Her – A Beginning Part 2

Her – A Beginning Part 2

It was a few days later when she caught up with me, wanting to remind me of my place. As I walked the corridors from a good meal back to my room and my hand swung behind me, I felt a hand take hold of my wrist. Before I could turn, it was twisted and yanked sharply up as I felt lips brush the edge of my ear.
“I told you that you’d know when your services were required…”
I tried to sink to my knees as she just laughed.
“How’s that going to help unless you want to show your devotion and servitude to anyone who walks past?”
As the furious blush rose to my cheeks, I slowly found my feet again, standing.
“To my room. Now.”
“Yes ma’am.”
She let go of my wrist to let me walk freely, though I was careful not to walk to quickly, nor to have her walking up my heels. When we reached her door, I stood to the side, head bowed as she opened it.
“In. And strip.”

As I walked in, it seemed different. Less lit than a few nights before, with candles by her bedside and some near the cabinet I’d never looked in. The one that signalled something was changing, and I doubted I knew even half of what was in there beside the whips, canes and restraints she so loved to use on me. As I stripped, she delivered me a promise.
“I have something special for you tonight that’ll make sure you listen carefully to me and comply. Not that I except you to disobey me anyway…”
Her tone warned me not to, not that she needed to remind me. As she approached, beckoning for me to turn to face her, she quickly slipped something over my still soft dick, and I felt a cold metal ring slide lock into place behind my balls.
She quickly slapped me.
“You know how you should ask. I’ve been generous with you so far, but it’s time to learn.”
“Ma’am, may I ask you something?”
“Much better. Yes, you may.”
“What have you done to me?”
“Something that will make sure you focus on me and my pleasure tonight. I assume you know about chastity belts and how they work?”
I nodded that I did, dawning comprehension of what was happening.
“You’re wearing the male equivalent. If I’m not pleased by the time I send you away, it will still let you pee, but not to touch yourself. You heard it lock in place, and I have the key right here…”
She held it before my eyes, the short metal chain fitting snugly around her wrist.
“Your freedom’s in your own grasp. But for now, I’ll be content to tease you…Follow me, pet.”
She walked to the cabinet as I followed on hands and knees, keeping my eye line on the ground just behind her heels. I heard the jangle and soft clink of metal brushing and hitting other metal and even the soft crack of flexing leather, with a few items being set on a nearby table. She closed the cabinet, sliding the padlock back through it’s fastening, but leaving it unlocked.
“Look at the table, my little slut.”

I paused, taking a breath before raising my head and gasping, becoming nervous. Lying there for me to see was a corset that would hide nothing, a set of handcuffs, an unmarked bottle and several dildos of varying length and width that I hoped weren’t going anywhere near my ass given how tight just one of her fingers was.
“I know that I enjoy being close to me.”
She remarked as she leaned down with the handcuffs, snapping one half onto my wrist and the other to her ankle before she turned back to the table.
“And I know you’ll enjoy seeing me in this…Tie it up for me.”
She held out the corset as I felt my cock start to swell, pressing against the tight rings that held it firmly within her control.
“But ma’am, my hand’s tied to your ankle.”
“I’m not after excuses. I told you to do it.”
Her voice held that warning tone again and I leaned up as best I could, thankful her corset laced down her back as I tried to tie it tight with one hand and my teeth. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t fasten it into a neat bow, so I had little choice.
“Please ma’am, would you raise your ankle so I can finish your task?”
She turned to look at me with a glare before raising her ankle, clearly displeased as I finished the bow. In my haste to return to my hands and knees behind her, one hand brushed one of the cheeks of her rear and for a few, eternal seconds, I screwed my eyes shut, hoping she didn’t notice or knew it was an accident. When I opened my eyes and dared to look up, she turned to face me with a disarming smile. As I breathed my silent sigh of relief, she reached down to stroke my hair almost affectionately before grabbing it and yanking hard, dragging me to an awkward half-stand as I tried to keep the handcuff from scraping her ankle as she reached to the table before manhandling me towards the bed and bending me over it, tossing what must’ve been the longest thickest dildo in front of my face, whispering dangerously into my ear.
“You arrogant little slut! I bring you here to repay me for being generous and kind to you by giving you some relief after pleasuring myself! And you dare to touch me like that!? Look in front of you at what I’ve put there.”
I had little choice but to obey, with it resting inches from my nose.
“You have no idea how tempted I am to turn nasty and just to fuck you mercilessly with it and to let people five rooms down hear you cry out. And if they do and decide to investigate, I assure you it wouldn’t make it any better for you…”
I couldn’t help but whimper at the threat, knowing full well that she might.
“I was going to tease myself before getting you to finish the job and keep pleasuring me for a while, but now you will definitely be spending time on your hands and knees in front of me, praying that I’m in a better mood when you do. And why? Because you’re mine, to do with as I please.”
By now pain was shooting through me from having to hold my hand out to avoid scraping at her ankle, being pressed so firmly against her bed with an erection that definitely wasn’t helped by being forced to press and swell painfully against it’s prison.
“Please, ma’am, may I be free of my device for a moment?”
She yanked my hair back sharply, adding to my pain, to whisper in that tone again to me.
“You dare to ask me a favour right now? No. And I don’t want to hear you speak without my permission.”
She let go of my hair and walked back over to the desk, as I tried to keep up on my hands and knees before she took the bottle and remaining dildos over to the bed, placing them on the bedside cabinet.

