Three Homes: House Two (2)

Three Homes: House Two (2)

From the time I was 13 to the time I was 18 my mom and I moved three times. For two of the moves, even as we moved in, I knew we were going to move out before too long. On top of that, I was almost insanely horny. In the more “urban” neighborhood we lived in when I was 16 I had already fucked a black prostitute named Shandra. However, after that adventure I never again had the luck I had with Shandra. As I met more people my age in the neighborhood I started to hang out more with the kids on the west end of the neighborhood. Whereas the east side of the neighborhood had West African and Caribbean immigrants, the west end of the neighborhood had a large Korean immigrant community, and a large population of second-generation Jewish people from Central Europe. This made a big difference in the people I was hanging out with.

One night I went to a party on the west end of the neighborhood with a guy I met playing basketball. It was at someone’s house, and I didn’t really know whose. Still, the house was full of kids my age, and there were a lot of hot Korean girls there, so I grabbed a drink and started to mingle.

Music was pumping in the dining room, and people were dancing. The house was packed with people. It took me about five minutes to get to the kitchen, which was full of people doing shots. I turned into an open doorway and realized I was at the top of the basement steps. Avoiding the crowd behind me, I decided to head into the basement. However, when I got down there I realized that I had stumbled into the make out room. The basement was finished and there were a couple of couches and carpet on the floor. Four or five couples were making out on the couches.

I started to head upstairs, since I was alone, and watching other people make out was creepy. As I backed up the stairs I ran into someone coming down the stairs. I turned and saw a smoking hot Korean girl. She was tall for a Korean, standing about five foot six. Her hair was cut short and asymmetrical and framed her beautiful face perfectly. She wore a one piece black miniskirt with black slip on heels. The dress perfectly framed her figure, showing off her B cup breasts, and the nice curve of her hips.

“Oh, sorry” I said as I tried to move out of her way.

“Leaving already?” she asked?

“Well, this seems like a bad place to be alone” I said.

“Yeah, but your not alone anymore” she replied.

I smiled at her and introduced myself. She said that her name was Sunny and it turned out that the party was at her house. Apparently she was a little bit of a wild child, and threw huge parties whenever her parents went away. Sunny told me to wait a minute and ran back upstairs. I could hear people yelling her name and cheering her on. Clearly she was very popular.

Sunny returned with a bottle of Korean soju, a big bottle of orange juice, an ice bucket and a cup. We sat down in a dark corner and mixed drinks.

“How come I’ve never seen you around?” Sunny asked.

I explained that I had moved to the neighborhood pretty recently, and went to the magnate high school outside of the neighborhood. We started to talk about where I had lived, and thinks I had done, and then about Sunny, and then I don’t know about what. We drank and drank while we talked and talked. We were really clicking and our conversation was getting more and more intimate as we got more and more drunk.

After a while I realized that the party seemed to be winding down upstairs. Most of the couples who were in the basement when I first went down had moved on, either to find more privacy, or to get back into the party. I asked Sunny if she was worried that she hadn’t looked around the house for a while.

“No. You are one of the only people here I haven’t know since kindergarten, and they have all been to dozens of parties here. They know what’s OK and what’s not. Besides, my girlfriend Ruth is upstairs” she explained.

Girlfriend? Here I was thinking about making a move and Sunny was a lesbian? I was pretty confused.

“Ha! You should see your face right now” Sunny laughed. “You didn’t know I had a girlfriend and you are assuming I am a lesbian! That’s hilarious.”

“Hilarious? Seems like a fair assumption to me” I replied.

“Yeah, well, maybe, but it’s wrong. Ruth and I love each other, but we also love men. I guess we’re bisexual” she said.

At that point a white girl walked down the stairs and said “There you are.” She was a little shorter than Sunny, and had brown curly hair. She was dressed casually with jeans and a t-shirt, but I could see that she had large breasts and a great ass. Her skin was olive-toned and her breasts were probably easily D-cups. Her hair was pulled back from her pretty face.

“I’ve been looking for you” she said to Sunny. “Who’s this?” she said, pointing to me.

