Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy

Kara planned everything out carefully and collected all the stuff she was going to need to execute her plan. She looked in the mirror as she got ready and studied the reflection looking back at her. She was about 5’6” and a slight 115 pounds. She had a nice size chest, 34 D. Sam loved them and couldn’t get enough of them. She had curves in all the right places, which she was currently accentuating with a rhinestone studded thong and matching bra. Pulling on a simple pair of jeans with a belt and a blue button down shirt of her husbands, she brushed her sun streaked brown hair out of her face. Her long lashed green eyes studied the unassuming outfit. Perfect! Sam would have no idea what was about to happen. He had been pretty stressed at work(a lawyers office) and this seemed like the perfect way to help him relax. Kara’s full lips curved up into a smile as she heard the front door open and heard Sam calling for her.

“Up here, honey,” she called back.

Sam came walking in looking like he had a long day. He smiled at his beautiful wife as she came over to give him a kiss. He ran his hand through his golden hair and his tired green eyes met his wife’s as he sighed and said, “What a day!”

“Stressed baby?” asked Kara. She carefully reached up and loosened his tie and helped him take it off. She leaned up and kissed him again. “Why don’t you take of your shirt and lay down on the bed? I’ll give you a nice massage.”

“That sounds great. Works been crazy lately and the boss is going to give me, or himself, a heart attack before all this is over,” said Sam as he took off his shirt and kicked off his shoes and headed towards the bed.

“No,” said Kara, “lay down on your back first.”

Sam thought it was a strange request, but didn’t bother to question his wife. He stretched out on the bed with a groan. He could use a nice relaxing weekend. The next thing he knew, Kara had taken his wrists above his head and he felt cold metal close around each wrist.

“Kara,” questioned Sam as he struggled to sit up, “what are you doing?”

Kara just gave him a mischievous smile as she made sure the hand cuffs were secured to the headboard. “Just relax honey, I’m going to help you relax and take your mind off of work.”

Sam grinned, “I have to admit, work is the last thing on my mind right now!”

Kara laughed, “Good. I’ll make sure it stays that way!” With that, she walked over to the CD player and hit the play button. She walked over to the bed and made sure Sam’s head was propped up comfortably on a few pillows so he had a good view. Then she walked to the end of the bed and slowly started to unbutton the men’s shirt she was wearing. She slowly swayed to the time of the music. Sam’s green eyes were wide open as he watched his hot wife begin what was obviously going to be a strip tease. Kara noted that the tired look in his eyes seemed to have disappeared. Giving him a sultry smile she got to the last button of the shirt. She flashed it open for a moment giving him a brief peek at her barely there bra. Then pulling the shirt closed again she turned her back on him and bent over, her tight ass perfectly displayed in the form fitting jeans. She did this on purpose. He was always grabbing her ass or pinching it whenever she was close enough for him to touch. Kara carefully removed her shoes then turned back to Sam. She unbuckled the belt and slowly pulled it form the belt loops of the jeans. She took the one end of the belt and traced the soft leather down her husbands firm chest. He grinned at her with a look of pure lust and desire in his eyes. She slowly unbuttoned her jeans and started to wiggle them down past her curvy hips. Part way down she turned her back on him again and as she lowered them she bent over giving him an excellent view of her tight ass in the rhinestone thong.

“Mmmmm. Looking good baby. Why don’t you come over here and let me out of these hand cuffs? I’ll help you out of the rest,” said Sam with a wolfish grin.

Kara just laughed and shook a finger at him. Then she moved suggestively to the music, cupping her breasts in her hands and shaking her ass. She slowly reached behind her and unhooked her bra and slowly lowered it an inch at a time until her large firm breasts were completely bare. She cupped them in her hands again and brought one up to her mouth and licked the nipple. Sam groaned with the frustration of being forced to watch her from the bed. Then she hooked her thumbs around the band of her thong and pulled them down. She stood there completely naked in front of him and started to gyrate to the music again making sure he got a good view of her bare pussy.

The song came to an end and Kara made her way over to the bed and leaned over and kissed Sam on the mouth tangling her tongue with his. Then she straddled his chest and slowly started kissing down his throat, then his chest, making sure her bare breasts caressed his skin as she made her way down to his pants. She kissed his belt then using her teeth she slowly undid the buckle of the belt. Taking the leather in between her teeth she pulled the belt from it’s place around his waist. Then she slowly undid his button and zipper. Sam lifted his hips as Kara slipped his pants down and pulled them off. He had on a pair of boxer briefs and Kara could make out the outline of her husbands 8inch cock as it strained against the material. She smiled as she made her way up to the bulge. She started to kiss his cock through the material of his underwear. Slowly caressing and kissing the bulge made Sam start to hum in appreciation. Kara smiled and then slowly pulled the boxer briefs down as Sam lifted his ass to accommodate her. He now lay handcuffed to the bed completely naked with is cock straining up against his belly.

