Stacy's Diary Chapter 1 Part 2

Stacy's Diary Chapter 1 Part 2

Chapter 1 (continued)

I awoke the next morning, the sun blinding me though the windows. I looked at the clock and it read 7:30 am. I shook my head; this was eariler than when i usually woke up. My hand rasied to my mouth as I covered a yawn. I blinked rappidly, clearing my foggy vision. My computer was still on so i got off my bed, almost tripping over my open, unfilled suitcase and sat down in the chair. I stared at the screne, wondering how my e-mail was already open. I dimissed the thought that someone was peeping at my mail and figured that i left it on last night. I started to talk to SportyGuy4579 as soon as I saw that he was online. He immeadetly started using his sexy lines, making me wetter and wetter every time he messaged me.

From: SportyGuy4579

Good morning, Sexy. I bet you look so hot in your nightgown. How about you do a little strip tease for me? My cock is already hard from my thought of you last night. Today is my birthday, and i really want to see you… naked. The thought of shoving my cock up your virgin pussy, its too much to bare! Start thinking about it, Baby. You'll get even more wett.

To: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

I smiled and i started thinking about it before i replied.

From: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have to see if my dad is home… and hopefully my brother is still sleeping. Ill message you back in fifteen minutes at the most.

To: SportyGuy4579

I turned off my moniter, keeping my computer on, as i slid out of my chair. I opened my door and slipped into the kitchen. My dad was just leveing the driveway now all I had to do was check to see if my brother was still sleeping. I snuck to his room and peeked though the door and sure enough, i could see the steady rise and fall of his cheat as he sleeped. He would be alseep for alittle while longer.

I half ran-half snuck back to my room before messaging SportyGuy4579 again.

From: Xx_CutieGrl_xX

Its all clear. I'll set up my webcam and get started.

To: SportyGuy4579

I set up my webcam carefully, so he would see every inch of my body while i Masterbated for him. I clicked it on and smiled at the camra before logging in to my YIM. He was already on and i sent him a meassge saying that i was going to start. He reliped with a hasty "Okay" and i stared at the camra, smiling sexily.

I began by letting my hair down, a thick brown curtain that sheilded my back. One button after the otherm i undid my top, leaning my body back so my bra covered breasts would be the first thing he saw. I smiled at the camra again as i slipped off my shirt, making my shoudlers shake gently, my breasts flopping from side to side. They weren't that impressive, but they were rounder and lifted higher then most. My skirt came off next, along with my socks and shoes. I opened my legs to show him my covered mound as I began rubbing myself slowly for him. I could amost picture him, smiling while he was masterbating. He sent a message the poped up on my computer. "Take off your bra and panties! takes off your bra and panties!" It read so i said "okay" to the camra and slipped off my bra, then soon after my panties.

I rubbed my bare pussy, my hand coaxing one of my nipples to harden. I moaned alittle, keeping them quiet as My fingers disapperead in me. I felt so warm and i started to move my finger faster, pinching and twisting my nipple. My back arched as i slowly reached my peak. My body then just let go, my fingers sloshed with white, sticky cum. I smiled at the Camra once more before i urned it off and rised my hands. I sat back down at the computer and a message from SportyGuy4579 appeared.

"MMMMMMMmm baby! That was the best thing that i have ever seen in a long time. I came just after you did." I blushed before saying. "Thanks…. that was my first time ever." He messaged quickly back. "really?"
"wow, you did great though."
"thank you."
"Well i have to go… my friend's getting sneaky."
"okay, ill see you later tonight."
"you will"

I smiled and logged off before i changed into my Pajamas and went to the kitchen.


I was in the hottub in our back yard when Ryan came out. "Hey sis." He said "i could use a soak too." He smiled as he hopped in. He sat right next to me. I rolled my eyes at him before leaning back and relaxing again. Ryan poured two glassed of juice and handed me one. He sipped his lightly while I chugged mine. I could have sworn it had a different taste to it. A grin spread across his face and i tried to lean away from him, but i found it impossible to move. "Stuff works fast." He said before his hand brushed lightly against my side.

I stared at him in horror. "What have you done to me?" My voice was high-pitched with an edge of fear in it. He just leaned in and placed his lips on mine. I whimpered, my voice caught in my throat. he broke away from his kiss. "You know SportyGuy4579? Well i just so happen to be him. Nice show by the way." My mouth opened and i stared at him again, unable to move. "You wouldn't want your friends to know that you played for your brother, right?" I shook my head and her patted the top of my hair. "Good girl. Now you will do everything i say when you can move again, or i will show your little sex expertese to Dad, your friends and anyone you make as a friend, got it?" His voice turned to silk, it was so smooth, it was like honey.

"That drug i gave you, i have plenty more where that came from. If you dont be good, then i will drug you up and have my way, still." I nodded, my voice not ready to come back, but i couldn't really move my body, it was still so weak. "We… We shouldn't be doing this. You are two years older then i am! and you are my brother!" I tried to get him to leve me along, but he smiled instead. "You are old enough to understand sex. just maked sure you dont mess this up, anyway, you might be my sister , but you are still very hot." He undid the back of my swimsuit, letting it float away in the water. He smiled as he carassed both of my breasts and he chuckled as he felt my body shake with fear.

He lent foreward and his mouth latched onto my right nipple as his other hand excited my left one. I shut my eyes, not wanting to watch what he was doing to me anymore. He moved his mouth to my other nipple, sucking and biting hard on that one too as I gaped at him. He pulled his head away, for only a second, to smirk at me. I bit my lower lip, hoping he would get off of me. "What?" he read my expression easily, "You dont like it?" I nodded simply. He smiled and pinched my nipple again, "They why are your nipples so hard? You must be enjoying this… I wonder if your pussy is soaking wett… on the inside."

His left hand trailed down my stomach to my covered crotch and i trembled, closing my legs together as tight as they could go. "You look so pretty when you are resisting…" Ryan smiled at me, his hand undoing the tie to my bottoms before slipping them off in a flash. I cried out, even though i knew it would be no use to me at all. He took that opportunity to place his mouth on mine and slip his tongue deep, enough to hit the back of my own tongue….

(to be continued)

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