The Portrait Part 2

The Portrait Part 2

Michael Denton, fresh from his earlier portrait/fucking session with Esperanza, drove through the late morning traffic toward the palatial home of Meg Morgan, smiling inwardly. He had finished a rough sketch of his nude portrait of Esperanza, and had invited her back for another sitting the following week, when Holly would again be at Summer School. Esperanza had adored the unfinished painting when he had shown it to her. She had shown her gratitude for the $100 dollars he had given her by taking his aching cock in her mouth and sucking him to a powerful spurting climax, lovingly gulping down his hot, thick sperm and then patiently licking him clean. God, she had turned out to be a hot little slut, he thought. I’ll bet Holly hasn’t got a fucking clue about her, as naïve as she is about her students.

Meg Morgan had invited Michael over to her home to talk to him about the upcoming art show she was hosting there. Meg was a 31-year-old widow and patroness of the arts, having inherited a fortune from her much older husband, who had died in an airline crash the year before. She had become accustomed to being kept in style when she was a trophy wife, and she was intent on living life to the fullest now that she was rich and free of the bonds of matrimony. Accordingly, she bought expensive clothes, exercised constantly to keep herself in great shape, and made sure she lacked for nothing in the area of sexual fulfillment.

Michael did not really know Meg well, but had met her once before at a showing of his paintings. She had seen something in Michael’s work that no one else seemed to see, and she had said she was determined to help him get discovered. She knew everyone in the local arts community, and everyone else with money, power and influence.

Meg answered the door bell in a striking green string bikini that showed off a pair of truly amazing breasts, her nipples barely covered by two little triangles of fabric, with a floral pereo around her waist. Her vivid, shoulder-length red hair made for a striking contrast. “Good morning, Michael!” she smiled, inviting him into the soaring arched entry. “Thanks for coming over. I was just about to go for a swim. Would you like a drink?”

Michael couldn’t resist staring for a moment at Meg’s curvaceous form and smooth skin. My god, what a body, he thought to himself. “Sure…do you have any single malt scotch?”

“I have everything,” she grinned. “Is Bowmore okay?”

“That will be fine,” said Michael.

She turned and walked to the bar as Michael clandestinely admired her firm, sexy ass. Pouring the scotch in a tumbler with no ice, she returned and handed it to him, bringing her own martini with her. “Cheers!” she said, clinking her glass against his and sipping from her highball glass.

Michael raised his glass and downed the scotch, enjoying the warm feeling in his chest as it slid down. “Here, let me get you another,” said Meg, taking his glass from him. She walked again to the bar, returning with a half-full glass and the bottle. “Like I said, I was about to go swimming,” she said, handing him his tumbler. “Would you like to join me? We can talk more there.”

Michael took another drink from his glass. “Ummm…sure,” said Michael, following her as she strode quickly through the house and out another door, opening onto a huge Roman-style pool surrounded by statuary and fountains. “Only I didn’t bring any swim trunks or anything.”

“Oh, please, Michael!” she giggled. “I sent the servants away, nobody else is here, we’re both adults, and trust me, you don’t have anything in those pants I haven’t seen before. Now get out of those clothes and let’s cool off!” She set her glass and the scotch bottle down, untied her pereo, walked to the edge, and dove gracefully into the clear blue water.

Michael watched her until she broke the surface again, adjusting her swim suit top to cover her nipples again. She did a slow breaststroke back to the side of the pool, and began to tread water. “Okay, you’re turn, big guy,” she said, looking up at him with a frankly salacious smile.

Michael decided that it was not the time to be shy, even though his cock was already awakening just from Meg’s proximity in that bikini. This was a woman used to having her own way, a woman who could do a lot of good for his career. He drained the last of the scotch from his glass, kicked off his sandals, unbuttoned the Hawaiian shirt he was wearing, and set it on a lounge chair. Then he unbuttoned his khaki pants and slid them off. He wore no underwear.

