The Zethriel Project (Chapters One – Four)

The Zethriel Project (Chapters One – Four)


It was like being electrocuted without the pain. You know that tingly-skin shiver you sometimes feel? Imagine something like that only a thousand times stronger. The sensation had Zethriel Nethergale thrashing on the floor as it stripped him of all lucidity. It wasn't a good or bad feeling, it was just feeling, of such enveloping, overwhelming power.
Afterwards, Zethriel lay on the floor where he'd fallen, just breathing. His mind was now open to the Nether. He could feel the currents of Fel energy flowing just below the surface of his reality. They washed over him like warm ocean waves. The currents responded to him, and by concentrating, he could pull bits of them through into his reality.
Grinning, the new warlock stood up and faced his mentor.
"You have embarked down a dark and dangerous path," said the wearied Blood Elf, his ancient grey hair looped around his ears and waved as he spoke. "Tread carefully, for greater men than you have fallen to corruption."
Zethriel nodded.
"Go now, and return tomorrow. There is one more rite you must pass before you may leave us."
Nodding again, Zethriel forced the grin off his face and bowed respectfully. Minutes later, the cool evening air hit him as he emerged from the sanctum, brushing his black hair from his young, pale face and caressing his ears. He took a deep breath and set off up the alley. Soft light from the lantern crystals bathed the white stone in a cold blue glow. Zethriel was eager to test out his new-found abilities, and so headed to the city gates.
That's when he felt the dagger-point pressing into his back. "Keep walking," a vaguely familiar girl's voice whispered in his ear, "the name's Zethriel, right?"
Zethriel didn't answer. He couldn't quite place the voice, but he knew he'd heard it before. A burst of emerald fire rose from him, singeing his back but also throwing the girl free of him. He spun and lashed out. A bolt of energy connected her heart to his hand and she struggled to rise as her lifeforce was drained, weakening her.
Then she was gone. Zethriel blinked at the empty patch of grass. The light went out of his hands as he prepared to strike with a Shadow bolt. He spun around just in time to meet the girl's dagger with his charged hand, and the impact threw both of them to the ground. Both of them lay there for a moment to catch their breath.
She laughed and sat up in the grass, and her identity finally clicked.
Zethriel laughed too. "Keria Shadoweye. Nice to see you again."
He'd last seen the girl some years ago, when they were both children. They'd been rivals for lack of a better word. Zethriel had had the arcane talent and Keria had not, and so their ways had parted. She had grown up as nicely as Zethriel himself. Her pale, green, bemused eyes sat on a stark-white face framed by black hair, cut short where Zethriel's was long.
She looked at him. "So you've made it into the Warlock's order, I see."
"And what are you now? A thief?"
"An assassin. It pays better."
Zethriel considered that. "So are you on the job tonight or were you just bored?"
"Neither." She dusted off her form-fitting grey-green leathers and stood up. She was slight and agile, perfectly suited to slipping through the shadows unseen. "Your people hired me to follow you. Apparently some of the newly initiated warlocks go insane in the hours following their first experience. Call me insurance."
"Well that's unsettling." He followed her lead and stood also, "but why did you hijack me at the gates?"
"Okay, I admit it. I recognized you and I was a little bored." Keria seemed able to switch between being hard and dangerous, and small and girlish at will, and the transformations were so sudden Zethriel was a little taken-aback. "Not much work these days."
"My apprenticeship ends tomorrow," said Zethriel, "and afterward I'm going to follow a tip about an ancient Outlander artifact hidden on the west beach. It'll be a very good cure for boredom."
"What kind of artifact?" She asked.
"If we already knew that, it wouldn't be as interesting, would it?" He stretched. "Meet me in Falconwing Square tomorrow."

The next morning, Zethriel was back in the sanctum. A pair of Succubi were hauling a disheveled human between them, and forced him down in front of the ancient one.
"He'll do." He looked up. "Zethriel."
The young warlock stepped forward, hunger in his dark emerald eyes. This was the final rite. A stream of energy flowed from the man's chest to Zethriel's hand, and as he drew the man's soul from his body, forming the energy into a crystal, the human screamed.

