Stress Of Revision Ch. 04

Stress Of Revision Ch. 04

Part One

Once Jon had been dragged off by Bianca, Niall took several moments to recover his senses. When he did, he realised the remaining girls, Karla, Kristen, Tasha, Holly and Freddy, were sat staring intently at him.

OK, he thought to himself, this isn’t a good time to say something stupid. Just keep it cool…

So… Do you girls do that all the time?” he asked innocently, referring to the intimate snog he had just witnessed between his love interest Karla, and Jon’s squeeze, Bianca.

Kristen replied first. “It depends,” she answered mysteriously.

“On what?” Niall replied, sounding interested.

“Well… basically whether we like who’s asking,” Tasha responded, flashing a shy smile at him, casually flicking her long hair back over her shoulder.

“Ah right… Well, rest assured I’m not gonna ask whether you girls like me, I don’t think I could take five on at once,” Niall said, waving a hand nonchalantly. This brought the girls into a round of chuckles.

“Is that a challenge girls?” Holly said looking around at her comrades.

“What do you think he’d do if we all jumped him at once?” Freddy continued, which for some reason made Niall squirm a little uncomfortably, while his insides were giving a roar of anticipation.

Oh God, make me the luckiest guy alive…

The five girls sat and pondered Freddy’s motion for a few seconds. Niall sat swirling the dregs of his pint, his heart racing as he awaited some kind of response.

To his slight disappointment, Karla held up her hands. “Listen girls, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, we don’t know what he’s like in bed yet.” The girls all nodded their agreement.

Niall felt slightly disheartened. Dammit! Though does that mean she’s willing to find out? I wonder…

Coming back from inside his thoughts, Niall felt someone tugging at his arm. Turning his head slightly, he saw it was Karla, who gave him a wink, and leaned in to whisper in his ear, her hot breath tickling his lobe.

“I’d really like to find out how good in bed you are however.”

There it is… A proposition that no guy in the world could turn down. Hell yeah!

Linking her hand with his, she pulled him into a standing position, and not for the first time that evening, one of the guys was dragged away by one of the girls. Freddy marked the moment further with a loud wolf whistle, causing Niall to blush as he glanced back over his shoulder. Karla merely smiled, continuing to pull Niall forwards towards her room, a determined glint in her eyes.

As they disappeared out of the bar, Tasha turned to Kristen, and muttered, “What do you think Karla’s going to do to that poor boy then?”

Holly and Freddy leaned in at this point, ears pricked up.

Kristen grinned. “I think ol’ Karla there has found her man, and Niall isn’t gonna stand a chance there, she gets what she wants don’t she…”

“He’ll be going round in circles tomorrow, he won’t have any up and down left,” Holly giggled, to which they all chuckled.

“Drinks girls?” Freddy asked, standing up and grabbing her bag.

When they’d all given her their orders, and Freddy had returned, skilfully handling four glasses, they all put their heads together, leaning over the table.

“So… we’ve got two of our group taken now,” Holly said. “What do we all think? Like about Jon and Niall?”

Straight away, Tasha answered, “I like them both, they’re not like the other dicks around here.”

Kristen looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “I agree Tashy. I just feel slightly gutted Bianca got in first, I had my eye on Jon myself. He’s so cute!”

“You like Jon hey… Gotta admit, I did always have a soft spot for Niall,” Tasha added. “There was like during Freshers Week in September when we had a few drinks together down here, but he’d just come out of a relationship then. But there was just this genuine air about him. He’s one of these guys you can just trust immediately. Full credit to Karla for getting in there, he sure knows how to make a lady feel special alright…” Tasha had tailed off, a distant gaze on her face, clearly trying to remember exactly what had happened on that night.

Freddy looked at her slightly suspiciously. “How come you’ve never mentioned that before?”

Tasha double taked. “Well, I dunno really. Nothing happened between us, it was only a few drinks! I just don’t think he wanted to let himself go back then.”

“So you’re not mad at Karla for getting in there first?” Freddy asked cautiously.

Tasha thought about this, scratching the back of her head. “No,” she said eventually. “I’d have loved to have slept with him, but there just wasn’t quite that spark to have a relationship with him. If Karla’s found that with him, then I’ve got no reason to be jealous at all.”

“So if the opportunity arose now to sleep with him, would you still take that?” Holly asked.

Once again, Tasha struck a thoughtful pose. “Yeah, I guess I would. He’s just one of these guys that’s got one of these voices that no matter what you’re talking about always seems to make me slightly horny. Know what I mean?”

The other three girls nodded.

“OK,” Holly said slowly. “Do you know of Bianca’s plans?”

Freddy smiled to herself, knowing of what Bianca had up her sleeve, while Kristen and Tasha shook their heads. Boy, they were gonna get a shock, Freddy thought to herself.

“Well,” Holly continued, “Bianca has big group plans from what we can gather,” pointing at herself and Freddy.

“Group plans?” Tasha asked, sounding confused.

“Yeah,” Freddy replied. “Y’know… a bit of group fun shall we say.”

Kristen looked blank. Holly sighed.

“Are you talking sex here?” Tasha muttered in Freddy’s ear.

“Bingo!” was Freddy’s reply, watching closely as Tasha and Kristen absorbed this information. It was Tasha who responded first.

“Do you think Jon and Niall are gonna be up for that?”

Holly nodded. “I reckon they’re down to earth guys. Bianca has a hunch that they can separate feelings from sex, and I know she’s taking a small risk with Niall, but Jon had such an effect on her she thinks that he’s something that needs to be shared around. Spreading the wealth as it were.”

Tasha was trying to absorb all this. “So, basically you’re saying that Bianca has gone out of her way to try and find sexual partners for us all, who just happen to be these two guys?”

It was Freddy who nodded this time. “Yep, that’s about right. I think she wants to turn them into the equivalent of a harem.”

“You mean like, if we need sex, we’d just go to either one, and get serviced?” Kristen asked.

