Temptations of a Young Teacher

Temptations of a Young Teacher


As my eyes opened, I stared at the unfamiliar ceiling above me. Remembering where I was, I turned my head to look at the other side of the bed. All I saw was a mass of light brunette hair, as the girl in my bed (our bed!) was still asleep, on her side facing away from me. Somehow, despite the mess the hair was in, it was still beautiful to me. She had managed to pull the single sheet completely onto her side and was now cuddling it, leaving her naked back and the top of her butt visible to me. I lightly ran my fingers down her spine, eliciting no reaction from within her deep sleep. I turned around and slowly sat up, swinging my legs off the side of the bed. I took a brief look around the room – it was empty save for more than a few stacks of cardboard boxes. Closing my eyes, I arched my back, stretching it while taking in a deep breath. After slowly exhaling, I got up and walked in the nude over to the curtain, parting it enough to see outside while not letting too much light into the dim room. While staring out at the sun rising over the new surroundings, I wondered to myself, ‘How did I get here?’

Chapter 1

I think it began with Chris’s twenty-fourth birthday, some three-and-a-half years ago.

Chris was a friend of mine from college. A group of us, all male, had stayed rather close after graduating; all living in or around the college we had gone to. For Chris’s birthday, we decided to all head out to a bar we used to frequent regularly from our college days. Including Chris and myself, there was five of us, with me being the designated driver, only because I had become famous in my college days for being able to drive perfectly well in a near-drunk state. I don’t know how I developed said skill, but I was often taken advantage of for it.

The bar was divided into four main areas. Walking in, the bar itself was right in front of you. On the right side of the bar was a gaming area with four dart boards, two billiards tables, and a variety of electronic games. On the left side of the bar there was a bunch of tables. Finally, there was a doorway near the tabled section that led to a back room that featured a decent-sized dance floor featuring dim lighting and its own DJ.

The five of us went straight to the bar, or at least tried to. Coming in around 11:30 on a Friday night, the bar was already packed, so we had to slowly work our way up to the bar to get our drinks. While waiting, Chris pointed to the corner booth in the tabled section, which used to be the place we’d always take over every Friday night when we were in college. “Remember when we were like that?”

There were eight people squished around the table – four guys, four girls. From where we were standing, I could see the four guys and the first two of the girls next to them, the last two girls I could only see the back of their heads, one a blonde with short hair, the other a light brunette with hair down to her ass. There was no way anyone in the group was 21, being 20 at most, and probably all 18 or 19. But then again, we regularly came to this bar before we were 21 with no problems at all. I guess they hadn’t improved their IDing.

We all laughed while reminiscing about the times we had at the bar, chasing girls, getting smashed, stumbling back to campus, vomiting in the streets some nights. Traditional college fair.

And then we reached the bar. We got a round of double shots of Canadian Club whiskey, an old favorite of our college days, and then all got a beer and headed for the dart boards.

I don’t really remember the details of the next hour or so. As we played darts, word got out that it was Chris’s birthday, and everyone in the gaming area (especially a few old regulars who remembered us) started buying him shot after shot. About half the time our whole group was included in the round, leading to a very cheap night for all of us. But before one in the morning had come, Chris was already in the bathroom puking it all back up. We figured that meant that it was just about time to go. However, I didn’t want Chris puking in my car, and I had drank more than I meant to so I wasn’t quite ready to drive. So I headed to the bar to get some water for both him and me.

The bartender looked at me strange when I asked for two glasses of water to go, but I had tipped him so well that night that he didn’t question it. As he walked off, I heard a girl right next to me order a Long Island ice tea off the other bartender. The voice sounded eerily familiar, but the kind of familiar that I didn’t want to check on as I didn’t want to get recognized.

As it turned out that didn’t matter.

“Mr. O?” I felt doomed the second I heard that. Looking back, I wonder why she didn’t feel more awkward than me. But sure enough, I turned, and there was Kim, a girl from the last period earth science class I taught. Mr. O is what the kids call me at school, Brad Orlon is my full name.

“Hi–” was all I got out before she interrupted me.

“It’s me! Stephanie!” The Stephanie was dragged out forcibly.

I looked at her strangely for a moment, and Kim just looked down and pulled an ID halfway out of her pocket. I understood immediately, motioning for her to put it back. “Right, Stephanie…. Well, ummm, what are you doing here?”

She proceeded to tell me some story about how her brother owed her and she, in some way, managed to talk her brother into bringing her and a couple of friends out to this bar with them. Apparently they were the crowd in the corner stall that we had noticed before.

I should break in and explain a few points here. I teach at an urban high school about twenty minutes from the city, an easy thirty or more from the bar we were now at. So it seemed odd to me that I would see a student here. Also, I teach ninth grade earth science there. Ninth grade. As this was still in the first half of the school year, that means most my students, including Kim, are fourteen. Fourteen! Forget what the hell she is doing here – the question is how in the hell did she get in?

In defense of Kim, she looks much older than she is. She could easily pass for 18, but no way 21. Then again, I guess you only have to look 18 to get into this place. She’s easily the tallest girl in her class at what I’d guess was 5’8”. She had long light brunette hair, a very well-defined face, and an ample bosom. She looked like she was on the opposite end of puberty than the rest of the kids in her class. She was also quite skinny – I’d guess around 110-115, no more than 120 tops. I had heard from other teachers that her brother also was very mature (physically at least) for his age, but I never knew him, as he was before my time, this being only my second year at the school.

Honestly, looking back now, Kim was very attractive physically. While I had never thought about hooking up with any students (I mean, I didn’t have problems getting girls my own age, why should I look for younger girls?), I still could see which girls were good looking and which ones weren’t. Thing is, while Kim in many ways was probably one of the hottest girls in her grade, I had never put her on that list. I guess the way she acted influenced my judgment. She had the ditziest way of talking I had ever heard, always high pitched and drawn out. It made her sound like a complete idiot, which was a complete turn-off to me. She was also always obsessed with her looks, always having a mirror out, some kind of make-up or brush, stuff like that. That didn’t help in the looking semi-intelligent department either.

But that ridiculous voice was now talking to me about her brother and something about her mom getting mad at him or something. Honestly, I wasn’t really paying attention; I was just looking for an out. Both of us had long since gotten our drinks, and she was clearly drunk, just rambling on about her mom or brother or whatever with me nodding along to not seem rude.

Finally my out came. I guess she finished talking about whatever and, after a brief pause, asked me, “Why do you have water?”

“You see, a friend of mine, Chris, it’s his birthday, he’s puking in the bathroom so–”

“Brad, buddy! I’ll take those!” The interruption came from one of my friends, Rock we called him, as he grabbed both waters out of my hands and turned to walk away.

“Hey, wait a second!” I grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. “I’m trying to–”

“Damn right you’re trying to!” Rock eyed Kim a few feet back. “Listen man, she’s hot, young but hot, the rest of us ain’t gettin’ shit tonight, so we’ll call a cab and take care of Chris. You go tap that, man!”

Young! He had no idea! Probably thought she was 18 or 19, not 14! “Hold up, Rock. Listen, she’s my–”

Cut off again!

“She’s your what? Your piece of ass? That’s what I’m trying to tell you, man! Now get back there!” And with that he shoved his shoulder into me sending me back the few feet towards Kim, who apparently had just stood there watching us, though unable to hear us. Rock then turned to Kim and asked, “You like whiskey?”

“Yeah,” was her response, which came out sounding more like a question than an answer, but I could barely tell over her ditzy voice.

Rock laughed, immediately turned to the bartender, who apparently had gotten in front of us again, and ordered, “Round of the CC for these two!” The bartender just smiled and pulled out a couple shot glasses and the bottle of Canadian Club while Rock put one of the waters down, pulled out a ten dollar bill and threw it on the table.

Kim immediately picked up her shot and held it up, obviously waiting for me to toast. I turned and gave Rock the most evil look I could come up with, then grabbed the shot, clinked hers and downed it, slamming the glass on the table. As soon as it was down, I felt Rock’s hand slam into my back as he announced, “Why don’t you two go dance?”

Kim excitedly said, “Sure,” while Rock pushed me in the direction of the dance floor. I once again gave him a look of sheer anger as I continued walking towards the dance floor with Kim. I could just barely hear Rock tell the bartender to keep the change and saw him looking at me and laughing as we entered the dance floor.

As we got in with the other people on the dance floor, Kim started swaying her hips back and forth while I just kind of nervously moved with the beat. I’m not much of a dancer to begin with, let alone when I’m drunk and terrified of dancing with my own student.

It didn’t take long for Kim to ask, “Soooo, what was that all about?”

“I guess my friends are going to take Chris home in a cab, leaving me here.”

“Why?” The way she said it sounded like she already knew the answer, which normally would have really pissed me off. However, having had her in class and knowing how she talks, I knew that was just the way she said ‘why.’ I still figured she had some kind of idea though, so I thought a blunt answer would be best.

“Well, I think Rock expects me to hook up with you, which, no offense, is not going to happen.”

Kim replied in her high voice with a slight laugh, “Of course it isn’t!”

There was no talking for a moment while she continued dancing and I continued, well, whatever sorry excuse for dancing I was already doing. Eventually she said, “That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though!”

The comment caught me off guard. “What do you mean?”

Kim laughed. “Lighten up Mr. O! You’re like freaking out over there! Just dance… like this!” With that last comment, Kim grabbed my hips and started moving them back and forth. I however, was still nervous and my body was stiff and jerky, which kept making Kim laugh. I was also beginning to note just how drunk Kim was.

Finally, I spoke my thoughts. “You know you can’t tell anyone about this, right?”

“Of course not,” she said, looking up at me for a moment, “I think I’d get in more trouble than you!”

While I don’t think that was true, we both laughed at that and, for some reason, I finally loosened up and started dancing more naturally.

The dancing continued for awhile, and we started talking during it. I should also add that our dancing wasn’t anything bad, like there was no grinding, no inappropriate touching. In fact, our hands never touched the other after she had let go of my hips, only our hips and legs occasionally bumped into the others’.

It was close to two in the morning when the DJ abruptly changed pace, announcing he was “givin’ those workin’ hard out there a break,” and played a slow-paced R&B song. It really wasn’t danceable, and to this day I wonder what the hell he was thinking. Most the girls on the dance floor just did some slow dances on/with each other while the guys just stood there doing nothing.

As I looked around the floor, Kim announced, “Well, this sucks.” I agreed without looking at her. I was then completely shocked when I felt her hands on me for the first time since she had started swaying my hips. She had wrapped them around my back and moved up to me, resting her head on my chest, looking down and to the side.

Suddenly the nervousness from earlier was back. I didn’t know what to do. I’d like to think that if I was more sober, I would have pulled away. Instead, apparently thinking this was innocent enough, I wrapped my arms around her back and just started swaying back and forth with her. Slow dancing with a fourteen-year-old. Real classy, Brad.

When the song ended, I stopped moving and looked down at Kim, who still had her head on my chest. Then, suddenly, without warning, she turned her head up and pressed her lips to mine. All I remember of the kiss was my eyes immediately going wide in shock, then seeing her closed eyes, and closing my own. The kiss lasted no more than a few seconds. There was no tongue. Just a simple peck.

As she pulled away, my senses came back to me. I opened my eyes to see Kim looking up at me. Not smiling, not frowning, just looking. I decided that was enough. “You should probably go now.”


And that was it. She turned and walked off the dance floor and out of the room. I worked my way to a wall and just stood there for a couple minutes, trying to convince myself I had done nothing wrong. Eventually I decided whether or not I had done something wrong, staying there was not helping me figure anything out.

I didn’t see Kim, or her brother and friends, as I entered the bar area. There was a new group of people in the corner stall, and none that I saw from the original eight, including Kim, appeared to be anywhere in the room. I let out an exhale; I had been kinda worried that I’d have to say something to Kim again, but that wasn’t the case now that they’d left. Well, at least until I see her in my class.

I headed towards the door.

I didn’t even look around as I left, I just headed straight for my car. But no more than ten feet out the door I stopped abruptly.

Behind me, someone had asked, “You need a ride home, honey?”

That wasn’t unusual. No, it was the response, the scream of, “Go away!” that came from who he was talking to that caused me to stop. It was Kim. I turned around, ready to run and attack the guy she was talking to, but he had already started walking away. Maybe he was really just offering a ride, nothing more. Nonetheless, Kim was still leaning against the wall of the building looking angry, and on the verge of tears. I headed over to her. Kim noticed me and looked up.

Without me prompting her, she just announced, “My brother left, and I have no money for a cab.”

Big, glassy puppy-dog eyes were staring at me. There was a momentary pause as we just looked at each other. Finally, I smiled and said, “Alright.” I abruptly turned and walked towards my car. A few steps away, I turned around to see Kim still leaning against the wall staring at me. “Well, you coming?”

Kim forced a smile and walked up behind me, following me to my car. We said nothing as we walked to the car. I kept trying to defend my actions – I mean, if I did not drive her home, how would she get there? With no money, she’d end up either hitching a ride with someone who could easily take advantage of her, or she’d end up with the cops, which could be bad for me if she happened to mention me. This was the only way, I decided.

After getting in the car, I asked her where she lived. I recognized the area as one of the worse areas of the district I teach in and headed off in that direction.

The first couple minutes passed in complete silence. Worried that Kim might be feeling awkward, I told her she could change the music if she wanted, trying to make some semblance of conversation.

Kim’s response was, “I hate my brother!” She then broke into tears and proceeded to rant about her entire life. How her brother, Frank, is a big, dumb jock that does nothing but sleeps around with girls from the high school, and apparently even some of Kim’s friends from middle school. Her dad, Rico, thinks this is great and never fails to brag about his son. That is, when he’s around. Her dad does not live with her, her brother, and her mother, who he was never married to. Her mother, who she calls Karyn – not mom, is an insecure alcoholic. She got knocked up her senior year of high school with Frank. Rico refused to support her in anyway, but Karyn “loved” him, if you consider love to be sex. Rico comes to visit only when he needs to get laid, and Karyn always opens the door – and her legs – for him. Then, when he leaves, as he always does, she drinks even more. Kim presumes that one of these times he came over is how she was conceived. Karyn was pregnant twice more – at least that Kim knew of – but drank herself to a miscarriage each time. Kim used to try and stop her mom from drinking, but after getting beat a couple times, stopped doing that. She hadn’t talked to her father in two years. Every time he’d come over, she’d go to her room and put on music so that she couldn’t hear him either bragging about his son’s promiscuity or fucking Karyn. Kim knew that Rico sold drugs, as that is how her brother gets weed. She started smoking herself one day when her brother was smoking with her mother and they made fun of her when she said she didn’t want to try it. So she smoked with them whenever she ended up around them when they were smoking. Kim also began drinking her mom’s alcohol when she was ten. About a year ago, Karyn stopped buying Kim new clothes. All of Kim’s clothes now, except for her panties, were hand-downs from her mom. Even her bras were now shared with her mom, now that they’re the same size. So Kim ended up dressing in clothes that would be considered slutty every day, because that’s what her mom likes to wear. Because of the way she looked, people started treating her like she was dumb and easy, so she started to act like that herself to fit their expectations, and she ended up losing all of her friends from when she was younger and was now friends with a group of people that only like to talk about sex and drugs and drinking.

