Deceitful Sex, girl switches beds in dark room, pretends to be roommate during sex

Deceitful Sex, girl switches beds in dark room, pretends to be roommate during sex

Note: This installment will stand on its own. It does however tie in as the 3rd in a sequence. If you wish you may want to read all 3 in a row from this same author.

When I got back to my place I told my roommate Lisa about my sexual experience in detail. I just had the best sex of my life. I had been thoroughly and completely fucked. Shaun's cock is a monster just like we had been told. It had to be a foot long and so thick it would take both my hands to reach around it. It was the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. I was beginning to get very sore as told my roommate Lisa all the details. I still cannot believe that he fit that thing into my little pussy. I got very wet again as I told Lisa what Shaun did to me and how good he was at doing me.

I think Lisa was a little mad. She tried to cover up the fact that she was mad, I had beat her to him. A few weeks ago she told me that she wanted to fuck Shaun but I decided that I wanted to feel his large penis in me also. It had been a long time fantasy of mine to have sex with a well hung stud. Lisa and I talked for a long time and then went to bed. She told me she loved hearing about it.

The day Shaun and I fucked, Shaun asked me to go to Palm Desert with him for a weekend I was thrilled. He obviously liked fucking me and he wanted more. I was full of lust at the thought of having sex with by Shaun again. When he called to postpone the weekend I was very disappointed.

“ Hi Cindy, I had so much fun with you the other afternoon”

“Oh thanks sweetie” I replied “ I had the time of my life, you are the best, really, the best”

“ So are you, hey my parents decided to go to the Desert place this weekend so I have to cancel this weekend with you. I want to be alone with you when we go.”

“Oh no” I was so disappointed “ I'm bummed, I was really looking forward to spending the weekend with you.” maybe it was better this way I though. I was still sore from fucking him. I did want to be with him anyway though.

“ I'll call you and we'll reschedule soon OK?”

“That sounds great, I'll look forward to hearing from you, OK sweetie.”

“OK By beautiful” and he was gone.

I told Lisa he cancelled. She said

“Oh that sucks for you” I knew from her response she was still mad.

A few months after all this happened I told Lisa I was going to write about what happened for and I asked her her write her version here. I figured it would be better if she told the story from her point of view. What happened is so classic. We are still laughing about it. She got me, and she got me good.

Lisa ################

I am 5'10 and a 36 DD. I have nice sized hips but I am not fat. I get a LOT of attention from guys. I am loud and some say I can be a little obnoxious. I have been hearing lately that guys say I look a little bit like a girl named Bree Olsen, but they say I am cuter. Apparently Bree Olsen is the 'best new starlet' porn star. Should I be flattered? If they only knew!

I was so mad at Cindy. We can laugh about it now because what I did was so mean, devilish and kinda kinky. Guys cum and go but we have been together for a while.

I listened politely while Cindy shared her experience with me and then I created my plan.

I was going to fuck Shaun anyway. I was not going to miss my opportunity to experience Shaun's massive member in me. Fucking a guy with a very large penis had been a fantasy of mine for many years. Having the opportunity this close… I was not going to let it slip away.

Since Shaun has the reputation of being a good guy. By that I mean he does not have sex with girls and talk shit about them later. He also does not seem to get around too much, so I was afraid that he would not fuck the roommate (me) of another girl he was fucking (Cindy).

When people call our place they often cannot tell who they are talking to on our phone, me or Cindy. We have played many jokes on people with that in the past. The next weekend Cindy and I partied with some friends and got back at about midnight. Cindy and I play around with each other often, usually on her bed, so she knew I liked her bed. We usually have sex on her bed and cuddle each other after. Then we go to sleep holding each other. But it really is not big enough for two to sleep on regularly. It's just the best bed for sex since it it bigger than mine.

“ Cindy hon your bed is so cute and comfy, can I sleep on it tonight?”

“ Sure no problem, are you having company.” Cindy already knew I liked to have sex on her bed, and she knew what I was getting at.