She paused in thought for a few moments before rearranging the pillows and seemingly deliberately picking a dildo nearly identical to my own equipment in it’s size before sitting back on the edge of the bed, supported by the pillows to look down on me, ankles on the edge of the bed, exposing everything to me. She watched me with a smirk, reaching up with one hand to play with her breast as she slowly started to tease herself.
“Wishing this was you? You teasing me with all your skill before taking me?”
“Yes ma’am.” I whispered my reply, barely able to sit still. She looked delighted as she pressed her dominance.
“It’s a shame then isn’t it? Because you’ll never have me. You’ll never be strong enough to take a fighter like me beneath you and make them submit to you. You will always be the bitch who’s called for when someone strong is bored, won’t you?”
“Yes ma’am.” I bowed my eyes in shame, beginning to blush.
“Eyes on me!” They snapped straight back to her teasing herself.
“Yes ma’am. Sorry ma’am.”
“Good boy.”
She started to push the dildo into herself, groaning as she stimulated herself before my eyes, hers closing for a moment before opening, her eyes grinning at me.
“Use your tongue where it won’t get in the way.”
She watched as I didn’t move for a moment, enjoying watching me try to work out what she meant before I blushed once more, leaning in to lick at her musky, puckered hole. As my tongue lapped at her and my eyes rose to meet hers, I heard her moan her approval. I found the smell strong, but not unpleasant, even enjoying the taste as I began to lick at her ring more eagerly, stopping to curl it up and awaiting a sign from her. She stopped pleasing herself to give me a warning glare before smirking and nodding to me, waiting for me to begin before she returned to fucking herself slowly with the cock I so badly wished was mine. I started to push my tongue into her, finding the taste sharper, but still not unpleasant, though not as good as my eyes pleaded with her for freedom from the pain and torture of the constant reminder that I was hers, and that I could do nothing to please myself without her approval.
Still smirked, she continued to please herself, quickly approaching her orgasm. As she came, she shook violently, her ring constricting around my tongue as I found out that she could ejaculate. Her clear cum surprised me as it squirted over my face, leaving me feeling that little bit more humiliated as I realised she’d never allow me to clean up before leaving, let alone wash her precious cum off of my face. She smiled in delight as my tongue slid out of her and she withdrew the dildo, sitting forwards and letting her legs drop before speaking to me.
“You know what’s next, my little bitch.”
I nodded before leaning forward, mouth open wide as she slowly pushed the dildo into it. She watched me savour her scent and juice, taking more of it into my mouth to clean it as best as I could, stopped only by the risk of gagging on it.
“I’m disappointed. Only half clean…And now’s where you find out what mood I’m in now.”
I prayed silently it was a good one as I followed her back to the cabinet, just as she’d promised I would before back to the bed.

“Close your eyes.”
I did, waiting blind on my hands and knees as I heard something indistinct that I couldn’t pick out before she raised my chin up.
“And open.”
As I did, my eyes widened as I saw that same dildo in front of me, one of her hands stroking it as the other reached down to stroke my cheek.
“Now, I think you’re going to do your best, since if I’m not satisfied with your performance, it’s all the lubricant you’ll get…”
I immediately began to move to it, lips sliding around it as I tried to make it look pleasurable and sexy. She moaned encouragement to me, telling me how much she loved seeing me suck it. Not wanting to risk her mood changing, I pressed against it further, breathing slowly and quickly teaching myself how to take it past the back of my throat as she hissed her joy.
“You really are a bitch, aren’t you? Well don’t worry, I’ll make you mine yet.”
She pulled the dildo from my mouth, reaching for the bottle and lubricating the dildo before carefully stepping behind me, conscious of the chain keeping us together.
“I wish I could feel this, and get an idea if anyone else has taken you like this…But don’t worry my little slut, if you don’t know already, the key is to relax.”
She gave me a few seconds to relax before starting to push it into me. I bit my lip, gasping as it quickly filled me up and stretched me far more than her finger ever had.
“Oooh, a virgin? Don’t worry, you’ll quickly love it and be able to be the bitch that you love being…”
I felt her hips against me and breathed a sigh of relief after the initial pain of my cock twitching again in it’s prison, reminding me that she might let me free for this. She slowly started to slide in and out of me, bringing intense pleasure and pain to me with every movement, thankful I was relaxing as much as I could. After a few moments, I started to move in time with her, hearing her chuckle.
“I told you.”
My eyes closed as I started to fuck myself harder on her cock, glad it wasn’t any bigger and loving every time she called me a slut or her bitch. After a few moments, she faked an orgasm and slowly withdrew from me, teasing my imprisoned manhood with a finger before standing in front of me, moving two candle to the edge of the bedside cabinet, taking off the keys and holding them above the melting wax.
“Now, pet. You get to choose. You can either be free of being chained to me until I decide you should be freed. And bear in mind, no one will think less of me for having my slave follow me, far from it. Or, you can be free of your prison right now. You have thirty seconds or they both go in the wax until I decide on another candlelit evening.”
My eyes widened as I realised what she was doing. What she knew I’d have to do to avoid the public humiliation. But was it worth it? She might keep me imprisoned for weeks, knowing I wouldn’t be able to touch myself without begging her…
“Choose pet.”
“I….the handcuffs.”
I replied with a sinking heart, her smirk telling me she knew I’d make that choice as she dropped the other key into the wax and snuffling out the candle, she freed us, leaving me to return to my own bed, a throbbing erection I could do nothing about with the smell of her cum drying on my face driving me wild and the memory of what she’d just done to me…It was going to be a long however long she chose.

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