Needless to say, I was blown away by this story. I had no idea what to say to her. Luckily, she rarely even paused to take a breath, let alone allow me to speak. She just kept rambling on, getting angrier by the moment.

About thirty minutes after we had left, I pulled up to a park at the end of the street she lived on. I had barely said a word. There were points where I almost didn’t believe her, but her emotions, along with the fact that similar stories are not unheard of in my school, convinced me. Kim stopped talking as the car stopped moving. I looked over at Kim and watched her take a deep breath, gaining control of herself.

“Sorry,” she said, not looking over at me.

“There’s nothing to-”

“Don’t tell anyone any of this, okay?” She finally looked over at me, hers eyes pleading with me.

“Of course I won’t!”

She smiled. “Thanks.” She paused, then continued, “You know, for that, and the ride.” Kim then turned and opened the door to leave. I reached out and grabbed the wrist closest to me.

“Kim,” I began. She turned around to look at me, pulling the door lightly closed. “Listen, I can tell the school what’s going on and they can pull you from that home and give you a better one.” Kim just frowned and shook her head in response. I took a deep breath, then continued, “Okay, then I won’t. But you gotta know you can make it through this. Don’t give up. You’re a smart girl! You shouldn’t drink and smoke, and do keep your grades up. In three and a half years, you could graduate high school and go to college, moving out of that house forever. Just don’t give up. I know it’s hard – well, I don’t, I’ve never been through something like that, but don’t let them win. Don’t let them keep you there forever. You can get out if you want to. I truly believe that.”

There was a long pause when I finished. I started to panic. Had I said something wrong? Did I offend her? Why was she just staring at me like I was crazy?

And then Kim smiled. It was a strange smile, a smile of thanks, but also of pity, like I didn’t know what I was talking about. Before I knew what was happening, Kim had leaned in to kiss me again, just a simple peck on the lips again, though this time I felt a flick of her tongue on my upper lip as she pulled away.

And she was gone. Without saying another word, she pulled away from the kiss, turned around, got out of the car, shut the door, and walked towards her house. I watched until she entered her house, which was really run down. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or disappointed when she entered without having looked back once. I ignored it and headed back to my place.

During the drive, and for a few minutes after entering my house, I tried to figure out what had happened and what I was going to do about it. I eventually decided I would do nothing. I would hope that Kim tells no one and we would both forget about it. Anything else was out of my power. And so I headed to sleep, though I could not get to sleep that night without getting off to thoughts of Kim first, which left me feeling very guilty in the morning.

Chapter 2

I was very anxious about seeing Kim in school after that, but as it turned out, there was no reason to be. She acted like nothing had ever happened. Well, almost.

I should explain the kind of teacher I am, and the kind of student Kim was. While I take teaching very seriously, I think the most effective way to teach is to have an amiable relationship with the students, so that they want to pay attention and learn. As such, I often joke around with my students. I sometimes inoffensively make fun of them, and they’ll do it right back. The students seem to enjoy it, and they’ll often drop by my study halls just to chill and talk. This may sound too laid back, but the scores my students get on the state tests last year prove that I’m doing something right.

Kim was always an easy target to make fun of. Though she came across sounding stupid the way she talked, I had come to know that she was actually pretty smart. She generally knew what was going on in my classes, and was one of few that participated seriously in class on occasion (most my students just joked around when they participated, which I didn’t mind, but I like having a student sound smart every now and then). I had talked to other teachers before this whole thing went down too, and apparently she did well enough in their classes too, so it wasn’t like she was just good in science. Well, maybe good is the wrong word. She was smart enough, but lacked common sense. She put forth minimal effort, rarely doing homework or projects. She got good grades on her tests, and that kept her grades up in the low 80s, some in the high 70s, but that was it. She did practically no work outside of class. I guess I know why now. However, before knowing why, Kim had been an easy target to make fun of in class. I often imitated how she talked, drawing laughs from the rest of the class while only getting a mean smirk from her along with a rolling of the eyes. At the beginning of the year I had actually felt bad about it, but as she continued to not put any effort in doing work outside of class, I lost all my pity for her. Well, until this whole issue arose.

I should also mention that while many students seemed to like me, Kim did not. I can’t really blame her, given how much I made fun of her, but she was one of few students that really did not seem to like me. A lot of her friends would come up and talk to me in the halls or after school or in my study halls, but she had never talked socially with me before, which made that night at the bar all the more shocking.

The whole situation changed after that night though.

That first day back, I had been panicking all day fearing what would happen in my last period earth science class and what Kim would say. Kim had slightly alleviated my fears throughout the day as she walked by me a few times in the hall, and didn’t seem to be different in the least. She didn’t look at me, which was nothing new, but she also didn’t go out of her way to avoid me, so nothing looked suspicious. She just talked to her friends as she walked by. This led me to believe that things were going to be okay, but I knew I wouldn’t know until I had her in class.

Sure enough, class went pretty normally. I acted normal, began the period with pointless conversations with the class, and then got into the lesson. Kim sat at her table, slightly off of the center of the room, talking with her friends on occasion but mostly paying attention. Absolutely no difference. I asked a few questions throughout the class, and when she answered one, that was the only time I noticed a difference. She gave me the correct answer, in her stupid ditzy-sounding voice, and I had a momentary panic. Normally, when she does that, I respond imitating her voice. The class was even waiting for me to do it. However, for once, I didn’t want to offend Kim, but I was more worried about acting differently towards her and someone magically figuring out what had happened. Paranoia at its best.

So I responded, “That is, like, a really good answer Kim!” It was high pitched and drawn out, just the way she talks. The class laughed while I watched Kim for her usual reaction – the mean smirk and the roll of the eyes. It didn’t come. Rather, she just smiled at me, as if she was now in on the joke and thought it was funny.

I swear, all my anxiety and paranoia that had built up since the night at the bar a couple days earlier flowed out of me with that smile. I focused on teaching and finished that lesson. When the final bell of the day rang, I just watched as the students piled out. Kim didn’t even give me a second look on the way out.

Over the course of the next few months, a couple changes slowly occurred. First, Kim slowly started joining her friends when they’d come to talk to me. We never mentioned the night again, we just joked around like a normal student and teacher, just like everyone else. She’d now say “hi” when she walked by in the hallway, and she would join in laughing in class when I made fun of her. The other change, which was more subtle, was that she started doing her homework. Not just for my class, but for other classes too. In fact, I didn’t even notice it until her math teacher brought it up to me. Sure enough, she had not missed an assignment in my class, or in the math class, and I’m guessing not in any of her other classes, since our night at the bar.

Things were normal. Better than normal really. And I thought they’d stay that way. Then fate threw its hand in the mix again.

Chapter 3

Shortly after the beginning of the fourth quarter, some speaker came in to give a presentation to all the students in the school. I think it was supposed to be some kind of inspirational speaker type of thing. The whole school filed into the auditorium. The assembly began during a period I had off, so I just hung out at the doors directing students in, making sure no one walked off trying to skip out. After it began, I just hung out at the doors listening. The guy actually wasn’t too bad, from the little I got to hear of him. I doubted he was changing anyone’s life in that room, but I had heard much worse.

Barely ten minutes after the guy began, I saw the principal of the school walking up the aisle I was in with another student. In the dim lighting, I couldn’t tell who the student was with her (yes, the principal was a woman) until they got about halfway up the aisle. Of course, it ended up being Kim, who was now 15, as her birthday had been a month earlier. Obviously, Kim had done something if the principal was pulling her from the assembly. I tried to ignore them as they approached, but as it turned out, I wasn’t so lucky.

“Mr. Orlon, could you come with me please?” I immediately panicked when I heard the principal’s request. That night at the bar, which I had practically forgotten about, suddenly came shooting back into my head. I suddenly began wondering if she had somehow found out about it.

I just nodded and followed the principal, with Kim in tow, out of the auditorium and down the hall to the in-school suspension room.

“Mr. Orlon, Kim here seems to believe the world is wrapped around her and has no respect for the speaker, talking continuously and refusing requests from myself and other teachers to stop.” I tried to hide my sigh of relief. The principal continued, “I need to get back to the auditorium, so could you keep Kim here until the speaker is done? I’ll come back and deal with her after it’s done.”

“Of course,” I replied.

“Thank you.” And with that the principal turned and left the ISS room, shutting the door behind her.

I watched her leave, and the second the door closed, I heard Kim scream, “Fuck you bitch!” I turned around and looked at her, having never seen her as angry as she looked now. The only time I’d heard her scream like that before was when she was yelling at the guy offering her a ride at the bar to “Go away!” Luckily, the ISS room was soundproofed (don’t ask me why, I guess it was done in the 70s – it’s a running joke amongst the staff that our students are so bad that the teachers soundproofed the room so that they could just throw the bad kids unsupervised into it and forget about them). If the room hadn’t been soundproofed, the principal would surely have heard that, and who knows what would have happened from there.

After a few seconds of shock, I regained my composure and asked the obvious question: “What’s wrong?”

I don’t know what ran through Kim’s head at that point. Maybe she had forgotten I was even there. She had been staring at the door as if she could burn it with her eyes, and she suddenly jerked her head to look at me when she heard my voice. She stared for a second and her look faded from anger to sadness. She opened her mouth as if she was going to say something, paused, then closed her mouth and went back to looking angry and simply responded, “Nothing.” She then pulled a chair from one of the desks, slammed her body into it, and sat there.

“You know, if you need to talk, I’m here.” No response. I let out a sigh, and then headed over to the ISS supervisor’s desk. Even the kids currently in ISS got to go to this assembly, so it was just me and her in there. I went through the desk drawers, eventually finding a stash of magazines. I pulled out a Time and started reading. God knows I had nothing else to do. The speaker was supposed to be talking for an hour, followed by a half hour question and answer session. I guessed I’d probably finish the whole magazine by the time it was over.

Every now and then, I heard Kim move. Crossing her arms, kicking the legs of the desk she was at, slamming her head and arms down into the desk. She never said a word though, and never turned to look in my direction.

I was in the middle of some stupid political story about half an hour later, when out of the blue I heard, quietly spoken, as if she wasn’t sure she wanted me to hear it, “Do you really think I can get out of here?”

I was totally taken aback by the question. I looked over at Kim and she had not even turned around to face me. This was the first reference to the night I had driven her home from the bar since, well, since that night. She had never brought it up, and neither had I. I could tell the girl was having some kind of trouble though, and I felt really bad for her, so I was quick to respond.

“Of course you can. I told you before, you’re a smart girl. You’ve gotta know that. Just stay positive. I know it’s gotta be hard given everything you told me before, and I wish I could help with that, but I can’t.” I paused as Kim turned around to look at me, no emotion whatsoever in her eyes. “Listen Kim, you grades went up a lot this past quarter. Keep that going, and who knows what can happen. You’ll definitely be able to make it to college. Hell, maybe your mom will even catch on and support you–”

I didn’t get to finish that last statement as Kim interrupted with what can only be described as an angry laugh. She followed that with a muttering of, “That’s fucking bullshit.” Damn she had a mouth on her right now! I had never heard her curse in school before, and the only time I had even heard her curse at all was when she had described her home life to me when I drove her home from the bar, and even then they were few and interspersed.

I took her comment defensively, and responded, “I’m just trying to say that things can change. Maybe if your mom sees your grades have gone up and stay up she’ll support you more, and fight for you to get to college.”

There was a long silence. In retrospect, I’m amazed she hadn’t interrupted and yelled at me right then. Instead, she let me finish, and just sat and stared at me, giving me a look as if she pitied me, as if I was ignorant and didn’t know what I was talking about. I think she knew I was trying to help, but I also think she thought I was clueless. I just sat and waited for her to say something.

It must’ve been about a minute after I had stopped when she finally mumbled to herself, “That’ll never happen.” She laughed to herself, in a kind of self-depreciating manner. It became abundantly obvious to me at that moment that the girl had absolutely no faith in herself. Despite all she had going for her – smarts, looks, her personality (not including the way she speaks) – Kim clearly believed she was doing nothing with her life and that that was never going to change.

I felt obligated to say something, though I wasn’t sure what to say. “Look you don’t know–”

That was all I got out. I must have said the wrong thing, because she flipped out. Kim suddenly got fiercely angry and began yelling at me, again making me thankful for the soundproof room.

“I don’t know what? I don’t know that my mom will never change? I don’t know how my mom’s going to react to everything? I don’t know that she’ll always hate me? Hate me! She fucking hates me!”

She paused for a second, tears had begun rolling down her face, but she was still furious and ignored them. I felt like shit for having set this off. I tried to apologize after just about every sentence she finished, but she always started again before I could get it out, or at least before she could hear it. That happened again here, as she quickly started again.

“I don’t even know why! She fucking loves Frank! Is it because I don’t get high with them? I don’t drink with them? You told me I’d do better… that I was better than… that I was too smart to… whatever you said you told me not to do that with them! And I stopped! And what do I get? Nothing!”

She paused again, and I tried unsuccessfully to apologize, but she started again too quickly.

“Not that that’s anything new. She always hated me! And why? Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s cause I’m a girl and she never wanted a girl! Maybe she never wanted me! Maybe I got in the way of her and Rico! Maybe she doesn’t like me because Rico doesn’t like me! God knows he also fucking loves Frank!”

She paused and again I tried to apologize, though to no avail. Her face was soaked with tears at this point as she continued screaming at me.

“I don’t know! I don’t know? I don’t know that Karyn won’t support me? I don’t know that Karyn won’t fucking be happy for me? God knows I fucking tried! She wanted me to smoke, I smoked! She wanted me to wear her clothes, I’m wearing her trashy clothes!” She motioned her hands over her body during this last comment to point out that she was wearing her mom’s clothes which consisted of a tight blue tank top with white bra straps showing at the top, a jean skirt, and some ridiculous looking shoes (at least they were ridiculous to me). This motion took a mere second as she continued, “I’ve tried everything to fucking please her! She doesn’t love me! She’ll never love me! No one loves me! You think I haven’t tried!”

There was a pause again, longer than before. I had given up trying to apologize at this point. I just stared at her with heartfelt eyes, that I could feel tears welling up in. I didn’t know what to say. Kim, meanwhile, had turned her head to the side. She looked thoughtful for a second, took a deep breath, and continued, now at more of a talk than a yell.

