Weekends With Dad Ch. 2

Weekends With Dad Ch. 2


I lay on the bed like a gift to my loving father. Naked young skin wrapped in a fluffy white towel, hair cool and damp, pussy warm and wet.

Dad sat on the bed beside me, wearing only a matching towel around his waist. His left hand supported his weight on the mattress as his right hand gently stroked my cheek.

As I gazed at his body I wondered why I hadn't noticed earlier. His tanned skin, nearly hairless chest, muscles well-defined from years of dedicated workouts.

But as my eyes lifted to his face, I saw it etched with remorse and shame.

"Daddy… please don't be upset," I urged him. I tried to keep my voice relaxed and soothing to calm his jangled nerves. But he was surely wracked with guilt. After all, the last 20 minutes saw his life turn upside down. He got caught masturbating by his daughter, committed incest with her and unloaded his sperm all over her face.

He probably envisioned a smug anchor from a competing television station. My father's mug shot was over his shoulder as he breathlessly told his viewers about the veteran broadcaster arrested for molesting his teenaged daughter.

"Jessica, I… we…"

"Snap out of it, Dad!" I hissed. Sitting up next to him, I looked my father in the eye and told him the entire story of the past month. How I accidentally caught him in the shower, found myself incredibly turned on and made it my mission to seduce him.

"I'm not a child or a virgin anymore. But I'm not a slut either. And I don't have some psycho 'daddy' fetish. I love you very much, and want to please you. I obviously did."

Dad and I shared a smirk at that last comment, but he wasn't finished fighting his urges. Somehow that resistance made me desire him even more.

"But I am your father for God's sake," he argued, "and I should have stopped you. I should have controlled myself."

"What just happened," I told him firmly, "is exactly what I wanted to happen. At least so far. I hope a lot more happens."

I leaned into my father, planting several soft kisses on his lips. He was still a bit stiff, but eventually returned my embrace. Emboldened, I kissed more forcefully, more like a lover would. Gradually his lips softened and opened, and our tongues met.

I draped my arms over his shoulders while my tongue explored his mouth. I felt the towel loosen and drop to expose my tits. The cool air reached my still-damp skin and hardened my nipples. Then as Dad broke our embrace and leaned back, I realized that he had pulled the towel open.

I could almost feel the heat from his lusty gaze as his eyes traveled across my body. He tugged at the towel around my waist and I raised my hips, allowing him to remove it completely.

"You are so beautiful," he slowly whispered. "You look so… perfect." I beamed at the compliment and lay back on the bed to give him a full view of my body. I did not feel the least bit embarrassed or exposed. Being naked beneath my father felt… natural.

"It's all for you, Daddy," I purred. "Please touch me. I want your hands on me."

His resistance gone, Dad bent down and kissed me with full, pent-up passion. His lips then worked their way across my face, nibbled my ear lobe and kissed their way down my neck. His right hand gently caressed the skin of my legs, belly and back. He wasn't touching my breasts or pussy mound just yet.

My father was a patient lover, perhaps because he was fresh off a huge orgasm. But I was aching for release and tried to speed him along. I reached underneath his towel and searched out his wonderful prick. I was surprised to find it already rock-hard once again.

As if to make sure he stayed in control, Dad moved his body further down the bed, his cock just out of reach. He bent his head down to my nipples and kissed them lovingly. I felt a surge of electricity that caused me to arch my back, forcing my hard nipples against his mouth.

"Suck them, Daddy, suck my tits! God that feels soooooo good."

He swirled his tongue around my big rosy areolas and sucked hard on one nipple while he squeezed the other.

It was too much! I bucked my hips and shoved Dad's face into my chest as a small orgasm shook my body. Gentle waves of pleasure rolled over me and I couldn't help but reach down and rub my clit to prolong the feeling.

"Oh, you're ready, aren't you baby?" my experienced lover said with a bemused look on his face. With that he slithered down the bed, making a trail of kisses down my breasts, belly button and upper thighs. I raised my knees and leg my legs fall open for him. Dad draped one leg across his shoulder and back and simply stared for a moment at his little girl's neatly trimmed pussy.

