Washed Ashore 3

Washed Ashore 3

I rose shakily and staggered down to the water line and the body lying sprawled on the sand. As I got closer I could see that it was a woman, and my stomach churned with the thought that it might be too late and she might already be dead. This thought propelled me forward until I was on my knees by her side.

She was wearing a bikini which was barely covering her nakedness, and even as I tried to rouse her, my cock jumped to hang fuller, unconcealed by clothing. I didn't even notice; I was desperate to get some sign of life from the woman. I listened at her chest, my ear on one of her pert breasts, and heard breath. The sound of breathing was like the most beautiful music in the world, and with that music in my heart I squatted over her with my hands on her shoulders, shaking her gently.

Her eyes fluttered open and her mouth made motions, but no sound came out. I smiled down at her, and she looked up at me in confusion. Then her eyes traveled down from my face over the rest of my body, and I realized that I was straddling her with my hard member jutting out for anyone to see. When her eyes got there they widened and she finally spoke. "Wha?" she said, then the flood of input must have been too much for her, and her eyes rolled back into her head and she fainted.

By the time she came to a second time I had carried her gently up the beach and laid her by the fire. I was also slightly more decent, having scrounged a loincloth from the tattered remnants of my clothing. As she woke once more I soothed her and offered her a drink of water, then built a fire to guard against the coming night chill. "Where am I?" she asked finally, after a minute or so of looking around.

"You washed ashore on this island," I replied simply, not knowing what else to say. "I don't know where we are, but you're with me."

She smiled, and I ached for how pretty she looked in the light of the fire. Even with a heavy beard, a loincloth, and covered in sand and dirt, I felt the need to be presentable, so I dusted myself off and returned to her side. "What's the last thing you remember before I woke you up?" I asked, hoping that maybe she could give me some clue to where the island was.

"I fell off the boat I think," she said, shaking her head. "We were out in the open water and everyone was settling back to catch some sun. I was looking over the rail at the horizon, just thinking, and a squall must have blown up, because the next thing I remember I was in the water and fighting to stay afloat. Then a big wave pulled me down and then I was on the beach with you standing…" Her voice trailed off and hey eyes trailed down to my loincloth. Her face was filled with some powerful emotion, but I couldn't quite tell what.

"Well, never mind that, what matters is you're safe now," I said hastily.

"Yes, thanks to you," she said, smiling at me again. "I'm sure I would have been swept away again if you hadn't rescued me." I made polite deprecatory comments but I could see her smile growing and her eyes lighting up. "I imagine it gets quite cold with only… with only a little on," she said suddenly. "And you're all alone?"

As if on cue, Sam trotted in. "No, at least I've got Sam," I said, forgetting for the moment how he'd wrecked my pleasure.

"He's adorable," she cooed, going over to him and patting him. Sam, for his part, looked pleased as punch to have another human around, and he licked her face while she laughed and scratched his ears. I was momentarily forgotten, but watching her from the rear, I could see just how little she was wearing and appreciated her figure all the more. She was petite; it was hardly surprising she'd been swept away. Her waist was slender as a young girl's, but her hips and buttocks were well-rounded and firm, and the muscles in her back and legs rippled as she moved in a most seductive and mesmerizing way. She looked to be in her late teens, but however old she was, she had a woman's body with a girl's tantalizing nubile attitude, playing with Sam like he was a teddy bear. I was so turned on I could have cut glass with the tip of my manhood.

In my adoration I had completely ignored the fact that she was looking at me again, and as I imagined her pert young breasts pressed against me, my eyes caught her looking at me with that same smile. I stopped oogling, trying not to drool. "What's your name?" she asked coyly. I could almost read her mind through her eyes, and I saw promise.

"Stanislas, but everyone calls me Staz," I said, almost embarrassed at the foreign sound.

"My name's Katherine, but everyone calls me Kate." She laughed. "Well Staz, what do you do for fun around here?" My mind went immediately to the sheep, but I knew I couldn't very well tell her that. It didn't matter anyway, she had her own ideas. "I bet having two people is much more fun that being alone." She grinned. "I've always felt that way."

So saying, without any urging on my part, without any hesitation, she crawled over to my side, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me. I can't say I was surprised; even as stupid as I am, it was like reading a script. I wasn't surprised, which let my body take over much more quickly than usual, and I kissed her back, clasping her frail body to mine like she was the only woman on earth, which she might as well have been. I wasn't surprised, but as my hands began unfastening her top, I was pleased.

As the bikini top slipped from her shoulders and revealed her breasts, I didn't even have to glance down, because I knew what they would look like. Her pale skin was burned by the sun, but her breasts, perky and small, were still ivory white. The little pink nipples pressed into my chest like drills, boring into my soul and dragging me to her like a magnet. As I broke the kiss and ran my lips and tongue down her neck to those soft orbs, she giggled, revealing that her breasts weren't the only girlish part of her. As I suckled at them with her hands tangled in my hair, my hands moved lower, slipping under the waist band of her bikini bottoms to cup the solid apples of her buttocks. As my finger roamed of its own will up between her legs, she shivered and giggled again, driving me mad with lust.

In a moment she was lying supine by the fire and I was pulling her bikini from her. She squeeled with excitement as I spread her legs gently but firmly and lowered my head to gaze down at her young cunt, already moist as with a fine dew. It had a fine, delicate bush, red like her hair but paler, and I lowered my estimation of her age by the look of it. She could not be more than eighteen, I decided in the rational part of my mind, but my body was firmly in the driver's seat, and I kissed her raised pubis and licked my lips, tasting her young juices. Even if she'd been prepubescent, I was so desperate and arroused that I might not have listened to the back of my brain.