Kara grinned at him as he lay there looking at her expectantly. “Well,” said Kara, “I’m kinda thirsty. I’m going to get a drink. I should be back soon.” With that she turned and walked out leaving Sam laying there with a stunned expression on his face.

“What! Now!? Where are you going?” cried Sam. “Honey? This is just a quick break right? You’re coming right back?” Sam struggled to get up but the hand cuffs attached to the headboard were unforgiving. He laid back there with his hard cock laying on his belly, and waited…and waited…and waited. “KARA!” hollered Sam.

“What,” exclaimed Kara, “I’m right here. Calm down!”

“Calm down!? You’ve been gone for over 15 minutes!”

“Sorry, I got a little side tracked. I’m here now. Where was I?”

Sam looked down at his still hard cock. Kara grinned. Walking over to the night stand she opened the drawer and pulled out a her new toy. She held it up making sure that Sam got to see the 7 inch long shaft. She then turned it on and held it up to his ear so he could hear the hypnotic buzzing. She gently ran the vibrating shaft down his throat making him gulp. Then she ran it down his chest and gently teased his nipples with the buzzing tip.

“Mmmmm,” moaned Sam.

Smiling mischievously, Kara slid the buzzing shaft down Sam’s chest. She started to lightly circle his cock with the toy. Every once in awhile she would brush it up against his balls or his shaft, sending a shockwave through his body.

All of a sudden she got up. Kara grabbed a chair and pulled it over to the bed. She sat down and then took the buzzing shaft and started to lick the head, making sure Sam had a good view of everything. She slowly started to suck on the shaft. While she did this one hand drifted to one of her nipples and she started to twist it gently between two fingers. Sam watched her with mesmerized frustration. It was so hot watching her give head to the toy, but at the same time he wanted it to be him she was sucking on. Kara sensed his frustration and just winked at him. This was going exactly as she had planned. She started to slide the toy deeper and deeper into her mouth. It wasn’t long before she was deep throating the buzzing member. In the meantime her hand had slid from her nipple down to her hairless cunt. Sam watched breathlessly as Kara spread her legs and started to finger her own pussy.

He was getting so turned on. Watching his hot wife rubbing herself while deep throating the toy was driving him crazy. Which was exactly what Kara intended. Sam had been too focused on work. When he came home it was all he could think about. Kara was guessing by the way his cock seemed stuck to his belly and the way he strained against the handcuffs that he didn’t even remember he had a job!

Kara removed the now glistening toy from her mouth and slowly lowered it down toward her pussy. Sam watched as she positioned the buzzing toy at the now wet opening of her cunt. She smiled at him and propped one foot up on the bed, making sure he had a good view of what was about to happen. Spreading her pussy lips with her fingers she took the tip of the buzzing toy and started to tease her clit with it.

“Mmmmm,” Kara moaned. “That feels good. Do you wanna see me fuck this toy?”

“Oh God,” said Sam. “Forget the toy, get over here and ride me. I wanna fuck that tight little pussy of yours!”

Kara grinned but ignored his last comment and slowly started to slide the toy into her waiting cunt. Inch by inch the 7 inch shaft disappeared into her wet cunt. “Mmmmm,” moaned Kara. She closed her eyes and threw her head back. She slowly started to pump the buzzing toy in and out of her tight pussy. Sam watched as she started to rhythmically thrust the toy in and out. Her moaning was driving him crazy. He should be the one making her moan. Although he had to admit watching his wife masturbate was totally turning him on. If it was possible for him to be more so.

“Oh yeah! That feels sooooo good! Do you like watching me fuck myself?”

Sam just groaned with frustration as his wife appeared to be near her climax.

“Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum! This feels sooo good. I love fucking myself. Do you like when I make myself cum? Don’t you wish you were fucking me like this toy?” said Kara.

Sam groaned again and watched as Kara pumped herself harder and faster with the toy, obviously getting close to cumming. Kara started to arch her back as she pumped the toy in and out. Her moaning got louder and faster. Soon she started to cum.

“Ooohh! Oh God! That’s sooo good! I’m cumming so hard.” cried Kara. She soon started to slow the pumping. She slowly removed the dripping toy and turned it off. Laying it aside she put her fingers in her wet pussy. She got out of the chair and put her wet fingers to Sam’s mouth. He greedily sucked the sweet tasting cum from her fingers.