Holly smiled. “Yeah, pretty much. How does this sound? Obviously Bianca will talk to us all once she’s made a decision, but it seems like a suitable point to test the water with you two. Fred and I are up for it, I can’t think of an easier solution to my man troubles at the moment, seeing as they all seem to be complete tossers around here. And this way there’s no strings attached, it’s just sex. And we all need a bit of that now and again,” Holly finished with a smile.

Tasha grinned. “Yeah, it’s been too long since I had a real cock. So you reckon Jon’s amazing in bed?”

“I thought you liked Niall?” Freddy retorted.

Tasha looked a bit bashful. “Well yeah I do, but right now if Jon’s got a proven track record, then I could do with a good servicing. Surely Karla will report back on Niall tomorrow?”

Kristen and Holly chuckled at Freddy’s bewildered reaction to what Tasha had just said.

“So it works out all good all round then?” Holly asked tentatively.

“Yeah, report back to Bianca that all she has to do is convince Jon and Niall now,” Tasha replied.

Holly heard her phone go off in her bag. “I think that’s going to be the plan,” she said, checking the message then looking at Freddy. “You ready to go hun?”

Kristen looked at them both as they stood up, collecting their bags. “You two off?”

“Yep, Bianca’s putting her plan into action. Jon may well end up lucky tonight,” Freddy responded.

Tasha looked at them wide eyed. “You’re g-going to have s-sex with them n-now?”

“Well, I think that might be on the cards, yes,” was Holly’s reply.

“Blimey… Well, good luck then, let us know how he takes it,” Kristen said, sounding rather rueful.

Waving goodbye, Holly and Freddy hand in hand headed out of the bar, and up to Bianca’s room.

As they reached Bianca’s corridor, Freddy stopped and turned to her friend. “Do you think we’re doing the right thing here?”

Holly stopped walking and put both hands firmly on Freddy’s shoulders. “Look Fred, you’ve already admitted Jon’s a nice guy. Sure, he’s technically going out with Bianca, but it’s not as if we’re going behind her back at all is it? She wants to share him with us. Whenever we want to have sex with him, all we have to do is ask. And don’t tell me you’re not turned on by the idea?”

Freddy’s squirmed a little uncomfortably, looking rather bashful. Holly had a gleam in her eye that Freddy only usually saw when they were bored and had had some lonely evenings together that had involved several of Holly’s strap on dildos.

Her worries weren’t unfounded, as pinning her friend up against the corridor wall, Holly’s hands immediately started to caress Freddy’s body through her top.

Freddy looked horrified. “Holz, what are you doing! We can’t do this in the corridor!” she hissed.

Holly gave no reply, instead she leaned in over her friend and gave her a wet kiss on the lips. Under her hands, Holly felt Freddy relax slightly. This lead to Holly bringing her hands up to cup Freddy’s breasts, gently brushing her nipples with her thumbs.

“Oh Holly… You don’t half know how to make a girl feel amazing… I feel so horny right now…” Freddy said breathily, now slumped against the wall, eyes slightly glazed and breathing hard.

Holly smiled, and grabbed her friend by the hand. “C’mon Fred, we’ve got a date with Jon to fulfil. Save your horniness for him.”

With that, they knocked on Bianca’s door.


Part Two

Meanwhile, Niall had been well and truly worn out by Karla’s sexual stamina. After engaging in the roughest, fastest sex of his life, Niall was lying flat on his back in Karla’s bed, with his girl snuggled down next to him, her golden hair draped over his chest, seemingly returned to the innocent, shy girl he had virtually fallen for. Good God, that was unbelievable! Niall thought to himself. She’s like an animal in bed, and so dominating… Wow… He turned on to his side, which caused the gorgeous Swede to open her eyes sleepily.

“Hello sexy,” she said huskily.

“Hey there,” came Niall’s hoarse reply.

“Was that worth waiting for?” Karla asked, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Niall pretended to think about it for a few seconds, which made Karla punch him on the arm. “Ow!” he exclaimed, rubbing the spot where she’d hit him. “That was uncalled for!”

“Well answer the question, or I’ll find my handcuffs and then be forced to whip you soundly,” was the sleepy response.

As good as that sounded to him, Niall answered meekly, “It was definitely worth waiting for, I’d never expected you to be so wild between the sheets, and you caught me unawares really.”

Even in the half light Niall noticed Karla turn crimson.

“I guess I just have needs like any other person, and its just what gets me off…” she tailed off.

“Oh believe me, I’m not complaining! I was just surprised that’s all. How can there be so much aggression in you?” Niall asked, digging her lightly in the ribs.

“I dunno… I just tried it once, and it was sooooo intense being in that kind of power, cos guys are usually in charge really.”

“Yeah, that’s true. Makes a change,” Niall admitted. He snuggled back under the sheets again, as Karla’s warm naked body cuddled into his side. They lay like this for a few moments, Niall listening to her deep breathing, feeling her breasts rub into his ribs when she breathed in. Their sweet sexual odour was still in the air, surrounding them it seemed like an invisible aura.

Karla was the first to break the silence. “Niall?”

“Yes Karla, what’s up babe?”

Karla took a deep breath before answering. What am I gonna do if he flips or something? I sure hope Bianca’s plan works here.

“Y’know the girls in the bar tonight?”

Niall looked at her and answered slowly, a thousand thoughts suddenly racing through his mind. “Yeeeees…”

“Which of them would you like to fuck besides me?”


Part Three.

Only Tasha and Kristen were left in the bar now.

“Weren’t we gonna go out at some point tonight?” Tasha asked to no-one in particular.

“Yeah, I think that was the back up plan wasn’t it…” Kristen answered. “I’m not really up for it now to be honest, now that bombshell’s been dropped on us. My brain hurts thinking about it all.”

“I’m with you there Krissy, I’m just trying to imagine how it’d all work. One thing that comes to mind immediately is what happens if we all get attached to each other? Surely there’s no way that it’d work out if that happened.”

