Watching Little Casey Next Door, Continued

Watching Little Casey Next Door, Continued

Continuation of the adventures of 16yo Casey Sheridan and her seduction of her neighbor Dan. Picks up where the first left off without much introduction, gets to the sex faster as well.

Consensual Sex,, Teen Female Solo, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Masturbation, Toys, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Cum Swallowing, Male Solo, Anal..

“Oh my gosh, what time is it?” Casey suddenly jumped up, looking for the clock in Dan’s room while pulling her t-shirt back down over her breasts. “My parents are gonna call around nine. Darn it!.” The clock read 8:50. She jumped up, pulling her skirt down as she ran out of the room, leaving Dan naked on his bed to contemplate what had just happened.

About two weeks ago, Casey, the cute little red-headed teddy-bear of a girl, his neighbors’ youngest at sixteen, turned inexplicably into a lusty exhibitionist, giving him nightly shows of her masturbating from her bedroom next door. Then when her parents went out of town for a few days and he agreed to look after her for them, she intensified things, first by calling him while playing with herself for him, then by actually coming over this evening. Now he finds himself well spent and naked on his bed, sore from twice screwing, wondering how and if, strike that, when he should have her over again. Thank god it’s a school night, he thought to himself, since he probably couldn’t have handled any more of her tonight.

Back at home next door, Casey had barely gotten in when the phone rang. She prayed it was her parents and that she hadn’t missed an earlier call, since she’d have to come up with some reason for not being there to answer it. To her relief it was them calling, and she tried to sound as normal and teenager-ish as possible despite her current state, which was shaky-legged and still sticky with her neighbor’s drying cum all over her chest. She was pretty sure her voice would be shaky too, and spoke as little as possible to conceal it.

“Hi, Yep. Uh huh. No, nothing really. Yeah. Yeah, he called and checked in a while ago like you asked. No. Mm-hm, yeah I’m a little tired. Okay, yeah I gotta get to bed. Yep, nite. Love you.” She hung up the phone and hoped it worked. Her mom had asked about Mr. Dan, and she tried to sound disinterested. She probably should have been more chatty like she normally was, thinking her shortness might make her mom suspicious. But then it occurred to her the last thing her parents would think is that she’d just been next door having sex. In fact, she was such a good kid anyway, she doubted her parents thought she was up to anything at all. The perfect excuse of model behavior, she thought on the way up to shower: it let’s you get away with anything you want.

By the time she’d showered and gotten her things ready for school the next day it was her usual 10:30 bedtime. She didn’t know if Mr. Dan was going to want to play again, but she was still really turned on, and wanted to give him another show. After showering she’d thrown on some sweat pants and a tee out of habit (even though she could have walked around the empty house naked), so as she turned off all but her desk lamp and raised the blinds, she decided to start with a little strip tease for him. She thought about calling him to make sure he was there, but decided it would be more fun not knowing if he was or not.

First she just smiled straight out the window to where he would be, and slowly began to rub her body all over; around her waist, over her hips, massaging her breasts, all while remaining clothed. She’d never really stripped for him before, and it was getting her even more turned on. Her expression was one of pure bliss as she turned around to show him her nice behind, looking invitingly back over her shoulder as if to say, “remember this?” She bent from the waist, arching her back for maximum effect as she ran her hands over her prone round ass. Her hands eventually found her waistband and began to ease her sweats from her waist to her hips, just barely showing herself as she reached back between her legs and rubbed her covered treasure.

She then swung back up and turned to face him again, returning her fingers to her waistline and working her pants even further down to her mid thighs, where she left them, letting her hands travel back up beneath her tee as she sat back onto the bed. Now she teased her breasts and nipples for him, lifting her shirt but not removing it, then she lay back and drew up her knees, still held together by the sweats on her thighs. The feel of being constricted gave her a thrill, and she reached around her hips from either side, her fingertips just barely able to pull her wet lips apart and explore. Finally she rolled over to one side and reached behind, which gave her much better access to her pussy. Still bound in her clothes, she masturbated to a quick but satisfying orgasm for him as she pretended he was behind her as he’d done earlier, pressing himself all the way in. Her body now exhausted from the numerous orgasms she’d had in the past few hours, she smiled and waved to the window, then lazily reached up and turned out the light, finally slipping out of her sweats before falling asleep.

The next day she could of course think of nothing but the night before. She only had two days of school left for the year, and those days were mostly tests, but sex was really the only thing on her mind, and she found it really difficult just getting through her exams. So she made a deal with herself: go home and study until 7pm, then go over and play with Mr. Dan, since he probably had to work until then anyway. After that it would be Friday, and she’d still have the whole weekend to spend with him until her parents got back Monday. As a reward for her compromise, on the bus ride home after school she made a list I her head of all the things she wanted to do with him: learn how to give a good plow job, have sex on top, watch some more of his DVDs with him, and who knows what else might pop up to add to the list later.

So when she got home, she dutifully set about her schoolwork even though her body was almost screaming at her to give it some attention. She even avoided spending time with Mr. Dan’s dog Pixie like she usually did in the afternoons. She just sat at her desk, the blinds slightly open, trying not to stare out the window and daydream about the house next door. Around five she noticed Mr. Dan taking Pixie out, and had to smile when she saw him glancing up to her window, trying to appear nonchalant. At least he was looking for her, she thought to herself. She hoped she’d be able to reward him sufficiently for his patience in just a couple more hours.

Finally those last hours passed, and she quickly changed into a short summery dress, this time foregoing any underwear at all, out her straight red hair into a single ponytail, and all but sprinted next door, bursting through the kitchen door, not knowing exactly where she’d find him. He was in the living room watching television, reclining on his big leather sofa in a tee shirt and jeans.

“Hi there, Casey,” he said almost casually but with a little smile. “I was wondering if you might stop by.”

Unable to contain her enthusiasm, she ran across the room and jumped onto his lap, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “Oh my god! I wanted to be over here all day! I can stay for another two hours until my parents call, I hope that’s ok. Think that’ll be enough time to teach me a few things?”