“You think I haven’t tried. I worked these past months. I got my grades up. I thought maybe she’d be proud. I don’t know why I thought it. It was stupid for me to think that. I should’ve known. I should’ve known she’ll always hate me.” She turned her head towards me and gave me a sad smile. “She’ll never love me. She doesn’t care. I showed her my report card a couple days ago. She never really pays much attention to them, but she always looks at them and gives me crap for not trying. So I tried. You said I could get out if I tried, so I tried. I went from a 79 average to a 92.” She had gotten a 95 in my class. “So for once, I took my report card and gave it to her, instead of just letting her find it. What does she do? She laughs at me. She calls me a nerd. She says I must want to fuck skinny guys with bad hair and broken glasses. I tell her I’m thinking of going to college. She gets pissed. She says, ‘No daughter of mine is going to college! What, you think you’re better than me?’ I try to defend myself and she gets more pissed. Starts yelling and screaming. Finally, she takes the coffee mug she’s drinking whatever whiskey or vodka or whatever she was drinking and chucks it at me. This…” She pauses and pulls up the left side of her tank top to expose her body from the top of her skirt to the bottom of her white bra and dead on her side, right above the hip, is a giant purple and black bruise surrounded by some yellow and brown. I’d never seen a bruise that looked half as bad as she had. “This is what I get for trying. This is what I get for trying to be a good daughter. This is what I get for being good.”

She finally stopped. I’m still staring at the bruise on her side. I feel tears drip down my cheeks. I had no idea how bad her situation was. I had no idea what she was up against. Eventually, I muster up the courage to apologize.

“I’m sorry.” I pause. “I didn’t know.” I look up at her face. The tear lines reflect off her face. And I’m confused, as she’s giving me a look of pity. As if she felt bad for me, when it should obviously be the other way around.

I suddenly realize I have no idea what to do and that I’m in over my head. I stand up and take the few steps over to the door. “I’ll get the social worker, we’ll get you out of there.”

“No!” I hear, but I don’t believe it, nor do I believe the hand that just grabbed my wrist and pulled me away. I turn around and she’s right in front of me, I stare into her eyes, which are now pleading with me.

“Why not?”

Kim looks away. “I don’t want to deal with it.” I start to respond but she turns her head towards me and looks in me eyes, pleading again. “I know this. I can deal with this. I don’t know if I can deal with something else. You said I can make it through this, you said I can make it out of here, you said I can make it to college and leave it forever.” I nodded. “Then I can do that this way. I know I can make it through her. It’s what I know, I know how to deal with it, I don’t…” Her voice choked up as she continuted. “I don’t know if I can do anything else. I don’t know if I can be normal. And what if I go somewhere else and they hate me too? I couldn’t take that! I couldn’t take someone else not loving me. If I was put in another home that didn’t like me, I don’t think I could take it. I need to believe that somewhere out there, someone cares for me. God knows no one does now. And if another home didn’t, it would ruin that dream. I mean, no one cares about me! My family obviously doesn’t. My friends don’t, they just want to look pretty and get boys. None of my boyfriends have even cared about me. They just want to kiss me, feel my tits, and put it in me. Do you know, I can’t remember being hugged? Ever. Not from my family, not from my friends, not from my boyfriends. I don’t know if anyone has ever just hugged me because they loved me! I really–”

I don’t know what came over me. I felt for this girl and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I reached behind her and pulled her into my body. And held her. Kim just stood there at first. Frozen, like she didn’t know what to do. And then she broke. Her arms reached around and squeezed my back tighter then I think I’d ever been squeezed before. Her head fell against my shoulder as she began violently crying. I said nothing. I brought one hand up from her back and placed it on the back of her head. And I just held her. Comforting her. Maybe being the first person to have ever done so.

I don’t know how long we were like that, nor how long the yelling had gone on for, but by the time we pulled apart, after Kim (and I) had stopped crying, there was less than thirty minutes left of the assembly.

When we separated, I went back to the supervisor’s desk and Kim went back to where she had been sitting. She turned the chair towards me (though we were a good eight feet or so apart) and fixed her shirt, which was still pulled up a bit on the left side.

And then we talked. We talked about colleges. We talked about financial aid. I explained how some scholarships worked and what grades were needed for them. I explained how loans and federal aid worked and what she would need to do for those. I told her that when the principal came back, she should probably apologize. I also told her that if she ever needed to talk to someone again, that she could always drop by my room after school. I’d always be available to help her.

We were back to talking about colleges when the principal abruptly opened the door. She saw Kim facing me and smiling while I was talking to her. She gave us both a strange look, and I suddenly panicked, wondering what she thought was going on, but before either Kim or I could say something, the principal simply stated, “Thank you, Mr. Orlon. You can go back to your room now.”

And so I left and went about my normal day, hoping that she thought nothing was wrong. I even got through my last period class with Kim without any problems.

As I was packing up at the end of the day though, the principal walked into my room. After the brief ‘hello’s, she asked what happened with Kim. I told her that we just talked about some things, like why she was acting out, she had some problems at home (I didn’t go into details), and that she was already looking towards college. The principal just nodded. When she didn’t leave or say anything more, I asked her why she was asking. She told me that Kim apologized to her, and that she felt really bad, and apparently Kim had even apologized to the speaker on her own time, or so the speaker had told her. The principal said she had never seen such a quick change in a student before, and that she let Kim off with no disciplinary action because she had never been in trouble before. And then the principal left.

And that was the end of it.

Nothing happened for the rest of that school year. Much like we had pretended the night at the bar hadn’t happened, we now pretended that the hour plus we had spent in the ISS room hadn’t happened either. Kim was friendly enough in class, and she’d occasionally drop by and talk to me with some of her friends, but she never took me up on the offer to talk to me after school. She did, however, finish the last quarter with a 99 and even got a 98 on the final. When I looked up her other grades, I found that she had a 96 overall for the final quarter, and a 91 for the year (which is damn impressive given her 81 and 78 averages from the first two quarters, luckily with finals counting double in the final average, she was able to pull off over a 90). I was impressed. I was proud of her. And I thought my time with Kim was over.

Chapter 4

I didn’t see Kim once over the summer. I started a relationship with a girl a couple weeks into the summer. She was a bartender and we seemed to enjoy each other. However, after I started up teaching in the fall again, we realized that we never saw each other and, since neither one of us was likely to give up our profession, that we probably wouldn’t work out and thus called it off a few weeks into the school year.

My new students were actually pretty good. There were the rotten few, there always are, but overall they seemed to be easier to work with than my past two years. Things were going pretty well teaching.

Shortly after the first quarter ended, we had a school conference day. One of the main themes was coming up with ways to help students with their grades. There was a bunch of the traditional ideas, such as make the lessons more interesting, have the school buy more materials so we could be more hands on, crap like that. I suggested at one point that since a lot of the students have troubled home lives and can’t do work at home, we could have a homework session after school where students could come for extra help for their school work. Honestly, I just said it to look like I was participating. The idea came from a school a friend of mine teaches at that does exactly that. Our school, while often having teachers stay after if students want help, had no real central homework help program. The teachers and administrators debated the idea, along with all the others, for the rest of the day. As is the tradition at these school conferences, absolutely nothing was accomplished at the end of the day.

However, a couple weeks later, the principal dropped by my room and asked about the plan again. She said that she’d run it by the superintendent and a few members of the board and they liked the idea. They wanted to know if I was willing to run the program. At this point, I thought I had just dug myself a hole I couldn’t get out of. I was up for tenure that year, and while I was pretty sure I would get it, I didn’t want to do anything to hurt my chances like, per se, shutting down a program I suggested. So I accepted. Then the principal told me she had allocated a pay rate of $80 per hour for me for the homework program. Suddenly I was really glad I had accepted it.

As I worked the details out, the program turned out to be really nice for me. I asked around to see if any other teachers wanted to help, but they all seemed to have no interest. So it basically worked out that I was to spend every day I could after school for two hours just chilling in my room helping kids with homework. If I couldn’t make it for some reason, I just had to let the school secretary know before the day was out, and she’d make an announcement that it was cancelled. Basically, I was free to set my own schedule. Of course, at $160 a day ($80 an hour for two hours) I tried to make it as much as I could.

The first day was interesting. The program was set up for students in all grades, so I had a range of students from freshmen to seniors. I knew most the students, as earth science was a required class. I wasn’t around when the seniors were freshmen though, so I didn’t know any of them. What was really interesting though, was that none of them really wanted my help. They just used the time to do the work, and generally if anyone needed help, someone from the grade above would help them. While I certainly wouldn’t say that is how most high school students behave, I guess that the kind that are attracted to a homework-help program are generally nicer and more willing to help than most. So basically my job was to sit there and do nothing, often correcting work I would otherwise have to do at home or just talking to the students.

And, of course, one of the students that came on that first day was Kim. I hadn’t seen her in nearly six months, so we had some excited ‘hello’s and ‘how are you doing’s. Since no one seemed to want help, Kim ended up coming up and talking to me for most of the time. I found out that she had gotten a job over the summer as a bagger at the local grocery store (I guess there’s not much opportunity out there for 15 year olds looking for jobs). It seemed to have worked out great for Kim though for a variety of reasons. For one, it got her out of the apartment and away from her family. Two, it was a crappy job, so her mom seemed to love it since she could make fun of Kim for it, which Kim really didn’t give a shit about, but pretended to be angry about as she figured that’s the reaction her mom was looking for. And three, it got Kim her own source of money, which she had never had before. She spent most the money buying clothes for herself, so she didn’t have to wear her mother’s clothes anymore. I guess she bought a lot of similar style clothes anyhow as she didn’t want to freak out her friends by completely changing styles, but they were slightly more conservative, and far less trashy. Plus she was actually wearing real shoes – like sneakers – instead of whatever crappy trash shoes her mom had made her wear last year. As a funny side note, Kim later told me (and was quite embarrassed telling me and I’m not quite sure why she told me) that when she was out buying clothes, she discovered that she had never worn a bra that actually fit her before. She had never actually been sized, she just always wore what her mother gave her. Well, when she was shopping she got sized. Being a guy, I’m not sure how this whole thing works, but apparently she was a 36D but for the past year had been wearing her mom’s 38Cs. She said, which I imagine is quite true, that she didn’t know that wearing a bra could actually be comfortable, that she always thought they were supposed to be uncomfortable, as that had been her experience.

Anyhow, it seems Kim still worked at the grocery store during the school year, a couple nights a week and weekends. And she seemed happy. Like, honestly happy. Which I never saw the year before. She would fake being happy, and there were some days that were better than others, but never was she genuinely happy. And so, I was happy for her.

Kim became a regular to the program. She was there every single day. Usually she would have a friend or two with her, but sometimes she’d come alone. Sometimes she spent the whole time doing her work, but most days she just sat and talked with either her friends or with me. In fact, a lot of people started coming to the program and not doing work. I never complained. As long as they didn’t cause problems for me, they could hang out and do nothing in my room all they wanted. For some of them, they were probably better off there than at their homes or on the streets.

And so the school year slowly passed by. Kim showed me her report card after the second quarter and midterms. She really hadn’t slacked off! Her lowest midterm grade and quarter grade was a 95 and 96 respectively (they were both in biology, which I gave her some flack for, I mean, science with me was her best subject last year and now it’s her worst?). Her overall second quarter grade was a 99, after a 98 overall first quarter. I was honestly blown away. I knew the girl was smart, but I really didn’t think she’d end up high 90s. I mean, teachers in my school don’t give out high grades easily, so she really must have worked for them. I jokingly told her that she better not let Karyn see that report card. Kim answered, completely seriously, that she doesn’t let her mom know anything about school anymore. She does everything on her own, and she doesn’t even think that Karyn has noticed that she hasn’t had to do anything for Kim for school anymore.

The second half of the school year passed much like the first. I’d teach, hang out in my classroom doing nothing while making money, and then go home. The homework program had the side effect of taking up more of my time and thus stopping me from wasting my money going out or spending time buying things I don’t need. Between that and my teaching salary, I was beginning to build up a really decent savings.

The school year ended. Kim finished fifth in her class that year overall. Humorously, she seemed simultaneously proud and ashamed of this fact. While she bragged about it to me, she hid the fact from any of her friends. I was beginning to realize that she did not really think of her friends that highly. She hung out with them to give her some semblance of normalcy, but she didn’t really like them. Kim also made it into all honors classes for her junior year. Pretty damn impressive considering she had entered high school as a below average student. I congratulated her, told her to keep it up, and then we said our ‘goodbye’s for the summer.

Chapter 5

The summer passed quickly for me. I was not stressed at all thanks to having been approved for tenure. At the beginning of the summer, I was going out nearly every other day, but I quickly found that to get boring. I then got a job working for a construction company for the summer. I wasn’t the most knowledgeable person in the ways of construction, but I was a decent handyman and figured I’d survive. Turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would, but I kept with it and actually enjoyed it. I spent most my time outdoors, built up some muscle, and, with the help of the rest of the guys, built a few houses.

Before I knew it, the summer was over. The school year started up again. And after the first five weeks, my homework program started up again too. And I gotta say, the first day Kim walked in, I was blown away. The juniors and seniors were on the opposite side of the building than freshmen and sophomores, so I didn’t see her until she came to the homework session. She was gorgeous! Gone were the semi-trampy skirts and tank tops with sayings on them. Gone too were the bra straps sticking out and the midriff baring. I’m really not sure what words to use to describe her. I want to say classy, but I think that would give you the wrong idea. She just looked good. She was wearing not-too-tight (though not nearly loose) jeans and a form-fitting shirt, along with a pair of sneakers. And she must’ve had something done to her hair, as it was flowing beautifully behind her. She always had nice hair before, but it was never anything special. Now it was. Finally, I honestly don’t think her body changed much, but the way she was dressed brought out her hips and bust. I mean, I guess she always showed off her figure before, but now that she was not trying to, it appeared even better. And I guess she was still finishing off puberty, so her body probably did fill out a little more. She could have easily passed for 21 if she wanted to. In the right outfit, she’d have looked like a working business woman.

