Strange Woman In My Shower

Strange Woman In My Shower

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Strange Woman In My Shower

I came home from a two-day hunting trip in the Montana Mountains. I had shot a good size elk, gutted it, and managed to drag it out of the forest on a plastic tarp. It was all I could do to drag it while taking several rest breaks. It would go a long way to filling my freezer for the winter.

I was very tire, I was dirty as usual, and I smelled like a dead skunk. Sweat, campfires, and that damn awful smelling stuff that covers up my human scent does not do a guy any favors. Three or four showers with plenty of soap and hot water would make me smell better. My wife wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours so I had plenty of time to clean up for her.

I backed my pickup truck halfway into my garage and hung the elk from a rafter with a pulley system, to cure. Then I went to our back porch, which was partially enclosed, and there I stripped naked. I normally undressed there, leaving all of my smelly clothes outside. I walked through the kitchen naked and into the living room, up the stairs and down the hallway, and then I went into my bedroom and into my bathroom. I was quite surprised to hear the shower running. I hadn’t seen my wife’s car in the driveway and I hadn’t expected her to be home, but it sure was a pleasant surprise. I opened the shower and stepped right in. She was washing her hair and her head was covered with a thick layer of soap. I just reached around and held onto both of her breasts as I forced my limp cock into the crack of her ass.

She wiggled back at me playfully and then a strange woman said, “You must be Bridget’s husband. Obviously you are glad to see me. Just let me rinse this soap off first and then maybe I can help you with that problem.”

I was mortified. I stood there in shock as she rinsed off the soap and then turned around to face me. I had never in my life seen that woman before. She pressed her breasts into my chest, backing me up against the shower wall, and then she reached down to take a hold of my cock. I could feel it rising to the occasion. As usual it had a mind of its own. I stood there silently trying to think, which wasn’t working out too well with the loss of blood to my brain and the fact that my small head had completely taken over. That strange woman then lifted up one of her knees quite high. I felt it under my armpit and then she slipped my cock into her exposed pussy. It was a rather unusual position but it certainly worked out quite well. She kept her knee up high and then she started fucking me as I stood there motionlessly. Not a word was said between us as she fucked me. After a few minutes of that intense pleasure I felt my cum getting ready to go, I grabbed onto her ass tightly, and then I forced my cock deep up into her pussy. She smiled as I started to fill her with my hot cum. Then I felt her cumming too. She had the very same look and feel to her that my wife had when she orgasms.

After a few moments of recovery she finally said, “I hope you feel better but you still stink. Let’s get you cleaned up now.” She pushed me under the flowing water and handed me the bottle of shampoo. Meanwhile, she grabbed the bar of soap and went to work on my flaccid cock. As I washed my hair and face she washed the rest of me. She turned me around as needed so that she could wash my back, my chest, and then my ass, she knelt down and washed my legs and feet while she sucked on my cock. By the time she stood up, so was I.

That time I turned her around and pushed her up against the wall crushing her breasts into the shower wall. She thrust her ass back at me opening her legs at the same time. I reached down and slipped my cock into her slippery pussy. That time I knew that I wasn’t fucking my wife. I always wanted a piece of strange and at that moment I had one. I still didn’t know her name, where she came from, or even if she was married. All I really knew was that she was not underage by several years and that she knew my wife’s name was Bridget.

I pounded into her the way that I probably should have the first time. However, in my state of shock I had trouble doing anything at all that first time. This time was a lot different, I wasn’t in shock, and I was in full control. I thought about turning her around, lifting her leg up until her knee was under my armpit, and fucking the hell out of her, and then I remembered how good it had felt and did just that. She smiled as I hooked her leg with my arm, she giggled as I thrust my cock deeper into her pussy, and then she grabbed my head and pulled my face to her. She shoved her tongue in my mouth as if I had taken her gum away and she wanted it back. She was fucking my mouth with the same energy that I was fucking her pussy. I felt my climax building, I felt her anticipation growing as well, and then all hell cut loose. I slammed into her viciously, causing her to bang up against the shower wall hard repeatedly, and forcing her to grunt out her breath. With every forceful thrust I deposited another load of hot steaming cum deep up inside her love hole. As the last of it left me and entered her I felt weak in the legs and slid down to the shower floor. My cock slipped out of her and I found myself about ready to pass out.

I must have passed out because when I woke up I was lying on the bathroom floor, covered with a blanket, and with that strange woman kneeling over me.

She said, “Oh, am I ever glad that you woke up. I knew that you were tired but I had no idea that a double shot of my love would drain you of all your energy. I couldn’t move you so I just covered you here.”