“Teach you?” he asked a little incredulously. “You seem to have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing already.” For an innocent sixteen year old, she was as good a lover if not better than most he’d already had.

“Well, thanks,” she said, almost blushing with genuine girlish humility, “but I want to get better and better, and I want you to show me how.” She was letting her fingers trace up and down the front of his shirt, still on his lap. “Can I pick the first lesson, please, Mr. Dan?” Her voice was softening back into her sexier self, and she felt his pants begin to bulge a bit beneath her.

“Something tells me you’re not a girl to be told what to do, so yes.”

“Oh, I like to be told what to do, sometimes,” she said with a dirty grin, “and there’ll be plenty of that I hope. But right now I want to learn how to give you the very best blowjob ever.” She kissed his cheek again, this time letting her breath linger on his skin as she shimmied off his lap, stretching out along the length of the sofa.

“So,” she continued as she undid his jeans, “You just tell me what you like, and I’ll do my best to do that for you.” As she undid the last button of his fly, she caught her breath in mock surprise. “Ah! Mr. Dan,” she scolded discovering he had no underwear on, “Naughty, naughty! But you get points for thinking ahead.” She opened his pants and worked them just a little down his hips, and reached in for his stiffening dick. Gently stroking it in her small hands, she alternated her gaze between it and him, giving him her best doe eyes whenever she looked up.

“Mmm, my that looks good. Yesterday I was in such a hurry I didn’t take the time to really have a look at you.” With one hand holding the base of him, she slightly stroked its length with her fingertips, forcing a soft moan from his lips. “You have such a big, yummy, looking cock, mister. Do you like it when I’m gentle like this?” Her voice was a soft and sweet as anything he’d ever heard.

“Yes, very much. Be a good girl and do just that for a while. And keep talking to me so I can hear that wonderful voice of yours, sweetie.” Everything about this girl was magic. She was at once sexy and commanding, yet soft, tiny and almost na?. Her small hands only emphasized this last attribute, but what they were doing to him had him mesmerized by her eager and alluring sensuality.

“Yes, sir, ok,” she said agreeably. “I’ll keep talking to you until my mouth is full of cock, and your cum is pouring down my throat.” Such a way with words, she had. “And you keep telling me what you want. That’s a deal!” she said with a big, happy smile.

She reached in and lifted his balls up from between his thighs, lightly tickling them as her other hand made more of a fist now to begin stroking him, squeezing a great ooze of precum from the tip. “Mmm, that looks good. How about I smear that all around your head like this. Is that ok?” She massaged the tip of him with his slick drips and when her fingers found the underside of his glans, he drew her attention to it.

“Ooo, right there underneath the head. It’s very sensitive there. Oo, just like that, yessss.” Her fingers swirled little circles for him until he became too sticky, then she wrapped her fingers around and pumped him once again, slowly.

“Do you like it slow like this, or faster?”

“Nice and slow at first, everything slowly please.” She smiled hearing this, really beginning to feel like she was pleasing him. And then just as slow as her hands, she leaned forward and placed her lips to the tip and gave it a long, soft kiss, opening her mouth ever so slightly, no more than if she were sucking on a straw, holding him there squeezing with her hands on his balls and shaft. She let the tip of her tongue through the tiny opening in her lips, and teasingly eased it into the hole of his penis. “Can I lick it?” she asked rhetorically, running her tongue around the tip. He just nodded in response.

With her body still perpendicular to his on the on the couch, him seated and her stretched out along it, she delicately licked up and down the length of him, just letting the tip of her tongue brush him initially, then letting more of it flatten out until she was lapping him upwards from the base to the top, holding him and rubbing the head of his dick on the full surface of her tongue, before finally wrapping her lips around him to suck him into her mouth. Her little hand was again enclosed around him and she slowly tugged at him with her lips meeting her fingers, moving her hand in unison with her mouth. She tugged and sucked this way for a moment, letting her saliva build up in her mouth before opening her lips to let it drip out onto her hand, gradually getting him slick and wet along his length. Her hand could now glide along his skin freely, and she loosened her grip until the circle of her fingers barely contacted him, tickling and teasing him with her stroke as she put his head back in. As her lips for made a second loose circle, she massaged him with her tongue, moving all over him in her mouth, causing more of her saliva to flow. She’d now made slow, wet, slippery mess of him, and strings of her spit and his juice covered her hand, her chin, and ran all down his dick and onto his balls.

Smacking her lips, licking them in a failed attempt to contain her drooling, she paused and smiled up at him. “Still slow, mister? Nice and wet like this?” He still could only nod. She took another gulp or two of him, squeezing him while stroking him into her, before continuing. “You have such a pretty and delicious dick, you know that? Sweet and hard and yummy. And it fits so nicely into my sweet, pretty mouth, don’t you think? Hm?” The last part of her sentence was muffled by the mouthful of his dick being pulled deeper and deeper into her throat while her little hand massaged where the base met his tight balls, all of it soaking wet.

In her hunger she’d increased the tempo, making him ache and swell as he felt the cum beginning to build. Sensing his response she kept it up, squeezing her downward thrusts and changing the sensation from gentle pleasure to more urgent arousal, sucking him purposely; fucking him with her face. She worked him like this until she could tell by his breathing and moaning that he was coming closer, and she had every intent of letting his hot cum fill her mouth. She eased him back one more time to extend his pleasure while she talked it out of him.

“Oh my,” she cooed lustily, “someone’s getting close to cumming.” She locked her eyes to his. “You’re going to cum in my mouth, Mr. Dan, if that’s ok?” she was stroking him with long, deliberate, firm stokes as she spoke, keeping him close. “Will you let your favorite little girl suck the cum out of your big, pretty dick and let you shoot it down her throat?”

