Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking

Underage Drinking

I own a pretty good chunk of woods on the outskirts of town. There are several logging roads running through it. One road in particular goes up to a pretty nice clearing. The local kids like to go up there and party, get drunk, and smoke some pot. There is a small pond there and it has a very nice view. I have often thought about building a log cabin there.

Since I know the teenagers use it I cut down some trees and put the trunks around in a circle with a big fire pit in the middle. I even provided the cut and split firewood for them to use. I didn’t need them setting my woods on fire. I even provided some trashcans too. Of course I put up plenty of no trespassing signs as a way of covering my own ass.

Then I got the bright idea to put in a duck blind of sorts where I could spy on them and not get caught. I put it on the top of a nearby knoll. It was actually my brush pile from the treetops after I strip the branches off. My fort was in the middle and camouflaged real well. I was very proud of it if I do have to say so myself. I can hide my truck in the back and get into my fort through an access tunnel.

A few nights earlier I had eavesdropped on my daughter’s conversation and heard that there was going to be a big drinking party there on Friday night so I made sure to get out there a couple of hours early and hide my truck. I got inside my fort and brought in my supplies. I had plenty to drink and plenty to snack on too. I had my camera and binoculars that both have night vision capability. I even brought my parabolic ear so that I could hear almost any conversation that I wanted too. Now all I had to do was wait.

My sixteen-year-old daughter Tonya was among the first to arrive. She had to be one of the ringleaders because she was in the pickup truck that had the beer kegs in it.

The way the kids pay for the beer is to sell the cups for five dollars each. As time passed they drank, danced, and made out. Eventually the ones in charge realized that they had not made enough money on the cup sales to cover the cost of the beer and snacks.

The boys asked for donations but got nowhere. Tonya then got most of them to notice her when she lifted her T-shirt to expose her tits. Everyone got quiet! That’s when Tonya asked for donations to help cover their expenses.

Someone shouted out, “How much do you need?”

One guy whispered to her and Tonya shouted back, “Fifty bucks!”

Someone shouted, “If I had fifty bucks I would make you earn it first!”

That got some laughter from the crowd. Tonya just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

Then to my astonishment Tonya shouted, “Okay! The first guy to come up with fifty dollars gets my virginity!”

There was a hush over the crowd. The girls started giggling, the guys were looking in there pockets, but no one seemed to have that much money on them.

I don’t know what possessed me but I got out of my fort and walked around behind them. I tapped my daughter on her shoulder and handed her three twenty-dollar bills. She lit up, smiled, then looked at my face. She went white as a ghost.

One of the boys that were in charge took the money and pushed her toward me saying, “She’s all yours!”

Silently Tonya let me take her hand and lead her behind the brush pile to my pickup truck. I got a blanket out of the cab and laid it out on the bed of the truck. Tanya was still speechless. Not knowing exactly what to do I grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and lifted it. Tanya lifted her arms so that I could pull it all the way up and off. I tossed it in the tuck on the blanket. I admired my daughter’s breasts for the first time. I had been behind her when she flashed them to the crowd. Still not saying a word I reached out to unsnap her tight jeans, unzip them, and start to slide them down her legs. They were even tighter than I had imagined and gave me a little fight. I peeled them down over her ass and down her legs to her ankles. Wondering what to do next I simple lifted my daughter up into my arms and got up in the truck. I laid her on the stretched out blanket then I removed her shoes, managed to get her jeans off of her feet, and put them near her T-shirt. As she lay there I admired my nearly naked daughter. She still hadn’t said a word to me so I simple reached out and hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties. As I tugged on them Tonya lifted her ass off the blanket to assist me. I smiled at her and Tonya smiled back at me. As I exposed her bush I knew that I would have to trim it soon. I got her panties off and instead of putting them with the rest of her clothes I stuffed them into my pocket. Tonya smiled some more.

Obviously the next thing to do was for me to undress. So I took off my shoes, socks, T-shirt, pants, and my underwear. I stood before her naked as she looked up at me and smiled her biggest smile yet. I think she liked my hard cock.

Tonya spread her legs, opened her arms toward me, and beckoned me to her. I knelt between her knees and admired her in the moonlight. She looked just like her mother that night when I took her virginity too. That was a good eighteen years ago and Tonya would now be my second virgin.