“My, my!” said Meg, admiring his cock as it dangled between his legs. “Does it get angry?”

“You may find out soon,” replied Michael, feeling it already beginning to lengthen and thicken from her friendly taunt. He wondered what Meg would think if she knew he had had his cock in the pussy and mouth of one of his wife’s high school students that morning.

“Ooooh, goody!” she laughed, raising her arm and splashing him with water. Michael quickly walked to the edge of the pool and dove in, enjoying the sudden chill of the water against his skin. Breaking the surface, he turned and swam back to her, treading water next to her, all too aware of the voluptuousness of her body in her revealing bikini.

So, where’s your wife today?” she asked.

“She’s at school,” he answered. “She teaches Summer School.”

“Hmmmm….she shouldn’t neglect you that way, leaving you all alone during the day,” said Meg, the innuendo more than a little obvious.

“Well…she’s kind of into her own thing. Seems like we’re really not all that close any more.”

“Some wives don’t seem to realize that artists require nurturing,” said Meg, moving a little closer to him. “And they need their freedom. That’s the only way to get their creative juices to flow.”

“She wouldn’t understand that,” said Michael. “She thinks painting is like making widgets.”

“Poor baby…” she said, pouting. “She should have more appreciation.” Before he could react she moved her arms down beneath the surface and slid her fingers around the shaft of his cock, stroking it slowly.

Michael, surprised, drifted away from her, even as his cock sprang eagerly to life. “Meg…I’m not sure we should do this. I’m married.”

“Oh, come on, Michael,” she said, moving back to the side of the pool and resting her arms on the edge. “You’re wife may not understand what you need, but I do. You’re an artist, and you need to fuck, early and often. She’s not here, and I am. We’re alone, and we have all afternoon. I can do things for you that she can’t, or won’t, and I’m not just talking about showing your paintings to a bunch of rich fat cats. I’m talking about feeding your creative soul.” As she talked, she had reached down and untied the bows on either side of her bikini bottoms. “So stop being such a fucking prude and come over here and lick my pussy like a good boy.”

Michael found Meg’s argument compelling, under the circumstances. After all, he thought, he had cheated on Holly with a teenage girl, one of her own students, no less, only two hours ago. His wife certainly wasn’t giving him any pussy. Why have a sudden attack of conscience now? And there was the added fringe benefit to consider: Meg was prepared to set him on the path to fame and fortune. Fuck Holly, he thought, as he swam to edge of the pool where Meg was patiently awaiting him.

“I knew you’d see things my way, Michael,” she purred as she pulled her bikini bottom from the water, held it up for him to see, and draped it over the edge of the pool. Then, as Michael approached her, she kicked her feet, raising them out of the water and resting them on his shoulders. Michael’s slid toward her, his head between her smooth thighs, and was confronted by the vision of her gloriously naked, wet pussy, completely shaved but for a neatly-trimmed patch of red hair on her mound. Michael, kicking his feet to keep his head above water, leaned closer and extended his tongue, tracing between the folds of her pussy. “Mmmmmm, that’s it, lick me nice and slow.” As he explored her with his tongue, she reached up with one hand and pulled the strings of the bow between her big breasts, untying the knot that held her top together. With the same hand, she pushed the bikini top up over her head and dropped it in the water. Gazing up as he lapped at her sex, Michael was confronted for the first time by the sight of her unfettered breasts, the water lapping against them and over them. He figured she had probably had them enhanced – nobody has boobs that big. But if so, she had one hell of a plastic surgeon, because they were soft and supple, showing no trace of a scar visible, and their shape was flawless. Michael found himself imagining his rigid cock nestling between those soft mounds as she held them together and surrounded him. That’s for later, he thought to himself, as he feasted on her delectable pussy with his lips and tongue.