She took him back in while he thought about it, building him one step closer. She was pumping his cock loudly into her mouth, her hand making glistening slick noises while she moaned encouragement through her bobbing mouth, before coming up for air. “Oh, yeah, mister. God you’re getting so big and hard. Is that your thick tasty cum making you do that?” Again back into her mouth, all the way back where he felt his head meeting her soft constriction, adding the involuntary glug-glug sound of her reflex to the chorus. She could feel his imminent burst starting it final surge, and lifted her face one last time to lure it out at last.

“Is that my cum in there you have for me? Pretty little Casey cum for my pretty wet mouth. Gimme, gimme, mister. Gimme that thick, white goo,” and she dropped down again onto his completely stiff dick. A deep moan come from deep within him as his hips rose and his body grew taught, one long last wave of build up and at last he was filling her filthy little mouth with the cum she deserved. He let it go while his body abandoned itself to the huge spasms of orgasm, and she did her best to keep it in her mouth, although he could feel it leaking warmly down under his balls. She was swallowing what she could, but the sheer volume was more than she’d imagined, and eventually she had to let it spray out onto her hand with her gasping breath.

She held him in her hand, slowly working the last of his delicious gift from him, easing it forth as she licked and drooled cum at the same time, taking his head into her mouth, then letting it fall back out. His hips had slowed, and the last of his full body contractions subsided, leaving him dazed and breathless, looking at the amazing sight of Casey and her cum soaked ever-smiling face.

“Was that good, mister? I sure liked it!” And she played the small remainder of cum again out of her mouth and onto her handful of dick before lapping it back up again. “Thank you for my pretty present. God, everything about it smells and tastes and feels so good!” She propped herself up onto one elbow and began to look him over. “Would you like a tasty girl treat of your own now?” She let go of him and sat up next to him, scooching her way closer until she was able to swing her leg over his lap and straddle him face to sticky face.

“Look what I have in here for you!” she lifted her loose dress up to reveal her pantiless pussy, already swollen and wet. “Look how happy she is to see you! Would you like to give her a kiss?” She rose up onto her feet so that she was still straddling him with her knees on the back of the couch on either side of his chest. Continuing to hold her dress up for him, she leaned forward and arched her hips up, feeding him her pussy as he sat reclined.

His tongue was immediately darting into her sweet teen pussy as he reached up and held her by her thighs up against his face. All she had to do was lean into him, resting her hands on the back of the couch, and let his tongue give her pussy the pleasure she wanted so much now. And of course with the recent activity she was almost instantly ready to have an orgasm of her own.

“Oh, gosh, mister. Sorry, but I think I have to cum a little cum right away if you don’t mind. Mmmm, just keep that tongue in there for me and let me rub your face. Yesss.” He just held his tongue out for her to poke as his nose nestled onto her clit, the face fucking tables having turned. She shuddered her little girl shudder as the first wave of orgasm broke over her, and her quick breath became cute little grunts of passion, then a long slow moan as she released her immediate desire for him, leaning hard onto his mouth.

“Mmm, of god yes, like that, please. Oh boy, that is so nice. Keep fucking me with your mister man tongue. Oh wow, yes!” He was beginning to understand her orgasms, and this one he knew was just a teaser to get her really going. And sure enough when it had eased off, she stood back and said to him. “Alright, Mr. Dan, get those pants off right now.”

Beneath her he pushed his jeans down the rest of the way and kicked them off across the room. “And your shirt, too,“ she said, helping him lift it over his head before tossing it aside as well. She slipped the straps of her dress down over her shoulders, bringing it down to her waist, then as she sat herself down onto his thighs, hiked up the lower half of it as well until it was all just loose fabric resting on her hips.

“Ok, Mr. Dan, I tell you what,” she began as she positioned her pussy right at the base of his recovering penis, taking it into her hands a rubbing it against herself. “I’m going to play with myself a little more for you until I can get you hard again.” With one hand rubbing her clit slowly, she continued to grind her hips onto his dick in her other hand. “And in the meantime, you’re going to tell me about what you like.” Her eye met his with that devilish smile she had just for him, “So tell me, mister. What do you like about young girls so much?”

Dan sat with his hands under her hips, squeezing her squirming butt as he tried to figure out what to say. He was silent for a moment, which was just a moment too long for Casey’s liking, and she stopped her playing and froze. “Ah, ah, ah,” she scolded, “answer the questions faster, mister, or you get no show.”

“Ok, ok,” he laughed, “Are we talking about you in particular, or young girls in general?” She remained still as she pondered. “In general. We’ll get to me later.”

“Well, I like that they’re so cute and firm.” He gave her ass a good squeeze for emphasis. “I like their pretty little pussies and their tight young butts. What’s not to like, really, they’re just so sexually ripe.”

She resumed her play, and was slowly working herself back up in the process. “You like to think all the girls on your DVDs want to fuck you, huh?”

“Well, yes, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? And of course there’s the taboo of them being too young, or just about.” His brain was working overtime trying to balance rational answers in the midst of her searing eroticism.

With a deliberately slow, firm grind against his slowly reviving cock, she held it with both hands and gave it a nice tug up against her fuzzy, wet, lips. “Do you think I’m too young, mister?” she asked in an innocent, pouty voice, then more slowly for effect, “And is this a naughty, forbidden thing you’re doing to me?” He was firming up nicely now. “I mean really, how old are you? Thirty, forty? Such a bad man you are, taking advantage of me like this, I’m just a little girl, Mr. Dan. Why. On earth. Would you want to fuck me?”

She leaned forward onto her knees to raise herself up as she positioned him at her opening, then sat back and enveloped him, bending him in a little, letting him firm up the rest of the way inside her. She just held herself down on top of him, keeping her weight over his hips, grinding her own in slow circles as she felt him grow firmer. Then she lowered her face to his, and kissed him fully on the mouth, delicately at first, but then passionately, their tongues exploring each others. She was rocking slowly onto him, her breasts brushing against his chest, his breathing growing heavy.

Breaking off their long kiss, she said to him with her mouth right over his, “I’m here for you to fuck, Mr. Dan. I’m your pretty little girl, with her cute little butt and tight pretty pussy that only wants your big yummy cock all the way up in her.”