Tonya’s face was very pretty and free of any blemishes, her hair was splayed out around her head kind of like a halo, and she looked very good. Her breasts were heaving with her excitement, her breasts were as nice as any I had ever seen, and her nipples were fantastic. Tonya’s nipples were a light pink surrounded with a crinkled areola. They were smaller in diameter than her mother’s nipples but much longer. I was so impressed that I just leaned over and sucked one into my mouth. It was a good half-inch long and it swelled in my mouth. I just had to suck the other one too.

I hear my daughter say, “Oh Daddy! That feels so good! You don’t know how many nights I have dreamed of you doing just that. I’m so happy that it was you that bought my virginity. This is a night that I will never forget. I have wanted you to my first lover since I hit puberty. I gave up all hope and decide to let fate take over tonight. And here you are!”

I got back up on my knees and looked at her nipples again. They were close to three-quarters of an inch long now. I looked at her inviting pussy and leaned into that next. It smelled as good as it looked and it tasted even better. I used both of my hands to open her lips and get some of that hair out of the way. It definitely needed a trim. Tonya started to coo. I picked her ankles up and put them over my shoulders so I could have better access. I ate her pussy, put my tongue in her hole, and attacked her clit giving her three orgasms.

Once I had satisfied her and was sure that she was good and wet I positioned my cock at her entrance and pushed it in. There was little or no resistance and I slipped it all the way in. I stroked her with her ankles still on my shoulders then I put them down, straddled her legs, and made her pussy tighter around my hard cock. I fucked into my daughter with a fantastic feeling of need. I was beyond the point of no return. I fucked my cock into her pussy for all I was worth. When I finally cum I just collapsed on top of her.

Tonya wrapped her arms around me and said, “Thank you Daddy! I needed that!”

I replied, “Me too!”

I stayed there until my cock shriveled and slipped from her pussy. I rolled to one side and pulled her into me. We both looked up at the sky and watched the stars for a moment while we contemplated what we had done.

Tonya asked, “This isn’t the last time! Is it Daddy?”

I asked, “Will it cost me fifty dollars each time?”

She asked, “Am I worth it?”

I smiled, kissed her, and said, “Every penny of it!”

Tonya said, “Suppose you just buy me everything that I want like you always do!”

I kissed her again but not like any kiss I had ever given her before. This was a kiss between lovers.

Then a voice scared the shit out of me, “Hi Mr. B. Did you get your money’s worth? Hi Tonya did it hurt! Mr. B. can you do that to me too? I’m still a virgin too and it won’t cost you anything! Please!”

Tonya said, “Daddy you remember Janet my best friend from down the street?”

I said, “Oh! Yes! Hi Janet!”

Janet asked, “Tonya you don’t mind sharing your father with me do you?”

Tonya kissed me and said, “Daddy will you? She is my best friend and we do share everything! Please!”

I said, “Okay! Come on get in here!”

Janet got in the back of the truck with us and undressed. When she got to her panties Tonya grabbed them and pulled them down to her ankles. We made room for Janet between us. Tonya finished removing Janet’s panties and handed them to me. I smiled and took them. I tossed them toward my pants.

Janet’s breasts were smaller than Tonya’s breasts and her nipples were not even close in length. I got between her legs and tasted her pussy. It was a little salty from peeing recently. She hadn’t wiped all that good but for some reason that excited me. I licked harder. After I gave Janet an orgasm I slipped my cock into her. With my daughter watching I fucked her best friend. I could tell that Janet had quite a bit to drink so I just concentrated on satisfying myself. When I filled her with cum she just lay there in an after sex bliss.

Tonya straddled Janet’s face and squatted on her. Then Tonya leaned forward and started eating Janet’s pussy. I found that very sexy. I had always wanted to see my wife with another woman but this was even better. Both girls were munching on a pussy that I had just fucked and were swallowing my cum. I played with myself as I watched them.

To my sheer delight I got hard for the third time. I felt like a teenager again. I got behind Tonya’s ass and slipped my cock into her pussy while Janet licked both of us now. Tonya never let up on Janet’s clit. When I cum for the third time both girls had orgasms too. It was as if it had been planned. This time while I watched them eating one another out I didn’t get hard.

As the night went on I heard cars leave and the noise settle down. Soon I told the girls that it was time to go.

Tonya asked, “Can Janet spend the night?”

Janet asked, “Can I? Can I? Please!”

Tonya said, “Remember Daddy, Mommy has that lady’s club tomorrow? She will be up and out early! That will leave the two of us girls there alone with you for most of the day!”

Janet asked, “Do you think you can handle that Mr. B.?”

I smiled, grabbed their pussies, and said, “I don’t know but I think I’d like to try!”

The End
Underage Drinking

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