“Ohhhhh, that’s niiice,” Meg sighed as his tongue explored her, encircling and teasing her clit before delving inside her, seeking her succulent depths. She writhed against him, wanting him deeper. Michael knew his way around a pussy all right, unlike Carlos, her part-time pool boy, who was enthusiastic but decidedly lacking in experience and technique. Still, Carlos had a nice big dick for a boy his age, and he was like the Energizer Bunny, he kept going and going and coming and going and coming and going…

After a few more minutes, in which Michael continued to feast hungrily on Meg’s delicious pussy, she suddenly pushed him away, dove into the water like a porpoise, and before he knew it, she had engulfed his rigid cock in her mouth, taking it deep into her throat. He groaned as she sucked on him, holding her breath, until finally, she exhaled, blowing bubbles all over and around his cock, and rose to the surface.

“Mmmmmm, I can’t wait to feel that inside me!” she said, catching her breath. “Follow me to the ladder.” She turned and swam to the nearby ladder, holding on to it as she turned to face him with her legs apart. “Stick it in me, Michael,” she said, urgently, her voice tawdry.

Michael needed no further prompting. He hold the ladder with one hand, and with the other, guided the head of his cock to her beckoning cunt, rubbing the head up and down the length of her cleft. After a moment, he positioned it as the entrance to her vagina, and slowly thrust inside, burying himself in her to the hilt. At the same time, he leaned forward and captured her mouth with his, felt her tongue immediately thrust into his mouth as her gorgeous boobs pressed against his chest, her nipples as hard as pebbles.

“Mmmmmm….” She moaned into his throat as he thrust slowly in and out of her, her legs wrapping around his ass. She sucked on his tongue like a cock as he drove it into her mouth, their hips driving against each other’s as they fucked beneath the cool water. Meg’s vagina clasped Michael’s cock tightly as it slid easily in and out. Finally, they broke their kiss, panting from the exertion.

“Ohhhh, God, that feels heavenly!” she sighed. “Fuck me, Michael. Fuck me with that beautiful hard dick.”

“Baby, your pussy feels like a velvet glove,” groaned Michael. “It feels so good to be fucking a real woman.”

“You can have me any time you want me, any way you want me, Michael,” she panted. “You can have my pussy, my mouth, my ass. I’ll never fuck with your mind the way your wife does. I know what you need, and I know what I want. And I know how to get it.” She illustrated the point by tensing her muscles around his cock and squeezing it tightly. “Now, fuck me hard, and fill me with your hot, thick cum!”

Her obscene words drove him onward, and he began fucking in and out of her with a mounting fury, her hips driving forward, meeting his thrusts. Her breasts bobbed in the water as he slammed into her, both of them quickly approaching their climax. Too soon, she felt her orgasm well up inside her and she ground against him, her clit rubbing hard against his pubic bone. Arching against him and throwing her head back, she bit her lip and moaned breathlessly: “Oh, baby, give it to me know, shoot it in me, I’m COMMMMMIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!”

Michael felt his balls contract, his come racing up the shaft and flooding into her tightly clasping pussy. “UHHHHH, FUUUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!” he groaned, pumping spurt after thick spurt of his semen into her wildly twitching vagina.

“Ooohhhhh, yessssss….” Meg sighed, feeling his deeply buried cock pulsing and flourishing inside her, bathing her womb as she trembled violently. “That’s it, baby…give me all of it.”

“Jeezus….” panted Michael. “You could kill a man doing that.”

“Mmmm, hmmmm, but he’d die happy, wouldn’t he?” she purred. She leaned forward and kissed him again, as they moved slowly together, enjoying the lingering sensations. Finally, he eased away from her, his spent cock slipping out of her clinging pussy. She moved away from the ladder, enjoying the feeling of the water lapping against her skin.

“Have another drink, Michael,” she smiled as he began to climb up the ladder, water cascading down her skin. “I’m not done with you yet.”

He laughed as he, too, emerged from the pool. “Anything you say, Meg,” he replied, retrieving his glass and the bottle, and pouring himself a fresh one.

“Exactly,” she said, climbing up the ladder and picking up a nearby towel.. “I knew you’d see it my way.” Now, dry me off.”

