Traci My Night Nurse

Traci My Night Nurse

Traci My Night Nurse

I was hospitalized for a week not too long ago. My sexy wife would come in to see me and stay all day. The nurses would have to ask her to leave to get rid of her. The first evening after things settled down my wife sucked my cock to satisfy my needs. I really appreciated it.

That second evening though a very cute blonde nurse came in to check on me. Her name was Traci. She was about five feet six inches tall and about a hundred and twenty pounds. She was the girl next type. You know the type, but of course they never lived next door to me, damn it. Her hair had been frosted to the point where it looked almost silver on the outside. It was shaggy and curly and actually looked messy but beautiful.

Traci dropped a bunch of cards on the floor and then squatted down to pick them up. I had a perfectly clear view between her legs at her lacy pink panty-covered crotch. When she bent over I had an almost equally nice view down her neckline and deep into her bra. As she moved I could occasionally see the dark areola around her nipples but not the nipples themselves. I was mesmerized by her body.

When Traci stood back up she glanced at the tent pole under the covers. My cock was hard as a telephone pole and standing up just as tall.

Traci looked at my wife and said, “Maybe you should take care of that before you leave! I’ll close the door on my way out!”

My wife said, “Not me! I’m not the one that got him hard this time! Besides I sucked him off an hour ago and my jaw is sore! You suck him this time! I’ll close the door for you though!” With that said my wife went over and closed the door quietly.

Traci looked at my wife and smiled very sweetly. I wasn’t sure but I think that Traci expected my wife to leave the room when she closed the door. My wife smiled back at her but with an evil little twist to her lips. Then Traci looked at me, then at my boner, and then back at my wife again. She smiled and pulled the curtain around my bed. Traci moved the covers to get a look at my cock and smiled very nicely that time.

Traci said, “Oh boy! You see I too sucked a cock an hour ago and my jaw is also sore! Would you mind if I just fucked you instead?”

I replied, “Mind? I’d love to see what is under those panties!”

With that said Traci removed her panties and said, “I’ll just slip these under your pillow! You can keep them to remember me by!” She held them to my nose for a moment, then folded her thongs neatly, and slipped them under my pillow.

Traci climbed up on my hospital bed, lifted her uniform up to her waist, and got in position over my cock. I was treated to a very special pussy. It was full and the lips were puffy from her own excitement. She used both of her hands to part her pussy lips then slowly lowered herself onto me. Once the head of my cock popped inside her vagina I let out a soft gasp and Traci smiled even more. As she worked her way down my cock she unbuttoned the top of her nurses uniform to give me access to her breasts. Her bra had a front clasp so I unhooked it and let her fine breasts pop free. I manhandled them for awhile then pulled her closer for a suck. I took one of her lovely nipples into my mouth and devoured it. I almost hated to pull it out of my mouth even for a second so that I could suck on its mate but I forced myself too. Traci was bent over my face with her arms out straight next to my head supporting her weight. Her breasts were handing down and swinging back and forth like two pendulums. They were keeping time to her pussy thrusting on my cock.

I realized that when I’m fucking a girl I thrust up into her hard so that I ram my cock against her clit if I can. Well the same thing is true for a woman but in reverse. Traci was thrusting down on my cock and rotating her pelvis at the same time in order to stimulate her clit on my cock. The only problem was that she was essentially trying to break my cock off. No matter what, it was the best feeling I had ever gotten before with a woman on top. Very impressive!

After Traci succeeded in draining my balls of their very potent sperm she rolled to my side to recover. She was a vision of loveliness lying there with a slight glistening of sweat covering her exposed flesh.

My wife said, “That’s my husband’s cum and I want it back!”

Traci spread her legs and said, “If you want it come and get it!”

My wife did just that to Traci’s delight. My wife ate her for maybe ten minutes before the intercom sounded with, “Traci! Please report to the nurses station!”

Traci said, “Damn! I really don’t want to go! Can I come back later after your wife leaves?”

My wife smiled and, “Yes Traci! You are more than welcome to use my husband anytime that you want too!”

Traci said, “Thank you! Does that include after he is released too?”

My wife smiled and helped Traci button up her uniform and she replied, “Yes it does!”

Traci left to see what the big emergency was. Later she came back and asked my wife to leave. I noticed that it was almost an hour after curfew anyway. About an hour before shift change Traci did come back and gave me that blowjob that she owed me. I loved her mouth but not as much as I loved her pussy. I slept like a baby that night.

The next evening after things quieted down a Candy Striper came in and said, “The nurse told me to clean the light fixture over your head! Is it okay if I stand on your bed to do it?”

She was absolutely adorable. There was no way any sane man could refuse her request so I granted her permission.

She looked at my wife and smiled then said, “My name is Dee Dee! That’s short for Deloris” Then she climbed up on my hospital bed, crawled closer to my head, and while bracing herself against the wall stood up right next to my head. Then to my delight Dee Dee looked down at me, smiled sweetly, and then placed one foot on the other side of my head giving me a perfect view up her red and white striped dress. She was wearing white cotton panties with red lettering across her pussy mound. As she played around with the light fixture I was able to read what it said. “Fuck me!” I got an instant erection.

Dee Dee took an awfully long time cleaning that light fixture before getting down. She practically sat on my face allowing me to smell of the perfume that she had obviously sprayed on her panties before coming to work that night. Dee Dee got to one side, turned so that I had a very nice view of her ass, and then started to crawl toward the bottom of the bed to get down. As she passed the circus tent that had formed in my covers she giggled.

Dee Dee looked at me then at my wife and said, “The nurse said that if I did that again that I would fix it myself!”

She gave my cock a squeeze and said, “Wow! I’m sorry! It must be very painful!”

