Two Sisters and Me

Two Sisters and Me

Being 17 was harder than being 16. I was finishing my homework in Friday’s sixth period so I wouldn't have to bring it home in the afternoon. I always tried to save as much free time out of school by doing all of my work quickly. Now, I’m not some bookworm, in fact, being a model student was at the back of my mind. But what were on the top of the list, was girls, mostly Anna.

That day after school, I would learn more about life and how exciting it could be, than any social studies class could teach. About five minutes before the bell went, Anna, the girl of my dreams, and shower fantasies came to me. She had smooth firm skin that meant she looked younger than she was. She had long brown hair down to her waist, and the darkest brown eyes you’ve ever seen. She was wearing a tight, short, silk slip-dress with a floral pattern, and her legs were heaven to look at in the dark, seamed hose, and a four-inch heel. I fantasized about lifting her dress up to reveal mid-thigh stockings and, my fetish, a black garter belt.

“Hey Jack”, her smooth voice purred from a few feet away.

I barely noticed; I was too busy looking at her legs. Suddenly, staring straight into her eyes, she said “Hi” in a barely audible voice.

“Sorry, I was swimming in P.E. and I still have water in my ears,” was my response.

“That's ok, I don't mind, I like the attention. Anyway, I'm having trouble with the English assignment and, I kind of need your help.” She said with a smile that showed her straight and brilliantly white teeth.

My heart almost exploded with joy at that moment, she liked me, I loved her, and we were going to be spending some ‘time’ together.

“Could you come over to my place and help me?”

“Yeah, sure.” I said coolly.

When the bell rang at two o’clock – it was a half-day today – we stopped by the lockers together and dropped all of the excess stuff off. We walked for a mile, and luckily for me, she was quiet and shy too.

We went into Anna's house, got drinks of soda, and headed upstairs to her double bed to set up the books. I thought we were alone, but after half an hour of studying, Stacie came thrashing up the stairs.

She was a mousy blonde (from her Mom's side) with hazel eyes, and thin little legs for a high school girl, a year younger than Anna, she was sixteen. She dropped her workload off on her floor in the next room over with a giant thud and, bursting into Anna's room, announced that she would be in the pool.

Anna and I looked at each other for a second, and then I plucked up some courage and started a conversation.

“I never thought you knew who I was. You don’t know how surprised I was when you walked over to me, even more when you invited me over.” I confessed.

She smiled and let out a little laugh. “I’ve always liked you Jack. You know, ‘like’ liked!” she said looking away as her cheeks became rosy with embarrassment. When suddenly, opening her legs, showing the shadowy inside, she asked, “What are some of your fantasies?”

Stunned, I said, “Well, you’re the star of them all ever since I first saw you. I’m in the bathtub, with warm water all around, when you come in. It's like you don't see me, you start to take a shower, your legs are straddling either side of my waist, and the spray is in my face, I can see your perfect ass and you say ‘could you help me dry off’. I sit up and start sucking the water off of your legs when you turn the shower off. I finish one leg, and then work on the middle, my tongue going deep inside your pussy.”

Anna's hands were massaging her breasts, I was turning her on, and she enjoyed it, she licked her lips, and I noticed for the first time that day that she wasn't wearing a bra, a life line for almost all the girls in the school.

“You start at your breasts, like your doing now,” I said. I looked away slightly as a small stab of embarrassment hit me as I watched her. “You really like what I'm doing and you cum, juice comes out of you and I suck it off of your leg, and all you want to do is lay with me in the tub.”

“Come on, let's try that.” She said. Shocked and surprised, I almost came in my pants. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. Inside, we shut the door and undressed each other. She stared at my cock for a while, commenting on how long and thick it was, and how she liked the way the head turned purple when it was hard. I took a condom out of my wallet and she rolled it onto my hard cock. I desperately tried not to cum as her touch sent shivers up my manhood, deep into my core. My cock jumped with desire and she smiled as it moved to her touch.

"I think it likes me," Anna said with a smile as she went over to the shower, wiggling her ass as she did.

She turned the shower on and I got in, lying in the tub. To fulfil my fantasy, she left and came back in a few moments later. Pretending not to see me, she got in the shower and started washing.