Sunny introduced us. This was Ruth. Oh my God. This was Ruth who Sunny called her girlfriend. I was having beautiful visions of two of the hottest women I had seen in ages having sex. It was good.

“People are almost all gone” Ruth said. She glanced at the mostly-empty soju bottle and orange juice and said “hey, give me some.”

Ruth sat down with us and started to make a drink. I realized watching her handle the drink that she was already pretty drunk.

“I was just explaining that we were bisexuals and that we loved men” Sunny said to Ruth. Then she leaned over and gave Ruth a very wet, very sexy French kiss. My cock was rock hard instantly.

Ruth chuckled and looked over at me with a smile.

“I guess you made a good impression” Ruth said. She scooted closer to me and leaned against me. “Tell me about yourself.”

I started to talking to Ruth and after a few minutes Ruth, Sunny, and I were talking about everything under the sun again. I was clicking with Ruth like I did with Sunny. Of course, it helped that all of us were pretty far into the soju at that point.

Suddenly Ruth looked at Sunny and said “OK, I can’t wait any longer. Are we going to have sex or not?”

Sunny smiled and looked at with her eyebrows lifted. “Well, are you available? We haven’t talked about a girlfriend.”

I smiled and stood up, helping Sunny and Ruth up from the floor. “Lead on, ladies” I said.

Sunny led us upstairs to what was evidently her bedroom. When she turned on the overhead light I saw that she had fitted it with a red light bulb, rather than a white one. The effect was surreal and kind of sexy. Ruth went to the tape player and pressed “play.” Smooth R&B came quietly out of the speakers. Sunny lay down on the bed crosswise, and propped herself up on her elbows.

“I want to watch for a while. Why don’t you two dance or something?” Sunny asked.

I smiled at Ruth and held my hand up waltz-style. Ruth smiled back, but slid right against me, putting one hand on my ass and one on my back. We started to dance slowly, grinding, and grabbing each other. I lowered my hands down to grip her ass and palmed and massaged it. Ruth was humping against my leg slowly and letting out little whimpering sounds. I was rock hard. I glanced over at Sunny and saw that she was watching us, slowly rubbing her clit.

Ruth reached down and unzipped my fly. My cock popped straight out, still clad in my underwear. Ruth smiled up at me and stroked my cock through the material of the underwear. She squeezed and tugged as she stared into my eyes. It felt great. Ruth knelt down and reached into my underwear to free my hard-on. It popped out and stared her straight in the face. Ruth grabbed the base and licked along the underside. My eyes closed and my head went back. She was teasing my cock with her tongue and driving me crazy. Then I felt a second tongue on the side of my cock. I looked down to see Sunny licking the side of my cock while Ruth ran her tongue back and forth across the bottom. Both stared at me while they licked me.

Ruth and Sunny then started making out, with my cock in between them. The effect was electric and only heightened by the effect the red light was having. I was starting to be afraid I would shoot my load too early when Ruth stood up and started stripping off her clothes. Under her t-shirt Ruth was wearing a white lacey bra that cupped her beautiful tits perfectly. She shimmied her jeans down to show lacey white boy shorts. The white of her bra and panties glowed under the red lights, and her olive skin looked extra dark. I watched her unhook her bra and lower her panties while I ripped my clothes off.

“I love that bra” I heard Sunny say behind me. I turned around to see Sunny completely naked on the bad with her legs spread wide. I fell to my knees and lowered my mouth on to her cunt. She was very wet from her masturbating, and kept her pubic hair very short. I was able to slide my tongue straight into her as I held her hips. Sunny let out a long moan and I worked my tongue faster and deeper.

My face was buried in Sunny’s cunt when I felt the bed move. I pulled back and watched Ruth straddle Sunny’s face and lower her cunt on to Sunny’s waiting mouth. Sunny wrapped her arms around Ruth’s legs and started stroking her tongue back and forth from Ruth’s asshole forward to her clit and back. I clamped my mouth back on Sunny’s cunt and tongue fucked her while watching the action in front of me. I was so excited watching Sunny eat Ruth’s cunt that I made Sunny come much faster than I had planned to. Sunny arched her back and screamed into Ruth’s cunt. Ruth tensed up and flooded Sunny’s face with her own orgasm.

