, and cum. Being a teenage boy had its advantages as I could quickly recover while mom fucked Cynthia with all of her sex toys including a double-ended dildo that they shared. That evening I got to fuck Cynthia five times then sleep with the two women in mom’s bed.

Saturday morning was just too much for me and I was drained, sore, and exhausted by noon. That was when mom called a few of dad’s old friends to come over and fuck Cynthia for ten-dollars a fuck. When they saw how pretty Cynthia was and had tried her out for themselves they called their friends to come over. Mom thought about joining in but she didn’t want a reputation, besides it was Cynthia that needed all the cock that she could get.

Surprisingly the next thirty hours was non-stop sex for her. Cynthia took on everyone from about one o’clock Saturday until about seven o’clock on Sunday just before the girls were due back. Mom told Cynthia that she would continue to be her pimp if I could spend time with Veronica and have sex if that was what Veronica wanted. Cynthia wanted cock so badly that she would have agreed to anything. She reminded me of a Crack Whore. I guess she was a Cock Whore. She was definitely a nymphomaniac.

It certainly wasn’t long before Veronica and I were having sex often and sleeping in my bed, Ashley and Veronica’s sister enjoyed sex and sleeping together too, and mom would sleep with Cynthia after a hard day on her back.

Life was perfect and things were never better for any of us. Veronica and I were in love, Ashley found out that she likes girls better, Cynthia got plenty of sex, and mom handled all of the money. We had no unpaid bills, the house was completely paid off, and we even went on vacations where mom let Cynthia give it away to any man she saw. About once a week Veronica would share our bed with mom so that she could get some sex too.

The End
Stinky Finger

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