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The Prize_(0)

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The Prize

When I turned twenty-one and could legally get into a bar in my state I went straight to the one that held an Amateur Stripper Contest. I had dreamed of such an event every night as I jerked off. My girlfriends thought that I was strange whenever I would request that they dance and strip for me before sex. Some did but most wouldn’t. The ones that did sure got a lot better sex but they didn’t know it. They would not do it that often either.

So there I was in a bar for the very first time ordering a straight coke. My younger sister was out with her girlfriends, and my parents were home watching television.

The announcer had been begging the girls to sign up for the contest but very few did. He raised the prize money too in an effort to get more girls to volunteer. Finally out of desperation he said that he could not run the contest with just four entries and that if he didn’t get one more girl that it would have to be canceled. The guys booed and offered to pass the hat to add to the prize money. The announcer took them up on their offer and sent his waitresses out into the audience with cardboard boxes. Guys started throwing money in the boxes like crazy. When the boxes were placed up on the stage one girl jumped up in the rear corner and shouted that she would do it. It was my eighteen-year-old sister Jacqueline.

I could not imagine how she had gotten into the bar, then I remembered that she had gotten a fake ID. As she made her way to the stage I made my way over to the table that she had left. Jacqueline disappeared behind the stage.

As I approached the table I sat in my sister’s empty chair. Her three best friends were shocked to see me. They explained that the bouncer lets eighteen-year-old girls in but that he stamps their hands so that they cannot buy drinks. This was their second time in that bar. Jacqueline had been fascinated with the prospect of becoming a stripper, having guys worship her body, and she had been practicing every night for months. I could not believe that my own sister was practicing to be a stripper while I lay in bed jerking off thinking about strippers. All that time we could have been helping one another out.

The first four girls were hot as far as I was concerned but the audience sure didn’t like them very much at all. Then the final contestant was announced. Jacqueline used her real name. The audience went wild and she hadn’t even started to dance yet.

The music started and I knew it was my sister’s favorite song. I should, I had heard it almost every night. Every night! Shit she had been practicing to that song as I was trying to cum.

Jacqueline closed her eyes, started to sway, and then started to sing along with the song. As the song built up tempo so did Jacqueline. Before long she was really into it. Her body gyrated and her clothes began to come off. Not that she was wearing very much. After all if a girl wore a bra, panties, skirt, and blouse that about it. In Jacqueline’s case she wasn’t wearing a bra and her panties were nothing to speak of. However she left her panties on for the rest of that song but removed them during the second song and stuffed them up into her vagina as we all watched. She eventually was on her back with her knees up and masturbating for us. It was not an act either. I was sure that it was part of her nightly routine at home. She would get herself all worked up and wind up masturbating with me in the room next to her. It was my turn to masturbate with her. My hand was under the table, my cock was out, and I was jerking off like crazy when Jacqueline had her orgasm and I cum on the floor under the table.

Jacqueline won without a question. The announcer came back out on stage, congratulated her on winning, and then presented her with five one-hundred dollar bills and a large stack of money wrapped with rubber bands. He said that a quick count by his staff revealed an additional four hundred and forty-seven dollars. He presented her with a plastic trophy and a T-shirt with the bar’s name on it. Jacqueline gathered up her skirt and blouse and went backstage.

Soon she was trying to make her way back to her table where I was still sitting. As she passed by the men and tables, hands were all over her and money was being pressed into her hands. By the time she got back to the table she had been mauled by almost everyone. She was so excited that she even hugged me and then sat on my lap. I just casually reached down and cupped her bare pussy. Jacqueline told me that her panties were still up inside her if I wanted them. Her girlfriends counted the loose money that she had just been given and found that it was an additional fifty-three one-dollar bills making a full thousand dollars for her first night as a stripper.

The owner had given her a job stripping two nights a week even though she was only eighteen. Apparently it was legal to serve drinks and strip in a bar at eighteen but that you had to be twenty-one to drink. Stupid laws! She would dance on Tuesday and Thursday at nine, ten, and eleven o’clock for fifteen minutes for three hundred dollars a night plus any tips that the customers would give her. This was a dream come true for my sister. She asked me to come with her each night for security and that made my dream come true. I could watch my sister strip six times a week! I was in heaven! Then she asked me to be her audience while she practiced more dance routines and learned more songs. It was more than a guy could take.

I wanted to fuck her so badly that I could hardly stand it. Jacqueline turned around in the chair and faced me. She reached down releasing my hard cock from my pants and told me that she could not wait until she got home to her vibrator and that I would do just fine. Jacqueline then proceeded to give me a lap dace as she fucked herself with my cock in a room full of people. Her girlfriends knew what she was doing too and were egging her on, as if she needed any encouragement. She kept telling me to cram her panties in so far that I would have to dig around for a week to get them back out.

As we fucked guys would ask her if I were her boyfriend. Jacqueline just smiled at them and said, “No! He’s my brother, he’s part of the prize, and he’s a lot better fuck than my boyfriend ever was.”

My sister had a lot more guts than I had given her credit for. When we got home that night Jacqueline showed the money to mom and dad and told them how she had earned it. She told them about her job stripping, that she was not going to let her job interfere with her homework, and that the money was going to put her through college.

Of course they were very concerned about her safety but she told them that I had promised to look out for her. Mom then worried that it would led to a deviate sexual lifestyle. Jacqueline told mom that she had no desire to become a prostitute, that she was no virgin, and that she hadn’t been since she was twelve years old. Then Jacqueline smiled at me and told mom that she had fucked me right in the bar after she had won the contest, that lots of people had been around us at the time, and that it had been the best sex ever. She told mom to get off her high horse and let me fuck her sometime, that I was a fantastic lover, and that I was a lot better than dad was. What! Apparently a couple of times a year dad goes into Jacqueline’s bedroom and fucks her whenever mom is away visiting her sister.

That was all the encouragement that mom needed to take my hand and led me to my bedroom. She was by no means the stripper that my sister was but she did strip and get into my bed. When I pulled the covers back so that I could look at her body better mom just smiled up at me and said that my father never does that. That night I got to fuck both my sister and my mother. I even got to sleep with mom.

The End
The Prize

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