He was almost overcome by the swell of emotion he now had for her. Lust, of course, and a huge amount of it, but also genuine affection for her, and gratitude, and the disbelieving sense of how lucky he was. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close, resuming the kiss, but even more passionately as he pressed his hips up to her. It was as much of a deep, penetrating, full body hug as he could give her, and he held the embrace for some time before releasing his kiss.

“Oh my god, Casey!” he whispered to her, her face just an inch above his, smiling. “How is it that you’re so fantastically seductive and so deliciously young at the same time? How lucky am I to be the one you unleash this on?”

She kissed him again, more playfully as her hips began to move, sliding him in and out. “I dunno, Mr. Dan. You’re a nice man. And you look good. And you have a nice dick. And you’re letting me do all this. And I really like being your secret plaything.”

She raised herself up to better enjoy the ride on top, bringing her hands down his chest to his sides where she could hold on for stability as she slid along his full length. Her downward thrust grew more forceful as she aimed him along inside her, looking for the best spot to put him. He just held on to her ass and let her ride him, enjoying having his dick fully hard and immersed in sweet sixteen year old pussy. As she sat upright and shut her eyes, he just watched her breasts bounce wonderfully with her rise and fall, and listened to her noises go from deep, slow moans to little girls squeaks.

“Does that dick feel good up in there, little one?” Her rhythm was intensifying as she came closer to cumming. Her voice when she spoke was high pitched and delightful. “Oh, yeah, mister! Oh, fuck, that feels good in me. Ohhhhh. I just want to impale myself on it. Oh god. Get it way up in there. Ohhh, ohhhhh.”

She started rocking impossibly fast on him into her orgasm as he held on. She suddenly stopped and screamed out, shuddering violently as her body tried to curl up on top off him. He thrust upwards to intensify her orgasm, hoping it felt so good it hurt, and fucked her hard from below. “That’s it, little one. Have a nice big cum on me and my big dick. Oh, yeah, good girl!” he still had a ways to go before getting close to cumming, so he continued to pound upwards into her, forcing a guttural shout from her throat with each thrust.

Her eyes were shut tight, her brow furrowed and her mouth agape as she experienced the unimaginable pleasure. She wanted him to stop fucking her so hard, it felt too intensely good, but she couldn’t form the words or even move her mouth. When he momentarily relented, she put her hands down on his chest to get him to hold still. “Stop stop stop,” she panted, trying to regain control of her shivering body. But almost immediately he began to push into her again, and she just screamed out.

He’d slowed his tempo a little to better enjoy the wet slide into her, and he dug his hands into the firm young flesh of her ass to control her tempo as well. By now she was nearly helpless as little after-orgasms continued to race through her, one atop the other. Her eyes were barely open, glassy and only slightly aware as she watched his expression get more and more excited beneath her. She could feel him start to swell as he too began to fuck with less control and more pure lust.

The cum was building in him now, and he was slamming up hard into her, as hard and fast as he could to make his second orgasm happen. He focused on the feel of her pussy, her sweet, hungry, young pussy, so eager to pull the cum right out of him. The room was filled with the slap, slap, slap of her thighs hitting his, her squeaky little shouts and his own deep moans, and he finally felt his release begin. “OH, god, yes, here it comes,” he said, preparing to pull himself out, but she kept herself on top of him.

“Cum in me, cum in me!” she shouted to him, still awash in orgasms, but building to a bigger one once again to match his. He looked her in the eyes, “You’re sure?” She forced her body back down onto his.

“Just fucking cum in me!” She’d been counting the days and was almost certain she was safe, but honestly she didn’t care, she just wanted to feel his cum inside her. He gotten to his biggest, hardest point, and he filled her up so perfectly that she just had to feel him all the way through it. Her words were all that was needed to send it immediately shooting forth, and both their bodies convulsed massively together, shouts and moans filling the room as the luscious release of his warming cum filled her up. For him, it felt like it went on forever, as his tight balls produced squirt after squirt into her. And she, barely holding herself up, actually had been cumming forever, and was reduced to a happy, floppy, rag doll of a girl, allowing herself to fall forward, collapsing on his chest in a haze of pleasure that radiated from deep within her body.

They both lay there, panting, not ready or able to speak. His arms were again around her holding her fast but gently to him, and their faces, turned to each other, could only smile. She was very slowly and gently rocking her hips on him, sliding him ever so slightly, like she was carefully stirring his cum in her. The motion kept the warm glow of him being inside her linger that much longer, even as he softened, and she enjoyed the sensation of the warm, wet, gooey mess of them mixing together.

She nuzzled her face up to his and kissed him, then slowly whispered through her smile, “I wanna fuck you every. Single. Day. It’s the most amazing thing I can ever imagine.” He smiled back. “Ok, little one. We can do that.” And he returned her kiss, longer and more lovingly.

He knew it was almost time for her to leave, if not past already, but he wanted her to lay there on top of him just a little longer. Plus he knew if she even moved a little at this point, he’d slip out of her, and the moment would be gone. So instead of letting her up, he wrapped his arms around her in a big, comfortable hug, and asked, “So, my insatiable little miss Casey, what should we do tomorrow?”

She thought for a second, then smiled broadly. “Let’s watch the rest of your DVDs!” she said, as if it were the best idea she’d ever had. You pick some of your favorites and we’ll watch those first. I bet there’s some more stuff on’em you can teach me, so think about that.” Then she lifted herself up on her arms excitedly, causing him to shift and slip a little inside her as he tried to maintain his grasp. “And guess what, mister! Tomorrow’s my last day of school. And it’s Friday! So I can stay over here as long as I want. I won’t have to get up early anymore. Whoo hoo! “ If he’d forgotten she was just a sixteen year old girl, her giddy excitement about a summer of sleeping in reminded him. In her enthusiasm she’d squirmed around enough to finally push him out of her, flaccid and sticky, followed immediately by the warm stream of his semen as it dribbled onto his stomach.