Kim came over and talked to me almost immediately upon entering the room. She asked if I had been working out, and I explained that I had worked construction for the summer. I hadn’t noticed any difference, but apparently she did. I then complimented her on her new look. She seemed genuinely touched by the compliment and thanked me. She told me about her summer, working at the grocery store again, but being given a raise and moved to sales clerk as she was the most consistent employee they had with money. She also got a lot of overtime at pay and a half because of that. She apparently made decent money. Really decent for a high school kid. She also told me how she’d bought a swimsuit for the first time and tried swimming at the town pool. Apparently she was no good at it, even after the lifeguard had tried to teach her (and I can imagine he spent a lot of time trying to work with her!). She did however go to the pool on a weekly basis, try to swim, and when that failed, lie around and tan. I hadn’t even noticed her tan I had been so distracted by the rest of her. I also hadn’t known that she had never been swimming before in her life, but I thought this would be a bad time to focus on that. She apparently had decided to change her clothes to a style she liked, rather than trying to fit in with her friends. Turns out, her friends really liked her new look, and a couple of them followed suit, though not giving up their revealing tank tops and what not.

So we picked up where we had left off at the end of the last school year. Kim still came to my program every day I had it, most of the time with a friend or two. If she had work, she’d do it, but she’d spend most of the time talking to me and the few other students that would come up to me. Things were pretty normal.

For awhile.

I was sitting in my apartment late one afternoon watching a movie about a week after the first quarter ended when I heard my doorbell ring. It’s not entirely unusual for my doorbell to ring, but usually my friends’ will give me a call before randomly dropping over. I’ve always had a kind of open door policy. So I paused the movie, went downstairs and opened the door. I was shocked to see Kim standing there, hair all mussed up, what looked like a streaky bruise on her face, and a shirt sleeve nearly ripped off an unusually tight shirt. Not to mention the trashy mini-skirt she was wearing, the likes of which I hadn’t seen this school year.

“Can I…” She choked up, obviously on the verge of tears, then quickly spat out, “Can I come in?”

While freaked out that she was on my doorstep (how did she even know where I lived?), I could not say no. I quickly said, “Of course,” and led her up to my apartment.

It would take too long to transcribe the entire conversation that took place, but I’ll cover the basics.

The second I closed my apartment door behind Kim, she started freaking out. She was crying and screaming, but as far as I could tell, she was just apologizing over and over again. She was sorry, she was so sorry, she was so so so so sorry. I talked her down, told her it was okay. I sat her down in my recliner, told her to just breathe, and offered a cup of green tea, which she accepted. I’ve always been a big fan of green tea.

I sat on the couch and waited for Kim to finish her tea. Every now and then she’d start talking or apologizing, but I just told her to stop, relax, and finish the tea. We could talk afterwards.

And boy did we talk afterwards. Apparently her mom got the mail today, for what was apparently the first time in her life according to Kim, though I’m sure that’s an exaggeration. I guess Kim normally gets it when she comes home from school or Frank picks it up. As a side note, Frank graduated high school last year (barely, and a year later than he should have), but still lives at home, making his money selling weed for his dad. Karyn still does nothing, relying on Rico, and now Frank, for money.

As it turns out, Kim’s report card was in the mail, and Karyn opened it. Seems she got really mad about it, I guess because her daughter was hiding the fact that she was getting good grades from her. After getting angry, Karyn got curious and wondered what else her daughter was hiding from her. By the time Kim got home, she found smashed bottles in the kitchen, and her mother going through her room, her stuff thrown all over the place. Kim had been hiding her new clothes from her mom, which had been found and were now all over her room. Kim then got to hear how pissed Karyn was finding out that her daughter is a “super nerd” who thinks she is better than her mother and thinks she can hide stuff from her and thinks that she’ll ever get out of the house, but she never will because she’s just a fucking loser blah blah blah. Kim says she said nothing and just let Karyn scream. But while screaming, seems she was also throwing shit, ripping Kim’s new clothes that she found, slapping Kim, pulling her hair, ripping her shirt, and whatever else she could come up with. I don’t know how long this all went on for, but I guess that when it ended, Karyn told Kim that since she was making enough money to spend on all the clothes than she had enough money to pay her part of the “family.” Karyn then kicked her out of the apartment and told her to come back when she could pay $400 for rent for staying at her own home, and that she could expect to pay that every month for the rest of her life. Kim then left, stole her mom’s keys, and drove over to my place.

When I asked her how she knew where I lived, Kim told me she copied the address off of a bill that was sitting on my desk at some point last year during the homework program, towards the beginning of it. She said she hid it in her room and that she kept it in case some emergency ever came up. Apparently this fits the bill as an emergency. I was just thankful that her mom didn’t find that piece of paper, as who knows what kind of trouble I’d have been in then. I already new that Kim, who was now 16, did not have a license, though she did have her permit, so I didn’t bother asking about that, but I did ask her if she really thought it was okay to steal her mom’s car. She said that her mom never uses her car and never leaves the apartment anymore, that Frank does all the shopping and everything and he got his own crappy car, so her mom will probably never know her car is gone.

“Well, that is quite some story,” I said when she was finally done telling me everything, well over an hour later. I knew it was a dumb comment for the situation, but I didn’t know what else to say. I asked a few questions and discovered that Karyn had only destroyed about half of Kim’s clothes, which thankfully wasn’t much as she had just started buying her new style. I also found out that Kim leaves her home dressed in a trashy outfit each morning and changes in the bathroom of a breakfast bar down the street from her before heading to school, storing the trashy clothes in her bag and changing back at the same place on her way home. This explained the outfit she was currently in. Luckily, Karyn had not found Kim’s stash of money which was hidden in the same spot as my address. She said she had about $2000 saved up – she didn’t get a bank account for fear of her mom finding out from the mailings (Ironic, given how this sutation began). Kim also said that during the school year she made just about $500 a month after taxes from her job, so she should be able to pay her mom for rent with minimal spending money left over. I started to ask at one point if she wanted me to get her out of there, but she cut me off with an abrupt ‘no,’ much as she had done in the past, so I dropped it.

When all of the questions were done, we just sat there for a bit, saying nothing. Every now and then I’d look over to see Kim sitting up with her legs together and her hands on her lap on the recliner. She looked terrified and nervous. She had stopped crying, but the streaks from her earlier tears were still visible on her cheeks. She wouldn’t look up at me, she just kept staring at the floor. I noticed that there were scratches and some small bruises on her arms. Some looked like fingernails, other like she had small objects thrown at her. Her hair was now even worse than it had been when she came to the door, as she had messed it up more while telling me what had happened by bringing her hands to her head a lot. What I took before to be a streaky bruise on her cheek was actually a bruise on her cheek covered in makeup that was coming off. I don’t know whether the bruise was there before the fight with her mom or not, and it led me to wonder if there were other days Kim had come to school with makeup covering bruises on her face.

Suddenly, and without saying anything, I got up and walked down a short hallway to a linen closet. I grabbed a spare towel and headed back to Kim. I tossed her the spare towel and said, “Take a hot shower. Or a bath if you want to. Clean yourself up, and then just relax. Take as long as you want. When you’re done, we’ll figure out what to do.”

Kim looked up at me with a thankful look in her eyes, opened her mouth to say something, and then closed it and looked down at her lap again. She mumbled, “Thanks,” under her breath. Then she grabbed the towel and headed to the bathroom.

I heard Kim close the bathroom door and waited for a bit. A few minutes later, I heard the toilet flush, and then heard the shower start. At that point, I figured she was okay and decided to watch the rest of the movie I had paused earlier. By the end of the movie, the shower had long since ended, but I had heard her start up the bath. I had no idea how long she was going to be (and I wasn’t going to rush her) so I just put on a ballgame, kicked back, and tried to figure out what to do with her when she got out.

Eventually, I heard the bath begin draining. A few minutes later, I heard the bathroom door open a bit and Kim yell, “Mr. O!”

I couldn’t see the bathroom door where I was so I just yelled back, “Yeah?”

There was a short pause. “Do you have, you know, a shirt I could borrow, since mine’s ripped and all?”

I laughed to myself at the idea of her in one of my shirts, all of which I’d assume were way too big for her. I offered anyway though. “Well, they’re probably too big for you, but if you go into my bedroom, on your left after the living room, you can go through the bottom two drawers of my dresser and pick anything that suits your fancy!”

I heard a happy, “Thanks,” and then the closing of the bathroom door. Now, I really don’t know what I figured, but I guess I thought she’d put on the clothes she came in and then go look through my drawers. Boy was I to be surprised! A few seconds later, I heard the bathroom door open again, and seconds after that, watched as Kim quickly walked by the opening to the living room and went to my room. Only when she walked by, she was merely wrapped in the towel I had given her, carrying her clothes in her arms. And the towel I gave her was not by any means a big towel, so since she had the top wrapped around her ample bosom, it cut off really short, and as she walked by I got a couple quick flashes of the bottom of her ass cheeks.

Now, in all the time I’d spent with this girl, I’d never actually had any sexual thoughts about actually getting with her. Yes, I had masturbated to thoughts of her, but those were all hypothetical. Suddenly those thought were no longer hypothetical. Just seeing the bottom of her ass cheeks made me suddenly realize how beautiful Kim really was, how attractive she was, and how any guy would be damn lucky to be with her. Then, just as quickly as I had those thoughts, they disappeared and were replaced by immense, immense guilt. I mentally chastised myself for such thoughts, telling myself it was not only wrong to like such a young girl, but that it would be abusing the situation, not to mention probably cost me my job. I honestly felt disgusting at having even thought those thoughts.

I forced myself to watch the ballgame again, ignoring everything else.

A few minutes later, Kim came to the doorway to the living room. She had her skirt on, and an old T-shirt from back in my high school track days. It was still big on her, but not as bad as any of my more recent shirts would have been. She had the towel draped over her shoulder, and her ripped shirt in one hand. For some reason, the T-shirt seemed to emphasize Kim’s breasts, and I felt my thoughts again drifting to where they should not be. I quickly shook my head, trying to get the thoughts out. I heard Kim laugh at me shaking my head. I suddenly felt really embarrassed and hoped she had not known what I was thinking. Before I could say anything though, she asked, “You don’t have a hairdryer, do you?”

This seemed like such an absurd question to me that I couldn’t help but laugh, which had the unintentional effect of getting any inappropriate thoughts out of my head. “No,” I replied, “It’s been a long time since I’ve had a girl living here, and I clearly don’t need one myself. Sorry!”

Kim laughed again. It was nice to see her smiling again! I guess the bath had done her well. “No problem! I’ll be back in a minute then!” She then headed back to the bathroom.

A couple minutes later, Kim came back into the living room, her long hair wrapped up in the towel over her head. She just strolled back in, sat back on the recliner, looked at the TV and asked, “How’re they doing?”

My team was, in fact, losing. Pretty badly. But that kinda faded to the background. Kim and I had a normal conversation, talked about school, how classes were going, what teachers she didn’t like. I tried to give her advice for how to get on the good side of the teachers, me having the inside connection and all. She made fun of the lack of options in my shower (hey, I’m a guy, some Suave shampoo and conditioner and a bar of soap is all I need!). She critiqued my apartment in general, though mostly she had good things to say (save for the bathroom). We strayed to a bunch of topics.

Eventually, the topic came back to her current situation. She announced that she really didn’t want to go home tonight. I offered her my place for the night, but she said she didn’t want to be a hassle, plus she didn’t have clothes for school for tomorrow.

This brought an idea to my mind. I don’t know why I felt the need, but I did. I looked at the clock. It was going to be tight, so I quickly got up, went to my coat rack, and grabbed my jacket along with an old hoodie. I tossed the hoodie to Kim, who looked confused, and put on my jacket. Kim, gave me a confused look, but just put the hoodie on (she had taken off the towel shortly before this). I grabbed my wallet and keys and went to the front door. Kim followed. As I was opening the door, I looked at Kim and saw the bruise on her cheek, now with no makeup on it.

“Do you have anything for…” I stopped and just touched my finger to my cheek.

Kim brought her hand to her cheek, frowned, and said, “In Karyn’s car.”

I smiled and we left my apartment.

As we got to the parking lot, Kim went to Karyn’s car (which was an old wreck – it honestly did not look like it would start up), and grabbed a small handbag. Then we got into my car and drove off.

Kim pulled down the mirror in the passenger side seat and started applying makeup to her bruise. While doing this she asked, “Where are we going?”

“To get you some clothes for tomorrow.” Kim turned her head and looked at me in shock. I’m not sure why it was so shocking, but she clearly had not been expecting it. Then she smiled. She went back to putting her makeup on, and then leaned back in her seat, and went to sleep. I was surprised she went to sleep so easily, given the strange situation was in.

I drove us to a small mall about 45 minutes from my place, which made it over an hour from where Kim lived. There were a couple of places closer I could’ve gone, but I didn’t want anyone I know or anyone she knows to recognize us. We had about half an hour before the place closed. We walked down until she found a store she liked, she quickly picked out a pair of jeans and a shirt, tried them on, and went to purchase them. Kim pulled out a wad of cash from her handbag as if she was going to pay for the clothes (I hadn’t put together that she had brought all her saved money with her, though I guess that made sense given the situation), but I threw a credit card down and the person at the register took my card, despite Kim’s arguments. After that, I started to head back to the car, but Kim pointed out that she needed “undergarments” too. I don’t think I had ever heard a high school kid use the term “undergarments” before, which I made fun of her for. I also told her she was on her own for that one, as I was not about to buy “undergarments” for her, no offense. We were right next to some Victoria’s Secret wanna-be, and Kim went in and came out in mere minutes. Having shopped with women at such stores before, I was amazed how quick she was.

And so we went back to my car. On the way back, Kim thanked me, and mentioned that she was hungry, so I dropped by a fast food drive-thru. We both ate as I drove us back to my apartment.

When we got back, Kim put her bags down on the floor, and we went back to the living room. We talked a bit more about nothing in particular while the TV played in the background.

Eventually Kim yawned and curled to her side on the recliner as if she was going to fall asleep.

“As comfortable as that looks,” I announced, “You’d probably sleep better on my bed. I’ll sleep out here on the couch tonight.”

This led to an argument of who was going to sleep in my bed. Kim insisted she didn’t want to be a hassle and that she was fine there. I told her (truthfully) that I sleep on my couch half the time anyway, so it really wasn’t a problem. I think Kim thought I was making that up, and she didn’t buy it. Some fifteen minutes later though, she was practically knocked out in the chair. I asked if she was sure she didn’t want the bed, and she just mumbled something in response, she was so out of it.

I laughed and got up. I walked over to her, and grabbed her top hand to pull her up telling her I was going to bring her to the bed. She mumbled out one of those “no, no, no, okay, fine” type of deals. I laughed and pulled her hand as she started to get up. She was so tired though that I think she forgot what she was wearing. She brought one leg over to the opposite side of the chair to stand up, which had the dual effect of spreading her legs and pushing the skirt she was wearing up. I felt myself go instantly hard staring at the simple solid satin black panties she had on. I tried to look away, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Luckily, Kim was just staring at the ground she was so tired. As she stood up (and her skirt dropped over her panties), I forced the thoughts out of my mind, but I couldn’t will my dick back down.

