The Beach House: Chapter 1

The Beach House: Chapter 1

The Beach House

Chapter 1
Once arriving at the house, Abel stares up at the palm tree which had grown to a towering height. The earth was more so a mixture of white sand and patches of thick green grass by now. Staring back at the trees he realizes just how scenic this beauty is. A white house accompanied by a tall palm tree and a border of wavy leaf mountain lilacs. Gourds grow near the back of the house, constantly watered, there’s so much vegetation how could one not enjoy such a land?
Staring up at the gray shingles, he heads through the red door, staring around at the white curtains which are just slightly opened to let one peer in. Staring around, he remembers that Savanna is already inside. Looking around, he sees the house hasn’t changed. The carpet is the same beige color and there’s little else besides the bare essentials. Everything is light in color, the walls are white, and the couches are even the same color as the sand outside. The stand for the TV in the front room is actually made of white marble. He realizes they’ve cleaned up for him.
“Oh, hey, hon,” says his aunt Sandy, completely nude. His cock stands up like a spring as he drools in a stupor over her gorgeous, feminine physique. It is unbelievable how much she and Savanna look alike. The only difference is that Sandy has fully blossomed.
“You alright?” asks Sandy hoping he didn’t get over heated.
“Can I…feel them—your breasts?” he asks eagerly.
Strutting over toward him, she pushes her chest out as if she was offering something more. The seconds he takes hold of her meaty tits, he feels as if he’s going to explode.
“They’re amazing, the elasticity, their so soft. S-Sandy…we going, to have a sexual relationship, too or what is our relationship?”
“Do you want one?” she asks right back, her eyes glimmering with eagerness.
“Y-yeah…I-I do,” he stutters.
“How about a swim, you can see the ocean from the house?”
“S-sure, I’ll…meet you at the shore?”
She gives him a silent nod and with a sigh he heads out the door. He’s a bit confused though can’t remember ever being so hard. Standing in front of the front door he gazes out into the distance, two patches of tall oak trees part to form a sort of path which leads to the great blue “Pacific Ocean.” That all too familiar sound is so intoxicating, so soothing that one could even fall asleep as if the ocean had cast a spell upon them. A pale cloud high in the sky—amongst others—blots out the golden sun. It’s so serene…until he hears a high squeaky voice calling out to him.
“Abel!” Krystal calls out to him.
Turning around he sees a teen female rushing toward him. Her hair is of the palest blonde; her skin is as white as porcelain. Her young body is still more like a teen though her bosoms have grown quite large. Her sky blue eyes gleam with glee as she runs toward him, her tiny feet squishing into the sand. Rushing toward him, lunging forward, she wraps her arms around him. Lifting her into the air they laugh together. Hopping up she wraps her legs around his waist. His cock runs right along the crack of her tight little ass. He shutters in excitement as she rubs her palm along the bottom of his rigid shaft. The beautiful tan skinned Sandy watches as he carries her to the, ocean.

Huh, I’m starting to feel like a foster mother—I have my daughter Savanna, my niece Krystal, and my nephew Abel—each one of us lusting for his young cock. My mouth waters when I see his young hard cock, still so much innocence left within that slight body of his. Hmm, he’s even bigger than my husband though I haven’t seen my husbands cock in I don’t know how long. I love my nephew but to be truthful, I just invited him over so I can have a ready prick whenever I get the itch. I’m sure he doesn’t mind getting a bit of pussy—he already reamed Savanna’s jiggly ass—by the time they got here, cum was pouring from that ass hole. I wonder what he’ll do to that little Krystal…
We do what we want on this land because it is ours. It’s been in my husband’s family for quite some time and it’s his now. The house is a very different place when he’s gone for instance, clothes—what are those again. Everyone enjoys being naked so if you’re comfortable doing so, do it! What is incest…there’s no such thing as incest in our house, only a good time. As far as I’m concerned, they’re not spreading disease and they’re not, wanting to do anything besides fuck so why not?
At fourteen, my sister and I would play with each other almost every day. It was healthy if you ask me, it kept us out of trouble that’s for sure and it kept depression away. Oh, he dumped you? Alright, let’s go home and get off, okay? I mean, it’s as easy as that
You can easily split the three of them apart, personality wise. Savanna is outgoing and bubbly, gleeful as she should be. Krystal is a bit deeper; of course she’s a teenager. Krystal is more so artsy and interested less in sport and more like painting and sketching. What can I say about Abel, he’s the smart one? Unlike them he’s also a bit shy at times which I still find hard to believe. I wonder if he’ll really get used to this or if his brain is on pause and his cock is doing the thinking.

As the sun reflects off the wavy waters, Abel and Krystal roll around in the wet salty sand. Rolling over onto his back, she sits on his lap, rubbing his cock in between her pussy lips.
“Your lips are so soft; your breasts have grown a lot.”
“I like your dick too, it’s so big. Would you like to play with my pussy?”
Climbing off of him, she lies on her back, and spreads her legs out wide as if she is doing the splits. He drags his hands along her sandy thighs. The sand has begun to gather along her legs. Her feet are one of the few things on her lower body which aren’t scattered with sand. Coming closer and closer to her drooling twat, he realizes that she’s already prepared to fuck.
Her fat pussy lips have turned rosy, her clitoral hood has peeled back to reveal her fully erect clit. The light of the golden sun shimmers off of her cunt which is brimming with wetness. Resting on his knees, he closes his eyes and dives into her pungent twat. She moans, so contentedly, as his rough taste buds drag up and down her almost unbearably sensitive clit. With his hands free, he drives his fingers into her warm rump hole.
“I-I’m cuuuummminnngg!” Krystal cries out.
As her leg muscles tighten, her cloudy cum sprays from her pussy hole. Without giving her even the slightest bit of time to recuperate, he thrust into her tight pussy. She cries out in a powerful moan before her moans are suddenly muffled. It seems that Savanna and Sandy have decided to join. Squatted down, Savanna rubs her pussy back and forth on Krystal’s mouth. Just as Abel is about to open his mouth, Sandy yanks him by the hair, forcing his mouth into her cunt.
“It…it hurts Abel!” Krystal mumbles.
“Oh, Abel, it’s been so long since I felt so god. OH MY GOD….I-I’m cumming!!!” Sandy moans.
As he thrusts powerfully into Krystal’s cunt, she wraps her legs around him. With a final thrust of his pelvis, he fills her twat full of gooey spunk. In this same instant, he and Krystal gag on mouthfuls of pungent pussy juice. After this intense encounter, they decide to watch the sun set, while talking about how everything has gotten how it is.

As we lay in the sand, I can’t help but wonder what is to happen next…and how stupid and clich?itting under the sunset is. So I’ve not even been here for an entire day and already, I’ve stuck my cock into I don’t know how many moist openings. Still, I guess I need to focus on what I came here for. I still haven’t even written a page. Huh, I wonder how long I’ll stay here. Perhaps this section won’t end on a down note like all the other sections of my life up until this point…who knows. I do know that I’ll stay here and indulge in such acts as often as I possibly can.


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