student lesbians 1

student lesbians 1

Sam and Lisa

It had been a few months now, Sam and Lisa had been sharing there rented flat whilst studying media studies in Newcastle university. Over the time they had got to know each other quite well, would go out partying and talk the nights away whilst getting drunk in the flat. They were both away from their families whilst studying in university, Lisa’s family lived in London and Sam’s family lived in Manchester.

Sam was 5foot6 and had long blonde hair; she had a busty 34c chest and a slim 24inch waist. Lisa was slightly taller at 5foot8 and had medium shoulder length light brown hair; she had slightly larger breasts than Sam, with a bra size of 36d and had quite an athletic build.

One night after coming home from a good drinking session in the town, Lisa suggested they carried on drinking through the night until the morning, Sam suggested they should order in a pizza as well, Lisa went into the kitchen and started to raid the drinks cabinet, pulling out a bottle of vodka, a bottle of whisky and 2 2litre bottles of cola. Sam hunted out a take away menu, as she asked Lisa what she would like, Lisa took the menu out of Sam’s hands put her hands either side of Sam’s head and pulled her close, and gave her a passionate kiss.

Sam pushed herself back and asked with a smile on her face, “What are you doing?” “Well isn’t it obvious” Sam took a brief moment whilst looking into Lisa’s green eyes, and kissed her back. As Sam slipped her tongue into Lisa’s mouth, she could feel Lisa’s wondering hands caress her back; Sam lowered her hands to Lisa’s bottom and groped the firm juicy buttocks of Lisa. Their tongues complemented each other rhythmic movements, teasing one another, with the thoughts of how their tongues could maneuver around different parts of each other’s body. Lisa’s hands slowly moved from Sam’s back too Sam’s chest and started massaging Sam’s breasts. Sam broke away from the kiss and gazed into Lisa’s face. Lisa’s eyes were transfixed on watching her hands rub Sam’s breasts. She could feel Sam’s nipples become hard, and with that she could feel herself being turned on by this she was getting very wet and hot and couldn’t stop herself.

Sam grabbed hold of Lisa’s left wrist and said “come on, let’s take this into my room!” And guided Lisa through the kitchen passed the bathroom and into Sam’s bedroom. As soon as they were in the bedroom Sam started to undress closely followed by Lisa stripping. They stood there only feet away looking up and down at each other’s bodies. There was no light switched on just the street lights piercing the blinds which guarded them from sight. After a few moments of staring at the contours of each other’s bodies, Lisa lay on the bed, with her knees bent and her legs spread apart, displaying her hot moist trimmed pussy.

Sam knelt on the bed and started crawling up the bed until she was in between Lisa legs, then sat up, with her left hand she started stroking and caressing Lisa’s body, she watched in amazement as Lisa’s nipples started to become erect, with her right hand she was stroking Lisa’s pussy, she rubbed her fingers up and down her moist wet lips and started to tease her clit. She watched Lisa body start to move in rhythm with the strokes. Sam started to move two fingers in and out of Lisa’s pussy. They slid in and out with ease; Lisa’s pussy was so moist it was incredible.

Sam couldn’t help herself she had to taste Lisa’s pussy. As Sam moved back down the bed Lisa positioned some pillows behind her back helping her sit up. Lisa watched greedily as Sam was licking he slit up and down with her wet firm tongue. Lisa was loving this and started to play with her own breasts, pinching her own nipples, gently pulling on them, she was getting even wetter. Her hips started to rock. Sam clasped her mouth around Lisa’s wet pussy and started to suck gently. The pleasure started to send shockwaves through Lisa’s body. Lisa knew she was getting close to Cumming but didn’t know how close. Sam then stopped sucking she used her fingers to spread Lisa’s labia apart, displaying Lisa rosebud and started to flicker her tongue furiously. Lisa came with an almighty rush; her body tensed and locked up. She muted her screams by biting her bottom lip in ecstasy.

Lisa pleaded for Sam too stop; Sam sat back, her mouth saturated with Lisa’s juices, her eyes widened with pleasure and mischief. Lisa sat up and said “I’ll be back shortly, I’ve got something perfect for you.”

Sam lay on the bed with curiosity and anticipation. She didn’t know what to expect, and submitted her trust into Lisa, and laid on her front Sam’s crossed arms supported her head as she lay outstretched. Her legs slightly open, revealing her damp pussy.
Lisa came back into the room she had two toys with her. One was a large 18inch veined double headed dildo and the other was a small vibrator. Lisa positioned herself on the bed, her head near Sam’s ass and announced. “Trust me I promise we’ll both enjoy this”. A pleasurable smile came across Sam’s face and Sam closed her eyes. Lisa spread Sam’s buttocks with her hands, displaying Sam’s pussy and Sam very tight arse hole. Lisa started to lick and suck on Sam’s tight hole. This wasn’t what Sam expected but she still moaned in pleasure. Lisa grabbed the small vibrator, and started to tease Sam’s tight hole, Lisa put the vibrator in her mouth getting it wet, and slowly but firmly pushed the toy a few inches into Sam’s arse. Sam gasped with pleasure. Her pleasure was intensed even more as Lisa started to push her fingers in and out of Sam’s hot wet pussy. Sam’s hips rocked in motion. Lisa started to circulate the toy in Sam’s arse. Lisa could feel the toy in Sam’s arse as she moved her fingers in and out of Sam’s pussy. Sam started to climax, Lisa could feel the muscles inside of Sam’s pussy intense but didn’t let up. Sam was going to have an orgasm if she wanted or not. With a few more moments of exquisite pleasure Sam cried out in pleasure. This was the best and most powerful orgasm she ever had, Lisa struggled to move her fingers as Sam tensed.

Lisa stopped and Sam turned on her front, she was hot and flustered and severely turned on. Lisa then showed Sam the doubled ended dildo. Sam shouted “fuck me, that’s huge.” “Well that’s the idea” Lisa announced. Sam sat back on the bed, her back slightly raised and Lisa joined her in the same position but crotch to crotch, Lisa maneuvered the monster of a dildo in her pussy, and felt her chasm stretch with the girth, Sam looked at Lisa and said, “put that in me, please” Lisa moved the dildo into Sam’s pussy and Sam now understood why Lisa’s face twisted with pleasure. Their hips started to move in time with one another’s. They could feel themselves sliding up and down the shaft, as the other one pushed the dildo deeper, Sam and Lisa both reached for their own clits, and started to rub frantically. Lisa started to say “I’m Cumming I’m Cumming” Sam said “please cum, please,” as she heard Lisa bringing herself to orgasm she felt herself Cumming again. After a few more moments, they came simultaneously.

After they composed themselves and Lisa got off Sam’s bed. Sam looked at Lisa and said I’m hoping your willing to share my bed tonight. Lisa stopped and looked at Sam. “I thought you’d never ask” and climbed under the duvet. Sam cuddled up to Lisa and the pair fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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