Willy Mo Mamba 2

Willy Mo Mamba 2

[b]Willy Mo Mamba 2 by Will Buster

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Willy Mo was a street kid and he was as black as the ace of spades. He was from the wrong side of the tracks, didn’t know who his father was and was well entrenched at the poverty line, being a third generation welfare client. He’d only occasionally attended high school classes and his grades, for the most part were piss poor.

So Willy became a porn star. He was only 17 but he had a long piece of cock meat that he was able to use to his advantage. His boss, Frank Cipriani was in the mob but Willy didn’t care. The money was good, the sex was great and Willy knew how to keep his mouth shut. All he had to do if some copper came around was to act like a real stupid, dumb ass nigger. It was a very believable role for him and he could play it to a tee.


Frank was talking with his boss Tony Marzano. “So what you think of this new boy we picked up?”

Tony laughed, “Pretty well hung! I understand flick sales have picked up since Willy got into the fuck scene with our little teen tricks.”

Frank grinned, “Yeah and we got someone who should help make even more money. We get a lotta calls for pre teen sluts and everyone wants to see those little tarts get rammed by some big black stud like Willy. When Willy gets through with the two little chicks we just picked up, we’ll make some real dinero.”


Anita and Mary were two young runaways that Frank had somehow got his clutches on. Anita was 12 and Mary was 11. They were making a skin flick with Willy Mo as the baby breaker and the two pre teen honeys as the babies that would be thoroughly sucked and fucked into womanhood. Before the cameras rolled, the nurse made sure that the two little sweeties had their bum holes really greased big time because she knew that Willy was going to shove his huge Mamba into each of the little whimpering chicks cunts and ass holes until they were filled with his hot, Negro seed.

The nurse was dressed in a black leather outfit as she was the dominant mistress who was getting the two youngsters trained in all the sexual arts. Her blonde hair was tied back with black ribbons and her black bra left the nipples of her 36 D tits exposed. The effect was completed by black leather boots and a thick garter belt that left her shaved pussy exposed. In this flick, she called herself Myra and she carried a whip in her hand. Anita would be first.

Myra’s voice was crisp and authoritative. “Tie anita down properly and make sure her legs are way back and wide apart! This little bitch Is going to learn how to service a huge piece of black meat!” Anita was a little Hispanic twelve year old with brown skin and long black hair. She was totally naked and she lay on a large exercise mat on the floor. Her wrists were already secured to two hooks that jutted out from the cement wall. Willy slid two large pillows under Anita’s cute rump and then he pulled back her right leg and secured her ankle with a cuff and chain to another hook in the wall. He made sure it was pulled way back and to the side so that Anita’s groin was fully exposed. Then he repeated the process with her left leg.

Myra smirked, “Okay Willy, fuck Anita and make her a full service slut! Don’t hold back at all. Fuck her hard and deep and make her scream!”

Willy was rock hard. His eleven inch serpent like member was ready to rock inside the helpless little Chiquita. Anita moaned but she knew she couldn’t escape and she knew she would be paid well for this nasty fucking she was about to get. Her two holes oozed so juicy from all the lubricant that had been pushed into her pussy and bum hole and now it was time to earn her daily bread.

The cameras were focused on her pretty little nubile body as Willy slid his cock head all over Anita’s itching cleft.

“You gonna get it now girl! I’m gonna slam Mamba here right up your tiny snatch first so you gonna learn to fuck real good! Now when I sticks itin you, work it! Squeeze it hard and whore on that big black snake!”

The camera got a close up of Willy’s bulging prick head as it pried open and began to sink into Anita’s pre tean cunt. Willy felt that special tightness of fresh, unused pre teen pussy. It was so tight and sweet as he forced himself into her, inch by inch. Willy slowly forced his thick meat further and deeper into the squealing little slut!

“It’s too big! Please! Stop senor! Nada! Stop! Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! It hurts! Aaaaaahhhhh!”
The little spick chick screamed as her cherry was forced and pierced into the past.
He felt her maiden head give and split! He was home free! Willy’s cock got buried until only the balls could be seen as they bounced against Anita’s sleek little groin. The tiny, pre teen cunt was stretched to the max and then Willy began to fuck her big time.

“No! Shit! Eeeee! It’s so big! Caramba! Fuck! Stop! Aaaaahhhh! Aaaaaahhhhh! Eeeeaaaaaahhhhh! Stop! Jesus fucking Christ! It’s too big!”

