Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Tonight was the night of my blind date with Dan and I’m sure glad I went through with it. I was going to call him and cancel, claiming I had come down with the flu. In the end, I decided to just go for it. One date. It wouldn’t kill me. I just prayed he wasn’t a total loser.

When he knocked on the door to pick me up and I saw him, I knew that my prayers had been answered. There stood one of the most stunning men I had ever seen. Tall, dark and handsome had nothing on Dan. His brown hair was combed neat and had the slightest curl to it, but it was his eyes that went beyond dark. They looked almost black under his long eyelashes.

He had to be about five inches taller than me and his body, man, what a body! I practically drooled. I only stopped my ogling when he grinned and asked me if he passed my inspection. For a second I felt like a fool but then he laughed and playfully kidded me about eyeing him up and down.

Dan’s sense of humor charmed me, then and throughout our date. I love a man who can make me laugh. It’s so sexy. And that’s where my mind was most of the night. It was all I could think about, primarily, what this fine specimen would look like without any clothes on and how much I would love to feel his body pressed against mine.

So when he walked me to my door afterwards, it didn’t surprise me that I asked him if he wanted to come in for awhile. I was so pleased when he agreed. We sat on the couch and talked for awhile before things got more personal. I can’t remember who brought it up to start, but our conversation soon turned to sex.

We talked about our likes and dislikes. It was during this particular topic that he asked me my favorite thing to do during sex. At first, I debated playing coy and not giving a definite answer but quickly decided against that. Looking him right in his ebony eyes, I told him that I loved to suck cock.

His eyes twinkled with my admission. Then, without another word, he stood up and unbuttoned his jeans. I remember at first, I just sat in fascination as he pulled out his semi-hard cock. After that, I didn’t need any encouragement.

I reached out and took that big piece of meat into my hands and just held it for a bit. My hand ran up and down its length while giving it gentle squeezes. It felt warm in my grip. I let my tongue wet my lips while I looked up into his face. He had his eyes closed but his smile was evident.

I brought my mouth down and slowly licked his cock head. My intention was to tease and tickle his shaft before sucking him into my eager mouth. I don’t know how long I ran my tongue along his length but I enjoyed every moment of it. Finally, I could stand it no more though and I had to take his prick into my hot mouth.

Gently, I let my lips wrap around his now hard pole before closing them tightly around him. My head bobbed in a slow rhythm while my tongue stroked the underside of his cock. With every downward movement, I attempted to take him further. I believe he wanted this too as he started to thrust deeper into my mouth each time.

Soon, I could feel the head of his cock hitting the depths of my throat with each plunge. I moaned with pleasure and lust. The vibrations of my groans furthered stimulated him and his thrusts became more urgent.

Wanting to prolong the event, I slowly slid him out of my mouth and, once more, began to use my tongue to bathe his stiff prick. With each downward stroke, I started to tease his balls with gentle flicks of my tongue. Before long, it was that area that I concentrated on. I love to suck on a man’s balls. Sliding them into my hot mouth while still paying them tongue homage. Then running my tongue along their underside, sliding up closer to their ass each time.

Dan’s groans echoed into the air and I knew, he too, was enjoying the workings of my mouth. He shifted slightly which gave me the room I needed to rim his tight asshole. Slowly and gently I probed and licked him there. His hand on my head did not try to stop me but almost seemed to encourage me on my exploration.

After some lengthy licks, I found his entrance and pushed my tongue into his ass. Before long I was tongue fucking his ass with a steady probing action. My one hand massaged his balls gently while the other jerked his stiff cock. I thrilled to Dan’s words when he told me how good it felt and how close he was to coming.

I wanted Dan to come, but not just yet. My tongue left his ass and traveled its way back past his balls and up his length. Again, I wrapped my lips firmly around his shaft and began to suck him off. My speed increased as did his thrusting into my mouth.

While his orgasm was building, I used my finger to circle his asshole as my tongue had done earlier. Dan’s pounding of my mouth became more urgent and I knew he would blow soon. Even though he was hitting the back of my throat each time, I could feel the swelling of his prick.

Just as he called out that he was coming, I invaded his tight asshole with my finger sending him into further spasms of climax. I was rewarded with gobs of his pearly seed shot deep into my mouth. I swallowed every delicious drop then gently licked away any leftover on his spent cock.

The rest of the night was spent sampling our other favorite sexual antics.

until tomorrow, Lynne

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