“But would that be a problem?” Kristen asked.

“Could you share a guy with anyone else?” Tasha asked with a frown.

“I dunno… If I knew who they were, and there was an understanding among everyone, then I don’t see why not. It’d take some getting used to, sure, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world,” Kristen replied. “Why, do you believe that it wouldn’t work?”

Tasha looked taken aback at her friend’s response. “Krissy! How could it work? How could you sleep with a guy if you knew he’d been sleeping with other girls?”

“I reckon that it would be all fine so long as there’d be complete understanding between all parties involved. I can’t figure out why you’re being so stuck up about this,” was Kristen’s unperturbed reply as she finished her drink.

“Stuck up! I’m not being stuck up! I just don’t think it’s right!”

“OK OK, calm down Tashy, you’ll make a scene. You haven’t fallen for anybody yet,” Kristen said coolly.

Tasha sighed. “I know Krissy, but I have to think these things through before I make a decision. I want this to work, but the idea of the two guys each having the six of us all to themselves just sounds weird. Do you know of anything that happens like that?”

“To be honest,” Kristen said with a chuckle, “it’s the kind of thing that nobody would reveal.”

Tasha sighed again. “Yeah, you’re right I guess.”

“Listen honey, lets give it a try. We all need to see if everyone’s comfortable with the idea,” Kristen said, giving her friend a pat on the arm.

“You seem all for it,” Tasha replied, almost spitefully.

“Yeah, maybe I do. It sounds like it could work. Imagine this, okay. Imagine that the eight of us, us six girls, with Jon and Niall, all lived in a house one day. We’ve all slept together at one point or another this year, haven’t we?”

Tasha nodded, her mind switching back to the first time Kristen and her had fooled around.

“Therefore, we’re all comfortable with each other. The two guys are pretty cool, Jon probably more sensitive than Niall, but I can’t imagine either of them turning an opportunity down like this to sleep with six girls. They’re also pretty tight, aren’t they? There wouldn’t be any jealousy between them, for example if the girls preferred one or the other. They’re also rather altruistic between them from what we’ve heard, they’d put our pleasure before either of theirs.”

“What about making friends and stuff? The two guys would have a terrible time making friends, not being able to reveal the biggest secret of their lives,” Tasha pointed out.

“This is where I think Bianca’s been clever in finding two guys. Jon and Niall are best mates. They’re not competitive between themselves are they? Therefore, they’ll be fine making friends. They won’t give up a three to one ratio to share us with their mates will they?”

Tasha shook her head.

“Precisely, they’d be barmy to do that. If it was just Jon, he’d probably go nuts having to be around guys, and not being able to tell them all that he’s sleeping with six girls. And no guy can satisfy six women at once. Three at once seems rather more realistic.”

“There is method in all this madness then,” Tasha admitted.

“Indeed. I mean, we’re only going on what we’ve been told, who knows what Bianca’s got up her sleeve,” Kristen said.

“And at the moment, there seems to be a three way split as well,” Tasha said thoughtfully.

“How do you mean?” Kristen asked.

“Well, look at the figures. You and Bianca fancy Jon. Karla and I fancy Niall. And who knows what Holz and Fred are thinking. They’d probably alternate between the two I reckon.”

Kristen nodded. “That’s a darn good point Tashy. And as I said earlier, we’re all rather well acquainted with each other aren’t we? So no-one would feel left out would they?”

Tasha shrugged. “I’m warming to the idea to be honest. Obviously, we’re gonna have to try it all out first to see how everyone reacts and stuff. But if it works out, then hell, we’d be sorted for life just about.”

Kristen grinned. “I knew you’d come round eventually,” she said.

“Time at the bar!” came the call from Tim, the barman.

Downing the rest of her drink, Tasha put the glass down and glanced at her friend as they stood up to leave. “What you up to now?”

Kristen gave a sly smile. “I thought I’d acquaint myself with Niall,” she said, a lusty glint in her eyes.

“Niall?” Tasha asked incredulously. “But I want Niall!”

“Come with me then silly. Lets put this all to the test.”

“Now?” Tasha replied, looking worried and sounding nervous.

“Well, do you want to do it when you’re thinking rationally?” Kristen pointed out.

“Ah… Point taken. You reckon Karla wouldn’t mind?”

“Karla? The dominatrix? She’d love two girls to dominate, remember when Holz and Fred had that time with her? They slept virtually the entire next day, she’d worn them out so much. Not got an exam or anything tomorrow have you?”

“Nope.” Tasha’s mind was racing now. Oh my God! I could sleep with Niall tonight… And I’ll never forget being blindfolded and gagged that time with Karla, my pussy never felt the same after that night, goodness knows what she did to me. I’m up for some of that again!

“Right, we’ve got a plan then. Lets go! I’m already feeling rather wet in anticipation here…” Kristen said, striding towards the bar door, Tasha following closely behind as they headed up to Karla’s room.

Part Four.

And there it is, Niall thought to himself, the prospect of a threesome… How the fuck do I answer this question? I like all of ‘em, they’re all so smoking hot, I just guess I’m most attracted to Karla here.

“I think it depends on the motives for why you’re asking as to how I answer that question Karla babe,” he decided upon as the safest way to start.

She looked at him thoughtfully. “I’m merely asking because I want to know who to ask to join us in the future,” she said carefully.

Niall’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding me,” he said hoarsely.

Karla smiled and glanced down at his penis, which was beginning to make a lump in the sheets.

“I think you like the sound of it though, or am I mistaken by your dick’s reaction?”

This is a dream… Stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life, Niall was thinking to himself. He swallowed audibly. “You mean… You mean it was a genuine question?”

When Karla nodded, Niall thought his head was going to explode. Oh my God… Oh my God! Who do I say? Any of them I guess, I’m not overly fussed, they’re all above the threshold aren’t they… I can’t believe this is happening. How on earth did Jonny Boy get so lucky as to stumble in on this group of girls?

