Thirteen Year Old Beauty

Thirteen Year Old Beauty

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Thirteen Year Old Beauty

My niece just turned thirteen years old. Crystal is tall for her age and skinny as a rail but she is also gorgeous. She certainly takes after her mother, my sister. She is five feet two inches tall and weighs just eighty-five pounds. My sister tells me that Crystal is wearing a 30-A bra now too, when she can get her to wear one that is.

I was there for her birthday party when she dragged me up to her bedroom to see her present. It was her very own computer, complete with a web-cam. She wanted my email address so that we could keep in touch. Then she wanted me to spank her thirteen times. However, she wanted it her way. The door got locked, her tight jeans and panties went to her ankles, and she lay across my lap on her tummy with her butt in just the right position. It all happened so quickly that I could not stop it, even if I had wanted too. As I looked down at her bare ass Crystal just smiled up at me. Obviously this was what she wanted so I gave it to her…slowly…very slowly. I let a light slap hit her one cheek and then I rubbed that cheek for a few seconds. I hit the other cheek harder and rubbed it a bit longer. By the time that I got to thirteen I was hitting her quite hard, leaving my red finger marks on her flesh, and fondling her ass and juicy pussy for several minutes. Suddenly I realized that we had been gone for a good half-hour and started to panic. We needed to get back to the party. Crystal stood up and faced me allowing me my first good look at her pussy and then she lifted her top up so that I could see her budding breasts too.

Crystal said, “This is the way I’ll say goodnight to you over the Internet. Then I’ll let you watch me masturbate until I fall asleep.”

Crystal then lowered her top and pulled her panties and jeans up into place. We returned to the party unnoticed, or at least I thought so.

As the party wound down my sister trapped me in the kitchen and had me do the dishes. I was still doing them when she came back in. She said that the party was over and that everyone had left, her husband was picking up the rest of the house, and Crystal had gone up to play on her computer.

Then my sister asked, “Did you give her a bare bottom birthday spanking like you did me when I turned thirteen?”

I replied, “Yes and she enjoyed it a lot more than you did.”

She replied, “I know, she told me. She also said that she was going to masturbate for you every night too. Would you mind if I joined her sometime?”

I smiled and reached up under her skirt to find that she was not wearing any panties and that her pussy was quite wet. I said, “I wouldn’t mind at all. In fact if you two want to put on a really good show for me, remember that sixty-nine is my favorite number.”

She replied, “I know and since those days it is my favorite number too. I’m sure Crystal won’t mind as long as you are the one requesting it.”

I asked, “Have I done enough dishes so that I can go home and wait for Crystal to contact me?”

My sister removed my fingers from her moist pussy, licked them clean for me, and then she told me to go home.

I was hard and uncomfortable for the entire twenty-minute trip. Once inside my house I rushed to my computer and turned it on. After a few clicks I could see Crystal sitting at her computer with her mother sitting on the bed behind her.

Crystal said, “It’s about time that you got home. What took you so long?”

I smiled and said, “Listen little lady I drove as fast as I could.”

Crystal asked, “Did you play with yourself?”

I replied, “No.”

Crystal said, “Good. Now you will be able to masturbate with Mom and me. Mom suggested that I go first and then you guys join in. Okay?”

I said, “Okay” and then I watched as my thirteen-year-old niece undressed for me. It was just what I had seen earlier but it was just as nice. Besides I was recording the feed for later use.

Her long thin legs came together just to the sides of her pussy leaving a very nice gap and her tiny titties were wonderful and had the sweetest nipples. I watched Crystal as she moistened her fingers in her mouth, sat back in her computer chair, and started to penetrate her pussy. It was only seconds before I heard Crystal moan in the cutest way imaginable. Her eyes were closed and she was in heaven. As she stroked her delicate little clit her other hand was drawing circles around her hard nipples. All too soon she was panting, moaning louder, and twitching about. She was having an orgasm and it was a good one too.

I could hear my sister in the background shouting out encouragement to her. Crystal smiled and opened her eyes. She looked at me and asked, “Did I do it right?”

I told her that she had done a terrific job of it on her own but that I was sure her mother could help her achieve an even better orgasm if she would let her help. Crystal looked over at the bed and her mother sitting there still fully dressed and said, “If you will get undressed I’ll let you try.”

My sister smiled and started to undress. I had seen her naked many times but it was always an honor to watch. Then Crystal moved the camera angle to show the bed better and then she zoomed in closer to capture the action better.

I decided to join them and removed my clothes too. I also lowered my camera to show the girls my goodies.