Keria woke gently, the soft red cushions of her rented bed surrounded her and felt marvelous on her naked body. Her leathers and weapons rested on a chair across the room. She pushed her dark hair off her face but didn't get up yet.
She had dreamed about Zethriel last night. Though she would never say it, even if she were sure she was alone, Keria loved him. Her uncertainty about his name when she'd appeared to him had been feigned and when he'd asked her to meet him again, a flush had rushed through her body.
Her arms were crossed beneath the blankets and her hands moved to rest on her breasts. She closed her eyes again and pictured him as he'd been in her dream, squeezing herself a little and stretching her legs out beneath the blankets so the weight of a cushion came to rest on her mons, and a fold of cloth tickled her cunt.
A sigh escaped her. She prayed dearly that she could overcome her habit of playing hard-to-get. Her appearance was fairly average for a Blood Elf, though she was beautiful by the standards of any other race. She recalled Zethriel's lithe body outlined in moonlight and wondered what it would be like to have him wrapped around her.
The sheet was sticking to her between her legs and she realized she was soaked. She slid a hand down there and rubbed herself a little. She let her middle finger slip down a little farther and curved it back inside her, sending a tremor through her belly. She was breathing harder now, and her other hand was running all over her belly, mons, and breasts.
She added a second finger to the one already in her cunt and started working with a circular stroke. She moaned faintly, her body quivering beneath the sheets. Continuing with the circular massage, she began finger-fucking herself at the same time, while rubbing her clit with her thumb.
In only a few moments she was shaking with the glorious tension deep in her loins and radiating throughout her entire body. Her finger-fucking made a fast, wet, squishy noise and her fluids dripped down the inside of her thighs to pool in the sheet.
Her whole body was shaking and twitching. She drove her fingers into her cunt as hard as she could, over and over, until a thunderous orgasm erupted and spread up her body, causing her to thrash and cry out in something between a loud moan and a very loud sigh, as her juices splashed from her cunt, bathing her thighs and soaking the bed.
Afterwards, she went limp and collapsed back into her pillows to catch her breath. She was sweating and flushed. She turned back the blankets to let them air, and rolled to her feet, sliding a hand between her legs again to cup her lips while she hugged herself with the other. Zethriel had said to meet him in half-an-hour.
She donned her leathers and went out the window with no sound but the wind. Landing outside, she melted into the shadows as she was accustomed to, and headed off to Falconwing Square.


Zethriel turned the glowing violet crystal over in his hand. At first glance it seemed unremarkable, but if one were to relax their eyes an image would impress itself on the mind, half seen, half imagined. A captured soul, waiting to be consumed. He put it in a pocket.
The warlocks at the sanctum had released him. His training was over. He was a warlock now.
The morning sun glowed softly behind a cloud as Zethriel made his way through the city to meet Keria in the Square. He was early. Planters hung in the air around an ornate fountain lined with benches. Zethriel sat down to wait and pulled the soul shard out again to examine it.
He never saw Keria sit down. One moment he was alone, and the next there she was in her form-fitting leathers with a dagger on each hip. "Is that a soul?"
"Yes." Zethriel blinked and put the shard away, tucked in a pocket of his gold-and-black robes. He looked at her. "I forgot to ask if you know how to swim. There's a cave just offshore we have to go through and it's underwater."
She smiled and said simply, "I can swim."
"Then let's get moving. It's a long walk."
The set off on the road to start, but soon went under the trees to make a straighter path. Zethriel was reserving judgment on if bringing Keria was a good idea or not. They walked mostly in silence, her a few steps behind him. Every once in a while she'd make a noise as if she were going to ask something, but then fell silent without speaking.
Zethriel watched her out of the corner of his eye. She wasn't pretty by the standards of their race, but there was something else in her movement and in her eyes and face that made his gaze linger. He seldom spared much attention for such thoughts; his studies were very demanding. Zethriel resolved merely that he was glad to have someone watching his back.
He pointed to a ridge. "The shore is just past there. Ready to get wet?"