“ Yes hon”

“ Is it Matt?” Cindy asked. Matt was my latest boy toy.

“ Yes hon it is”

“ Ok I don't mind, but you have to change my sheets for me tomorrow” Cindy replied.

“Thanks Cindy, you are the best” I said as I walked out of the room.

I could hear Cindy say as I walked out “ I'll see you in the morning, I'm going to bed. I'm going to try to get to sleep before Matt gets here.”.

It's not unusual for us to have guys over for sex while the other roomie is in the same room. While the other one 'sleeps'. That is just the way it is when you share a room. The guys never mind they just want sex. They will do it anywhere, anytime.

It is actually kind of hard to sleep while your roomie is having sex, so Cindy or I usually lay there and rub our moistness while watching and or listening to the action.

I had left the room to call Shaun at start my plan. I needed privacy, I did not want Cindy to hear me.

I pretended to be Cindy.

“ Hi Shaun this is Cindy” I almost laughed when I said it. We both knew Shaun, he and been to party at our place before. I did not think he would be able to tell that I was not Cindy since most people can confuse our voices on the phone.

“ Hi beautiful “ Shaun replied He seemed to be falling for my ploy.

“ I miss you! and since we were planning the weekend together, I was hoping you could come over now?”

“I'd love to, I'll be right there” I could tell from his voice he was happy I called.

“ I'll leave the key under the rose planter out front. Just come into my room I'll be in my bed waiting for you. Be quiet when you come in OK? Lisa is sleeping.”

“ Sure beautiful, see you soon, bye”

I could feel myself begin to get wet in anticipation of what could be happening soon. I was finally going to get to fuck a guy with a huge penis. I could not believe it was finally going to happen. I just hoped it really would happen. Shaun is very tall, about 6'5” and if Cindy is watching when he walks in she'll know it's not Matt and I'll be busted.

I have to tell Cindy something. I have been trying to find a good way to tell her for a long time. There has just not been a good time yet. So I am going to put this in my story.

My family does not have a lot of money. College is so expensive today. Tuition, food, expenses, sorority costs, cute clothes, my car etc.. The only way I could make college happen for me was to take a job. I answered an ad in 'The Reader' a local paper, and the job turned out to be an escort with an escort service. At first I was very disturbed. When I found out how much money I could make I could not say no. It was no easy decision. The only way I could have any time for the college experience and the greek system and work, was to be an escort on the side. By now I could afford to have my own house but Cindy is so beautiful and fun. I still love our arrangement.

I have a good client list. I can choose who I want to keep as a client and let the others go. And I make a ton of money as a high priced call girl, for having sex! What could be easier

If I named some names, people in San Diego would die in disbelief. Some famous and other well known people call me for sex regularly.

The reason I mention that, is I am regularly having sex with men and thinking about them and their pleasure. After all that is why they pay me. My clients are paying so it is all about them. They do not care if I get off. So I know how unusual it is to find an extremely large penis. I have seen my share of average Joe's. That is why now that I knew about Shaun I just had to have him in me. And it was going to be all about me. Some of my clients and some fraternity guys are just pump and dump chumps. They could not give a shit if the girls gets off as long as they get off. Sorry Cindy, I hope you still love me after you read this.

I hurried upstairs and closed the blinds all the way. I wanted it to be really dark so in case Cindy looked over she would not be able to see that Shaun was with me on her bed. I quickly got undressed and into bed. I began to rub myself I knew I would need to be really wet for him. I could hear Cindy breathing rythmically, she must have been asleep. My heart was pounding. I was so excited.

Shaun was there in no time. He quietly opened the door and came straight over to Cindys bed.

“ Hi sweetie, get undressed.” I whispered. I lowered the sheet that was covering my body. It was so dark I could barely see him. I wanted to see his penis, no luck.