I spread her pink lips with my fingers, gently pulling her open to gaze at her rose-colored opening. She writhed at the touch, and instead of pulling back I kissed her cunt again and then began rythmically running my tongue over her, from her anus to her pubic bone. I pulled her farther open, stretching her walls, making her cry out, and then pressed my lips to her clitoral hood and sucked while my finger darted up into her. Her passage was tight; she had not had much experience, and I knew I had to go slowly, but not too slowly or I would surely explode.

When her tiny nob of a clit finally showed itself and I was able to get another finger into her tunnel, I could wait no longer. She was moaning loudly, as if she knew that there was no one to hear our lovemaking. When I raised my head from her arch I could see her starting to stir, no doubt wishing to return the favor. But my cock could not be satisfied with her mouth. I pressed her gently to the ground again with a shake of my head, then positioned myself at her opening, kneeling between her creamy thighs, staring down at her face which was filled with a beautiful mixture of anticipation and concern. Our eyes met, and I held her gaze until she softened, inviting me inside.

With the head of my shaft at her opening, I slowly eased myself into her canal. Almost immediately she tightened with apprehension, and I stayed with just the tip inside her until she relaxed again. Then I lowered my pelvis to hers, inch by inch, my eyes still holding hers prisoner, until I was completely within her tight girlish walls. There I waited a moment, letting her feel the penetration, savoring the spasms of her nervous muscles. I lowered my chest to hers, until we were pressed against each other, our arms wrapped around each other.

When I could no longer take it, I began to slowly grind my hips against the arch formed by her spread legs, rotating and pressing. She was panting, but still our eyes were locked and no noises came from either of us other than our breaths and the rustle of the sand as we pressed our bodies into it. She was widening unconsciously, her cunt adapting to fit me. I kept this up until I could see in her eyes she was ready, then I raised my body again and slowly withdrew my shaft from her warm darkness. Her eyes widened as she realized what was coming. When just the tip was in the mouth of her hole, I paused again for a moment, knowing that once I crossed this line I would no longer be able to go slowly. Her eyes were soft, almost childlike, in the flickering light of the fire.

Then I thrust, and she screamed for the first time. As I withdrew and thrust again, I kissed her open mouth to comfort her. Her insides spasmed, and at first I thought I had gone too fast and she was rejecting me. But when I looked at her face, she had an expression I had seen many times in many women's faces, shock which gradually is driven away by spasms of pleasure. Her tiny pink cunt was cumming, and her head lolled back and she wailed into the darkness of the tropical night.

I furrowed her firmly, my hands clasped around her petite waist, while her breasts rose and fell with the force of her orgasm. I was surprised that I didn't cum then as well; certainly it had been long enough that I could have been forgiven. But though I was hard, harder than ever, I did not cum, nor did I feel it approaching. I upped my pace, proceding faster but just as gently, timing my strokes to coincide with her spasms. I could feel the wetness spreading over her stomach and thighs, coating my cock and making every thrust easier than the last.

Finally she panted to a standstill, no longer wailing but just moaning with pleasure with every new penetration. Her eyes finally opened and she looked up at my face, and the look of gratitude would have been enough to make any man cum, no matter how strong. But still I did not. I continued to enter and retreat, giving her time to recover. Then, wordlessly, she seemed to know what was wrong and we rolled until she was straddling my hips, my shaft still firmly embedded in her. I could see myself jutting up into her pink passage, my pubic hair tickling her engorged cltoris. Her hair, knotted and salty, still flowed over one shoulder and down past her breasts, which swayed slightly as she began to rock, squirming her rear up and down on my chest, smearing her fluid up to my belly button. She arched her back and upped her tempo, and it was my turn to be ridden.

But still I did not cum. She pivoted, an action which alone could bring me to orgasm on any other night, and now I could see my cock pressing up into her backside, which rose and fell , accepting me and then rejecting me. She was panting again, and I could tell by her frantic movements that she would climax again soon, and she was desperate for me to do the same.

Suddenly, an idea sprang full-formed from the recesses of my mind. If I had been thinking, I might have wondered at it, but as it was, I knew it would work. Somehow, I knew that what was lacking was taking her from the rear, like an animal. I didn't realize why this might be, nor did I question it; I simply grabbed her hips and pulled us both into position. She cried out, laughing, then settling down to her hands and knees, her buttocks spreading slightly as I began to thrust into her cunt hard and fast now. Her back below me arched, and she moaned and wailed from the force of my assault, but her rump was prefect against me and I held her down and fucked harder, my cock pressing down her body, making her scream. She was cumming again, a fierce wild orgasm, snorting and wailing and writhing beneath me, and then I noticed I was cumming too, finally. I pressed deep and shot my seed past her cervix directly into her womb, pulsing and grinding as if I wanted to drive my entire body into her cunt.

How long I was under the spell of orgasm I can't say, but when I finally came back to myself, she was lying still beneath me, her breathing slow and steady. Our joined liquids where leaking from the space around my member, which, while flaccid, was still buried in her cuntal walls. Our sweat mingled on her back and buttocks. As I drifted to sleep, still inside her like I was trapped there, I could hear, in the distance, the bleating of sheep.


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