The Order Part 4 – Club Funhouse

The Order Part 4 – Club Funhouse


It’s party time again. Rachel, Moira, Malia, Meliana and I are walking through the corridors toward the venue. The party has been in full swing for an hour or so already. We’re part of the second shift, kind of like the relief crew. Rachel says, in her typically lewd way of talking, that these parties need a constant infusion of fresh pussy.

I’ve told them all about my bukkake come-bath. Both Rachel and Moira had done it before – they said it’s one of the more popular events on The Order’s social calendar. I went back after I took a nice long shower, and they let me watch the video on TV, while Sister Monique nestled in between my legs and licked my pussy until I came. That woman has a very talented and agile tongue, just like her daughter. The men cheered wildly when the other girl poured that bowl full of come down my throat. After that, they proceeded to nearly fuck me to death, making me wonder why I bothered to take a shower. I’m not sure how long I can keep up this pace.

Someone made about a hundred 8X10 glossies of my smiling face, totally drenched with syrupy white come. I signed them for all the guys. You know…stuff like “Cum back soon!" and "Slippery when wet!", with two little hearts, or a red lip print. I asked Sister Monique if I could keep one of the photos. It’s on the wall of my bedroom now, and all the girls laughed when they saw it.

We’re dressed in all sorts of bizarre getups. They have an amazing supply of costumes in this place. Lots of feather boas, sequins, ostrich feather headresses, bright colors. It’s like Mardi Gras. I’m dressed like a court jester, in a short, form-fitting, bright green dress, and one of those hats with several…damn, what do you call them? Anyway, they stick out in about eight different directions, with bells on the end. Every step I take sets off the dangling bells.

The twins are both dressed as ballerinas, and they’re having fun doing pirouettes down the corridor. Moira looks like Raggedy Ann, with an outrageous red yarn wig and a painted smile. Rachel is dressed as Tinkerbell, with a short, sequined dress and transparent wings.

So we arrive at the party, and there’s a big sign on one side of the room that says “CLUB FUNHOUSE”. It’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. The whole room is filled with mirrors, the kind that make you look fat, skinny, or both at once. There’s loud music playing, like circus or calliope music, or a merry-go-round. But even louder than that is this half-crazed maniacal laughter that you can’t get away from. HAHAHAHAHEEHEEHEEHEEHEE!!!

And then there are the people. Everyone is wearing some kind of costume, most of them have masks. The preferred costume, for those that don’t have a full-blown getup, seems to be a sort of transparent plastic mask that straps around the back of your head, with a huge smile forever fixed on it. Oh, and I forgot to mention, all of these people are fucking.

There are couches and chairs and beds scattered about the big room, interspersed between the mirrors, and people are having sex in all sorts of combinations and positions.

My attention is drawn immediately to a dwarf, wearing a little clown suit with a big red nose. But the suit has a cutout that allows his totally disproportionate cock to stick out…evidently he’s no exception to The Order’s membership criteria. Anyway, he’s standing behind a woman I don’t know, who is dressed as Marie Antoinette. She’s on her hands and knees on the carpet, and the dwarf has lifted her many skirts, pulled her panties down and is sawing his cock in and out of her pussy. A guy in a business suit and one of those plastic masks is in front of her on the floor, his pants down, and she’s slurping on his cock, her white wig bobbing up and down. That mask is grotesque, with its frozen, perpetual smile.

Meliana and Malia plunge in immediately, and within a few seconds Malia is surrounded by three guys dressed as the Three Stooges, and she’s alternately sucking on their cocks. Meliana, meanwhile, has been bent over one of the couches, and the Phantom of the Opera has pulled her panties down to her thighs. He’s rubbing his stiff cock along the lips of her pussy, and up across her asshole. As I watch, he suddenly plunges it into her tight little cunt, and she yelps. Pretty soon, though, he’s fucking in and out of her and she’s begging for more, the little slut.

