Transferring Movies To DVD

Transferring Movies To DVD

Fbailey story number 381

Transferring Movies To DVD

I was enjoying my new VRC to DVD copying machine. I transferred my favorite movies, our home movies, and especially all the sex videos that I had taken of my wife over the years.

A month later at a party Marilyn got me away from the crowd to talk. She said that my wife had told her that I was putting my movies of her onto DVDs. I smiled because my wife had told me that Marilyn had expressed quite an interest in it. When she asked me if I had to watch the movie as I recorded it, I told her that I did not. When she asked me if I would watch a video that she gave me to copy I told her that I probably would. She smiled and walked back to the crowd.

After a few more drinks Marilyn once again got me away from the crowd and asked me what I would charge her to make a copy, destroy the original, and not to watch it. I laughed and told her that there was no way that I could not watch her videotape.

She finished the drink in her hand and said, “Okay. Now what will it cost me?”

I smiled and leaned in closer to her ear, “What if I got to do whatever I see in the movie?”

She said, “You bastard.” Then she slapped me across the face and walked out. Everyone looked at me as if I had raped her. My wife rushed to me and pushed me into another room. She had me tell her what had gone on. After listening to my explanation she took me by the arm, said goodbye on our way out, and took me to our car. She had me drive over to Marilyn’s house.

Marilyn let us in and my wife told her what an asshole I could be when I was drinking. Then she asked Marilyn what she wanted copied and promised to watch me closely as I copied it. Marilyn went upstairs and returned a few minutes later carrying a large shoebox. She sat down and opened the box to show us twelve videotapes. She started to cry as she told us about her boyfriend. We knew that she had been married forever. He was an extra marital affair that had ended recently. He gave her the videotapes that he had made of their rendezvous. It seems that one-week every year they got together and each videotape represented one year. She couldn’t hide all of those tapes from her husband forever and wanted them put on DVDs that she could hide easily. My wife said that we would be pleased to make copies for her but that it would take some time to do it. Twelve six-hour tapes was a lot of copying. Marilyn told us to take our time but swore us to secrecy. We swore, took the shoebox, and then left before her husband came home from the party. He had just laughed when she had hit me and acted as if he didn’t care. My wife said that he didn’t care and that was why Marilyn had found love in another man. He was one very lucky man because I had always wanted to get Marilyn in bed.

The next day when I got home from work my wife had dinner ready to eat so that we could get right at Marilyn’s videotapes.

The first tape had her name on it and was dated thirteen years ago. He had created a title page that contained her full name, address, and phone number. Her face was the background for that page. The next page had all of his information overlaid on his face. The third page had both of them in the background and contained the date, the motel, and the location where they had stayed. The forth page got interesting with Marilyn standing nude on one side as her vital statistics appeared on the other side of the screen. It gave her birth date and age, it gave her height, weight, and measurements, and it gave the sizes of her clothing including dress, blouse, pantyhose, bra, and panties. I was impressed with her younger body…not that she had gone down hill since then either.

The first scene was of them meeting and kissing in front of their motel room, going inside, and then of Marilyn undressing. The next scene was of Marilyn taking a nice bubble bath and washing all of her good parts for the camera and her lover. Of course the very next scene was of them making love on the bed. It was sweet and very romantic. He took care of her needs first then he took care of his own needs using her body fully. That scene ended with his cum flowing out of her body as she told him what a great lover he was and how bad a lover her husband was. Each day started out with Marilyn at some beach, museum, or natural rock formation and ending with them making love. On the final day Marilyn gave a little speech about what they had seen, what they had done, and how madly in love she was with him.

My wife and I made love on the floor while we watched Marilyn’s videotape. When it was over my wife said, “Make a copy of that fantastic DVD for us and whatever you do, do not destroy that videotape.”

Each day we copied another of her videotapes onto DVD and made love on the floor while doing it. Each videotape was another year into the future. Marilyn’s hairstyle and clothing changed each year. Her skirts got shorter, her blouses got sexier, and Marilyn got more and more sexy. Their lovemaking got more exciting, more revealing, and more violent.

After six years Marilyn arrived in a miniskirt that hardly covered her panties and a bikini top that hardly covered her areolas. She would flash him her intimate parts with people standing in the background behind her. Their lovemaking had turned to her performing deep throat on him and taking his cock up her ass while wishing that he had a horse cock to fuck her with. In her ending commentary she promised to love him forever and to do anything, absolutely anything that he requested of her the following year.

Year seven had a total change of texture so to speak. Their lovemaking became sex, their gentleness became rough, and she became quite subservient while he enjoyed dominating her.

That year she entered a stripper contest at a local bar and allowed the men in the audience to grope her after she had won. She then picked six of them to go back to her motel room for sex. It was an all night gangbang with us getting a few minutes every hour as her partners changed places or holes. My wife could not believe how much of a slut Marilyn had turned into in the name of love.

Each year continued to get worse and worse as he had her fuck more and more men. That final year in videotape twelve Marilyn was fucked almost non-stop for the entire seven days by an endless string of men, boys, and women. In her final commentary she confessed to being a nymphomaniac, his sex slave, and his whore. The four hundred people that had fucked her had paid one dollar each for the privilege. He had pimped her out and she had become a prostitute. We had witnessed the raise and fall of her romance. That was also the end of her relationship. He had created a woman that he could not stand. My wife pointed out that he had not fucked her once that last year and had never contacted her since other than to send her those videotapes.