“Well, to be honest, I think the girls should decide who want to be there, rather than me choosing. That way there’s no disappointment is there?”

This guy’s switched on alright isn’t he, Karla thought to herself. “OK, that sounds like a sensible answer to me…”

Before she could add anything else, there was a knock at the door, which startled Niall. Putting a finger to her lips, Karla hopped out of her bed and tiptoed over to the door, slipping her dressing gown on that had been hung on the back of her door. She unlocked her door, and opened it a crack, allowing a thin ray of light into the room.

All Niall could hear was a few urgent whispers, but he couldn’t tell whether it was a guy or a girl at the door.

The crack of light widened, and Karla ushered two shadowy figures into the room.

“Hey Niall,” one of them, who sounded like Kristen to Niall, whispered softly in his ear. “We’ve come to join in some antics.”

“We hope you don’t mind,” the other figure added, which sounded like Tasha’s voice.

It was at that point, Karla switched on her bedside lamp, and dim light flooded the room, revealing it was indeed Tasha and Kristen kneeling on the floor next to the bed.

I must be dreaming, thought Niall, as he took stock of the two girls that had joined him.

Karla snuggled down on the bed next to Niall, as he stared wide eyed at Tasha and Kristen. “What’s up honey, weren’t we just discussing this?”

Niall found he still had the power of speech. “Well… yeah… but there’s a big difference talking about something and then it actually happening…” His gaze was unfaltering.

Kristen looked at Karla. “If he stares at me much longer, I reckon my clothes might just fall off.”

This snapped Niall back to reality. He noticed Kristen starting to undo her blouse, which landed in a heap on the floor, leaving her kneeling there in a white bra. He made no further movement when she stood up, trailing one hand down between her thighs, inside her panties and began to rub her little nub with one hand. Meanwhile, Tasha had unzipped her friend’s mini skirt, so that too fell to the floor, leaving Kristen stood there in her underwear, openly masturbating in front of Niall’s shocked face.

“Oh God, you sexy bitch, come here right now,” Karla said from behind Niall, leaving him more amazed than ever as she dove over his body, pushing Kristen to the floor, seemingly ripping off her panties in the same movement and promptly lowering her head into Kristen’s soaking pussy. This left Tasha and Niall staring at each other.

“Well, ermmm…” Tasha said a little helplessly.

“Come on luv, don’t feel awkward, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” Niall said gently.

“But I do, I just don’t know where to begin. I’ve fancied you for ages, and this just seems too good to be true,” Tasha responded over Kristen’s moans, climbing on to the bed next to Niall, who was now sat up.

“It’s OK, honestly. Just tell me how you’re feeling.”

“Well, kinda horny to be honest, but nervous, because I think you’re such a great guy.”

“OK, tell me how you feel when I do this…” Niall said, trailing his hand up Tasha’s thigh and down into her exposed crotch as her legs parted under his touch.

“Oh my God, I just want to melt when you do that. I feel so naughty wearing a short skirt and no underwear now,” Tasha said huskily.

Niall continued to rub a finger up and down Tasha’s dampening slit, while she tossed her head back in a low moan. It was several seconds before he decided to dip a finger into her tight pussy up to his knuckle, causing Tasha to gasp for breath.

“Oh Niall! Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

He manoeuvred round so he was face to face with Tasha’s pussy, giving him a better angle to continue to fuck her with his hand, as he slipped a second finger inside her velvety folds, pistoning them in and out at an increasing rate.

“Niall baby, give it to me…” came the moan from above as he managed to slip a third finger inside her, now actively seeking her fleshy g-spot. When he connected, Tasha’s whole body began to shake as a powerful orgasm hit her, which Niall likened to a dam bursting as he felt her juices coat his fingers.

With her eyes firmly shut, Tasha gave a whimper. “Niall… I needed that… so bad…” she said breathlessly.

While Tasha lay recovering on the bed, Niall spun round to watch events unfold on the floor. He saw Karla had fetched her bag of tricks from under the bed, and was now pleasuring Kristen with a large red dildo, as the Irish girl lay prone on the floor, squirming as the giant penis rode in and out of her at a furious pace. Karla’s face was full of concentration as she pumped her friend’s pussy.

Niall’s dick was rock hard again, and he found himself drawn to Karla, knelt on the floor, as he caught sight of her glistening pink labia between her legs. Swiftly, he positioned himself at her entrance, watching her head throw back as he impaled himself in her.

He realised he had been so turned on by watching his girl with another, that it didn’t take long before he felt his balls begin to churn as he slammed continually into Karla’s pussy. He held on to her hips for dear life while he climaxed with several spurts coating the insides of her vagina, before finally collapsing on top of her, completely spent.

Karla was still feebly trying to fuck Kristen with the dildo, but Niall’s continued thrustings had made it more and more difficult to control. Kristen ended up slipping it out of Karla’s grasp, and proceeded to masturbate with it herself, bringing herself to orgasm quickly as she rubbed her clit with the other hand.

As all parties recovered from their various climaxes, they retrieved their clothing from where they had fallen. Tasha and Kristen, now fully dressed, bade Karla and Niall good night.

Once in the corridor, Kristen turned to her friend. “How was he then you lucky slut?”

Tasha smiled shyly. “He was… like… AMAZING! Boy, I’ve never felt like that after an orgasm in all my life…”

“Dammit… Ah well, something to look forward to then,” Kristen said with a sigh.

“Definitely…” Tasha said dreamily. “I wonder what Jon’s like now?”


Part Five.

“It was definitely a night to remember all round, wasn’t it mate…” Niall finished, scratching the back of his head, an awed look on his face.

“Hell yeah!” Jon replied, a smile spreading across his face. “Certainly one I won’t forget in a hurry.”

“Too right,” Niall agreed. “There’s no way I could have imagined three girls like that, and I bet you’re feeling the same way.”