“Oh shit, I’ve never seen Sunny scream when she came before” Ruth panted. She got off of Sunny’s face and turned over so that she was lying next to Sunny with her cunt facing me. I moved over a foot and dove into Ruth’s cunt. I slid my first two fingers into Sunny’s open snatch and massaged her G-spot while my thumb lightly stroked her clit. With my other hand I gripped Ruth’s huge tits and kept licking her well-oiled pussy. Sunny had not come down from her first orgasm and was now on the edge of exploding again. Ruth reached over and started tugging hard on Sunny’s nipples while I continued to suck on her. Both Sunny and Ruth were frantically humping against me as they built toward their orgasms. When they came it was a fantastic mix of moaning, sweat, girl cum, and humping. The red light made it all more surreal and sexy (if that is possible).

Sunny and Ruth were both trying to catch their breath as they came down from their orgasms. They turned to each other and started a deep French kiss as their legs intertwined. I stood up to watch them kiss.

Ruth looked up at me and said “I want that cock.”

“Don’t make him cum. I want to be fucked too” Sunny commanded.

Both Sunny and Ruth stood up and I laid down on the bed. Ruth slid a condom onto my cock with a practiced stroke, then squeezed my cock hard.

“We’re both on the pill, but this should help you last longer” Ruth said. I wasn’t as sure that I would last. Ruth and Sunny looked almost completely different from each other, but I loved seeing each of them naked. I really wanted to blow a load of cum across their faces.

Ruth squeezed my cock very hard again, then straddled my hips facing me and slid down my cock. At the same time Sunny straddled my head facing my feet. While Ruth started to slide up and down my cock, I opened Sunny’s cunt lips and started to suck and lick her out. Each girl leaned forward so that they hugged and rubbed the nipples against each other while I slammed my cock into Ruth and drove my tongue into Sunny. Suddenly Sunny’s whole body tensed as she came in my mouth. At the same time, Ruth stopped sliding on my cock and ground hard against the base of my cock and balls. I realized that Ruth was grinding out her own orgasm, and that the condom had helped me last.

“I have to be inside of you” I told Sunny. She smiled and she and Ruth started to switch places.

“Wait, I haven’t gotten to eat any pussy at all” Sunny said. Ruth lay on her back while Sunny got on her knees and started to suck on Ruth’s pussy. Sunny worked her arms up so that she was gripping Ruth’s tits. I knelt behind Sunny, taking in the view. Her back was narrow, and her hips flared out to her beautiful ass. She had a light sheen of sweat on her that glowed in the red light. I gripped Sunny’s ass and gently spread her cheeks. The tip of my cock poked into her cunt and she let out a low growl. I slammed my whole cock into her at once. Sunny let out a yelp.

I pounded Sunny’s cunt from behind slapping her smooth ass as I did. She was bouncing all over the bed trying to stay in Ruth’s cunt with her mouth. Ruth was holding Sunny’s head and humping her cunt against Sunny’s face. Ruth was going to come again soon, and I thought Sunny might too. Every time I slapped Sunny’s ass her whole body bucked. As Ruth was starting to come I slipped my thumb up Sunny’s asshole as I ground my cock into Sunny’s cunt. This combination set Sunny off and she thrashed around, rubbing her entire face and head into Ruth’s cunt. Once again, the condom saved me from cumming.

I stood up and said “I want to cum on the two of you.”

Sunny slipped up Ruth’s body and the two of them kissed so that Ruth could taste herself on Sunny’s face. I pulled my condom off and stepped forward. Their bodies were glistening and glowing red. They were so intertwined I could not easily tell where one girl started and the other ended. I pulled off the condom and started to stroke my now-purple cock. My first squirt of cum shot completely over Sunny and Ruth and hit the wall behind them. The second squirt splattered across Sunny’s shoulder and on Ruth’s breast. My following squirts covered the two beauties. I was completely spent and laid down next to Sunny and Ruth. All three of us relaxed while Ruth and Sunny rubbed my cum into each other’s skin.

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