Babygirl Ch2

Babygirl Ch2

Being that today is Saturday, after breakfast everyone went their own way. Daddy went golfing, mommy volunteers every other Saturday at the hospital and today’s one of them, Billy was at school working on a play, Carol is who knows where, and I’m all alone for now. I’m trying to decide what to do until I’m to meet with my best bud, Sarah, at 11:00.

I suppose I could go and masturbate, after all I’m still a bit horny from this morning. Well lets see, I first I meet up with ‘Rah-rah’ (Sarah), we are hanging out at the park until 12 – 12:30, then we go to the mall for lunch, hang at the mall for a couple of hours, god, I’ll never make it that long. So masturbate it is.

I think I’ll use that long thin neck bottle that I use as a candle holder on my shrine. Before you start, I’m not religious or superstitious. Because of my ‘seeing’ affliction I have created a shrine to appease the spirits. All I know is when I’m in my room and the incense and candles are burning, I don’t see or hear the things that I normally can and the norms can’t.

With bottle and cum cup in hand I head to the bathroom. It didn’t take too long before I was gushing in the cup. I thought I really wasn’t that horny, after all I only filled a little less than a quarter of a cup of cum, but my clit is still swollen and sticking out. It’s time to go to the park, can’t do anything about it now.

At the park I took a different route than usual. Sure enough Sarah’s sitting at the fountain, looking in the direction that I usually come from. I get on the back side of the fountain and creep along the ledge and sneak up on her.

As I jump down I loudly ask in as deep a masculine voice as I can imitate, “Do you come here often?”

Sarah yelped and jumped to attention. “Nanna, you are ssssooo mmeeaaannnn…”her voice trails off, and then, “Does your mother know that you are wearing that in public?” she yells almost hysterically as she stares at me, looking me over from head to foot and back again.

“No, Rah-rah, she was gone before I left. And I do have a change of clothes in my pack.” I stated as I sat down on the fountain ledge. And as she kept staring I spread my legs.

Sarah is two years older than me but we have been best buds for like forever. When we were real little Sarah and I had trouble pronouncing each others names. She called me Nanna and I called her Sarry and she enunciated her name “Sar-rah rah got it.” “Uh huh your name is Rah-rah.” She laughed and said, “Ok, you can call me Rah-rah. But only you. OK.” “Uh huh.” And after all this time I still love surprising and shocking her.

“God, Nanna, I know your b, b, breast aren’t big but that string halter top barely covers you and so thin your big n, n, nippppllesss are pushing through. What is it a size too small?”

“Actually, Rah, it two sizes too small.” I noticed that her eyes were fixated on my crotch so I casually spread my legs even more giving her a really good view.

“Those cut off shorts are not only wide opened at the sides and ride up the crack of your b, b, b, buttocks showing your ch, ch, cheeks, but they also ride up your front c, c ,crotch and show some of your va, va, vagina l, l, lips at the bottom.” She exclaims a bit excitedly.

God, you gotta love the girl. While I commonly use vulgar language when I not around family and school, this girl can’t even use medical terms for the parts of the body let alone the more common words in private with her close friend.

“Yeah, I kinda like the feel of the air on my PUSSY LIPS.” I added stressing the last bit.

Sarah stared quite awhile longer then necessary. Perhaps she was in shock. But for what ever reason that she stared, it is getting me turned on. My shorts were already damp from stroking my still swollen clit from before I got dressed. Now I can feel my pussy dripping. As long a Sarah stared I wasn’t going to flinch and close my legs no mater who notices. There were some people looking our way though most were courteous enough not to stare.

“Ah, Rah-rah? Why don’t you take a picture and sit down. You are starting to attract attention.”

She shook herself out of her reverie and looked around. “Oh. … Oh dear.” And with that she plopped down beside me.

Normally about now we would gossip, talk about school, drool over the hot guys walking by, and of coarse comment on what some of the girls were wearing. Obviously I took the wind out of THAT sail with my attire. But Sarah seemed lost, quiet, and when I looked at her, her face was red as she stared into space.

“Ah, Rah, if I’m embarrassing you, I can change, if you want.”

“Na, it’s Ok.”

“No, seriously, I’ll change right here.”

Her head snapped in my direction, her mouth open, her eyes quickly searched my face. “Why you little vixen. I do believe you would strip right here and change in front of everyone. You know you’ve been changing. I don’t understand it. I accepted your strangeness, talking to people that aren’t there, staring at something that I can’t see. But please help me to understand this change.” She said with almost a sob at the end.