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed, surprised by the mess of it. “I’m sorry, Mr. Dan, what did I do?”

He was touched by her innocent concern. “It’s ok, Casey, it does that. It can’t stay in there forever, you know. Tell you what. Hop up and go get me a towel from the bathroom, then I’m afraid you should probably get back in time for your phone call, right?” He was just as mindful of it as she was.

She looked over at the clock. “Oh, yeah, right. Ok!” and she jumped up like an excited child, causing the last little bit of him to squirt out down her leg. “Ew!” she said involuntarily, then laughed at herself, bounding out of the room as she drew her dress back up onto her shoulders. She came back in wiping her thighs with the towel before jumping back up on the couch to wipe him. “Here, let me clean you up since I made such a mess of you.” She carefully cradled his limp penis in the towel, unsure of how fragile it was now. Then she leaned over for a closer look at it, holding it delicately in her hand. “I’ve never seen one up close before like this. Poor little guy needs a rest, huh.” Then she gave it a soft kiss and whispered, “Thank you, yummy Mr. Dan penis.” and gave it a little pat, giggling.

“You’re just so unstoppably cute, aren’t you,“ Dan said, truly amazed at her playfulness. He was more than content to just lie there as she moved about in her invigorated state. “On behalf of my penis, we both thank you, too,“ bowing his head deferentially. “Now as much as I hate to let you go, you should be off. I will see you tomorrow.”

She leaned in and gave him a nice long kiss, then another, then another one, sweet and final. “Ok, mister. I will see you tomorrow. No show for you in the window tonight, though, you’ve worn me out. Good night.” Then she gave his dick a squeeze and said, “Good night to you, too,” before getting up off the couch and heading home.

Dan lay reclined on the sofa, staring at the ceiling with a ridiculous smile on his face, then he raised both fists high in the air above him victoriously, and said out loud, “Yes!” A minute later he was fast asleep.

Then next day he did as much as he could to get his work done earlier than usual. He wanted to leave plenty of time to spare in case she showed up early. So around three, his work completed, he sat at his desk and opened the side drawer, reached back in and drew out the stack of porn DVDs. Teenie Solo was right on top, the one that Casey had snuck out with. The one that started this whole thing. He held it in his hand reverently for a moment, amazed at its power, before setting it aside, saying to the room, “I think we’ve gotten as much out of that one as is humanly possible.”

He sat and thought for a moment, sifting through the titles, at what she had said to him about there being more stuff he could teach her. Unbelievable, really, that his little neighbor was both insatiable for sex and incredibly good at it, or at least willing to try. She seemed to completely able to give great head, and lord knows she fucks like a demon. She masturbates freely, with fingers and toys, and can even talk the semen right out of him. There’s not a whole lot more for her to learn, unless she’s willing to try anal or bring over a friend. Knowing her, though, he probably shouldn’t bet against it.

He looked through what he had, trying to remember the scenes. He didn’t have anything specifically anal, but there were some bits here and there with some. Did the solo masturbation one have any? He couldn’t remember. He set aside three likely candidates that also might have some girl/girl stuff as well, and put the rest back in the drawer. Plenty in those to get the imagination rolling.

Just then he heard her coming in downstairs. “I’m taking Pixie for a walk, Mr. Dan, we’ll be back around 4:30!” she yelled up to him from the kitchen. So much for getting ready early, he thought. “Hang on a sec!” he yelled in response, jumping up and heading down the stairs. As he flew into the kitchen, she was standing there just as cute as could be: with her hair down, in a pink girlie tee, tight red running shorts, knee hi tube socks and sneakers. “What’s up?” she asked innocently, giving him her smile.

He was a little stunned, both by her appearance and the fact that he didn’t know what he was going to say. “Uh, you’re uh, going to be back, when? You said?”

He’s cute when he’s flustered, she thought. “Oh, I dunno, later. Why?” She said, raising her arms over her head in slow, feline stretch, deliberately messing with him. But he caught on quick.

“What do mean, wh-,” then watching her stretch, “Ah, nice. No reason. I just thought, you know, maybe if you weren’t busy later we could, like, watch some movies.” He took a step towards her, and she just held her hands up, resting her head to one side on her arm, giving him a good long look up and down. “Oh, you thought that, maybe, did you?” she teased as he drew closer still. “Mr. Dan, I’m just a teenager. I mean, should I even be here alone with you, watching movies?” Her voice was pure seduction. “What if they’re, like, dirty?” He was standing right in front of her now, and she brought her arms down to him, running the flat of her palms over his chest, squeezing.

“Little girl,” he said sternly, “If I caught you watching dirty movies, rest assured I’d teach you a lesson.” He ran his hands up her thighs and under the front of both sides of her shorts, then pulling them forward with one hand he slipped the other between her legs. No panties, just as he suspected. Despite trying to be in control, she’d gotten herself wet just teasing him, and his middle finger smoothly found its way into her slippery slot, catching her breath and weakening her knees as she clung to his shirt for support.

“Ok, Mr. Dan, I promise not to look if something naughty comes on.” She was almost helpless on his finger working her g-spot. “I ha-,” she stammered, “I have to walk your dog now. Please let go.”

He took a step back, removing his finger then holding up to her mouth, tracing her lips but not letting her taste. “Ok then, hurry back.” She was somewhat frozen in her tracks. “Go,” he urged, “Get a move on little one.” And he spun her around and all but pushed her out the door, his dog happily following. He shut the door behind them, then went straight over and poured glass of whiskey, their game of brinksmanship getting the better of both of them.

She returned almost an hour later and walked in with an announcement, “Mr. Dan, we’re home! And I brought a friend.” He was walking in from the living room when he heard the last bit, which made him stop for a moment, considering what he’d been thinking earlier about her adventurousness, and not entirely sure he was ready for one of her little friends to join them. Somewhat cautiously he asked, “A friend you say?”