Keria choked down a giggle. "You bet." In more ways than one, she added silently. And she was watching his back, rather intently, gazing at the motions of his body through the thin layers of cloth he wore.
When they reached the water's edge, he pointed again. "You should just be able to make out the opening down there. It opens into a cavern with air after a few yards." He glanced back at her and she felt a little shiver run down her spine.
Without preamble, he stripped down to a pair of black silk shorts, leaving his folded robes by a rock, and dove into the sea. Keria had to mentally shake herself to keep from just staring at him, and smiled a little. Then she remembered she didn't have anything on under the leathers.
Zethriel emerged from the water with a splash, standing around waist-depth. "What's wrong?"
Keria had to laugh. "One-layer outfit." She hesitantly began to undo the laces on the vest, thinking this might be a perfect excuse to tease him a little.
"Don't worry, I won't look. Come on." He disappeared under the water again, and Keria vaguely remember something she'd heard about warlocks being able to breathe underwater by magic.
Please do look, she thought, but was horribly self-conscious at the same time. Keria disrobed as quickly as possible and ran to the water. She went under with a deep breath and looked around. There was the cave, and Zethriel floating just outside.
As she swam down to him, he turned and went in. She followed with swift, powerful strokes, but hoped it wasn't a long way. Her heart was beating fast and she was already feeling the need to breathe. It was getting darker, and she could barely make out Zethriel just in front of her. Soon it was too dark to see anything at all, and she very nearly despaired.
But a strong hand grabbed her arm and hauled her upwards. Her face broke the surface and she gasped air with immense relief. "I… can't… can't see," she gasped.
"I can," Zethriel said simply, "enough to move, but it is very dark in here."
He guided her up a sandy ramp to dry earth, and then lit a fire in his hand. The pale green glow cast a flickering half-light over the cavern, and suddenly Keria saw why it was so special. The celling was coated in massive gemstones, and in the center, was a massive golden obelisk.

Zethriel was already walking towards the shimmering edifice, presumably out of overpowering curiosity, but in truth, he need to distract himself–it was proving harder than he thought to keep his promise to keep his eyes from Keria's nakedness.
He dug a pit in the sand with his foot and dropped the fireball into it. Something about Keria stirred feelings deep inside him. Things he'd forgotten were forcing their way to the surface, and a realization hit him so hard the flame faltered for a moment. He had great power, yes, but what was more, he was desperately alone. He had not spoken to a single person outside the sanctum in years.
He glanced back at Keria despite his best efforts not to. Her pale body was outlined in the fel-light like something ethereal and ghastly, but beautiful beyond description. She was staring up at the jewel-encrusted celling.
Turning back to the obelisk, Zethriel made the fire a little brighter, and set to scanning the surface of the thing for the arcane runes he knew he'd find. And sure enough, there they were. A small line, detailing an incantation.
"It's a container," he called, "and I think I can open it. Want to have a look?"
She came closer to see for herself, and made no move to cover herself, although she was obviously nervous so Zethriel did his best to keep his eyes away from her body.
"Go on then, open it." She rested her hands near the grips of her daggers. "It's what we're here for, right?"
Zethriel nodded, read the runes once more to make sure he had it right, and made the spell. For a moment, nothing happened, but then the gold turned to light and melted silently away. Inside was a small stand on which rested a glowing white crystal orb.
It resembled a pearl but for the size of the thing. However, Zethriel got a bad feeling looking at it, but Keria reached forward and before he could stop her, her fingertips brushed the shiny surface of the orb.
That was a mistake. A lattice of light drew itself on the cavern like a spider's web, and where the light landed a tiny crack appeared and the sea came rushing in. The light lasted just long enough for them to see a boulder break loose and block the tunnel, then the water was rushing around their legs, then their torsos, and then their heads.
Zethriel tumbled as the water churned, but he wasn't too worried about himself. His magic let him breathe, but Keria had no higher magics and would drown. Once the last of the air had left the cavern, the water stopped churning and he feverishly searched for the girl.
It was so dark he almost didn't find her in time, but there she was, in a corner of the celling. He pulled her around to him by the shoulders, and saw the panic in her eyes. Doing the only thing he could, he pressed his mouth into hers and gave her breath. It took a moment, but soon she was breathing through him, and closed her eyes in clear relief.