“Rah-rah, I think I’m destined to be a slut.”

Sarah started to laugh again but it was choked when she looked at my face. “You’re serious aren’t you?”

“Uh huh.”

“But why a slut? That’s such a dirty thing to be.”

“Look, being called a slut simply means that others are acknowledging that I get more sex than them. For a nymphomaniac that is a compliment.”

“You not a nympho,” a puzzled look framed her face, “are you?”

“You tell me. I masturbate from three to four times a day on average. At school I wonder what kind of lay the teacher might be and would he consider having sex with a student. I wonder if that pretty girl’s pussy tastes like mine.”

“H, h, have y, y, you e evvveerrr th, th, thought how I, I, Iwouldtaste?” she blurted out the last part.

“Of coarse I have. But I never acted on it because I don’t want to lose you. I love you. I’ll understand if you don’t want to be friends now. This must be a shock.”

“Nancy.” Oh, oh, here it comes. “Do you think lesbians can like guys?”

Woah, where did that come from? She must really be in shock. “Of coarse they can like guys, after all you haveta like a guy if he’s your friend. Right?”

She looks at me with fierce angry smoldering in her eyes. “That not what I meant and you know it. You’re the slut,” Ok, she seems to except that much, I think, “so you should know a lot about sex. You’re also smarter than most kids even my age, and you read a lot. So answer me.” Pleadingly she adds “Puhleeese.”

“Ok! Ok, the answer is no. Gays can only ‘LIKE’ the same sex as they are.” Her eyes fell to the ground, her head drooped, and her shoulders sagged. “But,” her head came up, “but, there are other kinds of sexual preferences such as bestiality, having sex with animals, or necrophilia, having sex with the dead," I said teasingly, "or maybe bisexual, having sex with both the same AND opposite gender.”

“THAT’S IT!!!!” She shouted.

“Calm down Rah-rah, you’re attracting attention again.” What now? Suddenly I’m the embarrassed one?

She looked around and flushed crimson. “I’m sorry its, its, its just I so happy.” And she was too. Tears flowed down her cheeks. She grabbed both of my hands between hers.

“OH, Nanna, I love you so much my heart aches. I’ve wanted to hold you, embrace you, kiss you all over, and I wanted to make love to you and take you to heaven. But I was confused because of my feeling for you. I thought I was a lesbian but I also think about having sex with boys too. Now do you understand?”

Tears were welling up in my eyes because with one statement I had saved my dearest friend. I had freed her of a tormented heart and told her in not so many words that she is free to take our relationship to a different level.

I pulled my left hand free and grabbed her left wrist. Pulling her hand to my crotch I said, “You know earlier when you were staring at my pussy, well this is what you did to me.” With that I rubbed her hand through my dripping crotch. After rubbing it around making sure it was slicked up, I held it between our faces. “You got me this wet,” and I lick the back of her hand.

Rubbing her thumb over her fingers, her eyes took on a look of fascination. In a small child like voice, all dreamy and distant like in a trance. “Nanna got this wet for me?” She sniffed her fingers, “Nanna smells yummy,” and then she sucked on her fingers and licked her hand clean. “Nanna is delicious. Rah-rah wants more of Nanna’s pussy.”

I knew she was in her own world and she didn’t register the look of shock on my face. Rah-rah just said the word ‘pussy’ as calmly, clearly and naturally as if she used it every day. And while my mind was reeling I quickly became aware that Sarah’s right hand was inside my shorts through the right legging and wormed a finger into my pussy. As she massaged my insides with her finger, she licked my cheek and in a breathy child like voice, “Does Nanna want Rah-rah to take her to heaven?”

Dumb question. “Uh huh.” Suddenly with a jolt I came back to myself. I pushed Sarah hand away and said, “Not here, too many eyes.” Looking around I see people staring, some with knowing smiles, other in disgust.

With a pouting look Rah-rah says, “Oh, now my lil slut girl is all embarrassed.” Then she breaks up laughing.

I punch her in the left shoulder. “Now who being mean?”

“Ow! You are. You just punched me. That hurt you know.”

“I'm sorry.”

“You oughta be.” With a smirk she adds, “And besides it didn’t hurt that much. YOU hit like a GIRL.”

“That cause I am a girl, dummy.”

“Coulda fooled me, tommy boy.”

“You dummy, that’s tomboy.”