It was obvious from the writhing of the young girl that she was trying to get away but the chains held her in place. Again and again, Willy pounded his huge cock into the little pussy until suddenly Anita screaed in rapture. She gushed lust as her ejaculation squirted out of her blood stained pussy. She’d been a virgin but that was now history as the black dick snake lunged deep and hard into the furthest recesses of Anita’s fuck hole. Anita kept shrieking as her cunt was plowed from one blissful climax to another. Willy clutched Anita’s little cuppy cake tits and squeezed them hard while he blasted deepr and deeper into her extremely tight cunt hole.

“Fuck me slut! Work that whore hole on my big dick! You make Willy feel good, girl! Oh yeah, baby! You is my ho now!”

Willy felt the pre teen cunt gripping and stroking him now. The young chick was responding and it drove him over the edge. With his own cry of triumph, he felt his balls practically rupture and his lust pour in ropey bursts into the young tramp. After the first two powerful squirts he pulled out and shot the remainder of his seed all over the youngster’s bare belly. His cock twitched and jerked as it splattered cum onto the young spick chick!

Myra gave her next command. “Now Mary, suck his cock hard so he can fuck Anita’s little ass hole next. Do it now bitch!”

Mary crawled into the scene. She was a cute little blonde eleven year old. Her tits were just tiny little mounds with nipples and her yellow hair was done up in pig tails. As Willy’s cock sputtered the last of its contents onto Anita, Mary’s little virginal mouth was forced down on his cock head as Myra grabbed the young girl and forced her face onto the desired location.

The bitch with the whip ripped off the remainder of Mary’s clothing and whipped the little girl’s ass a few times for good measure. Mary cried out a few times before the big woman grabbed her pony tails and forced Mary to get back to sucking the monster dick.

Myra chorteled, “You screw Anita’s tiny ass hole real good, Willy and then you can fuck Mary sore! I want you to fuck her little pink holes red and tender so the cameras will get pictures of all that white spunk trickling out of her. Now get that rod hard and do Anita’s shit hole!”

He’d already done anita from the missionary position and this time Anita was manhandled onto her belly and the chains reattached. Mary made sure Willy was rodk hard even though she was gagging and choking a lot as she sucked on his huge black pole. Myra brought in a chair and set it in such a way that Mary could sit on it with her pussy exposed right above the crying little spick chick. Willy would be able to eat Mary while fucking Anita’s tiny anus. He would have a ball and get paid for it!

Anita screamed as Willy stretched her anal hole to the max! Even though they’d put a lot of lube inside her, the rectal cavity resisted this massive invasion of so much hard, cock meat. Anita strained against it as if she could somehow get him out of there. Willy just kept jamming it in deper and deeper and deeper. As he anally fucked screaming little Anita, He leaned over and pulled Mary’s tender pussy lips aside with his fingers and lapped her sweet little pussy as if it were the sweetest honey. He sucked and tongued her with loud liquid sounds while his prick drilled the squealing little spick. Willy loved to fuck, tight virgin ass. It was so tight and when the girl resisted it added even more pleasure to the rippling and clenching sensations that his cock was getting addicted to. However, Anita was only the appitizer. Soon he would be enter and rut inside cute, little Mary. He would plow her and make her scream out in pain and ecstasy when he buried his huge tool into both of her virginal holes.

Again and again, Willy’s big black mamba blasted to the hilt into the tiny rectum that was now open wide. Anita was crying and whimpering now as her body was finally getting somewhat used to the pounding penis that ripped through her young body. The leather clad bitch, Myra was egging him on. “Giv it to her! Up her ass big boy! Slam that nigger cock right through her! She’s been a naughty, naughty girl so punish the little bitch! Oh yeah, Willy! Pork her ass!”

At last, Willy could not hold back any longer. He ground his face into Mary’s juicy cunt, gripped her hips hard and released his creamy eruption into Anita’s squirming bum hole.

After Anita was released and permitted to retreat to the shower, it was Mary’s turn. She looked at that big stick of Willy’s that had hardened quickly after his explosion into Anita’s anus. Myra grabbed mary by the hair. “Suck it bitch! Get that cock down your throat and make him real hard. Then he’s gonna fuck your cunt until you are so sore you won’t be able to walk! Now suck it!”

Willy’s meat tasted raunchy with it’s mix of cum and the remnents of Anita’s shit hole. Yet Mary knew that if she didn’t do what Myra told her, she just might not survive to reach twelve. She gagged with loud muffled sounds as she tried to engulf that huge dick. Myra churped, “That’s it slut! Work that cock and make it hard! Willy boy gonna do your holes real nasty.”