She didn't know how long she breathed his breath, and she didn't care, her relief at air came doubly with the incredible swooning sensation that came with Zethriel's warm touch on her shoulders and his lips on hers. She longed to twine her toung with his, but restrained, realizing that they were in mortal peril. It was to dark to see but a faint impression of his face, so she just kept her eyes closed, and breathed, and swooned, and breathed, and swooned some more.
Finally, Zethriel let go of her, pulling away gently. She nearly panicked again, but he placed one hand on her thought and another on her chest–she quivered with anticipation at having his hand so close to her breasts–and there was a light under his hands in her skin, and then she could breathe.
She gasped in surprise. Zethriel pressed his lips to her cheek and mouthed the words, "Its not permanent, but it should last until it won't matter."
Keria replied eagerly, pressing her soft lips to his warm cheek and enjoying the sensation so much she almost forgot to speak. "You saved my life."
"But we're trapped," he replied, "so don't thank me just yet. We need to search the cavern for weak-points. Swim that way," he pointed, "and I'll check that side and meet you at the other end."
She followed his instructions, tapping at the stone with a dagger as she went, but it was solid and thick everywhere. They almost missed each other again in the gloom, but Zethriel spotted her and pulled her around.
"Nothing," he reported.
Keria shook her head, "Me either."
Despair began to set in, and maybe it was that, or the memory of his life-kiss, but Keria had a sudden moment of pure intention. She slipped her arms under Zethriel's and crushed his chest against her breasts and plunged her toung into his mouth. If they hadn't been underwater, she knew her cunt would be dripping wet by now.

He was too baffled at first to do more than feel her kissing him, but his toung seemed to know what to do on its own and was soon rubbing and twisting and stroking with her's. As the sensations sank in, he could feel his cock getting hard very quickly. Keria wrapped her legs around him and rubbed on his hard-on with her bare cunt through his silk shorts.
Zethriel broke the kiss long enough to ask, "What are you doing?"
"The one thing I wanted to do before I die." She was clinging to him, but had stopped moving. "I think I love you Zethriel, and right now, I want you." Then she was kissing him again, adjusting her legs so she could tug at his shorts.
A fire was burning inside him. If he loved her or if it was merely lust, he couldn't tell, but desire the likes of which he could never imagined had been awakened in him. He wanted to loose himself in her kiss, to feel her pressed against him and him inside her.
When he began to kiss her back in a more than half-hearted manner, she seemed almost to melt into him. He stroked her back and ass with one hand while cradling her shoulders and neck with the other. The hot flesh of her breasts and belly pressed against his front in sharp contrast to the cool water.
Keria pushed back a little and threw off her dagger-belt. Zethriel slid his hands around across her breasts, lightly rubbing her nipples and then sliding a hand down between her legs to tease the folds of her cunt and tickle her clit. Her hands went to Zethriel's shorts again and tore them clean off, revealing his cock sticking out level about seven inches.
She leaned forward to kiss him, essentially sitting on his hand as his palm cupped her mons and his fingers explored her center. She quivered and moaned into his mouth, and then he felt her convulse, first just around his fingers, but the tremor soon spread outward along her body like ripples in a lake.
Reaching down to push his hand away, she grabbed his cock and nestled its head just inside the outer folds of her cunt. The water made things extra interesting, as Keria put her arms around Zethriel's neck and his went to stroking her back again, she impaled herself and felt his cock push a volume of water out of her and the sensation was glorious for both of them.
Being underwater also made thrusting properly fairly difficult, so he simply continued to kiss her and hold her to him with his cock buried to the hilt, her chest and belly pressed hard into his, and her legs around his ass. Flexing his groin muscles to make his cock twitch inside her–she would tremble at each twitch and her cunt would squeeze his cock in retaliation–and a gentle rocking motion did the job, though.
They clung to each other so hard they felt as if their flesh had merged into one unbroken vessel of pleasure, and neither of them could guess how long it lasted, but it was a long, long time.
She moaned again, louder, with air bubbles escaping her, and thrashed as the orgasm took her, sending ripples into Zethriel and warming and squeezing his cock, pulling him over the edge with her. Their bodies trembled as one with the joint climax in the warmth of their desperately tight embrace.
Once the shaking stopped, they just floated, unmoving, breathing slowly, eyes closed. She mouthed into his neck, "I love you, Zethriel."
He pressed his lips very lightly to her because he was afraid of what he was going to say and didn't want her to be sure he'd said it, because he wasn't sure himself. "I love you too, Keria. I love you too."
She nestled her head on his chest, relaxing her body but not loosening her grip. Zethriel leaned his head on hers and gently stroked her hair as it floated in the darkness. Because the magic was self-sustaining, and because there was nothing else to do, the new-found lovers went to sleep in the water-filled cavern, his softening cock still deep inside her and their bodies melded into one.