I started stroking my cock slowly as Crystal got on the bed and my sister crawled over her to the far side. She was watching her monitor to see that I was getting a clear view. Then the action started out slowly. My sister caressed her daughter’s body from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet taking extra time at the good spots. After a few minutes of that rubbing she leaned in and sucked on her daughter’s nipples. She then kissed Crystal deeply and passionately like a lover would do. Crystal reacted by putting her arms around her lover and pulling her closer. The kiss went on for eternity. Eventually her mother started to probe her pussy with one finger at first and then with two fingers. After giving her daughter two more orgasms my sister then put her face in Crystal’s pussy and started to give her oral sex as well. Crystal really enjoyed that and held on tightly to her mother’s head. After a couple more orgasms Crystal was worn out however her mother wasn’t going to let her off that easy… Crystal had to return the favor.

I watched as Crystal then gave her mother much the same treatment except that she was not all that good at it…however she was definitely willing to learn. As the girls rested I turned off my camera and went to get a cold beer. Upon returning Crystal was in her bed with the covers pulled up nicely as only a mother could do for her child.

I just watched Crystal sleep as I drank my beer and stroked my cock one more time while remembering her tongue in her mother’s pussy. My tongue had been in her mother’s pussy recently too and I could still taste her. Then all of a sudden I saw my brother-in-law getting closer and closer to the bed. He was very sneaky about it too. He knelt down at the side of the bed and ever so slowly he slid his hand under the covers toward her pussy. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could hear her moan. As her moaning got louder he got scared and withdrew his hand then he was gone. The bastard brought her to the brink of orgasm and then left her high and dry. Then in her sleep I saw a lump under the covers going toward her pussy to give it the relief that it needed.

That morning Crystal called me just as soon as she woke up and told me to go to my computer. She said that she had the best time of her life, that she loved having sex with her mother, and that she had erotic dreams about me all night long. She confessed that there was a big wet spot on the sheet that morning under her pussy.

Then she allowed me to pick out her clothes for the day starting with her underwear. I picked a sexy red thong pair of panties and then watched the smile on her face when I told her not to wear a bra. She said that if her mother gave her a hard time about it that she would blame me. I told her that it was okay with me. Of course I wanted her to wear the same tight jeans from the day before. When I told her not to bother wearing a blouse she told me that she had to wear one in front of her father because the pervert is always trying to see her tits. Okay that made sense, so I picked out a tight T-shirt that was almost as good as topless. Besides she had to go to school and she really didn’t want everyone to see her titties, however she was more into showing them off now in the gym changing room after the previous night with her mother.

I signed off and got ready for work myself. That morning I got a call from my sister wanting to meet me for lunch at a place close to where I worked. When I got there she had already ordered my favorite sandwich and it was sitting on the table. She had also ordered two beers but said that she would drink them both I didn’t want mine…fat chance.

She told me that Crystal had blamed her not wearing a bra on me and I confirmed that. Then she told me that Crystal had fingered her clit while sticking her tongue in her mouth as they kissed goodbye that morning. She had enjoyed it very much and was wondering where it would lead. I asked her where she wanted it to lead. Hesitantly she said that she wanted to become her daughter’s lover. I told her that their goodbye kiss kind of confirmed that fact all ready. She agreed.

Then she told me that she suspected something but sort of confirmed it last night. Just before sex her husband goes down the hall to the bathroom when they have one right in their bedroom. When he comes back he has her lick his fingers to get them wet so that he can finger her clit for her before he fucks her. She had always suspected something was wrong with the smell and taste of his fingers but now that she had actually eaten her daughter’s pussy she knew that smell and taste…his fingers had been inside Crystal. I confirmed what I had seen and had recorded on the computer. She totally believed me but she wanted to see it for herself and was going to meet me at my house after I got off work.

Sure enough as I pulled into my driveway she got out of her car then Crystal got out too. That I had not expected. Crystal was still wearing the T-shirt and jeans that I had picked out for her.

We went into the house and I fired up my computer. I accessed the file from last night and skipped forward to when I had gone for a beer. My sister had put Crystal to sleep and then came closer to the camera, whispered goodnight to me, and then turned Crystal’s monitor off leaving the computer and camera on for my benefit. I kept jumping ahead a minute or two until I saw her father’s shadow on the bed. Apparently he had left the bedroom door open slightly to get the light from the hall. Crystal was actually quite upset at what he had done to her. She considered it rape that her body was violated like that without her consent. It had been her idea to drop her panties and let me give her a bare-ass spanking, she had given her permission for me to watch her over the Internet, and for her mother to have sex with her. However, she had not given her father permission to feel her up. Then she told her mother about him trying to see her titties all of the time. When her mother told her to let him see them she got upset. Apparently letting her Uncle see them was a lot different than letting her father see them. She said that having sex with her mother was one thing but that she would never have sex with her own father…then she added that she wanted me to be her first when she was ready to loose her virginity. I just smiled.