I wander off through the maze of mirrors, looking around at the writhing bodies. So far nobody has noticed my availability, and I’m glad I have a chance to kind of scope things out without some guy immediately sticking his cock in me. I know it’s just a matter of time.

Soon I come to a big wall, kind of a prop, with a psychedelic paint job. There are several holes in it a few inches in diameter, with big daisies painted around them. As I stand there looking at it, a big cock pokes through one of them, right at the level of my mouth. It’s like one of those holes you see in gas station restrooms, or peep shows. I can’t remember what they call them. I’m thinking it’s nice that for once I don’t have to get down on my knees to suck a cock, and I quickly take it into my mouth. It’s truly a lovely cock, big and thick, but smooth and graceful, and I enjoy having it in my mouth, my head bobbing, feeling the big, flared head nudging my throat. I work on getting it deeper in my throat, and saliva is flooding my mouth as I suck it. Within a few minutes, I hear a muffled groan, and suddenly big, thick spurts of come are spewing into my mouth. I suck on it hungrily as it floods my mouth, and swallow repeatedly as it continues to pump out sperm. God, I love making men come!

Finally, whoever it is behind the wall finishes coming, and I politely lick his cock clean before it withdraws back through the hole. A second later, another cock appears a few feet away, and I move over and lick around the head with my tongue before taking it, too, into my mouth. This is kind of fun, I think to myself, slurping on the disembodied cock of a nameless, faceless person behind the wall, as the maniacal laughter continues to flood the room, almost drowning out the calliope music.

After the second man comes in my mouth and I gulp it down, a third cock appears, only this one is down about two feet off the ground. I get down on my knees, facing away from the wall, pull down my panties and move back until the stiff cock slides into my pussy. Slowly, I begin to move on it, fucking myself on it as it stays there motionless. It’s like a dildo attached to the wall, you know, like with a suction cup. Only this one’s warm and smooth and supple and it feels really nice filling my pussy. I tense my muscles around it and wriggle my ass, wanting to milk the sperm out of the unseen man’s balls. I’m playing with my clit with my hand while I fuck his cock at a faster pace.

After awhile, I feel warm, heavy spurts of come filling my vagina to overflowing as I push back against it, burying it deep inside me, and I come at the same time, gasping with the intense pleasure of it, as the party swirls around me.

As I ease the big cock out of my juicy cunt, I see that there are now three more cocks sticking through different holes. Word has gotten around, I guess. So I concentrate on getting them off, one by one. Pretty soon Moira comes up and offers to help out. I say sure, and she immediately begins slurping on the one that just emerged from my mouth, her red yarn ropes of hair swinging to and fro. He probably doesn’t know the difference, because after a couple of minutes I see her throat working as she swallows his gushing sperm.

The next guy I meet has a one of those clear masks on with the insane smile, only this one has a big, clear, plastic cock where the nose is supposed to be. It’s even more grotesque than the others, but what the hell, it’s a party. I stand on tiptoe as he leans down a little, and I start sucking on his nose…I mean, his cock. This is deeply weird. Pretty soon he raises his head, and pushes me back onto a couch. Pulling my panties down, he bends his head forward and he shoves the plastic cock into my sperm-flooded vagina. The crazy laughter surrounds me as he fucks me, the colored flashes of light from the disco ball slashing across our bodies. It’s like we’re inside a giant kaleidoscope.

After a little while, he pushes my legs up, bending me almost double. I know what he’s going to do. He positions his head so that the end his cock/nose rests at the little pucker of my ass, and he slowly pushes against it. My ass is getting pretty used to getting fucked by now, and he doesn’t have much trouble pushing it inside. He begins to bob his head, fucking my ass with his plastic protuberance. I can’t imagine how this must look to anyone else.