Jon grinned to himself. He’s right as well, things with Bianca are just peachy right now, and I’m still not overly sure about threesomes and foursomes and such, but how can I complain when three girls put on a show like that?

“So what’s the plan for today matey?” Niall asked Jon.

Jon turned pale. “I’ve got all this revision to do, now this exam’s looming tomorrow. Dammit!” he exclaimed.

“Sheez buddy, guess with all the good comes the bad. You stressed?”

Jon paused. “A little I guess, though I should be alright with it, I’ve worked fairly hard for all this, and we’ve only gotta pass our first year, right? Plus I reckon Bianca’s gonna be up for doing some work,” he added noting the look on Niall’s face. “And that’s proper work that is, not me doing all the work while she lies back and enjoys it, or whatever you can twist it into.”

Niall’s face fell. “Jonny Boy! I’d never insinuate such things, honestly…”

Jon stood up, slapping his mate on the back. “OK, whatever you big fraud, you can never resist an opportunity to twist something sexually. I’d better get my study on… Thanks for the coffee by the way, just what I needed.”

“OK mate, catch you later,” Niall replied as Jon headed out the door.

Unlocking his door, Jon rested his head against the cheap and tacky wood board, his head swimming with thoughts about revision, sex, Criminal Acts, orgies and for some strange reason, breakfast. Breakfast?! I’ve gotta get my head in gear here, I’ve got several million cases to go over here, and I’m thinking of breakfast?

Going over to his sink, he splashed some cold water on his face, which sent shivers down his spine, but felt wonderfully refreshing. Settling down behind his desk, he opened his file and began to read over his notes right from the beginning of the semester. If I can just go over everything, then I’ll be fine, he thought to himself. I’ve been over everything at least twice now, and anything that hasn’t stuck this time round will never stick.

It became a day that Jon would look back on over the summer to come and wonder how he’d managed to cram so much Criminal Law into the 6 or so hours he had before dinner. He went over case after case, making sure he understand the application of the law and the impact of the decisions on the common law before continuing to the next one, highlighting any major points he thought he’d struggle to remember.

He made his customary thirty minute lunch stop at 1pm, hastily munching on some sandwiches and an apple, before ploughing on.

He checked his clock at 5.30pm and put his pen down for the day. I’m not gonna be able to do any more now. I can always look in on Bianca I guess, he thought to himself.

Moments later he was inside Bianca’s room.

“Hey Jonny baby,” Bianca said when he’d entered, throwing her arms around his shoulders to hug him.

“Hey sweetie, how’s all the revision going?” Jon replied.

“Weeell, it could be better, but I reckon I’ll be alright. Not as if we’ve gotta learn it all off by heart is it? We can describe cases where we’ve forgotten names and such.”

Jon nodded. “Yep, that’s the plan.”

Bianca looked up at him and smiled coyly. Jon just gazed back at her for a few moments, very aware of his heart hammering in his chest as he stared down into Bianca’s chocolate brown eyes.

“Good God, I get so horny staring into your eyes,” Bianca said, breaking the silence.

Jon blinked several times. “Blimey, that came out of the blue,” he responded, a little hoarsely.

Bianca merely smiled in reply. “Well,” she said a few seconds later, “I just reckon I can tell you little things like that without you being completely immature about it. Unlike some of the guys I’ve slept with.”

Jon looked down at her again, a frown creasing his forehead. “How do you mean immature?” he asked.

“Y’know, like telling all their mates that I said such a corny line or something. I don’t think you’d ever get pleasure out of telling Niall that at my expense.” She put her hands on his shoulders.

“Not pleasure out of it, no,” Jon said thoughtfully. “But when you say stuff like that it doesn’t half turn me on too…”

A grin spread across Bianca’s face. She promptly grabbed Jon’s hand and guided him over to the bed.

“Well, I think I should do something about your horniness then. Got a few minutes before dinner, have we not?” she said delicately, her eyes burning with passion as she looked at his groin region.

Jon sat down on her bed, pulling her to him. “Better make it quick then sweetie, we want to get our usual seats,” he said softly, as Bianca slid down the bed, pausing briefly to slip a hand inside his shorts, fishing around for his manhood. When her hand wrapped around its head, Jon let out a quiet moan, which became louder as she tugged his shorts down with her other hand, and guided him into her mouth.

She swirled her tongue just around the head to begin with, massaging the rest of his shaft with one hand, cupping and squeezing his balls with the other. Gradually however, the movements became more vigorous, with more of Jon’s cock beginning to be engulfed by Bianca’s hungry mouth.

As her head bobbed up and down, Jon gently massaged the back of her head, his face screwed up in pleasure. It didn’t take long before he felt the now-familiar tingling in his loins.

“Bianca baby, I’m gonna shoot any time soon,” he managed to say between gasps as her tongue began to move like lightning around his sensitive cock head.

Removing Jon’s cock from her mouth, Bianca looked up at him, giving him a sly smile, her hand still pumping his shaft.

Jon looked at the way her golden hair fell around her shoulders, framing her face, her dark brown eyes glinting with lust behind her glasses which had slipped down her nose slightly and not for the first time he couldn’t believe how lucky he had been to have fallen into the grasp of this girl.

Meanwhile, the girl in question had felt his balls begin to tighten and as he let out a low moan of pleasure she aimed his first spurt directly on to her face, then she opened her mouth so the final spurts landed on her tongue.

Jon’s eyes had come back into focus, and he found the sight of Bianca’s face covered in his sperm strangely attractive.

“Bianca… Sheesh, I’m never gonna get tired of a blow job if they all feel like that,” Jon said, wiping his forehead with his arm.

“Oh Jon, stop it. You must have had better than me, I’ve hardly done anything like this before,” Bianca replied, blushing a little.