“Well excuuuse me. And here I thought you wanted to be a slut girl instead of a tomboy. Bah just like a woman, can’t make up her mind if she’s a tomboy or a slut. Wait. Wait. I know. I know. How about a slutty tomboy.”

We both fell into each others arms laughing.

“Seriously Nanna, would you like to go to heaven to make love? I know a secret place that is a piece of heaven here on earth.”

“Ok, let’s go.”

After a few minutes and following trails that even the rabbits had abandoned we arrived at a wooded and secluded spot. “How did you find this place? No wait, you got lost didn’t you.”

“Nanna knows Rah-rah too well, but not in the way Rah-rah would like to be ‘known’.”

We approached a circle of pine trees on the edge of a lilac hedgerow. We followed the hedge until we found a rabbit hole though it. Rah disappeared and I went though on her heels, literally. On the other side, it was more special than heaven. Alice never saw a Wonderland like this.

“OH. MY. GOD.”

“Didn’t Rah-rah tell Nanna that this is heaven?”

I looked around the pristine clearing. In the middle was a two foot wide ring of stones and mushrooms, toadstools I’d guess, about twenty to twenty-five feet across, the center was purely just pennyroyal. Between the ring and the surrounding lilac hedge was a field of almost evenly dispersed portions of baby’s breath, bluebells and honeysuckle. Among the stones were eight slightly larger stones, and with the looming pines over head so that I couldn’t get my bearing, I would venture to guess the stones are at each of the compass points.

I became dreamy as the different fragrances fill my nostrils and I watched the breezes that I didn’t feel, play with the pennyroyal. Wait a minute. Breezes don’t behave that way. My god. I’m sure of it now.

“Sarah? Have you ever entered the center of the circle?”

“No, why?”

“Because this is a for real Fairy Circle. If you had entered it improperly, bad thing would happen around you.”

“What do you mean? Can you see the fairies?”

“No not really. But Fairy Circles are very special places. The fact that you found it is incredible in itself. Do you see those ripples in the center? If you watch you will see that they don’t act the way a breeze does.”

“You know Nanna, I really can’t remember how I found this place and I only know that when I’m troubled or very happy I seem to find my way here. As to entering the circle I never felt the need to. I was just content until now to sit here. But today it’s different. I want to enter the circle but for some reason I can’t go to it unless you go first. It makes no sense.”

“Actual it does. Take off your clothes. Watch the ripples.” I stripped and walked to the edge of the circle. “I call to you o’ noble king or queen of the fey folk. Hear my plea. You see into our hearts and know us to be of no threat. In our land, our people would call us fey. We love each other and our love is forbidden by most of our kind. We ask to enter your sacred circle, to lay together in your protection and consummate our love. We humbly invite the fey to join us as we give ourselves to the natural forces of passion.”

As I was making our case, the ripples converged on the edge of the ring in front of me. Rah came up behind me, wrapped her arms around me, her hands cupping my small breast, fingers playing with the hard rubbery nipples. Her left hand slid down to cup my soaking wet pussy as she pushed her middle finger into my well lubricated slot. When I finished our plea with an invite the ripples all rushed away. I slowly, cautiously, extended my hand to the barrier of the ring and had the sensation of being pulled in.

In the middle of the ring Rah grabbed my shoulders and I held her hips. She moved in close and aligned our breasts so our nipples brush against each other. The sensation of our nipples stroking each other sent a flood of warmth caressing me from my pussy outward. I felt the nectar of my womanhood oozing down my leg and with it the feeling of ripe grasses tickling my leg around the flow.

I pulled her hips into mine sticking my right leg between her legs. I massaged my pussy and clit against her right hip and thigh. She pulled my face to hers and gave me a deep passionate kiss as she started to rub her clit and pussy against my hip. We continued this way for awhile as our thighs became slick and glistened from each others juices.

As I was getting lost in the heat of our lust she broke the kiss and now she’s leaving a wet trail of tongue and kisses down my cheek, along my neck, to my chest. From here she is licking and sucking breast flesh and nipples. A hot, wet mouth sucks in a nipple and plays with it using her tongue and chews lightly, pulling it with her teeth.

While she goes from one breast to the other and back, her fingers slid deep in my pussy, stroking me from the inside as her thumb rubs and played with my swollen, sensitive clit. My legs threatened to give out as I panted out my moans of pleasure and gasps of joy.