Coyly, she stood in the entryway holding her pink dildo. “I hope you don’t mind. I thought it might come in handy.” He wasn’t sure what she meant, but he wasn’t about to object and was certainly relieved he wasn’t looking at a second young girl. But she could tell he was uncertain. “Here’s what I thought,” she said excitedly as she moved across the kitchen towards the living room. “Since if we just start having sex we’ll never see the movies, and I really wanna see the movies. So I figured if it got to be too much just watching them then I could just play on my own, like a second show for you, right?” She was talking fast, excitedly, and he just stood by listening, trying to follow the sexual logic of a sixteen year old girl. She kept on, “or, if it gets too much for you, you could start playing, too, or maybe I could play both of us, I dunno, but either way we’ll get farther into the movies than if we just started having sex.” She paused to catch her breath, waiting for him to come with her into the living room. “So, what’d you pick out?”

“I don’t know, it’ll be a surprise. But they’re upstairs, where I thought we should watch them.”

She stared blankly at him, then said a little disappointedly, “You want to watch them with me in your office? On the computer?“

“Uh, nnnnooo. I want to watch them in the bedroom. On my bed.” He could see she didn’t get it. “There’s a TV in the big cabinet up there, Casey. I think of everything.”

She gave him a smug look, then ran through the living room and up the stairs, bounding into the bedroom where he heard her throw open the console doors. As he was trailing behind her she shouted down to him, “Where are they, I don’t see them!” “They’re on my desk in the office.” He heard her bound across the hall, then race back into the bedroom where he finally caught up with her.

“Why are you so excited about watching these, girl? Is it that much of a turn on for you?” He was thoroughly amused by her childlike enthusiasm for what he’d more or less become resigned to, and frequently found to be a bit dull. You’ve seen one fuck, you’ve seen them all, the rest is just a fleeting personal preference at any given time.

“I don’t know, mister, I just am,” she said impatiently, looking at each title. “Let’s watch this one first!” She jumped back off the bed and hurriedly put the DVD in, grabbing the remote and tossing it to him. “Here, make it work.”

He pressed the appropriate buttons as she kicked off her shoes and set the pillows up against the headboard and patted the bed next to her as she settled in. “Come sit,” she said, inviting him over as if they were about to watch the latest Disney release. He hopped up, fully clothed, onto the bed next to her.

“Ok, here’s the rules,” she said, clearly having thought this all through, “we don’t get to touch each other for two complete scenes, and after that it has to be something that they’re doing. “ She held out her hand indicating the TV, “So, what are you going to teach me, mister?”

“Whatever you want to learn, Casey. Why don’t we watch and find out.”

The first scene that came up featured a young man and blonde girl in a schoolgirl outfit who was apparently the friend of the young man’s sister. She began sucking his cock rather aggressively, stroking him hard and fast. “Is that how you like your dick sucked, mister?” Casey asked, running her hands up and down her thighs.

“Well, not really, I like is nice and slow, just the way you did for me yesterday. It feels much more sensual that way I think.” Between the movie and Casey’s wandering hands, he was growing hard in his jeans already.

“Then why don’t you take your dick out for me and show me how slow you like it,” she said, as her fingers found their way into her shorts. He undid the buttons on his fly and pulled his nearly erect cock out as instructed, and caressed it into fullness for her slowly. She’d never seen man masturbate before, and it instantly turned her on.

“Mm, mister! Is that what you’ve been doing over here for me in the window? I don’t know why I stayed away so long.” Her fingers were gliding up and down her wet slit now, and she was no longer watching the couple on the screen who had moved on to a sixty-nine. “Show me how you do it for me,” she urged him on.

He leaned over to the bedside table and pulled open the top drawer. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Getting a little massage oil to make myself nice and slippery. See?” He produced a little plastic bottle and poured a little puddle of clear oil into his palm, then set the bottle down and rubbed his dick until it was slick and glistening. “Ohhh, yeah, that’s much better,” he said with a sigh. “See how fun and wet it is now?” He stroked himself slowly for her, letting her watch as he pulled at his dick just the way he liked it. She was almost panting, even though her own hand had slowed subconsciously to match his speed.

“Oh, my gosh, mister, that looks sooo good. I’m sorry, but I just have to take my shorts off for this,” and she lifted herself up and quickly rolled the tight red fabric down over her hips, then tossed them off across the room, bottomless now in just her tee and kneee-his, the way she liked to be. “Can I have some of that oil, please?” she asked girlishly, holding out her cupped hands. He reached over and grabbed the bottle, pouring a fair amount into her palms. “Ooop!” she giggled as some of it dripped through, then she quickly put both hands on the tops of her thighs and spread the oil from her legs across her flat stomach and up under her shirt, using her thumbs to lift the tight tee up over her breasts. She massaged both her boobs until they were shiny wet with oil, her nipples instantly stiff, then ran her hands straight down between her legs, rubbing herself vigorously, nearly groping herself, intent on getting to her first orgasm of the evening.

On the screen the couple were now engaged doggie-style, but neither Dan nor Casey was watching although their moans filled the room along with Casey’s eager sighs. Dan’s eyes were glued to Casey’s slick body, her head tossed back and her eyes shut as she continued to masturbate with both hands. He had slowed his pace to the point where he simply held on to his rigid dick to keep from cumming.

It was purely wanton, the way she rubbed all around her pussy, her hands moving over her thighs, up her stomach back to her clit, fingers slipping in and out, singly, or in twos or threes, or occasionally two from each hand. She was all the way there and beginning to cum when she looked over to Dan. ‘Hey, no fair,” she panted between heavy breaths, “you’re supposed to be playing too! Stroke it for me, you cheater!” He resumed his slow pace, still worried that he might lose control and cum on the spot. He tried to make a good show if it, and she seemed to accept the effort. “That’s b-, oh god!” she was beginning to come, “That’s better!! Oohahh!” the last word trailed up into a mere squeak as the orgasm hit her. Her hips bucked up and both her hands held on to her crotch as if for dear life, while she kept on pumping her hands into her pussy, and her hips back into her hands. Like she was fighting over which part of her body was going to make her cum the hardest.