“Mmmm. That tastes good. Why don’t you sit on my face and let me get the rest,” said Sam.

Kara just smiled. “I’ll be back, I need to clean up.” She then turned and walked out of the room, again.

Sam was stunned. “What?! No you don’t. I’ll clean you up. Kara? Damn.” Sam was getting really frustrated. His cock was so hard it was almost painful. Another 15 minutes went by. Finally Kara came back in with a bowl in her hands. “What’s that?” asked Sam.

Kara smiled and set the bowl down on the night stand. She reached in and pulled out an ice cube. She took the ice cube and held it to his lips. “Suck on it,” she commanded. He opened his mouth and took the ice cube into his mouth. After a minute she pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth. Then with a sultry smile she slid the ice cube down her throat leaving a glistening trail. She carefully circled each nipple with the melting ice cube. Each nipple stood out hard and rigid. She took the small piece and stuck it back into Sam’s mouth, letting him finish it.

Taking another ice cube she trailed it down her stomach towards her pussy. She sat back in the chair again and ran the ice cube along her pussy lips. Sucking in a quick breath she slowly inserted it into her pussy. She started to rub her clit with it, making her whimper a little. He watched her wishing with all his mite that his tongue was that ice cube. Kara took the last bit of the ice cube and once again held it to his mouth. Sam hungrily sucked it in.

“Mmmmm,” said Sam. It tasted like Kara’s sweet pussy juice. All of a sudden he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Kara had something in her hand and it wasn’t an ice cube. It was a blindfold! Kara smiled mischievously at him and carefully put the blindfold in place over his eyes. Now he had no idea what was going to happen next.

All of a sudden he felt something wet and cold on his throat. Kara took an ice cube and circled his adam’s apple with it. She slowly lowered the ice cube and circled his nipples with the ice making them as hard as her own. She then took the ice and circled her nipples again. Taking her breasts in her hands she took her rigid nipples and traced them down his throat and then rubbed his nipples with hers. Sam struggled against the cuffs but to no avail

Smiling Kara took another ice cube and ran it down his hard, washboard chest down to where his cock strained against his belly. She let a small trickle of ice cold water drip down his chest to the head of his cock. Sam’s whole body stiffened. She lifted her hand and squeezed the ice in her hand, speeding up the melting process a little. She let the ice cold water drip from her hand all along his hard shaft and on his balls.

“Oh God,” groaned Sam. With a wicked grin Kara took the last of the ice cube and popped it into her mouth. Then she leaned down and took his cock in her hand, the first time she had actually touched his cock in the hour she had been playing with him, and with the piece of ice still in her mouth, started to suck on his head.

“Uhhh,” moaned Sam. “That feels good!” Kara stopped and took the last piece of ice and applied it directly to his cock. Running it up and down his shaft. It desensitized him a bit. Once she had rubbed his whole cock down with the ice she tossed it aside to melt completely. She then took his cock and plunged it into her now hot mouth. The temperature difference was amazing. He lifted his hips trying to shove his cock down her throat. He wished he could see what she was doing. Kara started to deep throat him, his cock hitting her tonsils in the back of her throat. She started to hum at the same time driving him wild. She then took his cock out of her mouth and sucked on his balls while stroking his cock.

“Ohhhh…I’m gonna cum,” said Sam. All of a sudden the sucking and stroking stopped. Sam cried out in frustration as he was left on the edge. He could feel Kara get up off the bed. “Kara? Kara damn it, are you still there?” Sam strained his ears to hear if she was still in the room. Nothing. Sam started cussing like crazy. Kara was driving him mad. She had brought him so close to release only to leave him cold.

What felt like an eternity later to Sam, who laid there in the darkness, he heard her enter the room again. He had calmed down and was looking forward to whatever she had planned next. The next thing he knew he could feel her soft lips press against his. He leaned up to kiss her back with passion but she pulled her head back so that his lips were barely able to reach hers. She then shifted and he felt something touch his face. He felt her rigid nipple brush against his cheek and realized that her breasts were near his mouth making it water. He soon felt her nipple against his lips and opened his mouth to suck it in. But just like her lips, she kept him at bay, only letting him barley able to get his lips on them.