I half walked, half carried Kim into my bedroom. I pulled down the sheet and turned to get out of the way when Kim grabbed my hand. I jumped at first, and then looked into her eyes. She was staring at me with wide eyes. She whispered, “Thank you.” I didn’t know what to say. We must have stood there, staring into each other’s eyes for at least a minute. Then, Kim reached her head up to kiss me.

With more willpower than I knew I had, I turned my face to the side. I whispered, “I’m sorry,” but didn’t turn my head back towards her, I feared the possibility of seeing the look of sadness in her eyes. After a few seconds like that, I whispered, “It’s not that I don’t want to. In fact I think I do want to. But it would be bad. You’re my student, and you’re young, and… it just wouldn’t work. You’ve gotta know that I love you Kim, I’d do just about anything for you, but it can’t be like that.”

Shortly after I finished saying that, I felt a tear from Kim drop onto my shirt. And then another. And then, with no warning, she pulled me into a tight hug. I immediately freaked out, as I felt my hard dick compress against her lower abdomen. She must’ve felt it. I took a deep breath, figured there was nothing I could do now, and wrapped my arms around her back and held her close to me.

The hug didn’t last too long. Less than a minute later, Kim pulled back and quickly got into my bed, curling away from me and pulling the sheets over her. I never saw her face, never knew her reaction to that hug. I walked back to the couch with a million thoughts racing through my mind, laid down, pulled the blanket off the back of the couch over me, and passed out to thoughts of exposed bottoms of ass cheeks, satin black panties, and my hard dick pressed into young abdomen.

I woke up the next morning to Kim shaking my shoulder, only I didn’t realize that’s what it was. In my slow waking state, I had forgotten the entire night before. I quickly remembered as I opened my eyes though, as Kim was squatting on the floor in front of me shaking my shoulder, which gave me a perfect view up her skirt to her black panties.

“Your alarm went off, so I thought you’d want to get up.” I was still staring between her legs when she’d said this. In my tired state, I brought my eyes up to her face to see Kim smiling. There was no way she could have missed the fact that I’d been staring at her panty-covered crotch. I explained to her that I usually hit the snooze button a few times before getting ready, and that it would probably be better if she got ready for school first, which she agreed to and headed off to the bathroom.

Kim took a quick shower and came out just more than fifteen minutes later in the new clothes I had bought for her the night before. Soon after coming out, she announced she should probably leave first, gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and headed out the door before I could say anything more than, “Okay.”

I got ready and headed to school. Everything went fine. Kim of course came to my homework program after school. I talked about school and college with her and a couple of her friends. As per tradition, we both acted like nothing had happened again.

I never saw Kim outside of the homework help program for the rest of that year. However, I found out doing my laundry about a week after this happened that Kim had left those satin black panties in the hamper in my bathroom. I found them after they had gone through the wash. I thought about returning them, but could not think of any decent way to do that without risking getting caught with her underwear. When I realized I couldn’t do it, I decided to throw them out. I had gotten as far as opening the garbage can in my kitchen, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I held them over the open can for a bit, before abruptly turning and heading to my bedroom, where I proceeded to fold the panties up, put them at the bottom of my underwear drawer, and then masturbate to thoughts of Kim in them – and out of them.

Chapter 6

The following summer I worked construction again. I certainly didn’t need the money, between teaching and that homework program I was raking in the money, but I needed something to keep my mind off other topics. I tried a few times to go out with my friends and hook up with other chicks, but for whatever reason, whenever I got close to another girl, thoughts of Kim entered my mind, stopping me from going any farther with any of the girls. By the end of the summer, it had been nearly two years since I had last had sex, which was with that bartender I had a summer fling with. This obviously meant that I was masturbating on a regular basis. I figured I would make it through one more year, Kim’s senior year, then she’d be gone and my mind would straighten itself out and I could try relationships again.

I was very thankful when school started again, as it ate up more of my spare time, leaving me less time to think about things I shouldn’t be thinking about. This was especially true given the fact that the students I had that year were the worst I had yet had, both behavior and grade-wise. Luckily, due to my teaching style, most seemed to like me and work (to some extent) for me. But the other teachers I worked with had much more trouble with these kids, which I ended up hearing about all the time during our team prep time.

I was in for a big disappointment five weeks into the school year, when my homework program began again. Kim was there the first day, but told me that she would only be making every other day that year, as she was working full time at the grocery store to save money for college. When she was there, we spent most of the time talking about colleges. I actually spent most of my time when she was not there talking about colleges with the other seniors too; giving them tips on what to write for their essays, ways to add more to their applications, how to deal with interviews, how to milk the schools for scholarships and the government for loans, stuff like that. Kim had clearly made it her goal to go to a very good college a few hours away, just over the state border. The college had a variety of programs to offer, but Kim wanted to go undeclared, not sure what she wanted to do yet. She had mentioned sociology, psychology, and pre-law to me, amongst others, all of which the college had great programs for. I tried to get her to pick one, as I know the college is more likely to pick someone set for a certain program than an undeclared admission, but Kim wouldn’t listen to me. I also told her to let me help her with the essay or to at least let me review it, but she would have none of that as well. I also made sure she applied to a couple back-up colleges just in case, but I was pretty sure she’d get into the college she wanted to go to. She was in the top ten in her class, had experience working, had extracurricular academics in the form of helping out in my homework program (not exactly true, but no one besides me and her had to know that), and had a glowing recommendation from me, as well as a few other teachers.

And so the year went by, me thinking of Kim a lot, her not at my program half the time, and lots of time spent distracted by dealing with my most troublesome group of kids I had had yet.

Chapter 7

It was in late March when everything changed. I was sitting at the kitchen table of my apartment correcting tests with the stereo blaring when I heard the doorbell ring. I turned off the stereo and headed to the door. Much to my shock, as we had seemed to be growing farther apart this year, it was Kim, looking much different than she did the last time she had shown up at my doorstep (though her mom’s car behind her still looked the same, I could not believe that thing actually ran). Kim was standing there in jeans and a nice form-fitting shirt with her hands behind her back smiling at me, practically beaming at me. It was kind of weird, for the first time I could remember, she looked younger than she actually was. I was reminded of the 14 year old I had met at the bar, not the girl who turned 18 mere weeks earlier.

After obviously looking her up and down, and blushing from getting caught doing so, I finally asked, “What’s going on?”

Kim didn’t respond, she just pulled a packet of folded papers from behind her back and held them in front of my face. I grabbed them and read them, knowing immediately what it was going to say from the logo in the corner and the happy girl on my doorstep.

“You made it in!” I announced without even reading it. “Cong–”

“Look at the next page.” She had cut me off. I looked at her confused for a second, wondering what could be on the next page, then looked down and flipped the page.

I read the first couple lines and caught onto what it was and started smiling. It was the tuition and scholarship page. There were numbers all over the place. I kept on reading, and I suddenly felt my eyes go wide. I kept reading, and when I finished the page, I quickly flipped through the rest of the packet, which was just forms and bullshit information. I looked back at the tuition page, then looked up at Kim and could only mumble, “Holy shit.”

Kim literally jumped on me after that, wrapping her legs around me and started kissing both my cheeks repeatedly. I laughed at first, then realized we were still in the doorway to my apartment building, so I closed the door and carried her up to my apartment. When we got in, Kim got off of me and looked at me. I could only repeat, “Holy shit.”

“I know, right?” Not the brightest of responses, but definitely a traditional Kim response.

We sat and discussed what was on the page for awhile. Not only had Kim been accepted, but she had gotten a full scholarship – over $30,000 a year! Beyond that, the school had guaranteed her a work-study program where she would make ten to fifteen dollars an hour depending on which program she picked. They were essentially paying her to go to their prestigious college.

“It’s all because of you!”

The comment from Kim caught me off guard. “No, it’s not,” I replied quickly, “You earned it, you worked for it.”

“But I never would have if it wasn’t for you!”

“I just gave you some direction, you made the choices on your own.”

“But you told me how to do it, you believed I could do it, and you–”

“But YOU did it,” I replied emphatically, cutting her off.

There was a pause. Then Kim said, “But…” and pulled a folded set of papers from her pocket and handed them to me.

I smiled at her. “What’s this?” I said, unfolding the papers.

“My essay.”

I read it. It was one of the most powerful things I had ever read. The topic of the essay was to define a moment that changed your life. Kim’s essay was blandly titled, “The Change in My Life.” But as I was soon to discover, that bland title was incredibly powerful. The essay began describing her life in poverty, her lack of opportunities to grow like a normal child, the lack of love she was surrounded by in her household (she stayed away from anything that was illegal, but there were many implications that there were problems beyond what she was stating). This was followed by her describing how she changed her life at the suggestion of one of her teachers, namely me. How she took on the responsibility of her home, how she had dealt with her family problems on her own, how she had gotten a job and did her school work to gain control of her own life, and how I helped her through all of it. It concluded with, “I would not be here if it was not for Mr. O. He has influenced my life in more ways than I described. And while this may not count as a single moment that has changed my life, I can tell you that Mr. O has been the change in my life.”

I could feel my eyes watering as I finished it. “Is this–” My throat choked up. I cleared it and tried again as I felt a tear roll down my cheek. “Is this true?”

As I stood looking at her, Kim simply nodded, placed her hands on my shoulders, then leaned up and kissed the tear that had rolled down my cheek. I closed my eyes as I felt it, reaching around her back to hug her lightly. I felt Kim kiss a path from the tear to my mouth. As soon as she kissed my lips, I could not hold back. I hugged her tightly, and kissed her back, my tongue brushing her lips, and soon brushing her tongue. I felt Kim’s hands slide from my shoulders to my back. I will forever remember this as the most intense kiss of my life.

After a couple minutes, our kisses slowed, and we just leaned into each other. It was then I realized what I was doing.

“We can’t do this,” I whispered as I pulled myself back.

Kim looked up at me smiling. “I need to ask you something.”

I nodded.

“You told me I could get out of here. You told me I could get away from everything if I wanted to.” She paused for a second, looking down, as if not sure what to say next. “But I don’t want to get away from everything.” She had emphasized the word ‘everything.’ She paused again, still looking down. Then, quickly glancing up into my eyes, she asked, “Will you come with me?”

I replied, “Yes,” the moment she finished speaking. Then I realized I had answered without thinking, quickly adding, “Wait, but–”

I did not get a chance to finish as Kim locked herself to my lips again. I was amazed by how quickly this girl could make me forget what I wanted to say.

Kim’s hands slid down my back, under my shirt, and then back up my back against my bare skin. I can’t remember anything ever feeling so right. I couldn’t help myself as I slid my right hand around to Kim’s stomach, then up until I cupped her left breast. I heard and felt Kim moan into my mouth.

And suddenly I realized that this was not nearly as right as it felt and pulled back. I backed away from her, breathing heavily, and sat down on the recliner that Kim had fell asleep in over a year earlier. I couldn’t look up at her. I merely whispered, “We can’t do this.”

I’m not sure what I expected to hear in response, but I definitely was not expecting the chuckle that came from Kim.

I looked up just in time to see Kim kneeling in front of the recliner, putting our faces at almost the same level. She grabbed my hands and spoke. “I’m not going to make you do this. I decided that a long time ago. But I do know two things. I want this. And you want this. And if we both move away together after this year is over, we can have this. So if you don’t want this, that’s okay. I’ll understand, I’m too young, you feel weird doing it, whatever.” She paused for a moment here, then grabbed my hands and pulled them towards the sides of her shirt, wrapping my fingers around the bottom, and finished, “But if you want this, just know that I do too, and that it can work out.”

My mind was reeling: Was she right? Could this work? Will I get in trouble? Would my life be ruined?

But while my mind was trying to figure things out, my body had already decided, and I pulled up the edges of Kim’s shirt as she lifted her arms. As I pulled the shirt over her head and hands, my eyes were locked on her bra-clad breasts. They were covered in a white, lacy, semi-transparent bra. They were bigger than I expected, and perfectly formed, seeming to float in the cups of her bra. I could just barely see her slightly darker, quarter-sized areola. Kim must have noticed my staring and reached behind and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her breasts didn’t drop a bit when the bra came off. The miracles of youth! Kim then grabbed my hands and placed them each on a boob. I was immediately entranced. I hadn’t seen tits like this since I was in high school! And so I felt like a high schooler – gently cupping her breasts, weighing them, jiggling them, running my thumb across her nipples. I slowly focused in on her nipples instead of her tits as a whole, rubbing them, pinching them, stretching them until they were as hard as they could be, occasionally eliciting moans from Kim.

I’m not sure how long this went on for, but it eventually ended as Kim reached forward and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, standing up as she pulled it over my head and arms. When it came off, Kim’s hard nips were right in front of my face, and my mouth latched onto the nearest one, my hand returning to the other. Kim moaned loudly, reaching both hands around the back of my head and pulling it hard into her chest. I responded by sucking harder while flicking my tongue against the nip. I alternated this with light nibbling, barely brushing my teeth along the edge of her nipple and drawing circles around it with my tongue.

It wasn’t long before Kim pulled my head to the side, bringing me to her other nipple while she climbed onto my lap, straddling me and the chair. I repeated the process on this tit while I played with her other nipple with one hand and rubbed her back with the other. Kim’s moans quickly grew in intensity, and she slowly began sliding her hips back and forth along my crotch. My dick had grown hard, and it actually kinda hurt in the position it was in, but I dared not pull myself away from Kim’s tit. Luckily I didn’t have to.

After giving off her most intense moan yet, Kim pulled her body away a small amount and dropped her head to mine, kissing my lips, working her way to my ears, and down my neck. I felt her hands slip down to my jeans as she continued to work her way down my neck. She kept kissing her way down my body, briefly tonguing each of my nipples. She had my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped by the time she got to my stomach and was rubbing my hard cock through my boxers. I could already feel a damp spot on my boxers from my precum. When she stuck her tongue in my belly button, I lifted my hips and Kim immediately caught on and pulled both my jeans and boxers down to my feet and off each. The second my dick was free, it flicked up into Kim’s neck. As soon as she was done getting my pants off, she reached up and grabbed my dick, still kissing her way down to it.

I began moaning as Kim kissed circles around my shaved dick. Every now and then she would drag her tongue along the edge of it. Holding my dick towards my stomach, she worked her way to my balls, and started kissing and licking them. My moans dramatically increased in intensity. Then I gasped as she sucked one ball inside her mouth, and then the other. She continued to suck as she tongued my balls inside her mouth, sending shockwaves through my body. Then, quickly, Kim pulled off, stuck her tongue out, rubbed the shaft of my dick in circles around her tongue until she got to the top and immediately impaled herself on it.