She lay there, her body rigid as the force of the pleasure gradually eased, until she could open her eyes again, at which point she squinted over at him. “You’re a little cheater, mister, and I’m not going to let you get away with it. I’m going to put you under my penalty box until you learn to play fair. Lie down! Hands by your side. That’s it.”

She sounded like she was teasing, but he lost the smirk on his face when he realized what she was up to. She climbed over top of him, facing the TV, with her slick ass hovering over him as if to sixty-nine, holding his arms to his sides with her knees, and her knee-hi wrapped legs. Then she grabbed his right hand and placed it on his dick. “Now play, mister, or else you’ll be in real trouble.” He wasn’t so sure of the validity of her threat, but he played along just the same, stroking himself slowly for her.

She was up on all fours above him, rocking back and forth, bringing her shiny pussy nearer and nearer to his face but not quite close enough. Then, supporting her weight on one hand, she reached back between her legs and began to finger herself.

“Hey!” she complained, looking up at the screen, “You made me miss the ending of that first one.” Without warning she lowered herself back down onto his face, completely covering his mouth and nose. “Bad boy, mister. Are you gonna behave from now on?” She wiggled her slippery ass against him.


“Is that a yes?” she asked, still pressing his face.

“Mmph!” This time accompanied by a vigorous nod of his head and his tongue pressing up into her.

“Oo!! Ah, ah, ah. No touching until this scene is over, mister rule breaker! And let’s see that hand working on that dick of yours. That’s better.” She raised herself back up and continued to play. “Wanna know what’s happening since you can’t see? Oh my, mister, it’s two girls kissing and fondling each others breasts. And don’t they look young and cute. Is this what you’re planning on teaching me somehow?”

“Mmmmaybe.” he said distractedly. Already familiar with what she was watching, he thought the view he had was far superior. He was looking up at her fingers alternately penetrating her hole and playing with her clit, and above that, like a beacon on the horizon, was her tight little pink pucker. He was mesmerized watching it flex and release with the movement of her fingers, and the thought of putting his tongue into it was making his mouth water.

“Maybe like how, maybe?” she teased. “Like you have another little girl hidden somewhere for me? Or do you want me to find one on my own. Whoops! One of the girls is going down on the other, mmm, and they both seem to be enjoying it.” She lowered herself closer to him. “ I have to say the thought of another little girl like me to play with sounds like fun. So many yummy girl treats in one place.” Her lips were just about touching his mouth, and she pulled her hand out of the way. “Would you like to lick my yummy girl treat for me, mister?”

“Wouldn’t that be cheating?” he asked, weary of what happened last time. “Are you going to smother me with your treats if I stick my tongue out?”

“Mmmmmaybe,” she said demurely. “But maybe I want you to. And maybe they were my rules, so I can change them when I want.” She lowered herself to his mouth. “So lick me, mister. Little pussy wants it bad now.”

He placed his whole mouth over her wet, open lips, hungry to taste every last bit of her clean, fresh teen sex, sucking her into his mouth and swallowing her deliciousness.

“Ooh! My, my. Oh yeah, someone’s hungry, huh.” She was instantly aroused again, every bit as hungry for it as he was. “Oh yeah, just like that please. Lick my clit for me. Yesss, just the tip of your tongue. Oh wow, god that’s nice. Hey, guess what the girls are doing now.” He could have cared less, but was thrilled to see her reach back over herself and massage her anus before easily slipping a slippery finger into it. “Oo, wow, never done this before. Jeez, that feels really kinda good.” She slowly finger fucked her ass while he continued to suck her off. “I think the girl is starting to cum, mister, you wanna make me cum too, please? Just lick my clit for me, yes, just like that. Oh god, my ass feels so good right now. Mmmm.” Her finger was moving in and out rapidly, tugging her sphincter back and forth as her thighs began to shake a little with her approaching orgasm. She was pressing her clit onto his tongue as he lapped at her little button, then she let out a loud shout, shuddering as she came, quick and hard on his face, still fingering her own hole.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good. How come you didn’t tell me about that, mister?” she had propped herself up a bit and was looking over her shoulder at him when her dildo on the bed caught her eye. “Mmmm, I’ve got an idea.” She reached over for it and began to run it along her open lips, slipping the tip in a little, then bringing it up to her ass hole. She tired to ease the tip in, but she wasn’t relaxing enough and it wouldn’t go. “Gonna need some help,” she said, reaching for the oil bottle. She smeared a good amount onto her hands, then reached back and rubbed her ass until it was good and shiny. Then she picked up the dildo and rubbed that nicely to coat it. “Ok, let’s try that again.” She leaned forward onto one hand and arched her back to find the best angle of attack. This time the dildo slipped in with ease, and a gasp escaped her lips.

“Oh, wow. Eeeeoooo, mmm, man, that is intense.” She was taking short breaths, trying to get used to the sharp sensations, moving her toy very slowly.

“Casey, that looks so fucking good I can’t even describe it to you,” but his approval was demonstrated by the renewed fervor of his strokes. Casey smiled a smile he couldn’t see, happy to be pleasing him as much as herself, and decided to reward him for his patience with her. “Aw, you say the sweetest things to a girl, mister. Here, let me say thank you.” She dropped her head down and took the tip of hic cock into her mouth on his next down stroke, completely unexpected and thoroughly intoxicating to both of them. She was feeling for the first time what it was like to have a dick in both ends of her, and he was enjoying the show of a lifetime and getting a blow job at the same time. He held the base of his dick for her bobbing mouth, not moving his hand at all, wanting so much to make this last longer.

Suddenly she eased the dildo out of her ass and hopped up off of him. “Ok, penalty over. I’ve got a better idea. How’d you like to put your big tasty dick in my cute little butt?”

“Oh my god, I thought you’d never ask. Here, let’s do this.” He sat up and laid her down on her back. She looked up at the TV and said, “Hey look. Wow!” He glanced at the screen to see both girls on all fours, asses facing each other, using a double dildo and having a good time of it. “Man,” she said, “I’ve go so much still to learn.”