“Hey, don’t be so hard on yourself!” Jon answered back, scrambling off the bed to sit next to her on the floor, putting an arm around her. “You’re the best cock sucker I’ve ever had, most girls I’ve been with find it disgusting any how, so it’s nice to actually find someone who wants to do it, let alone feels like they’ve done it all their life.” He brushed her cheek, causing her to turn and look at him.

“Jon, you just never cease to amaze me with your gentleman-like maturity, and it’s why I’ve got to let you in on a big plan of mine, if you’ve not already heard about it from others,” Bianca told him.

Jon’s curiosity heightened. “Has this got anything to do with the threesomes and stuff Niall and I have experienced in the last few hours?” he asked, trying to contain the excitement in his voice. Please let her say yes, please let her say yes…

Her smile told him everything he wanted to know.

“So what do you think?” she asked him several minutes later when she had finished explaining her big plan.

Jon swallowed, trying to get his thoughts in gear. “This isn’t some kind of wind-up?” he asked tentatively.

“Of course not!” Bianca’s tone was indignant.

“OK, just checking hun… I really dunno what to say… So many questions…”

“Like what?” She gave him an inquisitive look.

“I dunno, well, why me?”

Bianca sighed and checked her watch. “Crap, better discuss this over dinner. I don’t think Holly or Tasha are here, so that makes six of us. Think Niall will get a table?”

Jon nodded. “Yeah, if he’s with the other three.”

“I’m sure Karla will go over and bag him, no worries there,” Bianca said, standing up and picking up her bag from her desk. “Right then you, lets go and discuss this over some food.”


Part Six

Dinner was a strange affair for the two lads in the group. Albeit only four of their prospective future shag buddies were present, it still felt odd that they should be allowed to sleep with any of the present and the two missing. Many times throughout eating, Jon and Niall shared looks that combined exhilaration along with nervousness and a touch of trepidation.

The girls meanwhile, having discussed the matter between themselves at length, merely sat there watching the two guys as to how they were taking the news. Karla and Bianca too, had exchanged looks of approval several times when Jon or Niall had expressed their concern about a trivial matter which Bianca had already foreseen and dealt with.

“So basically,” Bianca said, her hands folded together on the table, “we want to change your life completely. It’s very difficult to make logic of it all from our end, but it just feels right. No-one has expressed their concern, and if anybody does have a problem in the future, it is our right as a group to talk it through together to find the best possible outcome for all involved. Is that fair?”

Everyone muttered or nodded their agreement.

“Right then, it’s all sorted! Let the fun and games commence I guess.”

Jon and Niall shared another look. Niall shrugged and winked, causing Jon to smile.

Karla coughed, giving her the centre stage. “Does anybody else have plans for the evening?”

There was another chorus, this time of negatives.

“Fantastic, well, I’ve got a plan to get everyone a little more accustomed to each other. I know some of you have exams tomorrow, but a little R&R can’t do any harm,” Karla continued, looking in particular at Jon and Bianca.

“It’s OK Karla luv, we’d planned on having the night off. What’ve you got on your mind then?” Bianca asked.

“Everyone here likes music, right?” Karla asked, looking round as everyone nodded. “Well, how about a mime night?”

“A mime night?” echoed Kristen.

“I know what you mean Karla, we had these at home,” Jon said.

“What’s it involve then folks?” Freddy asked.

“You choose a song of your choice, and then mime along to it,” Karla replied.

“And play air guitar or something if there’s a guitar solo,” Jon added helpfully.

Niall cleared his throat. “What’s the prize?”

Karla looked at him. “Errmmmmm… Well, normally I’ve never played where there’s been a prize…” she tailed off.

“But there’s gotta be a prize, some sort of encouragement for the winner, or where’s the fun?” Niall went on.

Jon looked over at his compatriot and began to see where Niall was going with this idea. However, Bianca beat him to it.

“So then Niall, you’re suggesting that there’s a judge and he or she judges the competition to see who’s the best mime artist, right?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Though I was thinking that Jon and Karla should be the judges, and they get to sleep with the winner,” Niall said coolly.

It was Jon and Karla’s turn to look at each other.

“Well, OK, that’s if Karla’s alright with the idea,” Jon said slowly.

“The whole point of Bianca’s plan, is that we can go to either guy right? So I guess I’ve not got a problem with all that. I’ve not really got to know Jon yet, so this’ll be the perfect excuse,” Karla said, looking over at her co-judge and flashing him a quick smile.

“Where do you suggest we go for this mime thingy then?” Freddy asked.

“Any idea if Holly is back yet?” Bianca asked back.

“No idea, shall I give her a text? Presumably we’ll go to her room, is that what you’re thinking?”

“Mind reader,” Bianca giggled. “She’s got the biggest music collection and the biggest room out of all of us,” she clarified when the two guys looked confused.

Jon saw Niall stiffen slightly at the mention of music, knowing how much pride his mate took in the size of his own collection.

When Freddy had got a reply back from Holly on her phone, the group traipsed up to the latter’s room.

“Hey everyone,” Holly said with a smile when she opened the door. “This sounds like a fantastic idea, can’t wait to see everyone mime along to their favourite songs.”

As they settled down on the floor or the bed, Jon took stock of the fact that Holly’s room was in fact huge.

“Karla, Jon, get over here, this is your judging post,” Holly called from behind her desk. “Right, apparently each contestant will come over here, tell you which song they want, just select it from my iTunes playlist and it’ll come on. OK?”

They both nodded, Karla took the big desk chair, Jon pulled up a stool.

“Should we get started?” Jon asked Karla.

She smiled. “Certainly. Though I’ve got to announce a slight twist to the rules.”

Jon looked at her, an eyebrow raised.

“Oh yes… Just wait and see Jon, just wait and see.”

Tucking her hair behind her ears, she stood up, causing the muttering in the room as the group chose their songs to cease.

“Before we start, does Tasha know we’re all here?”

“Yep, I just texted her, and she’ll be here in the next few minutes,” Kristen answered.

