Thunder And Lightening

Thunder And Lightening

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Thunder And Lightening

When you are camping in the woods for two weeks in just a tent, thunder and lightening take on a whole new meaning.

My wife Julia and I had a pretty big tent with two rooms, each room was eight by twelve feet so there was plenty of room to spread out.

At the last minute my wife invited her mother and her sister to come along with us. That meant that I had to pack more sleeping bags and take more food along. It also meant that my sex life had just taken a turn for the worst. It isn’t easy to fuck your wife with her mother and her sister just inches from you.

It was to be a nice quiet way for us to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary alone. My wife was thirty years old then and I was thirty-five years old. Her mother was fifty years old and had been divorced for quite some time. Angel was twenty-five years old and fresh out of college. She had a Master’s Degree in Biology.

We were all loaded up and on our way. It was a pretty quiet trip and everyone pitched in to get the big tent set up and staked to the ground. We filled it with our equipment and then we decided to take a walk down to the pond for a swim. It was early in the season and there were almost no other campers there with us.

The women pulled the curtain that could split the tent in half and proceeded to change on the other side. I smiled as I looked at them. The tent was in a position such that the bright sun was on their side and I could see their silhouettes clearly while I quickly changed into my trunks and watched them. My mother-in-law had a pretty nice body still, but my wife and my sister-in-law looked similar.

When they opened the curtain I was surprised at their bikinis. They were all identical. They were all the same size too so that my mother-in-law’s large breasts showed a little more than her daughter’s breasts did. I knew why my wife had bought me a new swimsuit too because it matched their suits in color and material. My mother-in-law noticed my half erection but just smiled as she walked by me. That was when I noticed that she was wearing a thong bikini and her entire ass was visible. My cock took a noticeable jump in size, which my sister-in-law noticed as she walked past me. My wife gave my cock a little rub as she walked by me.

I was glad that the water was quite cool when I jumped in because my cock shrunk back to a normal size. However, it had an entirely different response on the women’s nipples. All three sets poked out stiff. I then knew that my wife wasn’t the only one with very pronounced nipples that stuck out further than other women’s nipples did.

When they got out I noticed that their bikinis also were designed to tuck themselves up into their pussy lips nicely, forming three perfect camel toes for me to admire. While I admired their bodies they in turn admired my growing erection and smiled.

My mother-in-law Stephanie said, “One of us needs to take care of his problem before it bursts out of that swimsuit.”

My wife asked, “Rock, paper, scissors?”

The other two agreed and started smacking one fist into the other. I had seen them do this on many occasions.

When they revealed their choices my wife said, “Rock breaks scissors, Angel you’re out.”

My mother-in-law said, “And paper covers rock, you are out too Julia. It looks like Mommy wins for a change.”

For a brief moment I actually thought that I might get to fuck my mother-in-law. However, moments later she laughed and told my wife to go fix it.

We went into the tent…all of us. My wife took me into the curtained off area. I knew full well that the other women could see our outline so I decided to give them a show. I whispered to my wife, “Let it out when it comes, baby.”

I then turned her so that we were in the perfect position to show off. I removed her bikini and then my swimsuit. I kissed her, I sucked on her long nipples, and I kissed her pussy before lowering her to the sleeping bag on her hands and knees. I knew that my cock was in great form but I lowered it to my wife’s mouth just for their viewing pleasure.

Then I walked around to her rear and squatted rather than get on my knees. I positioned my cock at her entrance and then I grabbed a hold of her hips and started thrusting. As she was told my wife started panting loudly as I fucked into her pussy with a need. I knew that my cock was visible to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law with every out stroke. Then they could hear the sound of moist flesh hitting moist flesh on every in stroke. I could only imagine my wife’s tits shaking about as I fucked her in earnest. I was pleased when her orgasm started and she let out a loud series of, “Fuck me! Shove that cock of yours in me harder! Drive it up in so far that I will choke! Make a baby in me!” Then she went quiet, her breasts hit the ground, and I pumped my cum deep inside her body.

As we slumped to the ground still attached the curtain opened up and Angel and her mother came in to congratulate us on a possible conception.