Now the dwarf in the clown suit walks up to me, climbs up on the bed and straddles my head. Without hesitation, I suck his cock into my mouth, tasting the pussy juice of Marie Antoinette and who knows who else, by now. He begins fucking my mouth, a huge smile painted on his face, my dangling bells ringing with each thrust of his cock. I’ve never been fucked by a dwarf before, but with a cock like that, I’ll bet this guy never wanted for pussy in his life, despite his small stature. Pretty soon he pulls his cock out of my mouth and starts stroking his cock an inch from my parted lips. His first spurt of come splatters my face, and then a second, more copious gush shoots directly into my mouth. I hold it there as he pumps out the rest of his come on my lips, a lot of it sliding down over my tongue. I gather it in my mouth and swallow it as he watches with that awful smile on his face. Crazed laughter surrounds me. It's kind of getting on my nerves. AHHHHAHAHAHEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

The man in the clear plastic mask with the penis has apparently decided the real thing is better, because he’s moved up and replaced the cock on his face with the one between his legs, burying it deep in my ass. The dwarf gets off and I concentrate on the hard, deep thrusts of his cock. Very soon, he groans and begins emptying his balls into my tight ass, pumping what seems like an endless amount of come into me. I come at the same time, my body is jackknifing upward as I give myself up to my wrenching climax.

When he’s done, he pulls out his cock, zips up, and departs without a word. I get up and walk on wobbly legs in search of the other girls, past the mirrors that make me look about 19 feet tall. I feel cum soaking my panties. After a little while, I find Rachel on top of one businessman-type, his cock embedded in her pussy, while another one skewers in and out of her ass, playing with her transparent wings. She’s sucking on a third cock. All three have those plastic masks on, with their perpetual smiles. The laughter from the speakers almost seems to come from their mouths as they fuck her. Rachel, meanwhile, seems to be enjoying herself immensely, and I watch as she experiences at least two orgasms in quick succession. After the second one, I see her gulping down come from the cock in her mouth, some of it escaping and drooling down her chin, and the other two men are moaning as they, too, pump their come into her eager young pixie body.

Malia and Meliana, having finished off Larry, Curly, Moe and the Phantom, are at the wall sucking two cocks within a couple of feet from each other. They've shed their costumes, not that there was that much to shed, and are naked now. It’s almost like they’re having a competition to see who can make their cocks come the fastest. It ends in a tie, as both girls suck hard as the two unseen men pump their spurting come into their mouths. They don’t swallow, though. Once the men are finished coming, one of the twins (I still can’t tell them apart) gets down on her back, and the other one bends over her, so that their lips are a few inches apart. She winks at me as she parts her lips and lets the come in her mouth flow down into her sister’s, joining the big load of come already there. Then they quickly switch, and Malia, or whoever, drools the combined come of the two men into Meliana’s mouth. They alternate like this a couple of times, sharing all that semen, until they start to giggle, and then they kiss, their tongues twining in the thick pool of sperm. Finally, one of them swallows the accumulated come, and they start happily licking each other’s faces of stray gobs of it.

Moira, by now, is lying back in a soft chair, her legs over both arms, and Marie Antoinette is eagerly licking her pussy, lapping up the sperm that oozes from it. Moira looks up at me and smiles contentedly. Then a guy in a pirate getup, with a red headband, a shirt with big stripes, a patch over one eye, and would you believe, a parrot on his shoulder, walks up and unceremoniously shoves his cock into Marie’s sloppy cunt. After a few strokes, he slides his sperm-soaked cock out of her and slowly forces it into her asshole. She turns and begs him to ass-fuck her.

I keep walking, and pretty soon I see Robin Hood on his back, his cock deep in Maid Marian’s pussy. She’s got one of those tall, cone-shaped hats with the silk scarf and a bodice that accentuates her swelling breasts. Meanwhile, a fat, brown-robed and balding Friar Tuck is pushing his monstrous cock slowly into her ass, and an extremely well-endowed and misnamed Littlejohn saws his cock in and out of her mouth.

New people keep coming in the door, and some of the men have departed, I think, although it’s kind of hard to tell. I figure it’s getting close to when a new shift of girls will arrive. We can leave then if we want, but we don’t have to. Malia and Meliana don’t want to leave, anyway – they’re on their hands and knees next to each other as the Superman and Batman slowly fuck them both in the ass. They turn their heads and kiss each other, their tongues twining, as the superheroes thrust into their tightness. As I watch, the dwarf walks over to them, stroking his cock fast, and comes all over their faces, coating their tongues with his sauce.