Michael applied the towel to her fair skin, mopping up the beads of water, paying special attention to her breasts, her ass, her pussy. Soon, he felt his cock coming to life again, pressing eagerly against her ass cheeks as he dried her from behind. “That’s enough,” she giggled. “Now come over here. I want you to put some oil on me.” She walked to a plush recliner and spread another towel over it, lying down on her stomach and resting her head on her arms. Her breasts bulged at her sides as they pressed into the cushion. A bottle of massage oil stood on a table next to the chair.

“Do my back first,” said Meg, as Michael picked up the bottle and sat on her legs just below her ass. His lengthening cock rested between her soft cheeks as he poured the warm, slippery oil on her back and began spreading it with his fingers. “Mmmmmm…that feels good,” she murmured, her hips wriggling a little against his cock.

Methodically, Michael massaged her smooth back, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks each time he leaned forward to press his fingers into her shoulders. “Michael…did you like fucking me?”

“Did it seem like I did?” he replied.

She giggled. “Yeah…it did. Was it better than with your wife?”

“There’s no comparison,” said Michael. “With Holly, it’s like she’s just doing her wifely duty, just getting it over with. She’s got a great body, but somewhere along the line, she just never really learned to enjoy it.”

“Poor baby,” said Megan. “Mmmmm, do my butt.”

“My pleasure,” said Michael, scooting down a little and poured more of the massage oil on her full ass. His hands began to work the oil into her soft flesh, kneading and squeezing her. Then he worked on her thighs, his fingers sliding upward between them as they dug into her. She squirmed delightedly as his fingers eased closer and closer to her pussy, finally brushing lightly against her labia. “Ahhhhhhh…” she sighed. Michael slowly massaged her cleft, rubbing her clit lightly as his thumb eased between her cheeks, seeking her tight little asshole and pressing lightly against it.

“Mmmmmm, I think maybe we should save that for later, sweetie,” she murmured. “Right now, I want you to do my front.”

Michael moved his hands away and lifted up, and Meg turned over on her back. Once again he was treated the sight of her awesome breasts, and his eyes drank them in. Holly was rather small in the breast department, although they were firm and perky, and her nipples were quite sensitive, constantly poking aggressively through her tops. But these….

“You like my boobs, Michael?” said Meg, catching him staring at them.

Michael squirted some oil on them, and moved his hands up to rub and squeeze them. “Whatever gave you that idea?”

“I’ll bet I know what you’d like to do,” said Meg, her voice taunting him playfully.

“And what would that be?” asked Michael, still kneading and squeezing her luscious boobs.

“I’ll bet you’d like to slide your big, stiff cock in between my breasts and fuck them,” she said, smiling and tracing her upper teeth sensuously with her tongue tip. “You’ve been staring at them every chance you got. How long has it been since you had a nice tittie fuck, Michael?”

“Too long!” he whispered, his cock giving a powerful lurch.

“I thought so. C’mon, get them all slippery. It’ll be nice that way.”

Michael squirted still more of the oil on her breasts, and then moved up to straddle her chest, his aching cock resting in the valley between them. She reached up and squeezed them together with her hands, enclosing him between the soft mounds of flesh. Slowly, Michael thrust forward, the flared, sensitive head of his cock glistening with the oil as it emerged from between her soft tits. The recliner chair was elevated where her head was, and she could watch as he moved to and fro, slowly fucking his cock in the silky, slippery tunnel of flesh. He loved doing this, but Holly’s tits were way too small, and she would never have allowed him to do it even if they weren’t. It had been years since he had felt his dick surrounded by soft tittie-flesh. He moved slowly, savoring the sensations as his arousal built.

Meg watched his face, also enjoying the feeling of his stiff dick between her breasts. She had never met a man who didn’t like doing this, and it always made her feel sexy, too. As he moved, she occasionally slipped her long tongue out and lapped at the head of his cock as it came close enough for her to reach. A few times, he slid forward long enough for her to take it between her ovaled lips, sucking on it before he withdrew. Too soon, she sensed that he was getting close to coming. He slowed his pace, wanting to make it last just a little bit longer.