I looked into her eyes and asked, “How long have I been out and who are you?”

She smiled, “Well, you have been out about three hours, Bridget came home about an hour ago, and I’m Claudette.”

I asked, “Does she know about…”

Claudette cut me off and said, “No she doesn’t know that we made love, all she knows is that you came home, that you smelled really bad, that you passed out in the shower, and that I took care of you.”

I managed to sit up against the wall then my wife came in and said, “Hey sleepyhead I saw the elk in the garage. He’s a big one, no wonder you’re exhausted. What would you like to do now, eat, drink, or sleep?”

I smiled up at her and replied, “Sex.”

Bridget laughed and said, “You always want that. Are you up to it or do I have to do all of the work again?”

Claudette laughed and said, “Maybe I can help you. After all I saw him naked for three hours.”

Bridget said, “He was covered with a blanket.”

Claudette laughed and replied, “Not all of the time. I peeked at it a lot. Besides I liked what I saw. Do you still share, like you used too?”

Bridget laughed and said, “We were nine at the time, remember?”

Claudette said, “I remember and so does my brother. He still speaks fondly of you.”

Bridget knelt down, looked at me, gave me a kiss and said, “Tim was only ten at the time and I didn’t have any tits for him to play with so he went off with Sissy who was eleven at the time.”

Claudette said, “Tim and Sissy are my brother and sister and Bridget here is my only cousin. Our fathers are brothers. We live in Maine about two miles from the Artic Circle. Any questions?”

I smiled, “Just one at the moment. How long will you be staying with us?”

Claudette said, “Funny that you should ask. I was actually considering on moving here permanently if I can find a job and a place to stay.”

Bridget said, “I told her that she could stay here as long as she needs too.”

Then Claudette looked directly at me and asked, “Can I go hunting with you sometime?”

I asked, “Why?”

Claudette then proceeded to tell me all about her childhood fantasy, watching Grizzly Adams movies on television, and masturbating to thoughts of a smelly mountain man ravishing her in a cabin in the woods on a bare skin rug in front of a roaring fire. To which, my wife replied that she had done that with me on many occasions but that now she stays away on purpose so that I can take a shower first.

Claudette said, “I want it dirty and smelly and rough. If you had gotten home a little sooner you might have caught me in the shower and ravished me.”

I smiled and said, “I wish I had gotten home earlier.”

Then my wife surprised the hell of us both when she said, “Put you hunting clothes back on, take her out in the woods, and fuck her. I can wait for my turn after you get cleaned up again.” Then she turned to Claudette and said, “He should be good for at least three good ones but I’m sure that you can squeeze a forth fuck out of him. He always did want a piece of strange.”

Claudette asked, “You really won’t mind?”

My wife said, “You asked me if I still share like I used too, yes I do. You took good care of him when he passed out in the shower now take care of his sexual needs.”

Claudette didn’t have to be told twice. She grabbed my hand, dropped my towel to the floor, and practically dragged me to the back porch.

My wife said, “Be prepared to throw your clothes away afterwards.”

Claudette asked me, “Can I wear your dirty T-shirt? I won’t be needing anything else.”

When we got to the back porch Claudette took one smell, got sick, and threw up over the railing. My wife just laughed at her. Once she recovered Claudette took her clothes off and threw them inside. She then found my T-shirt and pulled it over her head and down over her breasts. It came past her pussy by a couple of inches. She was ready. I put my clothes back on and took her hand. When I opened the truck door she got another powerful burst of foul odor and threw up along the driveway. Then she climbed into the seat and closed the door. By the time I got around to my side her window was down and her head was sticking out like a hunting dog. I just laughed at her.

I drove her only a half-hour out into the mountains before I pulled off the road and trudged up into the woods in four-wheel drive. I didn’t need to go very far to be safe from observation, beside by then I was horny again. After all, I knew what Claudette was wearing, I had fucked her twice already, and I was ready to fuck her again. She wanted it dirty and rough so I had already planned on just pulling my cock out of my pants and putting it in her while grinding her soft smooth ass into the grass, twigs, and leaves on the ground. When I pulled her out of the truck I just dropped her down to the ground and mounted her with a need unlike I had ever had before. I grunted like a bison, I rammed her like a big horn sheep, and I splashed her womb with cum like Old Faithful.

When I was finally done ravishing her Claudette said, “Now that’s what I was talking about.”

A while later we made love again on the ground but in a lot more loving and gentle way. We eventually went home, stripped naked on the back porch, and took a shower together. To this very day Claudette still lives with us.

The End
Strange Woman In My Shower

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