My Friends Sister_(3)

My Friends Sister_(3)

When a new family moved into our small town it was common for everyone to want to know them. It made it easier for everyone to go ahead and classify those people. One day another guy, about my age was out and skating. I walked over to him.
"Hey you skate?"
He got off his board and looked at me.
"Nice I do to." I held out my hand. "Tim"
"Tommy" He shook my hand.

We became really good friends a couple days after that. Anyone that saw us would of thought that we had been friends for out whole lives.
"Hey you want to go in and get a drink?" He asked me one hot day.
"Yeah dude lets go."
He led me into the house and most of the lights were off.
"Where are your parents?"
"They went out for a second honey moon."

Right then a beautiful girl, about 5'5 walked from the backyard and into the kitchen.
"Hey Amber."
Amber looked at Tommy with her bright green eyes and then they went over to me.
"Oh look Tommy finally mad a friend." She laughed.
"Amber shut up." Tommy said playfully.
"Who are you?" She looked at me and waited for my answer.
"I'm Tim. Nice to meet you."
Amber smiled.
"Yeah, yeah it is."
Tommy looked back at me.
Amber grabbed a waterbottle from the refriderator, winked at me, and left.

"Tim lets go back outside."
I follwed Tommy outside and couldn't get Amber out of my head. Her bright eyes, her perky nipples popping out of her tank top, and how that short mini skirt barley covered her.
Tommy called my voice and I snapped back into reality. Tommy stared at me.
"I um, I need to go to the bathroom."
"Ok." He turned and went back to skating.
I walked into the house and heard a song playing from up the stairs. I didn't know where the bathroom was and I didn't want to find it. I went up the stairs and saw Tommy's sister jumping on her bed to the song. She must of felt me staring at her cause she turned around.
"Um, I'm, uh…."
She looked at me, her eyes glistening.
"Don't worry about it."
She jumped off her bed and walked over to me. She pushed me against the wall and gave me a huge kiss. I bit her bottom lip and she opened her mouth. We explored each others mouths as we wrapped are arms around each other. We pulled apart and she stared at me.
"Your a great kisser." She complimented.
"You know what I'm even better at?"
She looked at me and smirked.
I picked her up and closed her door with my foot, locking it in the process. I threw her on the bed and got on top of her.
"Naughty, naughty boy." She giggled.
I began to kiss her again and she started to pull off my shirt. I pulled hers off quickly and began to kiss her neck. She moaned softly and wrapped her legs around me.
"Just fuck me Tim." She whispered.
A smile came across my face. "Not yet." I whispered back.
I began to kiss the top of her breats and she pulled off her bra. I made my way to her nipples, sucked on one and rolled the other one in my fingers. She moaned again and arched her back. I felt her hands go down to my pants and start to fumble with my belt. I stopped and helped her out by pulled off my pants and boxers. I went back to kissing her nipple as she strocked my now hard dick with her hand.
"Nice and big, the way I like them." She whispered.
I went lower and started to kiss her stomach. She let out another soft moan and arched her back a little. I got down to the waistband of her mini skirt and looked back up at her. She was looking down at me and smiling really wide. I unbuttoned the buttons on her skirt and slowly slide it down. I saw a zebra print thong and ran my hand down it. She squealed.
"What?" I asked softly.
"Your hands are cold." She giggled.
"They'll be warmer in a bit." I told her.
I mover her thong out of the way so I could see her pussy. She was neatly trimmed with little blonde hairs coming back up to the surface. I opened her pussy lips and saw the soft pink inside. The smell was enticing and made me hungry for her pussy. I put my head down, level with her pussy and blew on it. She squirmed and giggled.
"Oh just fuck me Tim."
I loved hearing her beg and plead. I knew that this was going to be fun. I put my tounge inside her pussy lips and didn't do anything.
"Tim!" She screamed.
I slowly made my way up and down inside of her pussy until I made it to her clift. I placed my tounge on it and sat there. She bucked her hips and made my tounge scarp against it. I began to full fledge lick it and she screamed and bucked her hips to the rhtym of my tounge. She grabbed the sheets and didn't let go of them. She moaned really load and cummed. I licked it up and she sat up, out of breath. She smiled evily and pushed me onto my back.
"So torture is your game huh?"
She went over to my cock which was fully erect and put it in her mouth. She just sat there and did nothing. The warmness of her mouth turned me on to dangerous levels.
"Amber!" I screamed.
She began to swirl her tounge around the top of it and then started going up and down.

Part 2 coming soon.

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