“ Hi gorgeous.” he whispered in return. He climbed on the bed. Damn he is a big boy I thought as he lowered his body to me. I could feel his penis hit my leg. Holy shit I thought. I leaned up quickly to kiss him. I did not want him to look at me too long to prevent him from realizing I was not Cindy. He quickly grabbed my breast and began to work on them.

My heart was really pounding now. This was it. My breasts are really much larger than Cindys and if he really knew Cindys body, this is when he would most likely notice. He lowered his head to suck on my nipples.

“I'm so glad you called.” he whispered. “ God your tits are awesome “ he moaned. 'Oh fuck' I thought, this is it, he knows. But he did not look up.

I was so hot. I was about to fuck a guy and he would be thinking he was fucking my roommate Cindy.

I was about to take control. I could not wait to feel his cock.

“ Lay on your side “ I instructed. I don't usually get to give the orders, and he did.

I reached down to grab his penis. 'oh my god ' I thought. It is fucking huge. It was very firm but not very hard. It was heavy as I tried to grab it with one hand and lift it. I realized this would take two hands to control it.

I could barely make out the outline of his penis in the dark light of the room. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the light. I then thought that if my eyes were adjusting, so were his. I had better work fast.
I had to get him in me, I needed to get him in me. I hoped that if he was fucking me and he realized that I was not Cindy he would hopefully not stop pleasuring me.

I began to stroke him in long pulls. I lowered my head to the tip. I opened wide and took in the head. It was like trying to go down on a can of Coke. He was moaning while I felt him get harder. I was beginning to wonder if it would fit in me. I remembered Cindys description well but you really have to feel it to believe it.

I layed back down next to Shaun was really beginning to respond. He was rubbing my tits and my pussy as I stroked him. I am a lot taller than Cindy and I was thinking he really might notice any minute that I was Lisa.

I was ready. I laid back on the bed next to him I used one hand to stoke his shaft the tip was resting heavily on my stomach. He leaned over and kissed me while he repeatedly thrust into me with his fingers.

I needed him in me now.

“Fuck me, please, fuck me now” I was dripping in anticipation. I could feel my juices begin to run down my butt. He climbed on me and I spread my legs wide. I was so excited I was shaking a little. I leaned up and reached down. I grabbed it with both hands and pulled him toward my opening. He began to shove it into my opening. I could feel the tip begin to press into me. He plunged forward and suddenly he over half of it into me.

It literally took my breath away. In quick succession, I tried to breathe in 3 times. I couldn't. I could not breathe. God he was stretching the shit out of me. He was so fucking thick. The sensations were incredible. I squealed “ Ohhh ohhh ……..fuck me” I worried that I was being too loud. I was hoping Cindy would sleep through this.

“ Baby you are so wet I can't believe it. I am already halfway into you” I know Cindy is smaller than me and it must have taken longer to get into her. He must be noticing by now that I am not Cindy.

He just rested there halfway into me. He was not trying to fuck me yet. I decided I was ready and I began to push my hips up toward him. Oh my god it felt good. It was going deeper. I had never felt anything this good in my life. He was reaching areas deep inside me that had never been rubbed before. The friction was so good. I rubbed my hard nipple with my left hand and reached down with my right to grab his cock, there was still a lot left for him to get into me. He slowly began to fuck me. He slowly pushed in and out, in and out. I held my hand on his shaft and squeezed hard as he pushed more in and out of me. He was fucking my hand and me at the same time. My pussy was electric. He was reaching nerves I had never felt, nerves that I never knew existed. I was loving every minute. I was so into it that I did not realize we had gotten kind of loud. I could sense Cindy was stirring. I was wondering if she was watching.

My breasts were rocking all around as Shaun was drilling deeper and deeper. I could feel him going deeper with each passing minute. Suddenly the door opened, Cindy was going into the hall. She probably had to pee. Shaun leaned down.

“ Should I stop ? “

“ No!, please, don't stop “ I moaned He was fucking the shit out of me and I was absolutely loving it.

Now I wondered how could he not know. I am taller, bigger breasts and bigger hips than little Cindy.