We were both in the shower, I worked her crotch, and Anna dug hard into her petite breasts, she was a lot wetter inside than I thought. I imagined myself chugging a coke, she was that wet. Some of the juice ran down my chin to form a sweet puddle in the centre of my chest. Moaning, she said, “Here I cum!” It seemed to me that she fainted, but violently.

Shaking and moaning with joy, I knew that she had just had an orgasm. I licked cum away from her pussy, and sucked it from her legs. Then she collapsed and, lying on top of me, she went limp. I got the idea that I could do a Kamasutra style sex position, but knew that I shouldn't.

Stacie barged into the bathroom, with her two-piece bikini almost half off. She never knocked, she had walked in on her parents having sex a dozen times and it barely seemed like news to her anymore. Innocently asking, but already knowing, she asked, “What's up?” As she spoke, she looked at my hard-on, right on the lips of Anna's pink pussy.

Taking off her top in front of the mirror, and then slipping off the bottoms, Stacie said that she wanted to shower off from the pool. All three of us were naked and very aroused. Anna was recovering from her orgasm, Stacie was jealous, she needed attention, and her pouty lips and her curly hair always got the wrong kind.

She straddled us both for the shower. Anna moved down to my crotch and delicately moved my cock into her pussy. As I lay in the bath, Anna pumped my virgin cock with her hot tight cunt. Stacie looked down to find her sister and me screwing between her legs. This was too much for her to comprehend; Stacie had to demonstrate her own fantasy.

I was lying on my back; the warm water flowed down Stacie's round, smooth ass cheeks. Stacie moved to the back of the tub and, straddling my mouth, she knelt. Anna moved her dripping wet cunt over my cock, facing her sister, I barely got to see them wildly making out. But I didn't care; this was better than a 69: two sisters and me!

I moved my hands from my sides to Stacie’s thighs, holding her in place as I started to lick on her pussy, first caressing her vulva, and then moving in, to her labia. Anna moaned as she pumped my cock, and Stacie mimicked her sister as I orally pleasured her. Their noises turned me on even more. Bravely, I probed into Stacie’s pussy with my tongue, flicking and gently squeezing on her clit with my fingers.

Stacie started to scream as the pleasure built up inside of her. Her body jerked as she orgasmed and came. Cum flowed out of her and I lapped it up, sucking it from her legs as it dripped down towards me. Stacie collapsed onto my chest as she tried to recover from the orgasm I had given her, but her pussy was still within reach of my tongue. I kept licking as Anna rode my cock like it was a bucking bronco.

Anna was getting jealous of the power of her sister’s orgasms but she was turned on at the same time. Anna stood up, Stacie followed her sister’s lead, and they switched places. Stacie pumped my ‘not-so-virgin-anymore’ cock, and Anna sat on my face. Stacie impaled my cock in her pussy, guiding it into her hot cunt with her soft hands. Stacie felt hotter inside than her sister had; maybe it was just my increased excitement.

She leant on my chest as she bounced up and down, kissing Anna some more. Anna's pussy was as wet as Stacie's and as I caressed her vulva and labia, she groaned loudly. Spurred on by the sisters’ arousing noises, I probed my tongue into Anna, flicking and squeezing her damp clit with my fingers.

Anna and Stacie both started to jerk uncontrollably as orgasm hit them, and they let out huge shouts and screams of pleasure. This was too much, I let load after load of my hot cum shoot into the condom as I fucked Stacie. My cock was entirely inside her and she moaned again, the heat from my liquids warming her cervix, giving her even more pleasurable feelings.

They lay tangled with each other on my chest, groaning and recovering from their orgasms. I licked away the last of Anna’s cum and carefully slid out from under them both. Stacie’s internal muscles had a tight grip on my cock and I couldn’t get free. I tickled her clit and she released me as she moaned and squirmed with pleasure.

I got out of the tub and dried myself, noticing some blood on my condom. Ignoring it, I picked up some towels and lay them on the floor. I picked Anna up out of the bath and lay her on the towels. Next I picked up Stacie and laid her next to her sister. I couldn’t believe it. I had lost my virginity to sisters and made them scream with pleasure at the same time. I looked down at them, lying side-by-side, totally naked and for only me to see. I took off the condom, which was covered in their mixed juices, and threw it in the trash. I got another towel and gently started drying them both off.

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