That first evening we were roasting marshmallows when the sky darkened. Soon it was raining and we went in the tent for protection. As we drank a few beers and played some cards the rain continued to get worse.

My mother-in-law then told me how scared she is of thunder. She can literally pee in her pants, she gets that scared. When she was a young girl lightening struck a big Oak tree near her house and when it split down the middle, caught on fire, and fell to the ground it landed on her father killing him instantly. Every time she hears thunder and sees lightening she gets just as scared as she did when she was a child.

My wife told her mother to crawl in with us if she got scared. She said that she would. Angel and her mother got undressed in front of me because they had seen me naked and thought it was only fair if I got to see them naked too. I was impressed with their bald pussies, apparently it runs in the family. My wife and I undressed and then we all crawled into bed. The bags had been zipped together so that Angel and her mother shared one double bag while my wife and I shared the other one.

I was awoken from a deep sleep by the loudest clap of thunder that I had ever heard. Moments later my mother-in-law was crawling into my sleeping bag between my wife and I. She was as naked as we were, she was shivering uncontrollably, and I could feel the goose bumps on her arm.

As she snuggled into me with her ass, my cock stiffened and slid up between her legs resting just under her crotch. She placed one of my hands around her and on top of her lower breast.

She whispered, “Hold me tight and try to distract me if it thunders again.”

Just as she finished speaking another loud thunder clapped, I pinched her nipple, and forced my stiff cock up into her wet pussy from behind. The thunder rolled down the valley for almost a full minute. During that time I kept pinching her long hard nipple and fucking up into her as hard as I could. When the thunder stopped, I didn’t. I just kept thrusting into her for all I was worth. She started panting loudly into her daughter’s ear then she started shouting out things just like my wife does. She woke my wife up shouting, “Oh God that feels so good! Fuck me hard! Make a baby in me!” as I came in her.

What! Did I hear her correctly?

Then my wife said, “She went off the pill years ago. If you don’t have sex you don’t need protection. Maybe you knocked us both up on this trip.”

Angel said, “You might as well take a shot at me too. I’m not on the pill either.”

Just then the next bolt of lightening lit up the tent. I braced myself for the clap of thunder, I pinched her nipple again, and I thrust my half-hard cock into her. The sound was considerably less as the storm quickly moved on. As long as I was hard and inside a pussy I decided to finish the job.

My mother-in-law said, “Thank you for helping me get through that thunder, thank you for the wonderful sex, and thank you for being my son-in-law.”

She slept the rest of the night with me while my wife got in bed with her sister. It took us all a while to get to sleep because I could hear the two girls going at it for a long time. Their mother must have known what they were doing too because after a while I felt my mother-in-law suck my cock to get it hard again and then she climbed on top and rode me to her orgasm. It was another loud one too. I think she just did it to let her daughters know that their mother still enjoyed a stiff cock too.

In the morning we slept in a while, then we talked before we got up. Mostly the girls talked and I just listened. My mother-in-law wanted some of me occasionally and my wife was willing to share me with her. She was also willing to share me with her sister too. Then together they decided not to use any birth control whatsoever. I had to smile at the prospects of possibly getting three women pregnant with my children, and with my wife approving of it too.

That day Angel was my sex partner and was she ever nice to fuck. At twenty-five years old she was firm, she was tight, and she had fantastic pussy muscles that could squeeze my cock just right. We usually had an audience but one time that day we were alone. Angel stripped her clothes off and jumped up on me throwing her arms around my neck, her legs around my waist, and inserting my cock in her pussy. Standing in the middle of the woods she just cried out, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Put your baby in my belly!” Then she surprised me when she shouted out, “I have always loved you. I wish you had married me instead of Julia.”

That evening after dinner we again gathered inside our tent. We got naked and we made love to each other. When my wife made love to her sister I made love to her mother. When she made love to her mother I made love to her sister. Eventually I made love to my wife too.

That two-week vacation changed our lives forever. Shortly after returning home, Angel and Mom moved in with us.

Before the end of the year they were all pregnant with my babies. My wife will deliver first, Mom next, and Angel last.

The End
Thunder And Lightening

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