They finally let her catch her breath and she was spread eagled on the mat. Her legs were chained up like they’d done to Anita. Willy mounted her. He rubbed the tip of his cock on her tender little furrow and then entered. Mary screeched! “Aaaaagggghhhhh! No! It’s too big!”

Myra hissed, “Shut up and fuck bitch! Hump that eleven inch prick and whore on it! You got three more movies to make this week so you better get used to it fast!”

Willy arched back and slammed his prick through Mary’s stratched maiden head. The little bonde screamed so loud that his ears rang. He buried his cock head until her cervix was also pierced and her loud groans only served to quicken his penetrations.

Willy’s long tool appeared and disapeered in rapid strokes into that squelching tightness. Tears flowed from mary’s eyes and her lovely blonde hair was totally mussed now as he banged her cunt to kingdom come.

Myra was getting hot just watching them. She quickly shed her shorts and leather top. Suddenly, Willy found himself kissing and gripping Myra’s tits while the hot blonde ground her cunt down on Mary’s surprised mouth. “eat my cunt pig! Stick your tongue in and taste a dirty slut’s hole! Yeah bitch! Both holes! Likc it and fuck that big cock!”

Willy practically ingested those ripe, blonde whore’s tits. HE squeezed them hard with his hands and sucked on them greedily while his pole drilled little Mary. The eleven year old finally quaked with her first male induced climax! She could hardly breathe because of the oozing pussy that was slamming into her face and the power of her orgasm. She felt stretched to the max and utterly full to. It felt like that huge pole was half way through her soft belly and still his brutal fucking went on and on and on.

The camera men were having a field day. A couple of the regular female sex stars were going around, sucking their cocks so they could concentrate on getting the more important shots with their cameras. A lot of close ups were taken of Willy’s huge Mamba porking the cute pre teen chick’s fuck hole. Faster and faster he drilled the hot little fox. Mary was so tight that he was unable to get out in time and he flooded her pussy thick with a mother load of hot, nigger cum. By about the fourth burst he was able to yank out and spray her belly and bare crotch with the remainder. Even that limited spraying looked impressive as his white, cock seed spurted in warm ropes onto her bare, pink skin. Then Myra squirted a rancid flow into Mary’s gurgling mouth. The youngster gagged and gulped, trying and failing to swallow the mess that poured from Myra’s engorged slit.

Myra dragged Willy off Mary onto the cold, vinyl tile floor. “Hurry and fuck me, nigger! Slam that black cock into my pussy and fuck! Just fuck! Oh yeah! Cram it into me you fucking big buck! Aaaaahhh!”

The cameras caught the look of sheer ecstasy on Myra’s lovely face as her body quivered and squirmed in a mind numbing climax! Willy put it to her like a man! Myra yelled again. “Fuck me! Blast that nigger cock through me! Fuck my cunt!! Hzrder! I want it fucking harder! God! What a fucking bone! Eeeeeaaahaahhhh! Yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhh! Ooooo! You fucking animal! Fuck that cream into my cunt! Gggggooodddd!”

Mary watched as the blonde got royally banged. Her own sore snatch was still oozing Willy’s cum. It trickled in an itchy little stream down her crack and on her anal rim. The young girl’s lusts had been rudely awakened and she started rubbing her clit while she watched Myra getting that big black snake of Willy’s right up her gripping cunt.

Willy liked fucking Anita and Mary because their cunts were so tight and frisky fresh with the sizzling delight of awakening lust. But with Myra it was different. She was a slut who had years of experience fucking and sucking cock. Her vaginal muscles took right over. She cramped down on him, gripping and milking him with aggressive jerks and squeezes. She was wide open unlike the pre teen girls but she made up for that with sexual techniques that were both riveting and carnally depraved. As the fuck went on, she locked on his prick with her tiny cirvex. Her inner hole gripped his cock tip and he yelloed out loud as his cock became captured by Myra’s insatiable pussy.

Again Myra screamed, “Fuck a nigger brat into my cunt! Hurry! Fill my womb you fucking stud! I wanna feel you cum in my box, you bitch fucking bastard! Yes! Oh Willy! Yes! Screw it deeper! Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh! Yyyyeeeess! Oh fuck! You’re churning me open! Work it in further! I want it all!”

Her ankles were locked around his middle and she drew him in with her powerful, young body. His hands groped and clutched her tits and he found her mouth with his. When she greeted his open lips and tongue with her own serpentine flicks, he sent a wad of spit into her swirling mouth and still she fucked him back for all she was worth. He squeezed her tits even harder and banged his rod past her cervix once again. Her muffled scream and quivering cunt triggered his own response and then he exploded!