He felt the bed shift again and all of a sudden he could smell her sweet pussy. He automatically stuck out his tongue and started lapping blindly. After a moment his tongue hit her pussy. Barely, but it was better then the big fat nothing he had had so far. He continued to lap and soon he could hear Kara sighing. He was soon able to taste more of her as she lowered herself a little more. Whether out of fatigue from holding herself up or the pleasure she was feeling, he didn’t care. He stuck his tongue out as far as he could and it soon found her nub. Lapping again like crazy he started to lick her clit. Kara started to make soft moaning noises. Her legs were threatening to give out on her so she gave in and lowered her pussy carefully onto his mouth, laying the rest of her body on his in the 69 position. He licked at her sweet tasting pussy furiously. He had been waiting to eat her since he had that small tasting nearly an hour ago. He could feel her lick the head of his still painfully hard cock every now and then, but his full concentration was on the oral onslaught of her pussy. Soon her moans turned into cries of pure pleasure.

“Uhhhh. Mmmmm that feels soooo good! Right there, yeah!” cried Kara. “Yessssss. Mmmm, I’m gonna cum all over your face. You want that don’t you? You are a fucking cunt eater. Oh yeah!”

Soon Kara was deep in the throws of an amazing, body shaking orgasm. Once she was able to breathe again she pulled her dripping pussy of Sam’s face. He kept lapping at the air, obviously wanting her pussy back. He licked all over his lips enjoying the taste of Kara’s sweet juices. Soon she covered his mouth with hers, tasting herself in his mouth. She reached up and removed his blindfold. He blinked a few times, adjusting to the light. He continued to tangle his tongue with hers.

Kara pulled away and smiled at him. All told they had been going at it for about 2 hours. It was time. She wanted to fuck. She took a hold of his cock and positioned herself over it. Sam watched her with a gleam in his eyes. He had been waiting for this moment. He couldn’t wait to penetrate her. Kara positioned his head at her opening and slowly started to sink down on his iron hard, thick shaft. He wasn’t waiting anymore. He thrusted his hips up and penetrated her fully, watching his cock disappear.

“Ohhhh,” they both moaned simultaneously.

Kara felt soooo good. It never ceased to amaze him at how tight her pussy always seemed to feel. Like breaking new ground each time. After sitting there for a full minute enjoying being filled by his thick, long, hard cock, Kara started to bounce up and down. Sam lifted his hips up and met each of her downward thrusts with his own upward thrust. Kara leaned forward and braced herself on his chest as they fucked fast and hard.

Sam was enjoying every second. He watched his cock disappear in and out of her and then looked into her lust filled eyes. In a matter of minutes they both started to cum together.

“Ohhhhh fuck! That’s sooo good! Ride me with that tight cunt. Let me fill you with my love juice,” shouted Sam as he finally came.

It felt like he had been cumming for hours. He had never felt anything like it before. Kara fell against his chest spent for the moment. She rolled off his cock and smiled at him.

“Well,” she said once she caught her breath, “how was it?”

“That was fucking amazing. You sure know how to treat me baby.”

Kara beamed at him and kissed him gently.

“Do me a favor baby,” said Sam. “Let me out of these hand cuffs. My shoulders are killing me.”

“Oh sorry baby. Do you need me to rub them,” said Kara. “ I owe you a massage.”

Sam didn’t answer. Once he was free from the handcuffs he grabbed Kara by the waist and threw her onto the bed. He may have just cum, but he was almost instantly hard again. He had gone through a slow, sweet torture. He was ready for some more. He spread her legs wide and without ceremony thrust the entire length of his cock into her. Kara started to moan instantly. He pumped her with all his strength knowing that she liked it hard and fast. He liked it too. After a bit he leaned back and as he thrust he found her nub with his thumb and started rubbing it. Kara’s whimpers soon turned to screams of ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, that feels sooooooooooo good! I love it! Faster!” cried Kara.

Sam didn’t answer her but flipped her over and started fucking her doggy style. He grabbed at her long hair and pulled it back tight making her throw her head back. He thrust into her with all his might. Every once in awhile his hand would come down on her ass leaving a stinging red mark. He let her hair go and took his finger and found her ass hole. He started to play with the sensitive area with his finger as he thrust into her tight, hot, wet pussy.

“I’m cumming!” shouted Kara.

Sam could feel her already tight pussy squeeze his cock as she came with force. He could feel his own cum start to build up in his balls.

Removing his cock from her pussy he growled at her, “Flip over. I want to cum in you mouth like the slut you are.”

Kara obeyed laying on her back, mouth open and waiting. Sam stroked his cock as Kara reached up and played with his balls. Soon, with a shout, he was shooting a huge load into her open mouth. Sam fell to the side as Kara swallowed his salty cum.

“Yummy,” she said. Leaning on his heaving chest and tracing a finger up his abs she looked him in the eyes. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Fuck yeah! I should come home stressed from work more often if that’s what I get! Just you wait, your turn’s coming!”

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