I could feel the back of her mouth as Kim held my dick as deep in her mouth as she could take. She was rubbing the shaft with her tongue while continuing to suck. Then, slowly, she began pulling the shaft out of her mouth, running her tongue around my dick as she did so, stopping finally when just the head was inside. She ran her tongue all over the head, focusing on the slit at the end. Finally, with her tongue pressed against the head of my cock, she pushed her head down again, her tongue continuously pressing against the head of my cock and folding under the pressure of it. I was quickly approaching climax as she began repeatedly sliding up and down my cock, keeping her tongue against my cock head.

With Kim’s head bobbing at a rapid pace, I felt my dick contract as the first sign of cumming became apparent. I suddenly realized I didn’t know whether Kim wanted me to cum in her mouth or if she was waiting for me to pull her off. Trying to play the safe card, I tried to tell her to get off my dick, but all that came out was a moan of, “Kim! Kim!” I tried pushing her head off with my hands at the same time while trying to hold back from shooting off.

Kim finally caught on and pulled off and got as far as saying, “Wha–” before I couldn’t hold back anymore. I watched as my first shot went straight to the back of her throat in the middle of her saying, “what?” She immediately started choking and turned her head down a bit, causing the next spurt to hit her directly in the eye. This caused her to lean back, still choking, yet still jerking my dick with one hand, and the rest of the thick spurts came out on the top of her tits and her lower neck, with a few drips sliding down my dick and over her hand.

I had no idea what to think when I was finally done. On the one hand, it was really funny seeing Kim choke on my cum and get shot in the eye. On the other hand, I was worried she was going to be mad. I was about to find out as she cleared her throat one final time and brought her head back to face me.

With one eye open, and a bit of a smirk on her face, Kim asked, “What the hell was that?”

I honestly replied, “I wasn’t sure if you were expecting me to cum in your mouth.”

While wiping the cum out of her eye with a finger, Kim replied, “Well, I certainly didn’t expect that!” She then sucked all the cum off the finger she had brought down from her other eye.

“Sorry,” I replied, half-jokingly as she seemed to be in a good mood. She continued to wipe her eye a couple more time to get all the cum in and around it out, always licking her finger clean.

She then looked down at her cum covered tits before saying, “Oh well, better make the best of it!”

That comment was followed by one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen in my life. She reached down, cupped one tit, pushed it up, stuck out her tongue, and licked my cum off of her tits. I think my jaw literally dropped as I watched her alternate, cleaning first one, then the other tit, and then back again. She must have noticed how much I was enjoying the show, for as soon as she felt she was done ‘cleaning’ she pushed one boob up more than she had before and began tonguing her own nipple as I watched.

This was too much. I moaned, “Oh, fuck, girl!” Then, reaching down to her jeans, I added, “Get up here baby!”

Kim stood up as I kneeled on the floor, unbuttoned her pants and peeled them down her legs to the floor, having her step out of each leg. Then I pulled down her white lace panties (that while I’m sure would’ve looked good matching her bra had it still been on her, looked even better matching her bra on the floor) exposing a totally shaved cunt. It was absolutely perfect – two puffy, slightly red lips, and a single line all that can be seen. I quickly spun around, pushing Kim into the recliner. She immediately lifted a leg over each arm, spreading her pussy lips enough to show some of the pink inside. I didn’t waste an instant pulling her lips farther apart with my hands and diving tongue first into the pink world inside.

My tongue spun circles just inside Kim’s inner labia. The second my tongue touched down, Kim moaned and thrust her hips off the chair, causing my tongue to dip into her hole. I continued spinning circles in her hole as my nose teased just above her clit. Occasionally, I would pull out, lick the surrounding pinkness created by pulling her lips apart, though purposefully avoiding her clit, before returning to tongue-fucking her. While my mouth was busy, I rubbed circles on the tops of the insides of her thighs with my thumbs while my other fingers held her lips apart.

After a few minutes, Kim started pushing her hips down, clearly trying to get her clit to my tongue. Eager to oblige, I ran my tongue up her cunt creating circles big enough to just miss her clit. Finally, I flicked my tongue across her clit at the same time I drove two fingers wet from her pussy juice up into her hole. Luckily I didn’t push too hard, as I quickly found resistance, and knew this was a resistance I didn’t want to break – at least not with my fingers. It came close though, as Kim thrust her hips up as I flicked her clit and drove my fingers inside her. As she did that, I latched onto her clit with my mouth and began sucking away while flicking it with my tongue. Kim began loudly moaning instantaneously. I then started moving the small portion of my fingers inside her in circles, rubbing against the walls of the entrance to her cunt. Kim reacted by moving her hips in circles, seemingly chasing my fingers with her cunt.

When I heard Kim’s breath getting raspy, I pushed my mouth harder into her pussy and began lightly nibbling her clit with my teeth. This caused Kim to begin practically chanting, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” (I’m not actually sure whether she was chanting ‘oh’ as in ‘oh that feels good’ or ‘o’ as in ‘Mr. O.’) Soon after, Kim’s hips stopped moving and she tightened her cunt muscles as she thrust and held her hips up slightly. I quickly moved my mouth down to her hole as I brought my thumb up to quickly flick her clit back and forth, and in mere moments I was treated to an explosion of pussy juice shot straight into my mouth.

I moved her pussy juice around in my mouth for a bit before swallowing while continuing to thumb her clit to keep her moaning. As I finally swallowed, I realized that while kneeling to eat her out, I had been thrusting my own hips, and my now-hard-again-cock, into the air. Continuing to keep her clit stimulated, I moved up Kim’s body, pressed my mouth against hers, and placed my cock against her entrance.

I held it there for a moment, kissing Kim. I was about to push forward when Kim pulled her head back and said, “Let me do it.” I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me, albeit a slightly frightened smile, while her hands slid down to grab my ass. I simply nodded back and leaned in to kiss her. Kim kissed me back as she pulled my ass down until my dick head was inside her, pressed up against her hymen. I let go of my dick and brought both hands up to run through Kim’s beautiful hair as I kissed her. Just when I was beginning to think she wasn’t going to go anything further, Kim suddenly pulled hard as my cock tore through her virginity. Lord knows I hadn’t been expecting it right then, nor did I expect her to throw her head back and scream when she did, briefly hitting my nose with her chin.

At the angle her head was at, I couldn’t kiss her. I let her keep her head back to recover from popping her cherry and leaned down slightly to suck on her nipples as she held me inside her. We were gently rocking on the recliner from her pulling me in so hard, which was causing my dick to move back and forth slightly inside her while she tried to recover. The light movements kept stimulating my dick enough to stay hard, but not enough to bring me to orgasm.

The recliner slowly stopped rocking, and as it did, Kim brought her head down to kiss the top of mine, and slowly pushed me into her deeper. It took a few minutes, but she eventually had me in to the hilt. I pulled my self away from her breasts to look at her face. She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily. She opened her eyes at one point to see me looking at her. She simply smiled and said, “Okay.” I leaned down to kiss her and slowly pulled out an inch, then back in, then a couple inches, then back in, and so on until I was pulling out until just the head was in her. I continued going at a slow pace until Kim broke off the kiss to start moaning, then I began to speed up.

When I was thrusting at a decent pace, and Kim was moaning regularly, I reached a hand down to thumb her clit as I made love to her. This set off short gasps amongst the moans. I began thrusting harder and faster as she was clearly approaching orgasm. As she started chanting “oh” again, I gave her everything I had, both with my thumb and my dick. Suddenly I felt her tight cunt tighten on my dick as she hit orgasm. I thrust with more speed and strength then I knew I had, trying to cum before she came down from her orgasm.

I was right there, when Kim suddenly started pushing me. I was totally confused, and opened my eyes as she gasped out, “I’m not… on birth… control!”

“Shit!” As I shouted that, I pulled out, apparently just in time as I shot a spurt of cum that went up and hit Kim in the face. She immediately grabbed my dick and kept jerking me off, shooting my second load of the night all over her. Besides the shot on her face, there was some on the bottom of her tits, some across her stomach, and a couple drops just above her cunt. A pool of cum was forming in her belly button as the cum on her stomach slid down towards it.

“Sorry about that,” Kim suddenly announced. I had been staring at my cum all over Kim and had nearly forgotten about the issue. I looked at her face and smiled. I then reached up and wiped the cum from her cheek into her mouth and watched as she swirled it around her tongue and then swallowed it.

“Don’t worry about it, I certainly enjoyed it,” I responded, obviously eyeing the cum all over her body. Kim smiled as she reached down and began rubbing the cum into her body, smearing it all over her tits and stomach. When she was done, she brought her hands up and licked them clean. When she was finished with her hands, she pushed me, obviously wanting me to stand. I obliged as she sat up in the chair, leaned forward, and cleaned my soft dick with her mouth.

I let her continue for a few minutes before I felt my dick start to harden again. I warned her, “If you keep that up, we’ll have to go again.” Kim pulled her mouth off and smiled at me, her hands wrapped around the small of my back. She pulled me forward, trying to get me to sit down with her on the recliner. I tried to, but after much effort (and laughter), it became apparent that the recliner was not made for two people to comfortably sit in. We moved over to the couch, still naked, as we had a brief debate about how we could have sex on the recliner, but couldn’t sit in it.

Kim and I laid on the couch for a bit, talking about school, college, what college was like, and so forth. Eventually, I suggested dinner. Kim jokingly asked if that meant she had to put her clothes back on. I of course responded absolutely not, and got up to make dinner for both of us, still naked.

Over dinner, we discussed how soon Kim’s life would be completely different. Everything would be better when she went to college. Eventually, the topic turned to where Kim was going to live for college, as there was a page in her packet that she had to return stating whether she was planning to move on campus or not.

“Tell them you’re going to live off campus,” I told her.

“What?” replied Kim, completely surprised.

“Listen, if you get a place on campus, you’d need a place over the summer anyhow, unless you plan on coming back here. I’ll find you a place to live. You’ll go to graduation, then we’ll go to your mom’s apartment, get your stuff, and go. Forever.”

It must have taken a moment to sink in. Kim just stared at me for a few seconds, then she looked like she was going to jump on me in happiness. “Really? You mean it?”

“Of course I do. I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t, but if this is going to happen, I need you to do something for me.”

“Anything! You know I’d do anything for you!”

I paused for a second. I knew she wasn’t going to like what I was about to say. “I’m going to need you to forget about today until you graduate. You can’t come over here until school’s over. I promise I’ll set you up with a place to live, and I promise to take you there straight after graduation, but we can’t do anything until then.”

Kim looked a little shocked, but not as angry as expected. Unfortunately, her response of, “Why not?” sounded every bit as angry as I had expected. I guess she could cover her emotions physically, but not vocally.

“Kim, I don’t think I would make it to the end of the school year if we were together the whole time. I don’t trust myself. I’d make a mistake. I’d mention I’d have a girlfriend to one of the other teachers or something. I don’t know. There are too many things that can go wrong. We are so close, let’s just make it to the end of the year not taking any chances.”

Kim sighed. After a few moments, she responded, “You’re right. That makes sense.” Then a brief pause before a depressed sounding, “I guess.”

“There’s one more thing, and this you’re really not going to like.”

Kim looked at me and just mumbled, “What else?” It sounded as if she thought nothing else I said was going to be any worse.

“You can’t come to my homework program for the rest of the year.”

There was no covering her anger now. “Why the fuck not?” she screamed at me, slamming a hand on the kitchen table. As we were still naked, I couldn’t help but ogle her jiggling tits as she slammed her fist in anger.

It was my turn to sigh. I looked at her, looked away, looked at her again, took a deep breath, and then said, “I don’t think I can be near you. I’d make a mistake. I’d hug you. I’d kiss you. Maybe I’d just put a hand on your thigh or something, but someone would notice, and then everything would be ruined. I just don’t think I…” I didn’t know how to say it. “I guess I…” That wasn’t it. “Thing is I…” I couldn’t say it. I looked up to see Kim staring at me, a mix of anger and hopefulness in her eyes. I looked down again. I tried to open my mouth to say something and nothing came out.

“What? You what?”

I looked up at her and just let it out. “I think I might like you. A lot. Love you maybe. And I’m not good at hiding that.”

I looked up in time to see an empty seat before I felt Kim hug me from the side and start kissing the side of my face. I turned my body, shifting my seat over in the process, and returned the kiss. After a few moments like that, Kim straddled my legs and sat on my lap as she continued to kiss me, rubbing her hands over the back of my neck and hair. In the position we were in, Kim’s head was above me leaning down to kiss me while my head was leaned back tilted up to hers. I could feel her breasts occasionally bumping into my neck and her pubis pressed against my stomach. It didn’t take long for my dick to return to full force. As it grew, it pressed against Kim’s ass. She must have felt the pressure of it against her ass as she, still kissing me, lifted her hips up, shifted back a tiny bit, reached down, lined my cock up with her pussy, and dropped down on top of it.

We made love for several minutes in this position, never ceasing the kissing, though occasionally moaning into each other’s mouths. I had to keep us balanced throughout, as a kitchen chair is not exactly the sturdiest object to have sex on, but even so, it was one of the most intense sessions of actual love-making that I can remember from any point in my life.

When I felt myself starting to get close, I slid a hand down Kim’s body to her clit. I wanted to make sure she got off too. She must’ve been closer than I expected though, for as soon as I touched her clit with my thumb, her whole body shot downwards and I felt her pussy clamp tight on my dick as she bit a little more than lightly into my lip. This sent me right to the verge of orgasm. Knowing, since she had told me earlier, that she was not on birth control, I focused all my energy on staying completely still, terrified that any slight movement would send me over the edge.

Slowly, I felt Kim’s cunt loosen around my dick, and she pulled back her head, letting go of my lip. She started an upward thrust of her body and the slow drag of her cunt walls around my dick was nearly enough to set me off. I quickly announced, “I’m going to cum!”

Wasting no time, Kim jerked her body up off of mine and fell to the floor taking half my cock in her mouth. The heat of her mouth, along with the feeling of her lips around my dick, was more than enough to set me off, and I immediately shot my load into her mouth. While it may have been my third load of the evening, it certainly didn’t feel like it. It honestly felt larger than my first load, though I still figure that can’t actually be the case.

After about a minute of shooting into Kim’s mouth, I felt her pull off of me, dragging her lips along my dick as she did so. I looked down and Kim was staring up at me, mouth closed, her head slightly over my slowly shrinking cock. I simply smiled down at her. Her response caught me off guard – she opened her mouth, revealing a huge load of my cum inside. I immediately felt my dick jerk up slightly, hitting Kim lightly on the bottom of her chin. I don’t know if she laughed, coughed or what, but the second my dick flicked her, I saw her head jerk and briefly saw a bubble appear in my cum in her mouth before she closed her mouth and swallowed it all. It was the sexiest moment I can ever remember.