I could feel my orgasm coming. I began to moan more loudly. My pussy began to pulsate on his shaft. Shauns breaths were getting louder. I was thinking he must be getting close to cumming. He did, I could feel his cum rush into me I was suddenly very, very wet and I swear he got even bigger. That was it, his cum pumping into me pushed me over the edge, his cum came out of me very quickly, I could feel it dropping down into the crack of my rear. I came just as Cindy came back from the bathroom.
My face was tingling my hands and my pussy were all tingling, I was in another world. The room lit up more as the door opened and I could hear Cindy say

“ Sorry Lis, sorry Matt “ Shauns face was lit from the light in the hall.

I then could hear complete surprise in her voice as she realized Shaun was on top of me in her bed.

“ Shaun! …. what .. what are you doing!” she squealed in complete surprise.

“ Cindy!” He quickly looked down at me “ Oh my god Lisa! … What the fuck! I am so sorry I thought you were Cindy, you are in Cindys bed” The funny thing is he did not stop fucking me.

He was a machine, he just kept going in and out. Just then I came again, hard. I did not want to speak I was in ecstacy from this, I had just had two monsterous orgasms close together. What I did was so nasty. And it really turned me on, getting caught like this. Cindy was now at the side of the bed she was looking down at me.

“ Cindy I am so sorry “ He was breathing heavy as he said it. He did not look up at her. He was looking at me.

“God Dammit!” Cindy swore as she switched on the lava lamp to see better.

I turned my head away from Cindy and the light.

“ Oh shit, you two look so hot “ Cindy was flustered

“ Cindy please don't make him …Shaun please don't stop this is just too incredible..” Shaun did not say anything he just kept pounding into me. He wanted me I could tell, and he was having me.

My breasts were rocking in all directions. He watched them as they moved. Lisa kneeled down leaned over she grabbed on to one of my breasts with two hands, once she stopped it from moving she took my full nipple into her mouth. How could this get any better I thought. I was so full, so stretched. Cindy had her head turned toward where his shaft was gliding in and out of me. She was watching Shaun drill me. She then reached down and put her hand around the part of Shaun that was not yet in my pussy. It looked like she was stroking him. Shaun really became very vocal now.

“ oh shit…. oh yeah… oh fuck” He was moaning really loudly. After a few minutes of this Cindy got up and pulled her nighty over her head. In one quick push she was out of her panties. She disappeared into the closet and quickly returned. She had my work sex toy bag. Some of my clients have specific requests so I have a lot of sex toys.

“ I have a nice surprise for you” She disappeared at the foot of the bed. She came up between my legs and she grabbed what was left of him and began to stroke him. I could feel her hands touch my pussy lips on the down stroke. Shaun was really into it. He was gimacing as he rocked back and forth, in and out of me. Cindy had removed her hands from his huge cock and was doing something. Suddenly I felt Cindy insert a butt plug into me. Then suddenly Shaun groaned. She must have put one in him also. Oh Fuck did that feel good. Shaun liked it too. I felt an orgasm rocket through me. This was my first Male / Female / Female threesome.

“ Ohhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh fuck yes, fuck yes I groaned” I was dizzy from coming so much. Cindy still had her hands around Shuans cock as he now was slowly rocking into me. Shaun began to pull out. Cindy was watching all this from the foot of the bed. I could feel the cool air from the room flow into my pussy as his cock landed on the bed.

“ Oh my god Lisa you are still stretched open” Cindy said in amazement. I could feel Cindys little fingers probing into me. She moved up and began to lick around my lips. Soon I realized Cindy was pushing her hand into me.

Holy shit she was fisting me!

I lost track of Shaun. My eyes were closed and I was reveling in another completely new sensation. I could not really tell what she was doing in me with her hand but it was making me even hotter. I learned later from Cindy that Shaun had moved around behind Cindy and penetrated her from behind. Cindy was really starting to groan and moan.