“Right then, we might as well get started. First of all, there’s one rule that I haven’t informed you of yet.” Karla stopped to look round the concerned faces. “You’ve all got to perform in your underwear…”

There was a moment or two of silence. Even Jon looked surprised. Certainly wasn’t expecting that, he thought.

“Right, c’mon Jon, we’ve gotta sit in our underwear too, or it won’t be fair,” Karla said, already half way out of her top, revealing a baby blue lacy bra which Jon found out matched her knickers. Not wanting to be left behind, as everyone else in the room was stripping to reveal various colours of underwear, Jon slipped off his shorts and t-shirt. Once satisfied that Tasha, Karla and Kristen had removed their stares from his body (as they were the three girls that hadn’t yet seen him naked) he settled back down on his stool and waited for Karla to announce the first song.

“First up, we have Bianca Henderson. What will you be miming for us today Miss Henderson?”

Bianca stood up, reaching for the hair brush that was proffered by Karla, and spoke a little nervously into it. “I’ll be miming You Only Get What You Give by the New Radicals,” she said, pushing her glasses up her nose. She was wearing a black bikini top with a dark green thong that showed off her curvaceous ass. Jon noticed Niall getting a good look in before he turned and gave Jon a huge wink and mouthed, “My God, I can’t wait to be hitting that!”

Jon smiled to himself before leaning forward, resting both elbows on the desk looking intently at his dream girl while Karla looked for the song in Holly’s playlist.

The opening notes of the song began, with Bianca swaying her hips slightly, nodding her head to the beat, before she began miming the count in. Jon could feel his dick begin to harden in his underwear.

It was a mesmerising show, including lots of hip movement and caressing of her breasts with perfect knowledge of the lyrics. There was also plenty of effort on the miming front and Jon felt that she was doing more than just singing along, she was feeling every word.

When she had finished, Karla stood up amid cheering and whistling from Freddy and Niall, and received the hair brush back from her friend. “Well, thank you for that wonderfully sexy performance Miss Henderson, what a brilliant way to start proceedings. Will you be this evening’s top mimer? We’ll have to wait and see.”

At that moment, there was a knock on the door, and Tasha came in carrying a box of Carling cans, noticing that everyone was sat around in their underwear. “Well then people, what’s going on here? I thought we were miming, not having an orgy!”

This caused several people to squirm uncomfortably. Glad I’m not the only one who’s had that thought, Jon thought to himself.

Once Tasha had removed her clothes, settled down between Niall and Freddy on the floor and passed round the beers, it was Kristen’s turn to mime. She did a rather tame mime of Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen, which left Karla and Jon rather disappointed and the mood in the room seemed to have fallen slightly.

“OK, thanks for that Miss Karlsen,” Karla said with a frown, as Kristen sat back down on the bed. “Can Mr Davis take the floor please.”

Niall stood up handing his can to Holly, gave his winning smile and said in his northern accent, “OK, I’m going to mime the full length version of Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf, and I would like it known that I’ve never done anything like this before, so please excuse me if I’m rubbish.” The girls he’d been sat on the floor with all giggled as the opening chords came on, and Niall started to do a very comical version of the keyboard riff, then alternating between air guitar and air drums.

Altogether it was an awesome performance with the combination of leaping around the room while miming accompanied by the wild air guitar solos.

Towards the end, Karla leaned over to Jon, whispering in his ear, “I think we’re going to end up with Niall tonight between us.”

Jon thought about this for a few seconds. Niall! Crumbs, I’d never considered having a threesome with another guy, that could be seriously weird, but then I guess we’d have to get used to it by the sound of it. Why shouldn’t the girls be able to sleep with both of us at once? And it’s not as if I’ll have to sleep with him or anything, so it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

“Well, yeah, that’s fine. And you’ll be sorted I guess, two guys at once and all,” Jon replied, gently digging Karla in the ribs.

Karla gave him a smile that suggested to him that he’d mentioned something she’d not really considered before.

When Niall had completed his one man band show, he sat back down to rapturous applause with Holly and Freddy patting him soundly on the back.

“Looks like you’ll be the winner here then Niall, you lucky lucky bastard,” Freddy whispered in his ear, causing him to blush.

“Yeah, that was awesome Ni, born natural. Guess you’re going to be spending the night with Jon under Karla’s spell. That could be interesting…” Holly added in his other ear.

It was indeed Niall who was declared the winner following the final three acts. Tasha did an impressive mime of Fall Out Boy’s Sugar We’re Going Down, getting everyone to mime along with her at one point.

Holly performed Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl to great effect but was disqualified at the end for trying to win the judges over for removing her underwear completely, much to the amusement of the other contestants.

Freddy completed proceedings by emotionally miming along to one of Jon’s favourites, Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, but the entire group was unanimous that Niall was indeed the winner and should claim his prize.

By this time, it was getting late, and Jon was conscious of the fact he had an exam in the morning.

“Karla, look, I’m not trying to back out of this or anything, but I could do with getting some sleep tonight for this exam in the morning,” Jon said awkwardly.

Karla’s face fell. “Dammit, I hadn’t thought of that. I guess that rules Bianca out as well.”

Jon nodded.

“OK, well I guess the next best mime artist should be awarded the final slot in the threesome then. And it’s not as if this will never happen again is it… Ah well, thanks for helping me judge, it was kinda fun.” She smiled glowingly, and Jon had the funny feeling Karla was trying to flirt with him.

She stood up and addressed the room. “OK folks, Jon’s just reminded me of the fact he has an exam tomorrow morning and he has nobly offered to surrender his place in the Mime Idol Threesome. His misfortune will therefore be someone else’s gain.” She paused looking between Tasha and Freddy. “Freddy will be the lucky lady joining me for tonight’s festivities.” Karla took a final swig of beer from her can, slamming it down on the table.

Niall helped Freddy off the bed, and they both followed Karla out of the door, Freddy stopping to give Jon a passionate snog on the way past as way of thanks.