After we had finished the last DVD my wife called Marilyn and told her that we were done. Marilyn came over to our house and asked us if we had watched them.

My wife said, “Yes, we both watched them all and made love at least twice during each videotape. You can have the DVD copies to hide at home if you wish or you can watch them here with us whenever you want to. However, we are keeping a DVD copy ourselves plus the originals. They are just too precious to destroy.” She let that sink in for a moment and then continued, “Marilyn we don’t really think that you wanted copies. We think that you wanted us to watch them. We also think that you want us to take his place in your life.” Again she let that sink in as Marilyn remained silent, “So we have decided that you are going on vacation with us to your motel and we will act as your pimps to satisfy your sexual desires.”

Marilyn finally smiled and said, “I knew that I had made the right choice letting you two see them. When can we go?”

My wife smiled and said, “This coming weekend. We have both taken vacation time and have already booked the motel.”

Marilyn was excited, then my wife said, “Get undressed. We need to check out our new whore.”

Marilyn replied, “Yes Mistress.” Then she stood up and got undressed as if she had done it a million times before. I smiled thinking that several hundred men had seen her naked and fucked her…but now it was my turn.

My wife asked, “When did you clean your pussy last?”

Marilyn replied, “Just before I left the house.”

My wife said, “Good answer. Now when was the last time that you had a cock inside you?”

Marilyn replied, “I sucked off the FedEx Deliveryman yesterday, my husband fucked my pussy eleven days ago, and the last man in my ass was during that twelfth videotape that you watched. Do you wish to hear more?”

My wife responded, “Yes whore, continue.”

Marilyn smiled and said, “Last Thursday Carrie Hutchinson licked my pussy and asshole while I did the same to her. Ever since I gave you those videotapes I have used my dildo every night in my pussy while fingered my clit after my husband fell asleep. On Monday Brutes my neighbor’s German Shepherd fucked me good twice and got his knot stuck in me both times…it was great.”

My wife asked, “Anything else, whore? By the way we have been recording this conversation onto a DVD.”

Marilyn replied, “What else would you like to know, Mistress?”

My wife said, “How many of our friends have you had sex with, both male and female. I want names and details too.”

Marilyn smiled and said, “Well Carrie Hutchinson and I get together about once a month. I do a threesome with Sylvia and her husband about once a month. Or yes and my Priest has me do some really wild things in the church.”

My wife said, “Tell us about some of these wild things.”

Marilyn said, “Well one time I sucked Father Tom’s cock in the confessional while he heard the sins of all of the girls in the senior class. Did they ever have some good sins to confess! He came in my mouth twice. Then one time I was under the podium during his sermon sucking his cock with several hundred people in the congregation seated in the pews. But mostly he just fucks me on the altar when church isn’t in session. When we got a new shipment of bibles Father Tom stuck his finger in my pussy and blessed each and every one of them with my secretions. One time the Bishop joined him in fucking me on the altar, I was totally naked and the Bishop blessed my pussy with holy water before he fucked me.”

My wife then said, “Tell me more about Brutes.”

Marilyn said, “Well as a puppy I used to let Brutes lick my pussy when his owners weren’t around. As he got older he got better at it and he got more aggressive too. Finally he took me as if I were his bitch. From that day on he has looked forward to his owners leaving and for me to open the gate between our yards.”

My wife said, “Okay whore, I want you to keep fucking Brutes, Carrie, Sylvia and her husband, and your Priest too. However, I want a written report afterwards as to who, what, where, when, and why. The same thing holds true for your husband. Anyone else must be cleared with me first, ‘Understand?”

Marilyn replied, “Yes Mistress, now how can I please you?”

My wife replied, “I want you in a sixty-nine with me while my husband fucks your asshole, inches from my nose.”

Marilyn helped undress my wife and lowered her to the floor before going after her pussy in earnest. Meanwhile, I undressed and watched the two women go at it for a few minutes. I played with Marilyn’s tits, fingered her pussy, and then I pressed my dry cock into her dry asshole. I knew that was what my wife wanted. After just barely getting the head into her I started fucking her pussy for a few strokes and then putting it back into her asshole. After a dozen tries I managed to get my cock all the way into her rectum. I knew that my wife was tasting Marilyn’s pussy after I had washed my cock off inside it and I smiled. I reached down and grabbed onto Marilyn’s tits and squeezed them hard. It looked like my wife and I had a sex slave. She wanted to be a whore one-week a year but the rest of the time she was ours to do with as we pleased.

After I cum in her ass my wife shoved a butt plug into Marilyn and told her to keep my cum in there just as long as she could. Marilyn smiled and kissed her. Apparently my wife had become her Mistress and I was just along for the ride.

Marilyn remained nude until she was allowed to go home. I got to fuck her pussy before she left and she was everything that I had ever imagined her to be. I could not imagine why her husband didn’t fuck her more often.

All of the action had been recorded on a single DVD on the six-hour setting. I labeled it with the date and Marilyn’s name, then under that I wrote ‘Our Sex Slave #001.”

After Marilyn had left, my wife said, “When we get to that motel I want to be included too. You will order me to suck each cock that comes out of her pussy to clean it. I love the taste of her pussy even after you changed the flavor tonight.

To think that all this had come about because I had bought a VCR to DVD recorder.

The End
Transferring Movies To DVD

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