After swallowing, Kim got up and sat on my lap again, kissing me. I simply stood up, carrying Kim, and walked out to the living room and laid down on the couch with her. We didn’t talk, I just laid back face up, and Kim laid forward, her head resting on my chest, her breasts against my stomach, and her stomach against my limp cock.

A couple hours later, I woke up to Kim’s hand rubbing the side of my face. I opened my eyes to see Kim looking down at me, smiling. “Hey there,” she lovingly announced.

I simply replied by leaning up and giving her a peck on the cheek.

And then we discussed what we were doing from there. We discussed her college forms. Most of which were plainly obvious – accept the scholarship, take whatever work-study appealed to her most, turn down campus housing, etc, etc. We discussed the fact that we should not see each other – at all – until the day of her graduation. The only time we would even have a chance of seeing each other was in my homework program, as we were on opposite sides of the school. If she skipped that, we would be safe. I told her to have her things packed before graduation, that I’d drive her from graduation, to her mom’s apartment for the last time, and then to her new place where we’d immediately move her in. Kim kept wanting to know what kind of place I’d get for her, but I always replied I wasn’t sure, I’d have to see what was available over there first.

I made perfectly clear multiple times though that we were not to see each other until then. Eventually, after I had made all my plans clear, Kim actually seemed okay with it.

I finally announced that Kim should probably go. I think she had expected to stay the night, but I didn’t want to take any chances, so I asked her to leave, and told her our first night together would be even better. I think that statement was the only reason she actually left. I do clearly remember Kim getting off the couch and walking over to the recliner, where her clothes were on the floor. I remember watching her put her clothes on – her panties, then her jeans, then her bra, shirt, and finally socks and shoes. It was the first time in my life I remember thinking a girl putting her clothes on was sexy. Before that instant, I had always loved getting a girl undressed, and I remember thinking it was weird I thought it was sexy seeing her cover herself up.

After she finished dressing, I made sure Kim had all the paperwork she had brought in, and walked her to the door. I leaned down to kiss her briefly. When I pulled back, Kim whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered back.

Then Kim smirked, quickly dropped to her knees and kissed my limp penis on the head, announcing, “And I love you,” and then lifted my dick to the side, and kissed both my balls and said, “And the both of you!”

Then she abruptly got up, opened the door, and walked out closing the door behind her. I went to the window and watched as she pulled away, lightly tugging on my hardening dick as I did so.

I had quickly come to think of Kim as older and more mature than she really was. But when she kissed my dick and balls, I was suddenly reminded of how young, not to mentioned inexperienced, she still was. And yet I still loved her.

Even with everything that had happened, I had to jerk off before I got to sleep that night.

Chapter 8

The next three months passed quickly. Between teaching, the homework program, and making plans for the end of the school year, I had practically no spare time. But that was probably a good thing. And I never saw Kim. And that was definitely a good thing, as with each passing day I wanted her more and more. There was no way I could trust myself if I saw her.

And so we come to graduation. I arrived just as the ceremony was beginning, as I didn’t want to see her until after the ceremony.

It was the traditional boring graduation ceremony. Sorry, I never found the things too exciting – they’re more for the parents than the graduates anyhow. The first I heard of Kim was towards the end of the ceremony. The principal had announced the students with the five highest averages throughout high school, and sure enough, Kim was number five. On the one hand I was shocked, but I really should have seen it coming. I had seen her grades through the homework program for all those years and knew she was in the top ten, so I should’ve known she’d be up there, I just never thought top five. She probably would’ve been even higher if she hadn’t started off ninth grade so poorly. Those five were the first to be called across the stage for their diplomas. They had all five as a group turn to the audience for applause before walking off the stage. I don’t know how, but Kim somehow knew exactly where I’d be, as her eyes immediately found me, and I swear she smiled right at me. I smiled right back, joining the rest of the crowd in applause.

The ceremony was boring again after that. All the students walked, the principal had some closing words, one of the students had the closing speech, the band started playing, and the graduates stood and walked out the way they had come in.

Most of the graduates were either just outside the gymnasium or hanging out in the cool shade inside the gym. As their parents walked down to meet up with them, I followed, looking for Kim. I did a quick survey outside the gym, and did not see Kim’s signature long light brunette hair. I headed into the gym and repeated the survey, only to get the same results. Every now and then a graduate would come up and say hi to me, thank me, introduce me to their parents (some of which I already knew). I tried to feign interest and congratulate them, but I really did not care. I was just searching for Kim. Finally I made it outside again. I was about to start looking outside again, when I caught a glimpse of the parking lot, and I thought I saw some light brunette hair leaning against my car.

I made it up to my car quietly, Kim leaning against it facing the other direction. I tried really hard to keep my footsteps quiet. As I got to my car, I clicked the button on my keychain to unlock it and opened my door. Kim quickly spun around. Our eyes met across the car, but nothing was said. Kim showed no emotion, she just stared at me. Part of me wondered if she thought I wasn’t going to follow through with what I had promised, as if she was there because she wanted to catch me before I ran off. She just continued to stare at me emotionlessly.

I finally broke the silence with, “Well, you getting in?”

The spell was broken, and Kim, still in her graduation gown, smiled, opened the door, and we both got in my car. As soon as we were both in, Kim leaned across to try and kiss me. I pulled back, whispering, “Not yet.” She looked at me and frowned. I looked back and added, “We’re so close, let’s not ruin it.” Kim gave a small smile, but still did not say anything, and faced forward.

I looked at her a moment, trying to decide if I should say something more. At last, I announced, “I got you a place.” Kim looked towards me, giving me a smile like she actually meant it. I added, “You ready to move out?”

Kim nodded. It was obvious that, while Kim was happy to be there (at least I thought she was), she didn’t want to talk.

I drove to her place in silence, parking on the street out front. While I had not been there exactly before, I knew the street from the time I drove her home from the bar (the incident that started all of this) and could tell the house by her descriptions from her stories. We just sat in the car in silence for a moment.

I asked her if she was all packed. Kim nodded in the affirmative. I asked her if she wanted me to go up with her. Kim shook her head no.

We still just sat there for a bit before Kim finally spoke. “If I toss some boxes out the window, do you think you could toss them in here?”

This caught me off guard. I figured we would just be bringing her stuff out the front door, not tossing it out windows. I turned towards Kim and answered, “Of course I can.” I paused for a second before I added, “Is everything alright?”

Kim simply nodded yes. Then she got out of the car and walked in to her apartment. I got out and opened my trunk and back seat door, folding down the seats to make room for everything she had. Then, without warning, I heard a thud behind me, and saw a large cardboard box, duct taped on all edges, on the ground. I looked up and quickly saw another one drop from a second story window.

I picked these up and put them in my folded-down back seat. As I was putting the second one in, I heard a third one fall, and then some yelling. I put the third in my car and waited for a bit. I was half-ready to run up the stairs to help Kim, but remembered her not wanting me to go up with her. I figured this was something she had to do on her own. I tried to hear what was being said, but all I could make out were expletives, presumably coming from her mom, as it sure didn’t sound like Kim.

It slowly started to fade. I thought maybe the yelling had stopped. But then it started growing again, though sounding slightly different. I was still waiting for more to pack into my car when the front door burst open. Kim ran out shoving a medium-sized cardboard box in my arms while announcing, “Let’s go.”

Her mom was behind her screaming thing along the lines of, “You can’t leave you fucking bitch, you pay me rent, I own you! I shoved you out and you do what I fucking say!” She just kept screaming random comments, occasionally pointing at me and screaming.

I put the box in the trunk of the car, closed the trunk, closed all the doors, and climbed in the driver’s side and started the car. I looked out the passenger side in time to see Kim open the door. She stood behind the open door with one foot in the car for a bit looking at her mom, who was still screaming. I heard her utter the word, “Goodbye,” but I don’t know if it was loud enough for her mom to hear it over her screaming. Kim then climbed into the car, still in her graduation gown, and announced, “Go.”

And I went. I heard her mom come up and kick the side of the car a few times before I pulled away, but soon enough we were on the road.

I didn’t know what to say. I had expected a scene when Kim moved out, but I guess I hadn’t really prepared for one, or thought out what I was supposed to do or say. I kept looking over at Kim, only to see her looking straight forward with slow tears dripping down her face. Every now and then she’d wipe them away. She wasn’t really crying, just tearing.

We had been in the car for about twenty minutes when I finally decided to ask, “Are you okay?”

Kim finally turned to me, smiled still with tear lines down her face and said, “Yes.” Then, after a brief pause, asked, “Can you pull over for a second?”

I of course responded that I could, and pulled over to the side of the highway we were on.

As soon as I pulled over, Kim got out of the car. I quickly got out and walked around to see if she was okay only to find her slipping out of her graduation gown, revealing a beautiful black dress underneath. It looked silky, had thin straps over her should, and a medium-low cut that emphasized her beautiful chest. The lower half of the dress clung tightly to her body down to just below her knees. As I stared at her, she shook her head lightly behind her, freeing her beautiful hair.

I was entranced. I think I stood staring at her with my jaw literally dropped.

Kim came up to me and began talking. “We’re really doing this? I’m really moving out? You have a place for me and I’m never going back?”

All I could do was nod my head in response. Kim immediately leaned forward and hugged me tight to her. I brought my hands around her back and held her tight to me. I said nothing as I felt her body pressed against mine, the side of her face pressed against mine. I could feel her tears against my face.

We stood like that, holding each other on the side of the road, for a few minutes, before Kim pulled away and announced, “Let’s go!”

And so she tossed her graduation gown over the boxes in the back seat, we both got into the car, and we drove. Kim was suddenly much more talkative. We discussed the end of our respective school years. Without me, Kim had no distractions and had finished her high school years on an academic high note. She also had more time to work at the grocery store without the homework program, so she was making more money, much of it being overtime. All of the boxes she had packed her stuff in had come from the grocery store. We discussed the boxes, me being surprised that all she had when moving was three large boxes and one medium-sized box. Apparently all she packed was her clothes, shoes, a few bags, a few school supplies, and her bathroom stuff. Everything she had packed she had bought with her own money, and she wanted nothing else from her mom’s home. The dress she was wearing she had bought with the excess money she had made working at the grocery store, which she had bought as a present to me. I told her how beautiful it was, and how beautiful she was in it. I got to watch her blush as I added that last part in.

And so we kept talking as we drove for another three hours.

Finally, I pulled over on the side of a road in a very nice neighborhood about a ten minute drive away from her college. The road was full of many small houses, each having its own little driveway and yard, a row of trees separating each house on the street. Across the street from where I parked was a thin two story house with a sign “Floor for rent” in front of the house.

Kim’s first response was, “Why are we stopping here?”

I looked at her and smiled. “I told you I got you a place.”

Kim stared at me, looked around, then stared at me again, clearly in shock. “Here?” she waved her arms in a gesture up and down the road as she asked that. I simply nodded. She started rambling, “I thought you were going to get me a little place off campus or something. Not a nice place like this! This is too much! I can’t live here – you can’t have me live here! It’s… it’s… it’s too much.”

I feigned insult looking at Kim, “You don’t like it?”

Kim looked at me shocked, “Of course I like it! I love it! But you can’t pay for me to live here! You can’t… and I can’t… It’s more than I can handle.”

I just responded, “I think you’ll make do.”

Kim just stared at me, then stared at the house across the street, and was silent for awhile. I just stayed calm, letting her jump to her own conclusions.

It took a few minutes before she finally spoke again. “You’re sure I can live here?” I nodded. “You’re really okay with this? I mean, I can’t… even with my job on campus… even with another job… I mean, how much does this cost?”

I simply responded, “It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

Kim looked at me for a second, then said without warning, “Pop the trunk.”

I gave her a questioning look, but popped the trunk. Kim ran back, and I turned around to see her dig through the medium sized box she had brought. She apparently found what she was looking for as she came back up front leaving the trunk open.

“Here,” she announced, throwing a thick wad of rolled up twenty dollar bills with a rubberband around them. “This should help pay for rent.”

I thumbed through the wad of twenties, astounded at how much she had. Not sure, I asked, “How much do you have here?”

“Over two thousand dollars.”

I was shocked. After taking a moment to digest it, I finally stated, “We definitely need to get you a bank account!” Kim laughed. Then I tossed the money back at her and announced, “You’re not paying rent.”

Kim looked like she was going to kill me. She chucked the money back at me and shouted, “Yes I am! I can handle myself.”

I grabbed the money, and decided this could go back and forth forever. I took the money, put it in my pocket and said, “I’ll hold on to this for now, but you aren’t paying rent. But how about we move your boxes inside and discuss it there.”

Kim responded at first with a look of anger, then a smile, then without saying anything seemingly skipped to the trunk and grabbed the box out of the trunk as I grabbed one out of the back seat along with her gown. Kim turned to start walking across the street.

“Hey Kim!” She turned to look at me. “Wrong way,” I announced as I started walking up to the house on our side of the street. Kim looked confused for a second, looking at the house across the street with the “Floor for rent” sign and then at the house I was walking towards. She followed me towards the house.

I stopped at the door, and pulled a set of keys from my pocket, unlocked the door, and went in. Kim followed hesitantly. The door opened on a very small hallway with a set of stairs to one side leading upstairs. There were stacks of boxes scattered throughout the hallway and some at the top of the stairs. I turned around to look at Kim. “What do you think?”

Her head was looking every which way. Eventually she turned to look at me. “What is this?”

“I told you I’d get you a place.”

Kim looked confused. “So,” she stated, and then paused, before continuing, “Where is my place?”

“Here,” I responded simply. Kim just stared at me, clearly not understanding. I laughed a bit, before adding, “I bought the house.”

Kim had no visual response. She just kept staring at me. Eventually, she mumbled out, “You bought me a house?”

I laughed, and feigned an insulted look. “Well, technically, I think I bought us a house, but if you don’t want me here…”

I got no further. There was a large crashing sound as Kim dropped her box. Something definitely broke in it. But I had no time to think about that as Kim ran up to me, shoving the box out of my hands, grabbing my face with both her hands and locking her lips on mine. Soon after she started kissing me, she reached her hands down and started tugging up the bottom of my shirt. With a strong show of willpower on my part, I pulled back.

“Maybe we should finish unpacking the car before we get started with this.”

Kim looked at me, smiled, then ran out the front door. I walked out behind her, watching her beautiful ass wiggle as she ran as fast her tight dress would allow her. She already had a box and was heading back as I pulled out the last box, folded the back seat back up, and locked the car as I turned around. I saw Kim standing in the middle of the yard looking back at me.

As I got closer to her she asked, “So if you bought this house, is that your driveway?” She nodded her head to the side as she asked, indicating the driveway to the side of the house.