“So then Jon, do you want to join the loser’s orgy instead?” Bianca said, bringing Jon back to the present following Freddy’s kiss.

“L-loser’s orgy?” he stuttered.

“Well, we had planned on it being five girls in here, but it seems that since you turned a whole night of sex down with Karla, then it only seems right to include you in this adventure,” Bianca continued.

“But, but… what about the exam?” Jon spluttered, trying to keep his emotions in check as his dick began to throb between his legs.

Bianca came over to him, slipping her arms around his shoulders. “We’ll only play for an hour or so, there’s time enough to squeeze this in now, and then I’ll make sure we’re both off to bed ready for the exam tomorrow,” she said softly. “Don’t worry, just enjoy yourself…”

With that, she slipped her hands inside his underwear to stroke his fully erect hardness for a few seconds.

I’m completely under her spell, Jon thought, I just can’t refuse this at all.

He stood up, and Bianca led him back over to Holly’s bed, where to Jon’s surprise, Kristen was already lapping away between Holly’s legs, while Tasha was slowly caressing the host’s perky breasts.

“Right then girls, who’s first up for a fucking from this fuck monster I have right here?” Bianca said, squeezing Jon’s package. Activity had stopped for a few seconds as Kristen and Tasha both stared at the bulge in Jon’s underwear, both having never seen Jon’s manhood before.

However, it was Holly who spoke up, her voice thick with lust. “Oh Jon, you stud, get over here now and put that thing in me…”

Without further ado, Jon stripped off his shorts, his erection springing free as animal urges washed over him. He leapt on to the bed, and sank into Holly’s pussy, causing her to shriek with pleasure as he bottomed out and began to piston in and out of her.

Bianca wasted no time in scrambling on to the bed next to the now happily fucking pair, and began to maul Holly’s breasts with her hands, adding to the volume of Holly’s moaning.

Tasha and Kristen remained on the floor, watching the action on the bed for several minutes before engaging in a steamy kiss.

To Jon’s pleasure, Holly’s orgasm washed over her quite quickly in a loud scream, allowing him to have a breather as he watched her body shudder around his dick. Bianca too stopped for a breather, as Jon looked into her eyes, which seemed to be encouraging him to continue. As soon as Holly relaxed and her breathing returned to normal, Jon began to plough Holly’s field again with earnest.

Bianca switched positions, so her steaming pussy lowered down on to Holly’s face. It didn’t take long for Bianca to begin to whimper with pleasure, as Holly’s tongue began to work its magic.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Tasha were now in a 69 on the floor, each other’s faces covered in pussy juice as they lapped away at the other’s box.

By now, Holly had slipped a couple of fingers inside Bianca’s pussy, while continuing to work her tongue around Bianca’s clit. A few seconds later, Jon watched intently as Bianca’s legs tightened around Holly’s head, grinding her pussy deeper into her friend’s face, as her eyes screwed shut and her whole body began to shudder violently.

When her orgasm subsided, it didn’t take long for Jon to finish, as he gripped the insides of Holly’s thighs pumping his load into her welcoming pussy with a large groan. He collapsed back on the end of the bed gasping for breath, his refocusing eyes catching a glimpse of events occurring on the floor.

Kristen had just orgasmed around Tasha’s tongue, as her friend’s efforts proved too much for her. It wasn’t long before Tasha let out a shriek of ecstasy as her own juices flooded Kristen’s mouth.

Bianca was the first to stir when everyone had recovered. “Everyone alright?” she asked.

There was a series of mutterings and nods from the other four.

Tasha looked up at Jon from her position on the floor. “If there’s still enough time, I wouldn’t mind sampling that man’s cock before he has to go to bed.”

Kristen smiled, licking her lips. “I wouldn’t mind a piece either.”

Jon’s pride swelled as the two girls on the floor struggled on to their feet, swapping with the two who had been on the bed. Jon settled in the middle of the bed, flat on his back, as his cock was engulfed by Tasha’s hungry mouth.

With both girls licking and sucking his penis, it didn’t take long for Jon to regain maximum hardness. Tasha spent the longest time working her tongue up and down his penis, while Kristen satisfied herself by sucking his balls, and rolling them around in her hands. He let out a loud moan when he felt his crown hit the back of Tasha’s throat when she eventually put his length fully in her mouth. She continued to suck away, occasionally looking up at Jon, her mouth full of his cock, a sexy sight Jon thought.

Jon felt Kristen crawl up beside him. “Can you eat me out,” came the whisper.

Jon’s heart nearly skipped a beat. “S-sure,” he replied between moans as Tasha’s tongue continued to swirl around his head.

Kristen positioned herself on Jon’s face, her moist pussy meeting his tongue as he searched out her clit between her pink folds. As it all went dark, Jon tried to concentrate on pleasuring the girl sat on him, attempting to ignore the wonderful sensation of Tasha’s hot mouth around his shaft.

When Kristen’s legs clamped tighter around his head, Jon realised that he had succeeded, particularly when he saw the light again, and Kristen leaned down to give him a very wet kiss, tasting her own nectar that was on his tongue.

Meanwhile, Tasha was furiously pumping Jon’s shaft and sucking harder than ever to try and claim her reward. It was several minutes before Jon placed his hands on the back of her hand trying to force himself deeper into her mouth. She felt his balls tighten and his hips lifted off the bed as the first string of cum hit the back of her throat. She began to swallow most of it, Jon’s cock repeatedly spurting and twitching, even when there was no juice left.

Tasha let his penis slide out of her mouth with a pop as Kristen clambered over to share Tasha’s prize.

Ten minutes later, after a quick shower, Jon returned to his room, where he made sure he had set his alarm a few minutes earlier than normal so he’d be able to have a quick read through his notes before breakfast.

As he slipped under the sheets, he tried to absorb everything that had happened since dinner, falling asleep with pleasant thoughts of threesomes, lesbian sex and the six gorgeous women he had suddenly found himself involved with.

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