The Cute Librarian

The Cute Librarian

The Cute Librarian

I had been helping out at the local library as an after school assignment for a few weeks. The head librarian was an old battle-ax named Ms. Jenkins.

However the assistant librarian was a young very attractive lady fresh out of college. Miss Amore was prettier than the girls I have seen in Playboy and Penthouse. She doesn’t dress like a librarian either. On a couple of occasions I have been able to catch a glimpse of her bra and once she was up on the ladder and asked me to hand her a book so I got to look up her skirt to see her pink panties. It was wonderful. All she needed was that one book. Damn it! However a few days later she let me hand her a few more books, one at a time. That day she was wearing a blue thong the let me see most of her ass before her skirt covered it.

Then Miss Amore asked if I was willing to stay after closing on Saturday. She was assigned the job of dusting the top of the bookcases and the top three rows of books that no one could reach from the floor. Ms. Jenkins would not climb a ladder. There were rumors that she had fallen once but no one knew for sure. So anyway I said that I would love to help her.

When Saturday came I was all excited to see Miss Amore on top of a ladder again. I got an instant erection when I saw what she was wearing. It was the shortest mini skirt that I had ever seen. As we approached closing Ms. Jenkins left a little early knowing that Miss Amore would be staying.

When nine o’clock arrived Miss Amore locked the front door and turned over the ‘closed’ sign in the window.

The first thing we did was to take a break. Miss Amore had brought some drinks and snacks for us. We sat down and relaxed for about ten minutes while we drank a Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Miss Amore said that it was time to get started. She had me get the big ladder because I was stronger and she told me to keep it steady. We started at the beginning of the rows on the left and were going to work our way around.

When Miss Amore climbed the ladder I had a pretty good view up her skirt. She had on black and purple panties to match the quick glimpse of the bra she had on. Wow! We worked our way down one side then back up the other side. We got pretty good at it and I could slide the ladder across the floor as she held onto the top of the bookcase to steady herself. Then in the third aisle Miss Amore decided to do both sides at the same time by having me set the ladder at the far end in the middle and pulling it toward me as she cleaned one side then the other. She got a second feather duster and used both hands to clean the very top and the shelves of books directly below that. In this position Miss Amore would place one foot on a shelf to steady herself opening her legs wide enough for me to get a really good view of her panties. Every time she changed positions or I moved the ladder with her on it I swear that those panties rode up into her pussy even further.

After about an hour of working right along Miss Amore said that it was time for another break. She was all sweaty. She told me to get us a couple of sodas out of her cooler while she went to the lady’s room.

Miss Amore is twenty-three years old and has a four-year degree. She was five feet two inches tall and a hundred pounds. She had blonde hair to the middle of her back. Oh yeah and she wears a 32-B bra. I asked her and she answered.

I on the other hand I am seventeen years old and a junior in high school. I am a nerd, a computer geek, and very good at chess. I’m average height and weight for my age. Oh yeah, and I’m a virgin too.

When Miss Amore returned she was wiping her face and neck with a damp paper towel. She had washed her face in the lady’s room. Her blouse was a little wet around her collar, under her breasts, and under her armpits. She noticed me checking her out. Then we sat down to drink, rest, and talk.

Miss Amore said, “God it’s hot as hell up against the ceiling like that! I wish I had worn a bikini!”

I smiled and replied, “Me too!” Then I smiled some more.

Miss Amore said, “Well my bra and panties actually cover more than my bra does! Would you mind…oh silly question…of course you wouldn’t mind!”

So I watched as Miss Amore stood up and faced me as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed it. Wow! She was twice as pretty standing there in her sexy bra. I think I had seen it on the Frederick’s of Hollywood web site. It was black and purple and it was gorgeous. So was Miss Amore. Then she looked me right in the eyes and unzipped her skirt. She let it fall to the floor, stepped out of it, and placed it on the couch near her blouse. Now I was treated to a girl that looked just as good as any model. The matching panties were great and I had a hard-on. She knew it too! Then Miss Amore turned around but kept looking at my face. She saw my eyes shoot for her bare ass. They were thong panties, not string, but just as good in my mind.