He broke the kiss and yelled. “You hot fucking slut! Take my fucking cum you whore! Fuck bitch! Fuck!”

She gasped flying as high as the clouds. “fill me, Willy! Squirt that nigger seed into my fucking pussy! Do it now! Oh yeah! Cum in my cunt big boy!”

Willy thought his balls were bursting. He drained his cum into her fuck hole. Myra’s spasming fuck hole ground on him, squeezing and sucking his prick until every drop of his cream jetted into her eager womb. She moaned, “Keep it cumming stud! Fill that box full you horny toad! Yeah! All of it! Every fucking drop!”

They took a break then because Willy had to recover. This time Willy lay on his back and Myra made Mary sit on Willy’s huge bone with her tiny anus.

Mary whimpered and moaned as Myra slowly forced her body down on the dick. Mary’s spincter muscles rebelled at this vast invasion and even with all the KY that had been shoved into her, it was a long battle. At last Willy’s cock head was inside her churning rim and with a primordial scream of extreme apin, Mary’s body weight forced her anus to engulf Willy’s huge prick.

Myra crooned, “Now Mary, move up and down on him and squirm on it with your hot little rim. He likes your tight ass hole and he wants you to fuck him like a cheep little whore. So do it bitch! Fuck his cock!”

Mary whimpered, reluctant to proceed.
Crak! Crack! Crack! Myra’s whip slashed Mary’s rump and she got the message. Mary’s eyes were stained with tears but she began to anally fuck Willy.

“Dat real good girl! You fuck that big mamba you sweet little ho! Yeah! Up and down! Up and down! You treat Willy good and I’ll fuck your cunt all over again. Ooooh Mary! Your making me hot!”

His hands were glued to her little tits. Myra leaned down and frenched Mary’s mouth. Then Myra moved around and slid her cunt on Willy’s face so he oculd eat pussy while his cokc was anally serviced by Mary. Myra was a real pig and soon she squirted her lust on his face and into his gulping mouth. Willy kept gripping Mary’s hips, forcing her tightness to drive his tingling shaft towards a rousing climax to the days shooting

Mary felt like her entire ass hole was on fire with pain and lust. She couldn’t scream because Myra had a ripe tit stuck into her mouth. Myra kept moaning , “suck me!”

At last Willy erupted into Mary’s little shit hole. He screamed into Myra’s juicing box and the cameras had a field day as his cum spurted out of little Mary’s seared anus.

Later on, Frank headed over to Willy, who was still recovering on a bench near where the festival had taken place. Everyone else had cleared out.

Frank slapped the black boy on his back. “That was super hot Willy! God, what a big dick you got! Here’s two grand for now and you’re gonna get a piece of the action later. You’re fucking hot! Did you like those little tricks?”

Willy gave Frank a huge, shit eating grin as he pocketed the dinero. “You betta believe it boss! Them two little bitch holes were great. But that Myra was even better. I’d love to take her as my full time ho. She’s so fucking good!”

Frank chuckled, “Well you and Myra will be making a few films, so you’ll get a chance to fuck her a lot. If she wants to hook up with you after hours, that’s her call. We got some hot movies coming up so you keep that big mamba it good shape! You gonna get a ton of sizzling, hot cunt to fuck into, don’t you worry! ”

“You got that right boss! Willy’s big mamba just itching to fuck some more tight little pussies! So keep them cameras rolling.”

Willy was spent so they had to break for a few hours until the black stud was back to snuff. Mary was chained down again and her little ass hole filled with a cool,jelly lube. Mary lay on her belly and her face rested on Myra’s crotch which still oozed the leavings of Willy. Myra crooned, “Eat me, you little slut! Stick your tongue in and suck out Willy’s cum. I saved it just for you. Now relax your ass hole because Willy is gonna fil it up like you’ve never been filled before. He’s gonna ruin you girl. Once you go black you ain’t never going back.”

Willy mounted the little brown haired pre teen and placed his legs over her hips. This would insure that he would get the most sensational pleasure from his extreme penetrations. Mary shrieked as he impaled her anus. Willy just loved it. That little anal rim jerked and vibrated with resistance until he forced his thick, long bone deep into her agonized rectum. Myra held Mary’s face to her crotch, forcing her to keep sucking and licking. Mary biciously teethed myra’s clit and the blonde resonded by pulling Mary’s hair hard. “That will teach you bitch! Now suck my cunt right or I’ll have Willy fuck your as hole twice today!”