The sensations of what sweet little Cindy was doing to me were fabulous. I had never dreamed of getting fisted before. Her fingers were doing astonishing things to me. I lay there with my mouth open and my head back. I could not make a sound. I was in awe. I was so wet from Shaun and my juices Cindy easily moved her hand around while wiggling her fingers. I could feel Cindys body begin to get thrust back and forth on me. As this happened her fist began to pump into me. This was so fucking erotic. I think Cindy really stopped working on me consciously and focused on Shauns thrusting. Her head was still down near my opening and Her little hand and arm were still in me but it seemed that what her hand was doing in me was now being forced by Shaun and not Cindy. I can attest, once Shaun is into you, you enter another world. He is a big boy. You just have to hang on and take it. It is overwhelming.

Shy little Cindy became very vocal.

“Fuck yes, Oh yeah, Fuck, Fuck yes, fuck me,” She was squealing loudly in a high pitched voice.
“Oh my Gooooddddd” She started shaking. I know she was cumming cause I know her well. She kind of dropped to the floor from her orgasm. She seemed to fall off from Shauns cock. I heard a kind of sucking sound as she came off it. Shaun leaned over and kind of scooped Cindy up off the floor. He carried her over to my bed. He propped her up against the wall with pillows. He pulled her butt to the edge of the bed and got on his knees as he fed his cock back into her. God he is such a stud!

I was well fucked. I had come many times, I was still a little light headed and weak. I decided to lay there and watch what was about to happen to Cindy. I had the perfect vantage point. I really had my best look at the size of his cock from here. It was absolutely perfect, it was a beautiful thing to see. I was thinking poor little Cindy, how is she going to fit that huge cock into her little opening. I could see the head move into her. As he slowly fed more into her she screamed “ Aghhnhhhh Oh my god!” He slowly pushed in about halfway and then he began to rock in and out of her. He was holding both her legs straight up into the air. It was so hot to see my beautiful little roomie getting fucked like this. God was this hot!

I looked down into the my toy bag and saw some of my lube. I knew Cindy could use some. I decided to help her as she helped me. I walked over, Cindys head was just kind of laying back on the pillows to the side. Her eyes were closed she just kept moaning and groaning. I sat on the bed next to her. Shaun leaned in and kissed me. I opened the lube and sprayed it onto them. I began to massage it onto her lips where they were stretched around his massive cock. She just kept moaning.

I could not resist as I put my hands around the base of his penis as Cindy had when Shaun was fucking me. There was still a lot of his cock left in my hand. I could tell little Cindy was completely full and loving it. My large breasts were hanging in front of me and Shaun was staring at them as he fucked her. He let go of her right leg so he could reach over to rub my nipple.

“ Lisa you and Cindy are two of the hottest girls I know.” Shaun smiled “ Fucking you two is awesome. I am so happy this happened” He groaned as his head fell back. He was cumming into her.
I looked down and immediately gobs of his cum began to emerge from Cindys little hole. Shawn looked down at my bright red pussy and saw some of his come emerging from deep within me. He scooped up some of his cum and then scooped up some more from his freshly deposited load in Cindy.

“ Watch this “ he whispered as he raised his cum laden fingers to Cindys lips. Cindy opened her eyes and lifted her head a little. She then opened her mouth and began to lick his cum from his fingers.

“ I don't know how this happened but I am glad it did “ moaned Cindy. I leaned back and began to kiss her cum covered lips. I was rubbing Cindys hard little nipples and she began to gasp.

“ OH, OH Ahnnnnhhhh, ahnnnnhhhhh, yeah, just like that baby, yeah right there” She was squealing. I am not sure which one of us she was talking to but she came hard, she was shuddering and trembling. Shaun pulled out and I got down in his place. I began to lick Cindys little hole. What a wonderful sight. She was still wide open after he withdrew. I quickly dropped to my knees to clean up her beautiful pussy with my tongue. Some of Shauns cum was still dripping out of her and I cleaned it up with my tongue. I felt so nasty, this was the last in a night of many firsts for me.

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