“Well, yes, though I think we can call it our driveway.”

Kim then got a questioning look on her face and asked, “Then whose car is that?” Again, she nodded her head to the side to indicate the new-looking blue car in the driveway.

“Oh yeah,” I responded forgetfully. I placed the box I was holding on the ground, made an exaggerated motion of digging through my pockets, then finally pulled out a single key. I tossed it on the box that Kim was still holding while stating, “Yours.”

Kim’s eyes never even glanced at the key, they stayed locked on mine. She remained frozen for a moment. Then she mumbled out, “You bought me a car?”

“Well,” I responded, “I figured you’d need some way to get to campus.”

Kim kept her eyes locked on mine. She then asked, again in a mumbling manner, “You bought me a car and a house?”

“I think we’ve been over this before,” I began, “The house isn’t just yours, it’s ours. But yes, I did buy you a car.”

Kim just stared at me still. I kinda figured she’d be in shock, but I didn’t realize how shocked she’d be. Tears started dripping down her cheeks. I reached my hand out and wiped away the tears with my thumb. As soon as I did, Kim dropped the box she was holding and rushed up to kiss me, grabbing my face with both hands again. I reached around to hold her back as we kissed. I felt myself starting to lose control as my hands drifted towards her side, wanting to slide over her breasts. I pulled myself back again.

“Listen, how bout you go check out your car while I finish bringing these boxes in?”

Kim responded with just about the girliest, “Okay!” I had ever heard, bending down to pick the key off the ground, where it had fallen after she dropped her box.

I again watched her sexy behind as she ran as fast as her dress would allow over to her car. I laughed, then picked up my box and brought it inside. When I came back out, I saw Kim had backed the car to the end of the driveway, and was now driving back in. I just picked up the other box and headed inside. When I came back again, I saw her looking over the dashboard of the car, pressing a bunch of different buttons. She looked up and saw me, turned the car off, and raced up to me screaming, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She kissed me, and I reached down, picking her up in my arms, and carried her into the house – our house.

As I put her down in the house, Kim immediately dropped the shoulder straps over her arms, clearly ready to take off her dress. I reached forward and grabbed the two straps.

“Hold up! Let’s save that for tonight, we’ve got a lot to do before then.” I pulled both straps back over her shoulder.

And so we talked as we moved in. I gave her a tour of the house. She recognized a lot of the furniture from my apartment, while some was new. I explained to her that I had a ton of money saved from teaching, the homework program, and construction over the summer, and that that had allowed me to buy the furniture and the car, as well as get a really good loan on the house. I tossed her wad of twenties back to her at some point saying, “I told you you wouldn’t be paying rent.” I also told her I had found a job at a school about twenty minutes away from our house, so I would be working there starting in the fall, but for the next two and a half months or so, I was hers full time.

There were boxes all over, as I had just hired movers to move all my stuff to the house the day before. I had then went back and stayed at a friend’s house that night before going to her graduation in the morning, so tonight would be the first night for both of us in our new house. We spent most the time unpacking the kitchen and the bathrooms (one on each floor) – obviously the most important parts of the house. We made sure all the boxes were pushed to the side of the bedroom, unpacking our clothes that needed to be hung up in closets, leaving the rest in their boxes.

Eventually we went out, in Kim’s new car of course, to take a tour of the area, see exactly how far away the campus was, and do a little grocery shopping. The grocery shopping was very entertaining, as I’m pretty sure every single guy was staring at Kim who looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and looked very out of place in a grocery store. She insisted on paying for the groceries out of her roll of twenties. I figured there was no harm in that, and let her.

After we got back, we stocked the kitchen and made dinner. Kim made a small salad while I pan-fried a couple steaks. I also popped a bottle of wine to go with our first dinner in our new home.

Following the late dinner, Kim and I finally headed upstairs to the bedroom, literally kissing every step of the way. As we made it in the bedroom door, Kim pulled back, stating, “I love you. I really do. I don’t think I’ve ever loved anyone before. And I don’t think anyone’s ever loved me. But I think you do.”

I smiled back at her, “Of course I love you, I wouldn’t have done this if I didn’t.”

And then I kissed her briefly on the lips. I slowly slid down her standing body, rubbing my face on her dress-covered tits, over her stomach, against her pussy, and down her legs. Then I slowly started kissing up her body. I started leaving pecks on the top of her small feet, and slowly went up both of her silky smooth legs, pushing her dress up as I went. As I got to her thighs, her hands came down and gently ran over the back of my head and she moaned each time my lips or tongue touched her naked skin. I spent a lot of time kissing her thighs, inching them apart, and kissing closer and closer to her treasure. By this time, her dress was pushed up above her black satin panties. Finally, I placed a single peck over her panty-clad pussy, and then grabbed both sides and pulled them down her legs. Kim stepped out of them as they reached her feet and immediately pulled my head into her wet cunt. Similarly, I grabbed Kim’s naked butt cheeks and pulled her hips into my face and started tonguing her exposed clit rapidly.

Kim must have been exceptionally turned on, for within seconds of my tongue touching her clit she thrust her hips forward, clenching my fingers between her ass cheeks, and screamed in orgasm. I felt a squirt on my chin and immediately dropped my mouth to collect the rest of her juices, bringing a finger to rub circles around her clit while I did so. Her scream dropped to loud moans, but her ass never unclenched nor did her hips back up. After a minute or so, I switched my mouth and fingers, returning to tonguing her clit while sticking a couple fingers inside her. A second scream ensued as I penetrated her, bringing on a second peak.

I tried to continue fingering and tonguing her, but when the scream ended Kim pulled my head away from her cunt, shouting, “Enough!” I looked up to see her head looking upwards and her chest heaving underneath her dress with each breath she took. A few moments later, Kim looked down at me and smiled. Her hands, still on my head, gently tugged upwards. I took the hint and stood up.

I stared into Kim’s eyes for a couple seconds before she leaned forward and licked a trail from my chin to my lips, obviously licking a trail of her juices that was left on my face. After a brief kiss, she continued to lick her juices off the rest of my face, then kissed her way to my ear, lightly whispering, “Your turn.”

I smiled as I felt my shirt being pulled upward, lifting my arms so Kim could pull it over my head. She tossed the shirt to the side of the room and immediately dropped to her knees in front of me, undoing my belt, button, and zipper and pulling my pants and boxers to the ground in one motion. My cock stood straight out pointing nearly straight up, completely thick with blood. I had not been so hard in years. Kim looked at it, smiled up at me, then caught me off guard pushing me backwards onto the bed. I fell backward, landing on the bed with my knees over the edge.

Kim crawled up my body, grabbing my cock with one hand, slowly stroking it with minimal pressure. With her other hand, she cupped my balls and brought them to her mouth. I moaned as she sucked one, than the other, than both into her mouth. She spent a few minutes sucking on my nuts, slowly increase the speed and pressure with which she was stroking me. Then, with no warning, I felt my balls drop and moments later felt Kim impale herself on my cock. She had taken me so deep I could feel the back of her throat with the head of my cock. I nearly came right there, screaming out, “Oh god.” I held back as much as I could while Kim held my dick deep in her throat, creating suction inside her mouth. I felt some relief as she slowly pulled her head back, only to nearly cum again as she quickly dropped her head deep over my cock again. I couldn’t help but thrusting up trying to keep from cumming, which had the unintended effect of pushing my dick a bit deeper. I felt Kim swallow around my cock and moaned again. I was forcing myself not to cum. Then Kim pulled her head slowly up again, and I knew I could hold back no longer. She dropped her head again, my hips thrust up, and I shot thick spurts of cum straight into the back of her throat. I felt Kim choke and swallow, but she did not pull off my dick. She kept swallowing and occasionally choked around my dick as I continued cumming. I must have been going for over a minute, and even then Kim still kept my dick in her mouth as it slowly softened.

My dick did not go completely limp in Kim’s mouth. Eventually, with her tongue swirling around my dick, it started to get hard again. As soon as Kim felt this, she pulled off and looked up at me. I was staring down at her as she did this, and as she pulled up, I watched a dribble of my cum drip out of her nose. It must have gone down the wrong tube and ended up in her nose, not coming out until she brought her head up. Kim must’ve felt it and immediately blushed, covering her mouth and nose with her hand. I lightly laughed.

“That was incredible! I’ve never felt anything like that,” I exclaimed, meaning every word of it.

Kim brushed her hand across the bottom of her nose, and then said, “I’ve been practicing.” She followed this up by licking the cum from her nose off her finger. I felt my dick jerk in response.

Out of curiosity, I asked, “With what?”

“Carrots, believe it or not.” I laughed. I think this somehow offended her as she quickly became defensive. “Last time, you gave me incredible feelings, and I wasn’t sure what to do back. So I’ve been practicing for this ever since. I wanted to give you back the feelings you gave me, even though I’m not as experienced.” I opened my mouth to tell her she didn’t have to do that, but she continued before I could get a sound out. “Obviously, I wasn’t able to practice with something that shoots off.” She paused before continuing with a smirk, “I’ll have to practice with the real thing more often.”

I lifted my upper body onto my elbows and responded, “Absolutely, every chance we get!” We both laughed for a bit, but then Kim pushed me back flat on the bed as she stood up at the foot of the bed.

I stared at Kim at the foot of the bed, her dress having fallen back over her legs. Kim began sliding the shoulder straps off her arms and seductively announced, “And that’s not all I have for you tonight!” With her arms out of the straps, she pulled the dress over her beautiful breasts and pushed down a bit, letting the dress fall to the floor, leaving her as naked as me.

I felt my cock immediately grow hard again. I stared in awe at the perfect feminine specimen before me – long legs, rounded hips, shaved pussy, flat stomach, gravity-defiant tits, and a beautiful face with her stunning hair falling behind her with just a few strands coming in front of her shoulders and over her tits, brushing against her hard nipples. I whispered, “God you’re beautiful Kim.

Kim just stood their smiling at me for a bit, blushing slightly at my comment. I don’t know if she was nervous, or just showing off for me, but I could have just stared at her all night, she was that gorgeous.

Finally, without saying a word, she moved forward, climbing onto the bed on her knees. She moved forward on the bed while on her knees, her tits bouncing with each knee-step. When her knees were just past my hips, she stopped. She lowered her hips backwards, keeping her balance with a hand behind her. With her other hand, she grabbed my again-rock-hard cock and placed the head inside of her cunt. Then, slowly, closing her eyes, she lowered herself onto me, taking her hand away. I moaned as she slowly took me all the way inside of her.

When I was all the way inside her and she was sitting on me, she opened her eyes to look at me. She whispered, “I’m on birth control now.” Then, without letting me respond, she leaned back, placing her hands just above my knees, and slowly started gyrating her hips. For someone who claims to be inexperienced, she picked a hell of a position for a practical newcomer! I felt my dick rubbing against her cunt walls as she twisted her hips in circles with my dick inside her. Between that feeling, and the view of her arched back pushing out her bouncing breasts, I was immediately in heaven. I just laid back and enjoyed the ride.

After a few minutes, both of us were moaning, and Kim was beginning to get louder. She opened her eyes, looked at me, and grabbed my hand from my side and guided it to her clit. I took the hint and began rubbing patterns over her clit with my thumb – circles, back and forth, up and down, squiggly lines, whatever I could think of. I would switch patterns until I made her cunt contract on my cock and then continue that pattern until she relaxed. Then I repeated the process.

The sex was incredibly intense.

Kim never stopped shifting her hips, and with her slight backwards lean, I was getting to feel the entirety of her insides with my dick. We were both continuously moaning or screaming, going up and down in intensity at random intervals. We moaned each others’ names, moaned to god, and moaned any other thing that came to mind. Occasionally I’d feel Kim lift a hand off my leg and see her start twisting her nipples with it, which would lead me to rub her clit faster, which made her shift her hips faster.

Kim must’ve had three or four orgasms before I finally couldn’t hold back any longer. I started lightly thrusting my hips – the first work I had put into the act besides my thumb on her clit. Kim clearly understood what was happening, and began rapidly shifting her hips on my cock. I was right on the edge, and pulled my hand off her clit to grab onto each of her thighs with each of my hands as I thrust my hips up hard. My dick pressed against the front wall of her cunt and immediately started shouting in orgasm, during which she finally stopped shifting her hips for the first time, though her cunt tightened on my cock and she laid back further, moving her hands from just above my knees to the middle of my shins.

I felt every spurt go off in her, and felt the cum, mixed with her juices, drip down my cock inside her, and towards her cunt. Kim yelped every time my cum shot into her cunt wall, and the contraction of her cunt muscles each time just encouraged the next spurt.

It seemed to last many minutes before we both seemed to fade. I laid back and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of my moist cock softening inside a hot cunt. Kim stayed leaning back on my legs for awhile breathing heavily.

Finally, I felt Kim moving up. I opened my eyes to see her sitting straight up on me.

“You are just full of surprises tonight, aren’t you?”

Kim and I both laughed. She responded, “Well, I had to do something to compete with the house.”

I smiled at her, and then felt a jerk on my cock, which was still limp, but still inside her. I looked towards where our bodies were joined. Then I felt it again. I briefly saw Kim’s stomach tighten when it happened. She was purposefully tightening her cunt muscles to get me up again! I looked up at her shocked and received a wink in response. I felt my dick hardening inside her.

Suddenly Kim stated, “I hope you’re ready for some more!” Upon saying this, she rolled off of me to the side, and pulled her leg closest to me up towards her head. I could not refuse the invitation and rolled over, looked at her spread cunt leaking my cum, leaned against her raised leg, and began thrusting my rapidly hardening dick into her.

We made love like this for awhile, switched to a 69 for a bit, and I got a nice titty-fuck before we finished doggy-style and passed out for the night. I came three more times that night, and lord only knows how many times she came.


And so there I was – looking out the bedroom window of my new house with a girl that graduated from high school yesterday, recollecting upon our past encounters. I must have lost track of time while running through these memories as I suddenly heard a voice behind me.

“I know we’ve got a lot of unpacking to do, but do you want to help me start the day right?”

I really must have been out of it, as I hadn’t heard Kim move. She had thrown the sheets off of her and twisted sideways on the bed, her ass right on the edge of the bed with her legs straight out, her feet resting on the floor, her body resting back on her elbows against the bed. My eyes couldn’t decide whether to stare at her shaved pussy, her large breasts, or her beautiful face – I just kept going back and forth between the three. When our eyes finally met, Kim just winked at me, and I watched as she lifted both legs over her head. She held them there with one arm while she reached around and patted her cunt with her spare hand.

Not wanting to disappoint, I walked over, my dick already rock hard, and lined it up with her cunt.

‘I could get used to this,’ I thought, smiling, and thrust my dick

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