"Oh my god," he gasped. "I've never seen anything so beautiful, so sexy. You are amazing, Jessica."

Dad kissed the insides of my sleek, tanned thighs just as I imagined he would. He placed kisses on my furry little mound and the outer lips of my pussy. Then he used his thumbs to open my flower, and began licking and sucking the inner folds.

My lust was out of control now and I gripped the bed sheets and tossed my head in pleasure. I caught a glimpse of myself, and realized I had a nearly full view of our incestuous scene in the mirrored closet doors. I enjoyed watching us for a moment, reveling in the nasty, forbidden sight of a father licking his daughter's delicate young pussy.

It was at this moment that Dad's lips clamped down on my clitoris, sending me over the cliff. I grabbed his head with both hands, pulling him tightly into my sex, humping his talented mouth.

"Oh god! Oh god! Fuck yesssss!" I shrieked as he sucked on my clit and flicked it repeatedly with his tongue. "Suck me Daddy! Oh god! Yes — suck my pussy! Ooooooooh! You're making me cum! Yessssss!"

Taking that as a cue, my father slipped a finger inside my snatch and fucked me while he kept sucking and licking my clit. I was thrashing on the bed, howling in delight and probably suffocating the poor man between my thighs.

My orgasm roared through me like a hurricane or freight train or some other huge, powerful force. Crashing waves pounded me against the bed as my father released a month of pent-up need and desire. I could vaguely feel juices flowing from my pussy, and Dad eagerly lapped them up as I came.

I don't know if it was a series of orgasms or just one terrific one. But it seemed to last for precious, perfect hours before I finally began to come down to earth. I struggled to catch my breath as my body twitched in aftershocks.

I opened my eyes as my father was lovingly kissing my pussy mound and thighs. As he crawled back up next to me, his mouth, cheeks and chin were glistening with my cream. I'd made such a mess, but he was grinning wide.

"How're you feeling, babe?" He asked tenderly. Dad wiped some of my juices from his face and absently licked his fingers clean.
"That was… the best ever," I stumbled. Not usually at a loss for words, I simply couldn't think of a higher compliment. "I've never felt anything like that, Dad. That was unbelievable."

He stroked my hair out of my flushed face, and we just lay together for a few minutes catching our breath. I glanced down to see his long, fat cock fully erect. It was twitching with anticipation and dribbling with pre-cum. I looked up to see him gazing into my eyes with fatherly love — and most unfatherly lust.

"Daddy, are you going to fuck me now?" I asked in a teasing, childlike voice. He rolled his eyes. "I don't know, Daddy, I've never seen anything so big before. As you sure it's supposed to fit in there?"

We both laughed, but I could see the little-girl act was turning him on furiously.

"I'm not so sure," he teased, "maybe it's just too large. Maybe we'll have to try someday when you're a bit older."

"Not so fast, pops," I answered. Sitting up quickly on the bed, I swung a leg over him and pinned his shoulders. "You're not getting out of this. You're going to ease that big cock inside me and fuck me until we both collapse."

I lifted one leg up so we both had a clear view as Dad grasped the base of his throbbing prick and aimed it toward my snatch. I lowered myself until I felt the swollen head against my equally swollen folds. Rocking my hips for a moment, I savored the feeling of his dick rubbing against my clit. I could actually see my juices starting to run down my father's shaft.

Inch by inch, I lowered my body down onto his cock. We both gasped as his amazing thickness stretched my pussy lips apart. He was filling me completely, and I was astounded at how much his penis differed from the young pricks of my boyfriends. The fit was incredibly tight, but his cock gradually worked inside with the help of my slow rocking and my oozing wet snatch.