She removed the covers to look at it and said, “This is serious! I can apply mouth to mouth resuscitation or I can put it in a nice warm place until it’s fever goes away!” As she spoke she pointed to her mouth for the first part and then pointed to her pussy for the last part.

I smiled over at my wife and said, “Honey it really is serious! I think I need the nice warm place until it’s fever goes away!”

My wife tried not to laugh out loud but said, “I agree! Dee Dee please don’t hurt it any more unless you really have too!” Then she smiled broadly at Dee Dee.

Dee Dee lifted her striped skirt up and slipped her panties down saying, “I’ll just slip these under your pillow! You can keep them to remember me by!”

I whispered hoarsely, “Thank you!”

Dee Dee then lifted her skirt up and tucked it under her chin as she slipped her moist pussy over the head of my cock. She shivered and wiggled her way down to the base of my cock. I reached down and stroked her clit a few times then reached up and held both of her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She was much tighter than I was used too and she felt so damn good that I only lasted half as long as I wanted too before cumming a river into this lovely young girl.

As she rolled to my side my wife said, “That’s my husband’s cum and I want it back!”

Dee Dee spread her legs and said, “If you want it come and get it!”

My wife did just that to Dee Dee’s delight. My wife ate her for maybe ten minutes before she announced that she was done. Dee Dee got off my bed and stood up to straighten her uniform before leaving my room.

Soon my beautiful nurse Traci came in, looked under my covers, and said, “That girl never cleans up after herself!” Traci then leaned over and sucked my limp cock clean. She looked at my wife and asked, “Would you like what’s left in my mouth?”

My wife replied, “No I got all I wanted out of Dee Dee’s tasty little cunt!”

Traci covered me back up and said, “I’ll be back later to give you a blowjob if you want me too!”

I smiled at both women and said, “Yes please! Wake me if you have too! I wouldn’t want a fantastic blowjob like you give and not be awake to enjoy it!”

Later after my wife left but before shift change I got my blowjob.

The next evening a different Candy Striper entered my room. She was really cute.

She said, “Hi my name is Cee Cee. That’s short for Cecelia! The nurse sent me in here to see if you wanted to fuck my cunt! You can be first one tonight if you like!”

She was very direct. No beating around the bush with this one! So I said, “Yes! I would like that! I’m afraid that I’m not terribly hard!”

Cee Cee said, “Oh that’s okay! I can take care of that! I’m pretty good at it!”

Then Cee Cee removed her red and white striped uniform. She was not wearing a bra and her small tits looked wonderful capped with tiny hard pink nipples. She removed what appeared to be Halloween panties. They were black and orange and said Boo on her pussy mound.

Cee Cee said, “I’ll just slip these under your pillow! You can keep them to remember me by!”

I replied, “Thank you!”

My wife and I watched Cee Cee as she swung around and lowered her pussy onto my face. She smelled fresh and she tasted wonderful too. She sucked my cock into her mouth and I felt it hit the back of her throat. She did that repeatedly until I was hard as a nail. I sure wanted to nail her.

Cee Cee swung around like a ballerina landing on my wet cock with her even wetter pussy and sank all the way down to the root. Cee Cee was a remarkable fuck. She jumped up and down as if she were on a pogo stick. Each time that she went up she turned a hundred and eight degrees around the head of my cock before landing again. It was absolutely incredible to watch and even better to feel. One time she would be smiling at me teasing me with her titties and the next time taunting me with her tight little ass. Talk about being screwed! It was the most intense fucking that I had ever had and probably one that I never in a million years would get to repeat. Cee Cee was a fuck from heaven! If I had died right then of a heart attack it would have been worth it. I came buckets. It filled Cee Cee’s cunt, overflowed down my balls, and puddled up on the bed sheets.

Cee Cee got right up and started sucking up the spillage while shoving her ass toward my wife. Without being asked my wife got between her globes and started cleaning up my cum from Cee Cee’s sweet little pussy. Cee Cee made sure to get every drop off of me and even licked the sheet clean.

When my wife finished eating her Cee Cee stood up and said, “Boy! Can you suck cunt! You can suck mine anytime!” Cee Cee giggled and slipped on her uniform as she went for the door. I don’t think she got it all the way on before she exited my room.

Traci popped her head in later and said, “I really don’t have to check up on Cee Cee but she did clean up after herself didn’t she?”

My wife licked her lips and said, “I helped her a little bit!”

Traci said, “Good! She can be a little spitfire at times!” Then Traci left us alone.

They had a certain schedule. I would get to fuck Traci one night, then Dee Dee the next night, followed by Cee Cee on my last night. I was sorry to be discharged but Traci made sure to ask my wife again if she could visit me at home. My wife assured her that she was always welcome in our home.

I rested for a couple of days at home but I really missed all of that special attention that I had received while there.

One evening the doorbell rang and my wife got it. I saw Traci standing in the doorway. My wife invited her in. I saw Traci enter followed by Dee Dee and Cee Cee. She introduced her two daughters to us. Oh my God! I couldn’t believe that the best three fucks that I ever had were all in the same family.

They stripped without being asked to and started undressing my wife and I. We were quickly on the floor in a circle. It was a Daisy Chain with a man in it. I was eating Traci while she ate Dee Dee. Dee Dee was eating Cee Cee while she was eating my wife. My wife was supposed to be sucking my cock but she was moaning and her eyes were rolling up into her head.

I was looking at Traci and thinking about this mother eating her daughter and sister eating sister when I shot cum all over my wife’s face.

Traci looked at me and smiled, “It was the incest wasn’t it? It always has the same results! You men are all alike! My husband likes to watch us too!”

My wife said, “Yes! It reminds me of my two sisters and our three brothers fucking us every chance that they got!

I then said, “I had a sister too…and a mother…and two aunts…and a cousin…and…

Incest sure is great!

The End
Traci My Night Nurse

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