Pretty soon a guy in a rabbit suit, with a vest and a pocket watch, comes along and wants to fuck me from behind, and while he’s doing that, a pretty blonde girl in a blue dress and shirtwaist sits down in front of me, raised her dress and pulls her cotton panties aside. I smile and begin lapping at Alice’s bare pussy. Who should now show up but the Mad Hatter, who promptly straddles Alice’s face and shoves his cock in her mouth, which she eagerly sucks. Now, if only Tweedledum and Tweedledee were here. They’d probably want to fuck the twins.

Pretty soon the Hatter spews his come into Alice’s greedy mouth, some of it backing up and oozing down her chin. The rabbit comes at the same time, fucking hard into my pussy as he floods it with still more sperm, and Alice thrusts her hips upward, forcing her pussy against my mouth as she, too, explodes in orgasmic ecstasy.

I get up and walk behind one of the funhouse mirrors, and come upon Adolf Hitler and three other Nazis in brown uniforms, who are in the process of gangfucking a blonde chick who may or may not be Eva Braun. Then I see the twins again. One of them is straddling the face of the guy with the cock where his nose is supposed to be. It’s buried in her pussy. The other twin is riding his cock, and the two girls are facing each other and kissing. As I watch, they break their kiss, and both girls spin around, giggling, doing a 360-degree turn. Both of them are still impaled on the man’s two cocks.

I walk by the wall, and there are more cocks to suck, so I join Marie Antoinette and Rachel, and pretty soon we’ve collectively sucked down about eight more come loads. I recognize Marie now…she’s the twins’ mom!

On a nearby couch, a guy in a football uniform, complete with cleats, is fucking a girl with black-rimmed glasses and braces, in a red and white cheerleader’s outfit. I saw her earlier in the dining room, but we haven’t been introduced yet. I don’t think she’s older than 14. Her sweater is pulled up to reveal her real cute little titties, and her black panties are dangling from one upraised ankle. Suddenly, he pulls out of her, and moves quickly upward, stroking his cock, until he’s above her face. His come bursts forth, splattering all over her braces. A second spurt erupts against her glasses as she gazes up at him, wide-eyed, a big smile on her face. Pulse after pulse leaps forth, and soon her face is covered with his semen. He plucks her panties off her ankle, wipes his cock off on them, and then hands them back to her.

I’m beginning to get dizzy from all the fucking and sucking, the howling laughter, the swirling lights. I see Fay Wray, or maybe it’s Jessica Lange, bent over a couch with her white satin dress pulled up to her waste, and King Kong’s monstrous cock stuck in her ass. I watch them for a few moments, and then Donald Duck taps me on the shoulder. He lies down on the floor, and I straddle his stiff cock and squat down on it, balanced on my feet as I fuck him. The whole time he’s making incomprehensible Donald Duck sounds, and pretty soon his come is erupting up inside me, his sperm joining that of the other men. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Donald Duck have an orgasm before.

After Donald floods my pussy with come, Satan comes over and demands that I suck him off. In the midst of doing that, a guy in an old white burlap robe and a crown of thorns wanders up and tells Satan that he should share. So pretty soon, I’ve got their cocks in my pussy and ass, and they’re working them in and out as my body convulses again, sandwiched between good and evil, you might say. Mary Magdalene never had it so good.

Finally, Moira finds me lying on the floor with semen pouring out of me, and tells me she and Rachel and the twins are ready to leave. I follow her to the door, where we all meet and take a last look around. The party is still in full swing, and I’ll bet it will be all night. Four new girls bounce through the door and pass us, dressed in tights, looking like the Romanian Olympic Gymnastics Team. We laugh and head down the corridor, listening to the maniacal laughter as it follows us down the hall, echoing through the Labyrinth. We’re looking forward to a nice long hot shower together.

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