She starts back down leaving my tongue washed, saliva soaked breasts to start licking my stomach. Her hand leaves my pussy, making it feel empty and abandoned as I cry out at its loss. She grabs my hips and starts pushing me backwards as she leans over me, her tongue washing my abdomen. I do a back arch and once I’m stabilized her fingers return.

Slowly her mouth reaches her fingers and soft lips suck in my protruding gland. Like my nipples before, she suckles, tongue teases, nibbles and tugs lightly with her teeth. Super charged electrical shocks burn out my mind and my body shivers and quakes to a massive orgasm. I shoot round after round of my cum into her hungry mouth.

Exhausted, I collapse to the ground only to find my hips in the air. With the feeling of wetness dripping down my ass onto my back, I open my eyes to see Sarah’s head nestled between my legs still lapping up my offerings. My thighs are resting on her shoulders. When did she pick me up? Is that giggling I hear? Nah, it has to be small birds chattering.

“Wow, Nanna, you really came a lot,” she says as she lowers me to the ground. “It’s so yummy. Do you cum that much all the time?”

Having finally brought my breath back to some semblance of normal, “Not quite that much, but yeah, all the time. It’s usually a quarter cup or less. One time I kept masturbating while I was cumming and when I stopped I had over a half a cup.”

As my strength returned I started crawling toward friend and now lover. I drank in marvelous, glistening wet form as she sat in a kneeling position with her leg splayed apart. With my knees between hers I knelt upright, grabbed her shoulders and tenderly pulled her towards me. She closed her eyes and puckered up expecting the kiss I had intended to give her but instead I licked the corner of her mouth and cheek.

I gently pushed her back, grabbing her cum soaked arms and letting them slide through my grip as she lowered to the ground. I crawled over her and whispered in her ear just before I flicked my tongue in it. “I made you all dirty. Now I’ll have to lick you clean.”

I proceeded to give her the same kind of tongue washing as she gave me, playing along time on her firm round breasts and taking great wicked pleasure in her cries of ecstasy as I nipped and nibbled on her sensitive buds. When I got down to her dripping crotch her cries where as wild as her thrashing hips.

I was so engrossed in our love making that it wasn’t until later that when I recalled what Rah-rah said and that I realized that my dearest friend was so different when we were making love.

“OH yeah, Nanna, suck my clit harder. Shove your fingers in my pussy. Aaahhhh, your tongue fucking is driving me crazy. Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Oh, GODDDD.”

Her hips bucked and thrashed. Her back arched as she was hit by a powerful orgasm and I lapped up every bit of nectar she had to offer. She gave me a little more then my sister. And I wanted more but we were both exhausted and I dropped next to her with my arm across her heaving chest and my right hand cupping her right breast and my finger idly flicking her nipple.

When we managed to catch our breath, I said, “It’s getting late and we still haven’t had lunch. So let’s head for the mall.”


She left the circle towards our clothes but before I left, I turned facing the center of the circle and gave a curtsey. “Thank you very much for your hospitality. I hope you will let us visit again. It was fun.” And with that the ripples rushed toward me, swilled around me and then rushed away. As I left the circle I thought to myself “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Outside the circle I looked up and nearly fainted. Sarah was dressed. But her just-above-the-knee length skirt was now hiked up so while she was bent over I could see she didn’t put on her panties. Then she straightened up and turned towards me. Her blouse was unbuttoned and tied in the front in such away as to almost fully exposing her breast, or at the least her nipples where.

“Aaahhhh, Rah-rah, you might want to look down.”

With that she looked down at her exposed nipples and turned cherry red. I walk over and readjusted her blouse so it showed ample cleavage without unnecessary exposure.

“Is this the look you were going for, maybe,” I asked.

“Ah, yeah. Thanks.”

“That’s pretty sexy, and coming from me that’s saying a lot.” I stated as I got dressed. “By the way, why are you dressing like that?”

“Don’t tell me ‘Slut Girl’ is embarrassed by her trashy friend?”

“Hey, if that’s the way you want to dress and YOU’RE not embarrassed then why should I? Besides I like the new look.” I said as I repositioned the wet crotch of my shorts.

At the mall we caused plenty of whiplashes while we walked around and when we had lunch. Especially at lunch, where Sarah sat with her legs spread open. While her face was red, she did seem to be enjoying the stares.

Later we went to the washroom where I slipped on a midriff tank top and short mid thigh skirt leaving what I had on under the outfit. We then passionately kissed and parted. I went home exhausted but with a new appreciation of my best friend turned lover.

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