When they woke they made love again, and again, and again, never once breaking the embrace. Both lovers lost count after a while, and it seemed to both of them that of all they ways to die this one wasn't so bad, but then the thirst–it was seawater afterall–and hunger pangs started.
They were locked in that embrace for two entire days, and made love so many times it was all one long blur of ecstasy. At the end of the two days, by pure chance there was an earthquake, and the roof collapsed. Their bodies felt cold and awkward without each other as they swam to the surface, but when their faces broke into the air they felt such joy that they grabbed each other and made love yet again.
Afterward as they stumbled ashore, Keria stared into Zethriel's eyes, and he into her's. "Zethriel," she said, "tell me the truth. What's going to happen now?"
He sank into the sand before he answered, taking a few sweet breaths of real air. "I would like to think that this is more than lust and a desperate attempt to die pleasantly. I really would."
She fell down next to him. "So we won't part?" Keria's entire being was brimming with joy. The intensity of their embrace went beyond even the limits of her dreams, and she thought she might just shrivel up and die if she couldn't stay with him, this young man she loved.
The both of them were wrinkled and their eyes were red with irritation from the saltwater, but Zethriel smiled just the same. "I'm never quite sure of myself, but I know this: not even the wrath of the titans could tear me away from you now."
Once he said it he knew it was true. An emotional spark like lightning joined them in that instant, and both lovers knew they would never willingly part again.
The sun was rising, and the warm sand felt too good to get up, so Keria snuggled up next to him, head on his chest, and stretched her legs out so the sun could dry her body. Zethriel did the same. Presently, their eyes closed and they drifted off. It was very hard to sleep underwater under any circumstances, and they were exhausted.
The sleep was deep and dreamless, so when they woke several hours later, it seemed as though no time had passed at all but for the sun having moved to the other horizon. Zethriel stroked Keria's hair and whispered, "I love you, Keria," trying out the sounds.
She stirred, slower to wake. A film of salt covered their bodies, but Zethriel felt stronger. Their skin was smooth again and the stinging in his eyes had subsided. He gently set to dusting the salt from the half-awake Keria.
"Mmm," she said sleepily, "we could use a bath."
"I think you're right."
They helped each other to standing. Zethriel took a deep breath as he looked at her. He'd yet to actually see her naked in full light. The setting sun cast a glow across her fair skin and that plus the soft, wanton smile on her face made his heart feel like it was going to burst. What had happened to him? He was used to being heartless. Where could such a palpable force of feeling have been hiding?
Zethriel took Keria in his arms. Their sun-warmed skin pressed together as he buried his face in her hair. He licked his lips to moisten them, for they had dried in the sun along with the rest of him. He kissed her gently, and they stood like that for a good while, his lips on hers.
Finally, reluctantly, they disengaged. "I think our clothes are still over there," said Keria.
They were. After shaking them out and dressing, the pair of Blood Elf lovers set off through the trees. It would be dark by the time they reached the city.
"On the upside," Zethriel noted as they walked, "we don't have anyone we need to explain our wearabouts too."
The terrain was mild enough that they could walk arm-in-arm. It was hard to watch where they were going when all they wanted to do was stare at each other, but they managed to get to the road without tripping.
"Where do you live, my love?" Keria asked.
Zethriel shrugged. "I used to sleep in the sanctum, but now, I don't know."
"You lived with the Mentors?"
"Yes," he replied, "I was the youngest so it was my job to… er… feed the servant Succubi."
She raised an eyebrow. "Feed the Succ–oh." She giggled. "So that's where you get your stamina."
In spite of himself, Zethriel blushed. In truth, he'd lost his virginity to one of the Succubi. Keria was the first mortal flesh he'd ever touched, and there was no contest, he thought. Those demons of lust could go fuck themselves with their tails for all he cared.
"Then you're coming home with me," she said definitely, "I don't actually own any space but I have a secret room over the inn that nobody else knows about. And it has a nice, large bath with hot water."
And so that's where they went.