“All in good time, precious,” he said positioning her head in the pillows, then putting one underneath her hips. “There, comfy?” “Like I’m in a cloud,” she giggled, “Ready to be fucked in the ass, Mr. Dan!” And she made her eyes wide and bit her lip in anticipation.

When he got between her legs, the sight of her gave him pause, and he had to take advantage of it. “Maybe just a little bit of regular fucking first.,” and he eased his cock into her pussy.

“Ok, mister,” she said with a huge smile on her face as he entered her, “but promise you’ll get me where you’re supposed to.”

He could have come right there. She was so incredibly cute and happy, young and willing, irresistibly sweet and insatiably sexy. All this in a scrunched up tee shirt and knee-highs. And for now she was all his. Her pussy looked perfect as his dick slid into her, her legs drawn up, her breasts jiggling delightfully with each of his thrusts. And that face. That cute innocent face hiding so much untamed desire. He really couldn’t get over it. She was quite possibly the worlds most perfectly fuckable girl.

He held her by the waist and gave himself a few more good long, slow drives into her, then pulled himself back out. “Ok,” he began, reaching for the oil again. “We’ll get you good and slippery, and me too, then we’ll ease it right into you, slowly until you’re used to it. Hold out your hand.” She held it out and he poured in a nice palmful. “Rub that into your butt, please.” “Hee hee,” she was so giddily excited, reaching down and rubbing between her legs, fingers slipping in any hole she could find. He poured some directly onto his dick and spread it around, placing the bottle back down.

“Ready? Now pull you knees up high for me. That’s a good girl.” He put the head right up against her anus, nestled neatly between the round flesh of her cheeks. He expected some resistance, but instead it slipped right in. She gasped with a sharp intake of breath, then smiled up a him. “Hi, Mr. Dan,” she whispered, “welcome to my ass, won’t you cum inside?”

He’d only gotten just past the head, and gently rocked his hips to drive himself deeper in, just a little more each time. She was holding her breath a little, taking quick gasps as she got used to him filling her up.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said tentatively, then “yeah, really. It’s good. Just, big. And new.” She gasped again. “But I like it. Slow please, just like you’re doing.” He was sliding nearly all the way in, just a few more passes and he’d be fully within her snug little butt, comfortably enveloped in her soft receiving rectum. When he got to his apex he stopped for a moment, both to savor it, and to let her dictate what to do next. She smiled up at him.

‘Wow!” she managed to say. “It feels so different, but so good too. It’s a really interesting kind of fulfillment. But I think you should start fucking me now already, don’t you?” and she squirmed her hips back and forth encouragingly. “C’mon, mister. Do it. Fuck your little Casey in the ass, because she’s begging you for it. Oh, Fuck!”

He gave it to her when she asked. He’d been slowly withdrawing until she got to the part about begging, then he just shoved it all the way back in, hard and slick and glorious. Her brow furrowed in an impassioned frown as she realized what she was in for, curled up in a ball, holding her legs up for her lover to nail her as however he wanted to. The feeling of being completely out of control and completely on the edge of pleasure and pain, while trusting him totally made her feel warm and fully open to him, and all she wanted was his dick repeatedly up in her, reinforcing all of these sensations at once.

He was fucking her with an easy rhythm, and she was beginning to moan continuously over the din of the now forgotten DVD. This was a quirky little moan with a flavor unlike all her others, a little deeper, a little huskier. He found it quite endearing, so he kept trying to make it happen, maintaining a constant rate into and out of her ass. She was fully comfortable now with it, and was just laying there letting him do all the work, until he got a wicked idea.

He reached over for the dildo resting beside them and brought it over to her upturned pussy. “How about we double your pleasure, little one?” She gave him her big smile and nodded, bringing both hands to her pussy and spreading her lips wide apart for him. He leaned back a bit and slowly slipped the plastic cock into the opening between her fingers. He could feel it with his own dick inside her, and began to move it at the same pace.

Now her moan became something wholly other still. Long and passionate and full of pure lust. “Oh, my fucking GOD, that is amazing. OH shit, fuck me, please. Double fuck me mister, oooh AAAHH!” She’d grabbed his hand on the dildo and took over for him, ramming it into her pussy as hard and fast as she could, while he continued his controlled pace in her ass.

“C’mon, mister, harder than that. Give it to me harder, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, ah, ah, ah…” He obliged her with fierce thrusts into her tight teen ass, fucking her with near abandon, feeling the cum so long reserved welling up in his balls, making him bigger and harder still.

Her eyes widened when she felt him swell, and she gave him an inviting nod. “Yes, Mr. Dan, yes! Get that cum ready for my ass, and shoot it all the way up in me. Oh, FUCK!” She was almost screaming now, and he was moaning just as hard along with her. Her hands worked the dildo mercilessly in her cunt while he pounded away at her ass, harder and harder until at last he was ready to cum.

She was already well into a huge wave of it, not really knowing where anything began or ended, just filling herself up with pleasure and cock. When he finally let go and shot it into her, her voice went totally silent as her body flexed in a seizing orgasm, her mouth wide open, her eyes tightly shut, holding on to one leg while keeping the dildo moving with the other. She was frozen in this position as he poured every last jet of cum out into her, slamming her ass into the bed as he did. She felt like she was all on fire with white light, and he was completely blind with the enormity of pleasure coming from his dick, now slowing down a bit, then gradually coming to a stand still, letting the feeling go on and on, not wanting to move or disturb it.

She was almost sobbing from the overwhelming feel of what had just happened, as if in shock, and definitely in disbelief. When he finally and carefully removed himself from her, she felt just a twinge of soreness, but immediately missed his presence as her ass slowly closed, his semen dripping down her crack. He helped her withdraw her dildo, her hands frozen to if and unable to let go. And finally she was empty, with the only sound in the room being their slowly recovering breathing, and the sounds of sex from the DVD, still rolling along on the TV.

“Jesus,” he joked looking at the screen. “Don’t those people ever stop?!”

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