Wine Tasting_(1)

Wine Tasting_(1)

Fbailey story number 397

Wine Tasting

I took my wife on a Wine Tasting Tour in the Fingerlakes area of New York, basically between Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake.

Since drinking and driving has become such a high profile crime we flipped a coin to see who the designated driver would be. I lost so it was my wife who got to drink without concern for the consequences. On the other hand I thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of her when she is drunk.

We started at one winery where for just two dollars she had a good mouthful of six different wines of her choice. She enjoyed most of them and we decided on two bottles to purchase.

At the next winery they had a cute penguin as they motto. I noticed a rather good-looking redheaded woman in a pair of tight white shorts and an equally tight white top. Her nipples indicated that they were not covered by a bra either. After my wife finished tasting all of those samples she needed a lady’s room. I watched as her and that woman in white tried to enter at the same time. Finally they both rushed in together. I waited patently for her to come out. Finally they both emerged together laughing. They walked to me and my wife kissed me saying that we were taking Christie with us. Okay, but first we needed to buy two more bottles of wine to take home with us.

When we were a ways away from Christie my wife whispered to me, “Christie is wearing a one-piece outfit. I had to help her out of it in the lady’s room. Her pussy is covered with a very wild patch of fire red pubic hair. Her breasts are quite pointed and the whole end is a huge reddish nipple. She is so fucking gorgeous that I would do her myself. If you play your cards right we might be able to share her later.”

Christie jumped in the backseat of our car and talked for a full five minutes without even taking a breath until I pulled into the next winery. She mostly told us about her stupid boyfriend and how he had just dumped her off at that last winery and drove away.

The girls certainly enjoyed themselves more by having someone to drink with and discuss the taste with. While they were in the bathroom again I was buying the two flavors that they picked out at that winery. As I was paying for my wine my cell phone vibrated. When I opened it there was a message from my wife and a picture. The picture was of Christie’s red bush with her pussy lips open and a yellowish liquid flowing out. When I turned around both women were laughing.

There was quite a difference between them. Christie was twenty-one years old, a very pretty redhead, and about five feet six inches tall and a hundred and ten pounds. My wife was a forty-year-old blonde that was five feet eight inches tall and a hundred and forty pounds. My wife wore a 36-C bra and I later found out that when Christie wore a bra it was a 34-B.

Anyway the women traded places and Christie sat in the front seat next to me for the next few minutes until I pulled into another winery. Meanwhile in the backseat my wife removed her bra and her panties leaving her in just her short skirt and button blouse. However she had unbuttoned a couple more than was normal for her. When I said something to her about her buttons she said that she was going to unbutton another one after each winery. I smiled thinking to my self that I only had to get her to three more wineries after this one.

After the wine tasting they again disappeared into the lady’s room while I bought what has now become our customary two bottles of wine. My phone vibrated again and that time I had a picture of Christie’s pointed breasts. She really did have reddish nipples.

In the car my wife sat next to me and opened her legs up so that I could finger fuck her and tickle her clit for the next two miles until I pulled into yet another winery. After I parked the car I reached over and unbuttoned the next button. I reminded her that she hadn’t unbuttoned one after the last winery. I had two more to go after this one.

The girls were getting quite tipsy and the guy serving the wine tried to shut them off but I stepped forward and told him that I was the designated driver and then I slipped ten dollars into his tip jar.

He smiled at me and then he started serving them a little more in each glass compared to what the last few places had served them. He was trying to help me get them even drunker. I liked him and smiled at him and then I nodded my head.

The rest of the wine tasters had moved on leaving my two women there alone. I walked up behind my wife and opened her blouse exposing her breasts to her server. He filled their last glass to the brim. After they downed them I pulled my wife back a few feet and then lifted her short skirt up so that he could see her bald pussy. He smiled as we walked away from his tasting station and a new crowd gathered around him.

The lady’s room picture was a full frontal of Christie. It was also her turn to get in the front seat but first I unbuttoned one more button on my wife’s blouse but from the bottom this time. Two more and she was done.

The one that I picked next had very few cars in the parking lot and the women didn’t like any of the wine. It looked like something left over from the hippies. The lady’s room was an outhouse. My wife held the door slightly open while Christie went in and slipped her one-piece outfit to her ankles and sat down. I was treated to a close view of her nude body. She was so red on her pussy that I started calling her Flame. My wife peed next but it wasn’t quite as much fun for me, after all I had seen her pee quite often. However, it cost her another one of her bottom buttons leaving just one to go.

I stopped at the first winery that we came too. The girls drank, I bought two bottles of wine, and my wife opened her blouse in the car daring me to take her into another winery. I asked her what she was going to do about her blouse and she told me that it would pretty much hang on her breasts if she didn’t move too drastically.

The next winery told her to button up or leave. The next three told her the same thing. However, the winery after that was run by a married couple and the man told her to come in and that she could even take her top off she wanted too. The woman said that she would join her if Christie took her top off too. The few other men in the place cheered at that remark.

My wife looked at me for approval, I nodded, and she removed her blouse. Christie smiled at my wife and asked her to help her get her top down too. It was necessary for my wife to untie a zigzag pattern down her back and then help her get it over her shoulders. Her top part rested around her waist nicely. Then the woman behind the bar removed her blouse and bra to become topless too, at the cheers of everyone in the place. Drinks were on the house until my two women were too drunk to drink any more.

I loaded them into my car and drove home. It was around dark when I got there. I struggled to get them both undressed and into my bed.

I busied myself sucking on Christie’s big reddish nipples and then I just fucked her red fur covered pussy to relieve myself. I had waited all day to fuck her and I fell asleep quite happy.

In the morning I awoke refreshed while they both had hangovers. They just lay there on their backs with their eyes closed as I pulled the covers down exposing their nude bodies.

Christie reached down between her legs and felt my left over cum dried onto her pubic hair then she asked, “Did you fuck me last night?”

I reached for one of her tits and replied, “Yup. I just couldn’t resist. You looked so good lying naked in my bed last night. In fact I want to fuck you again Christie.”

My wife opened her eyes and said, “Then do it. Just leave me alone.”

I reached over and fondled one of her tits too. Then I crawled in between Christie’s legs as she spread them for me. I started by sucking on her nipples as I had the night before and then I just plunged my eager cock into her. She squealed with delight. I knew that she would like it that way from some of the conversations I overheard between her and my wife while they drank. Christie told her that she liked it when a man took her for his own pleasure. She liked the used feeling. She didn’t want to be raped or tied up but she really liked it when the man was so horny that all he thought about was his own pleasure. I was feeling that way and she knew it.

Plunging into Christie repeatedly was just pure selfish pleasure. There was no need to even pretend to give her pleasure even though I knew that she was enjoying it just as much as I was. I fucked into that little beauty right in my own bed with my wife pretending to sleep right next to us. When I finally cum in her she again squealed with delight. I covered the two women and left them to sleep in peace.

Later when I took them breakfast in bed or more correctly lunch in bed they were awake and giggling.

My wife said, “Oh thank you honey. We are really hungry even though we have just eaten each other. You should have been here, you would have enjoyed it.”

Christie said, “You can still enjoy it, I’m moving in with you guys.”

My wife smiled and said, “Surprise! We can both play with her. Christie is bisexual and I just found out that I am too. Now you get two women to fuck anytime that you want too.”

Christie said, “We promise never to say no to you, no matter which hole you want to fuck.”

My wife added, “Just be gentle with my back door, please.”

I added, “I think I’m going to like this arrangement. Want to have our own wine tasting right here in bed? You girls won’t even have to get dressed.”

The End
Wine Tasting

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