Once Keria got him in her room, she sat him on the bed while she went to prepair the bath. Her body was aching from their ordeal and for Zethriel's touch. She longed to slip into the hot, clean water with him.
While the bath filled, she sat next to him on the edge of the bed, and he let her lean on him in silence. They were still weary, despite their beach-nap. When the bath was ready, they dropped their grimy clothes to the floor in a heap and slid into the water with long and identical sighs.
"Come here," Zethriel said as he sat her in front of him. She saw him grab the soap and soon he was working up a lather, first on her hair, then around her face, neck, and back. Keria sighed again and thrilled in his touch. A small ridge ran around the edge of the bath like a bench, and Zethriel pulled her up out of the water onto his lap so he could scrub the rest of her body.
He saved her cunt for last, and kissed her neck as he gently massaged her with the soap. She felt him grin into her neck and suddenly pushed the little bar deep into her with his fingers. She let out a little gasp and quivered. He pulled the soap out and let her go so she could duck under the water to rinse. As soon as she surfaced, his hand found her cunt again and worked some water in and out to rise that too, and after only a few seconds, she came on his hand.
After it was over, she grabbed the soap and washed her lover in turn. His cock was sticking up hard under the water, so she soaped up her hands and sat next to him to "wash" it. It wasn't long for him either, before he came into the bathwater.
Keria reached under to drain the bath, and they helped each other out of the tub to dry.

The sun was well down outside the little window. Zethriel watched her turn back the bedsheets. The red sheets and cushions looked incredibly inviting, and in the face of everything that had happened that day, the only thing that matter to him just then was that he was about to fall into that soft bed with Keria.
She bent over to pick up her leathers and his robes, affording him a glorious view of her ass. She glanced back and grinned. Once the clothes were dealt with, Keria threw him into the bed at arms length and plopped into the cushions next to him. She leaned over and kissed him, softly at first, but with growing intensity and desire.

Zethriel pushed her over so she was on her back, and slowly dragged his lips from hers to land kiss after kiss on her neck, her breasts, moving ever downward. Keria trembled with excitement and spread her legs wide as a kiss landed just below her belly-button.
She inhaled sharply when his toung brushed her clit ever-so-lightly. Her hands went to her breasts as she tried to open her legs even wider. "Oh… kiss me deep, my love," she moaned.
He sank his mouth into the lips of her cunt, moaning in his deep voice. Then his toung touched her. She arched her back and let out a series of quick, panting moans as each flick and twist of Zethriel's toung send a electric wave of pleasure into her entire body. One of his fingers found her anus and began massaging it intently until it popped inside. She nearly screamed, and a deaf person would have though she had from the way she threw her head back in ecstasy.
Keria's body was on fire, with the hot center burning where Zethriel's toung played with her insides. He finger-fucked her asshole while his toung stretched deep into her cunt and his teeth nudged her clit with each thrust of his toung. He had his free arm across her waist to keep her writhing body pinned.
Finally, the building orgasm overtook her, and this time, she did scream.

The love of his life screamed and her body convulsed as her cunt spasmed, sending a torrent of her juices into Zethriel's mouth, but that didn't slow him. He wanted it to last for her as long as possible, and indeed, she convulsed a second time a few seconds later as his toung drove into her again and twisted with insistence. At last he stopped an let himself fall across her. The fluid still leaking from her cunt seeped onto his chest as he rested his head on her soft belly just below her breasts.
After a few moments, he crawled up her body, slipping his arms under her's and nibbling on her lips. His cock rested in the folds of Keria's wet cunt with its head pointed down between her legs. She reached around his neck and pulled him down onto her breasts, and holding his face to hers as her toung snaked into his mouth. Their kiss varied as their toungs went back and forth, speaking one moment of love and the next of lust. Keria squeezed his cock with her thighs.
Zethriel slid his arms under her and rolled over, pulling her ontop of him as he did. His hands slid across Keria's soft asscheeks, kneading and squeezing them. When he'd rolled over Keria's arms had become pinned beneath his shoulders, but she still crushed herself to him as if she were afraid he would fall away if she let go.
She arched her ass up under his hands and the head of his cock slid up the crevice between her thighs until it was pressing perfectly at her sopping hole. Keria's eyes opened and stared into Zethriel as she dropped her hips, impaling herself on his cock all at once with a big, wet sucking sound.
Zethriel rocked his hips in a gentle rhythm. They weren't in a hurry; they were more focused on all the sensations everywhere skin touched skin. The weight of Kiera's warm body on top of him felt almost a part of him. He thought he would never feel right for the rest of his life without her warmth pressed into his chest. One hand slid up her spine, feeling the curve, caressing her back and shoulders, while with the other Zethriel slid a finger between her asscheeks all the way back to her anus. He began gently massaging her there in time with the rocking of his hips.
She squirmed on top of him, wriggling her whole body, sending a wave of pleasure all through Zethriel. He moaned into her mouth as he pressed his finger into her asshole so just the tip slid inside. She squirmed again, grinding her pelvis on his. He could actually feel her clit pressing into the flesh just above his cock.
The hand that was caressing her shoulders slid up to her spine, fingertips barely touching the skin. He traced the ridges of her spine, barely grazing the skin, moving slowly down her back. She wriggled some more, pressing down on him really hard again. When he reached her tailbone with his tickling fingertips, he clenched his pelvic muscles, making his cock twitch powerfully deep inside her cunt and pressed the finger in her ass a little deeper.
Zethriel gave her ass a little squeeze, then started over. His hand slid across her back to the top of her spine again, tracing lightly with his fingertips, rocking his hips ever-so-slightly as he moved down each ridge. Keria shivered violently, not like she was cold, but in waves of tiny tremors so smooth it felt more like her skin had become electrified. Zethriel's breath caught, but his motions continued unabated.
His fingertips reached Keria's tailbone again and Zethriel rocked his hips upward and flexed his cock. The middle finger of his other hand was in her ass up to the second knuckle, and he wiggled it within her. A spasm shook her body and she let something halfway between a moan and a long scream into Zethriel's mouth.