I balanced myself by placing my hands on either side of Dad's head. As I kept moving my hips, forcing more and more of his huge dick inside me, my tits swung tantalizingly in his face. He stroked and sucked my nipples as I settled down fully on his lap. His cock was completely buried inside me now, and I had never felt such intense heat and pleasure in my life. We both just stopped for a moment, enjoying the sensations of our first fuck.

"You are an amazing young woman, Jess," Dad told me. "I still can't believe this is happening. Hell, I can't believe you want this to happen. You are so beautiful, so incredibly hot and sexy. And you're fucking me!"

"The key word here is 'fucking,'" I answered with a dirty grin. I raised my hips up until only the tip of my father's cock was inside me. Then I slammed down again, screaming out at the delicious stab from his long, hard shaft. I ground against his lap so the base of his prick rubbed my clit.

Dad and I were moaning and gasping with delight as I began working my pussy up and down and around his magnificent erection. I remembered the mirror and pointed to it.

We were greeted with the sight of a hot young teenage girl riding her father's cock, tits bouncing, hips thrusting, ass cheeks shimmying. We were the stars in a big-screen, high-def porno flick.

We watched ourselves fuck for several amazing minutes. My best friend Megan was right on both points — older guys could last a lot longer, and knew how to please their lovers. She'd be so jealous if she could see us now.

I turned my attention back to my dad when I felt another orgasm begin to boil over.

"You fuck me so good, Daddy," I told him, knowing he loved my dirty talk. "You're gonna make me come again. Don't stop fucking me… oh, make me cum… yesssss!"

Dad released my breasts and planted his hands on my waist. He forced his cock deeper inside me as I arched my back. With each thrust his thick shaft rubbed my sensitive clit, pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh god! Oh fuck! Dad! Dad! Ohhhhhhhh!" I could feel my pussy clamp down on him, squeezing his cock and flooding it with my juices. I was in a cold sweat as another powerful orgasm rocked and rocked.

When I finally began to come down from my peak, I realized that Dad was still buried deep inside me. He was fucking me slowly and surely, allowing me to enjoy the sensational pleasure.

I collapsed onto his chest and buried my face against his neck, panting and gasping, fully satisfied. Dad allowed me to catch my breath and then rolled us over on the bed, his prick still planted in me. I smiled and looked down at our incestuous coupling. His cock looked and felt massive inside me, and my father's face was full of lust.

"Your turn to cum," I told him as I rubbed my hands across his sweaty chest. "Come on, Dad, fuck me hard!"

It was like I flipped a switch as my father transformed from patient, tender lover to wild fucking beast. He began thrusting into me, slow but hard, making the bed rock and my tits bob on my chest. Every stroke sent shivers through my body.

As I urged him on, Dad gradually increased the speed and power of his fucking. My legs were widely splayed, feet in midair as he hammered my pussy again and again.

"Ohhhhh, god!" he finally groaned. "Oh fuck, Jessie, I'm gonna cum! You're making me cum baby girl!"

"Do it Dad! Harder!" I felt his cock swell impossibly larger. "Fuck me good, Daddy! Fill me up!"

His long strokes became sharp stabs as I felt the first jet of cum deep inside my womb. My father was moaning and cussing and calling my name as another and another load of cum shot into me. I could feel the intense warmth of his sperm as it bathed my inner walls and touched off yet another climax.

"Fuck, Dad, I'm cumming again!" I moaned as my hands grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against my pussy. I humped my clit against the base of his ejaculating cock. It was less intense than my last two orgasms, but I was delighted to join my father at the heights of our incestuous coupling.

Afterward we lay together on the bed, our legs entwined and Dad's cock slowly shrinking inside me. Again he caressed my face and whispered gushing compliments that I never tired of hearing.

"Can you believe we just did that?" I asked him, not needing an answer. Not needing anything but my father next to me.

As I nestled against him I felt fully satisfied, fully fucked. And hungry. It was dinnertime, and still only Friday evening. This would be one hell of a weekend with Dad.

"We're all sweaty and sticky now, Jess," he said with a soft laugh. "We need to shower again. Hope the hot water's back."

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