Mary felt like her anus was being torn apart. His huge meat stretched her and sliced into her. Faster and faster he sawed and spiked into her bum until at last, she got somewhat used to it.

Myra lay back and cried out as her own body convulsed with release from Mary’s little flicks and sucking lips. “Oh God! Willy! She’s such a little whore! Fuck her ass hard! Make her howl! What a little foxy whore!”

The hot and bothered blonde gripped Mary’s head and forced the sweet little chick to keep munching and lunching on her slit while the thudding and pounding of Willy, drove Marys face hard into Myra as an added bonus. As the ass fuck went on, Myra lost control and she suirted a hot shower of cum into Mary’s slurping mouth. The girl gagged and tried to swallow and still her rump was savaged! Willy was getting there. Even though he’d cum quite a bit earlier that day, his prick tingled and tiched from Mary’s incredibly tight shit hole. With a loud groan he jetted his spunk into Mary’s soft guts! Burst after burst rocketed analward in a gushing river of unrestrained lust. Ropes of his cream shot deep in to the little brunette until at last he withdrew, satisfied for the moment.

Myra pounced on him. “I want some of that! Boys, get that little slut outa here!”

Then the ot blonde slut was engulfing his soft prick with her mouth while one of the camera men helped the nearly senseless Mary to the shower. Down and up, down and up, Myra’s mouth sucked. Her tongue swirled and twirled all over his cock tip. As he stiffened, her mouth made erotic gagging sounds as her throat got filled.

Then before he quite knew wht was happening, she pushed him down and sat on him, impaling her ass hole on his cock. With one single sharp lunge downward, Myra buried his prick into her itching anus. “Wwwwwwwhhhhhhh! OoooooO! Yes! I want it up my fuckin garse you nigger stud! God damn! Fuck my ass!”

Her fingers were ravaging her clit and he greedily sucked her bouncing tits while his cock was viciously massaged by her wickedly riming rectum. It wasn’t often that the cameramen saw Myra loose total control so they made sure they got all the action. In and out that big black dick of Willy’s made a hot contrast to Myra’s lilly whie skin. After awhile, he rolled her onto her back and continued plowing into her shitter from above.

“You getting it now girl! Fuck that dick! You just love nigger cock, don’t you slut?”

Myra whimpered, “Yes Willy! Yes! I need your big black bone! Stretch my ass hole wider! Fucking fill it! Oh God! Willy! Please! Fuck it harder! Bang it right through me you hot fukcing whore fucker!”

He yanked it out of her and straddled her face. She almost choked as he forced it down her throat. “Suck on your shit baby! Clean that dirty cock with your mouth whore! That’s the way! Swallow that dick!”

She actually smiled at him as she gulped and gurgled on his huge prick. “Now you gonna get this up your cunt you fuckinghwore!”

He re-entered her squirmy, sloppy pussy and mashed his dick deep into her. Her legs were raised up on his sholders and a moment alter he was sucking her toes while his cock rammed into the tiny paydirt of her little cervix. She groaned with sheer ectsaty as he took and took and took! He bit into her foot and she squealed. He teethed her nipples hard and she screamed even louder. The combination of nipple pain and his bruising cock did the rest and she squireted off as if her dam had busted.

Willy growled, “You fucking pig! Now you’re really going to get it! Fuck it hard, slut! Ho on that cock! Come on! Ho on it!”

Myra was almost insane with lust now. Her face was flushed and she seemed to be in perpetual orgasm. “Yes! Yes! I’m a pig! I’m a fucking dirty, cock craving pig! So fuck a baby into my belly! I want a nigger brat so everyone willknow that I fuck nigger cock and love it! Oh Willy! Stretch me! Fukcing fil me! Aaaaahhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhh! Oh yes! Pump that baby into my pussy hole! I want it! Eeeeeeeeeaaaa!”

At alst Willy came. He gripped Myra’s sholders for purchase and he drilled the slut, extending his own rapture. He banged deep ihto her, shooting his seed through her open cervix and clogging her womb full of his spunk.

When it was over, Myra crawled to one side and curled up into the fetal position. She felt like he’d broken her apart inside. She looked at Willy with awe in her eyes and in her voice. “Oh Willy, what did you do to me?”

Willy grinned, “I gave you one huge mother fucking fuck, girl! You been done by Willy Mo Mamba and you can have more, any time you want. Now where’s the boss! I need some bread!”

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