Miss Amore asked, “So! Do you approve?”

I stuttered as I said, “Oh…yes!”

Miss Amore said that it was time to get back to work. She stared right at the lump in my pants when I stood up. I was surprised that I even noticed since I too was staring at her crotch. She climbed the ladder a couple of steps until her ass was right in my face. She paused a moment to me have a better view, I think. Then she climbed to the top and started dusting again. I liked the view a whole lot better now but Miss Amore was still working up a sweat. Her body glistened in the lights, then the dust started sticking to her sweaty body. After three more rows it was time for a break again.

Miss Amore went into the lady’s room while I got us two more sodas. We were going to run out of soda soon at this rate.

When Miss Amore returned she was pretty damp all over. It looked like she had tried to take a shower in the tiny hand bowl. She had tried! She complained about her bra and panties being wet then looked at me and smiled before saying, “I wouldn’t dare!”

I smiled back and asked, “Why not?”

Miss Amore said, “I could loose my job!”

I said, “I am seventeen years old so that shouldn’t be a problem. I could stack our soda cans in front of the door as an early warning system if you’d like me too!”

Miss Amore said, “Wow! That was quick thinking!”

I said, “Not really! I’ve thought of nothing else since I saw you in your underwear!”

Miss Amore said, “That’s sweet!”

I picked up the six soda cans and took them to the front door. I stacked them up just a few inches inside the door as a cheap burglar alarm.

When I returned Miss Amore said, “You first!”

I looked at her and smiled. I said, “Okay! Then I undressed exposing my hard cock.

Miss Amore whispered, “Wow!”

Then I watched as she reached between her breasts and unhooked her bra. Miss Amore opened it up with showing me her beautiful breasts. I had only seen two other girls topless in real life and those were my mother’s and my sister’s breasts. Miss Amore looked a hundred times better to me. Then she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and as she pushed them down she bent over at the waist covering my view entirely. Damn! Then Miss Amore stood up straight and smiled at me. Her beautiful pussy was shaved bald. I could see her pussy lips clearly and she had six silver rings in her outer lips. They glistened in the lights. She smiled sweetly and my cock started jerking at attention wanting to get inside her.

Miss Amore said, “Okay lets try this!”

I had the ladder in position and Miss Amore climbed up two steps and stopped again so that I could stare at her great ass. However she turned around to put her pussy in my face. I couldn’t help myself; I leaned in and kissed her pussy mound. Miss Amore didn’t flinch so I leaned in again and ran my tongue up her slit and touched her clit with my tongue. She giggled and turned around so I licked my way up her ass crack too before she climbed the ladder to get started.

I stared at Miss Amore the whole time but I had been doing that since we started anyway. She seemed to be taking the heat better. It might not be her nudity but it really didn’t matter. We worked right along. At the end of each aisle Miss Amore would come down the ladder allowing me to kiss her ass. I would move the ladder to the next aisle and go all the way to the far end. Then Miss Amore would climb up, let me kiss and lick her pussy, then climb up the rest of the way and get started again. We did almost twice as many shelves this time.

When she came down she asked me to come to the lady’s room with her. I got to help wash her down this time. We relaxed for a while and kissed on the couch. I got to touch her tits, ass, and finger her pussy. But always the dedicated librarian we got back to work.

It was two o’clock in the morning when we finally finished. We washed each other up in the lady’s room then made love on the big table in the reference room.

Miss Amore had let me look at her, kiss her, and feel her up most of the night so when I knelt between her open legs it was just the reward that I needed. I looked at the open hole I was supposed to put my cock into when Miss Amore grabbed my hips and pulled me forward into her. Wow! It was sure exciting to sink my cock into something moist, warm, as a beautiful as Miss Amore. Soon with her help I was rocking back and forth, she was thrusting up to meet me, and we were fucking our brains out in animal lust.

Miss Amore scared me when she started grunting, thrashing around, and hollering out absentees. I had never experienced a girl in the throws of passion before having one fantastic orgasm. It also excited me to the point that I started cumming too. It was every boy’s dream to loose his virginity in a every exciting way and with a beautiful older woman. This was truly something that I would never forget.

The End

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