I was told to get a lock for Crystal’s bedroom door and a deadbolt too. I was to get extra keys made for myself and to come right over and install them that very evening. Okay if that is what you want.

When I got there Crystal’s father was very quiet and sitting in the living room watching television. I said hello but Crystal told me that he was being punished. He was in timeout and he could not speak to anyone until midnight and that by then he had best be asleep.

Crystal took me up to her bedroom and watched as I changed her regular doorknob into one with a lock. That was the easy part. I then had to drill a smaller hole in the side of the door and a bigger hole right through the door to install the deadbolt. I also added a second manual deadbolt that was only on the inside of her door. Once I was sure that everything was working okay I asked Crystal what had happened.

Well when they got home her mother had been furious. She told her husband exactly what she knew, leaving me and my video feed out of it. Crystal was told to get naked and get in bed pretending to be asleep. She could hear her mother giving her father orders, “Lift the covers and look at her tiny tits you pervert because you’ll never see them again. Finger her pussy real well because it will be your last time to feel her up too. Now get your ass in our bedroom and fuck me like you want to stay married.”

Crystal said, “I don’t think Daddy did a very good job. In fact I don’t think he could even get it up. He was really sorry about everything.”

Just then there was a light knock on the door. Crystal opened it up and let her mother in. Crystal handed her one set of keys and thanked her for having me install the locks.

My sister had been crying and trying to think things over. She was confused and wanted to use Crystal and I as her sounding board. First I told them that we should be naked if we really wanted to get to the naked truth. They laughed but undressed with me. The three of us lay on Crystal’s bed with her in the middle and me to the outside. I placed my sister’s finger on Crystal’s clit while I sucked on one of her nipples and fingered her wet hole.

Then I asked, “So what has he done so wrong that we aren’t doing to you ourselves.”

Crystal said, “I didn’t give him permission.”

I replied, “You didn’t give us permission either. I told you to get undressed, I put your mother’s finger on your clit, and I did whatever I wanted to do to you. You did not give us permission however you were wide awake at the time. From what I understand earlier your mother told you to get undressed and gave her permission to your father to look at your tits and finger your pussy, all without your permission. Then for some reason it’s not okay for him to want to touch your beautiful body too. Plus you have already given me permission to take your virginity. What gives?”

Crystal said, “Because he’s my father.”

I replied, “But I’m your Uncle and she is your mother.”

Crystal finally got it and said, “Oh! I see now. I guess there really isn’t any difference. Is there?”

My sister said, “I guess I need to go get my husband.”

On her way back to her bedroom she again knocked lightly, Crystal said come in, and the door opened. My sister asked, “Crystal would you mind getting my husband hard so that he can fuck me?”

Crystal and I were under the covers naked, she patted my cock, and then she slipped out of bed. Crystal walked up to her father, patted his cock through his pants, and said, “Just think of me while you fuck mom. Think about me in here giving my virginity to my Uncle. Be sure to make Mom scream loud enough so that you don’t hear me screaming out my orgasm above her.” She had been massaging his cock through his pants the whole time. Then she said, “I think he’s ready for you now Mom.”

My sister said, “Thank you.” Then she kissed her daughter so that her husband could see their tongues in action. She sucked her daughter’s titties and then she fingered her virgin pussy for the very last time before placing her fingers under her husband’s nose and closing the door.

Crystal then joined me in her bed. I knew that she was more than wet enough for sex but I hadn’t gotten to eat her virgin pussy yet and I really wanted too do that. Watching my sister eat her on my monitor had given me a pretty good idea as to how sensitive she really was down there. I did everything that I could to make her experience with me as good as I could so that she would always want more of me. I rocked her world three times and she let out some great cries of joy…even better than her mother usually does with me. When she was really ready I just made contact and pushed it home. Crystal loved every inch of it. I held her down with my chest and fucked into her for as long as I could hold out. When I finally filled her with cum Crystal just closed her eyes and said, “Thank you. I needed that just as much as Mom needed Dad just now.” Then we heard a gut wrenching cry of joy from down the hall and knew that she had finally gotten what she had needed.

Everything was right with the world…once again.

The End
Thirteen Year Old Beauty

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