The Naked Lady_(0)

The Naked Lady_(0)

This is my first story it might be the only one i ever do cause this one took me all week it a little long but if you like it comment it and let me know what you think

My name is Xavier im 5'9' and i weigh about 185 pounds. Well it all started one night i went to the store to get some milk. I bought the milk and was walking to my car when i noticed someone was sitting in it. Most people would have been afraid to go near the car but i wasn't. I unlocked the door and got in. there was a naked woman sitting in my car and she look scared to death. I asked if she was alright. all she said was to just get away. I started the car and drove to my house. On the way after giving her a blanket she calmed down. I asked her named. She told me her name was Tracy. i asked her if Tracy if she could tell me what happened. She said that she was at home and she was just about to take a shower when someone broke down the front door. She didn't scream she just ran she couldn't get to the phone it was in the living room. He heard her and came running . he saw her running in the woods naked and he took off after her. She ran though trees and bushes trying to get away.Tracy fell over a log and he caught her. he already had his dick out ready for action. he was was so close she was too scared to run. He walked over to her and started rubbing his hand all over her body. Like the idiot that he was eh stuck his dick in her mouth. That were she saw her chance to escape. She bit down on his dick. He screamed out in pain. she got up and started running. He yell at her he said come here bitch im going to rape your ass for this shit. She was lights and ran toward it.She ran out in the parking lot that when she getting out of my car. She ran to the car hoping that it was open. when she noticed it was it was unlock she jump in and locked the doors. the guy chasing her was in so much pain he stop running when she ran out into the parking lot. Then I came out of the store and got in the car.

We got to my house she called the police. I gave her a t-shirt to wear even though she looked better naked. Tracy had some nice breast there about a 40c and she had a very nice it nice and round it was perfect. Tracy thanked me for saving her even though i didn't do anything. When the police arrived she told them the whole story. Tracy told the police that i was friend and she was going to stay with me. After they left she asked if she could stay the night I couldn't say no.I said sure. then she asked me if she could take a shower. I showed her where the bathroom was and left to pull out the sofa bed. When she came out of the bathroom she asked if she could sleep with me cause she didn't want to sleep alone. In my head I said hell yea, but I said yes to her. I put away the sofa bed and took to the bedroom. I was undressing for bed when I thought I should tell her that i sleep in the nude, but when i turned around she was already in the bed naked so I finished undressing and hoped in. She asked if I could hold her and I already knew where this was headed. I was holding her when my dick started to get hard. I Was unsure of what to do so I asked Tracy if we could just fuck. I thought she was going to say no and leave, but surprisingly she said yes. Then she told me that being naked in the car with me staring at her had turned her on. I know that I know her at all but I didn't give a shit. She got on top in the sixty-nine position. She was holding his dick and she said it was the biggest one she had ever seen. I didn't think it was that big it was only about ten and a half inches long and about three inches wide. She was started licking up and down my dick then she licked the tip. she swallowed my whole dick and I almost came right there It felt so good I forgot what I was doing. I started licking her pussy. I only licked the lips not to touch her clit until the right moment. I inserted two fingers in to her pussy.

She let out a little moan letting me know it was the right spot. I slid my fingers in and out really slow when her pussy muscles started to squeeze my fingers that when I started to suck on her clit. That sent over the edge. When she came she started squirting all my face. I got in between her legs and rubbed my dick on her clit before I slid into her pussy.I was bigger then she thought cause as I pushed her moaning got louder. Once I was all the way in I just laid there for a minute. Then I started pumping my dick in and out real slow. Tracy begged me me to do her faster and harder. I started pounding into her with all my might. She was screaming my name at the top her lungs. Then she came and she clamped down on my dick so hard that i came. we laid there for a minute then we fell asleep. That morning when i woke up Tracy was gone. I looked all over the house but she wasn't there. I found the note she left on the fridge it read: Xavier thank you for saving me and the fantastic sex love Tracy. Weeks passed but I never saw Tracy again.


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