“Michael,” she murmured softly, her face the very picture of wanton lust. “When you come, I want you to come all over my face, like we were in a porn film. I want to watch your hot sperm as it erupts all over my lips and tongue. I want to taste it and feel it on my skin, all hot and creamy!”

“Oh, fuuuuucckkk!!!” Michael groaned, her obscene words causing him to lose control. He thrust forward as her hands pressed her breasts tightly around his aching shaft, and he felt his balls contract violently. The first heavy spurt of come burst from the tip of his cock and draped itself across her face, bathing her lips, nose and forehead. It was followed by second, heavier flourish, splattering against her lips and tongue as she moaned happily, smiling and reveling in the feeling of her face being drenched with his hot, syrupy come. Michael raised himself above her and reached down to grab his cock, stroking it wildly with his fingers tight around it as he spurted again and again. Meg grabbed his balls with her own fingers, fondling and squeezing them as his cock continued to bathe her face, some of it sliding down past her spermy lips into her mouth. Finally, she leaned forward and captured the head of his cock between her wet lips and sucked hard, her tongue swirling around the head of his cock as he emptied the last of his hot, thick come into her welcoming mouth. He gazed down at her sperm-drenched face as she sucked him, her pearly lips tightly pursed around his thick shaft, thinking he’d died and gone to heaven.

At last, he was done. He eased slid back, slipping his sensitive cock from her flooded mouth, trailing thick strands of sperm mingled with her saliva. She smiled up at him as he reached out and began to gather up the stray gobs of gooey come from her cheeks and chin with his finger, guiding them to her lips. The accumulated semen dangled from his finger and snapped off onto her tongue each time, and she hungrily let it slide down into her mouth. “Mmmmm, I love your come…” she whispered. Lazily, she reached up and lifter his spent cock, and traced around it with her tongue.

At long last, Michel got up and fell back into another chair, slowly regaining for breath. He’d never met a woman that loved sex as much as this one. She might literally fuck him to death one day.

Meg reached for the wet towel she had used to dry herself, and began dabbing at her face. Her voice, all of a sudden, was all business. “Now then, Michael, I think we’re pretty much all set for the party next week. We’ll need anything you can provide – I’d like to have ten or twelve pieces of yours to show, so if you don’t have them ready, you’ll need to get going on some. Just do what you can. Of course, we’ll have some works by other local artists, too. I’ll have lots of easels. Oh, and be sure and bring your wife along, I’m just dying to meet her.” She grinned maliciously, winking at him. “There’ll be lots of people there, so I’m sure she’ll be well-entertained. We might even be able to slip away to my bedroom for a quickie at some point. Wouldn’t that be fun, fucking me while your wife sips champagne and chats up my friends?”

“Oh, she’ll be there,” said Michael. “Remember, you asked me to have her line up a few of her students to help serve drinks and hors d’oeuvres.”

“Oh yes, yes, what was I thinking?” said Meg, smiling. “Great, my maid will get them into their costumes and tell them all they need to know. We’ll need the booze to flow freely if we’re going to pry open all my wealthy friends’ checkbooks. Tell your wife to have them here at 6:00.”

“Got it,” said Michael. “I might not see you until the party, Meg. I need to focus on my work. I’m working on a portrait right now that you’re going to love.”

Meg pouted in mock frustration. “Awww….I was SO looking forward to another afternoon of fucking and sucking before then. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make do with the hired help and the pizza delivery boy. Be a darling and let yourself out, will you Michael? I’ll see you at the party!” And with that, she rose from the lounge chair, her glistening breasts softly bobbing. Walking to the pool, she dove in gracefully, swimming underwater to the other side before breaking the surface. Michael watched her longingly as he put on his clothes, and finally walked back into the house.

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