Kiera felt like her blood was boiling out her ears. It was all she could do just to cling to her lover while her whole world spun, her body shaking eternally in ecstasy. Her mouth was fastened down on his, she thought, but she was so dizzy she couldn't even be sure what direction was down. They seemed to be tumbling through space as Zethriel's teasing caress pushed her further and further over the edge, yet somehow she didn't fall.
Somewhere, in some corner of her mind that was still lucid, the sudden realization struck her like lightning. Zethriel was using his magic to suppress her orgasm, allowing her to feel levels of tension she would never have been able to endure without cumming, normally. This only made her hotter. She tried to rock her hips in time to his, but she was so disoriented she soon gave up on her attempt to fuck.
Zethriel got the message however, and began bucking his hips in short, rapid strokes of no more than an inch or two, but they were so, so fast. It was all he could manage with her clutching him like her life depended on it, which it almost did–if not her life, her sanity at least. His finger was in her ass, wiggling exactly as fast as his bucking thrusts. His toung played with hers but she was beyond focusing on doing anything with it. His flesh slapped her clit with each stroke, building the tension in not only her cunt but her whole body higher and higher, beyond what Keria would have believe was even possible.
Despite the intellectual realization that it was Zethriel's magic that was allowing this, the pure sensations betrayed nothing. It didn't feel like she was being held back from the edge of orgasm. It felt like the edge was moving away from her as her ecstasy built and built. Her heart was pounding in her ears and her vision was going blurry. She was aware of nothing but the young man in her arms, his warm flesh pressed against her, his cock pounding into her so fast it might have been comical had someone else been looking on. Her hips didn't even have time to fall before his rose to meet them again, it had to be exhausting to shake his body like that, but Keria was way passed being able to think about that.
The wet plopping sounds as her cunt juices spilled out into the bed almost echoed off the walls. Her fluids were splashing everywhere. They were both wet from their thighs to the bottom of their ribs. Zethriel's free hand caressed her back, seeming to stir the fire in her body.
There was a knot in her belly where her body longed to cum. Her awareness of her cunt and Zethriel's cock was growing by the second, as if she could feel with every last molecule of flesh.
And at last, when she thought any more would permanently damage her mind, the edge stopped fleeing, quite suddenly, and sent her tumbling over into ecstasy the likes of which she could never have imagined beforehand. Her whole body convulsed like she was being electrocuted. She noticed absently that Zethriel's cock was throbbing violently within her, spewing its seed deep into her body. She arched her back, breaking the kiss with her lover for the first time since they began.

She hung in the air and time seemed almost to stop. Zethriel looked up into her eyes. Time reluctantly started moving again. Keria was panting heavily and his cock gave a little, final, involuntary twitch and the inside of her cunt rippled in response.
Then her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out on his chest. Zethriel adjusted her neck so it wouldn't be strained and brushed the hair off her face as he caught his own breath.
"I love you more than life itself, Keria," he whispered. But she was asleep.
Zethriel reached over and pulled the covers up so they were covered. He also worked Keria's hands out from under him so she wouldn't wake up numb, then wrapped his arms around her beneath the blankets and went to sleep with his softening cock still nestled in Keria's cunt.

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