I didn't actually write this or even collaborate on it much. "Oliver", an e-mail fan of mine asked me for details about myself so he could include me in a story. Even though we've been writing each other for six or seven months I still refused to tell him anything about myself that I haven't already decided to make public. But that information is scattered through introductions of mine in 28 different stories. So what I told him was that Cathy was indeed my real first name. That I was born in a suburb of NYC, that my family later moved to Ohio and I returned to the East Coast to go to college. I've been living here since except for the half year I was off walking the Appalachian Trail. I was born March 12, 1980. I'm 5'7", 120 pounds, 36-24-35 and wear a size C bra. When I first started writing everyone wanted to know my bra size. I think I waited about three months before saying, even though I'm sort of average, nothing special. If you can't do the arithmetic, I just turned 27. Brown hair, blue eyes. "Oliver" isn't really Oliver's name unless he's lying about lying. Oliver Mellors, his complete pseudo name by the way, was Lady Chatterley's Lover. I'm flattered that he took my rather normal statistics and turned me into this sexy super model, especially having never seen me or even a picture of me. (How could he have guessed so well?) The rest of the story is about "him", a guy with a problem most men would love to have.


"Are you human?", she asked me.

It was meant as a compliment. We had just spent an hour making love and the girl was deliciously devastated. She accused me of having god like powers. But the question could have been taken seriously. I make it a point of never letting a girl see my erection until after I've had it inside her. I have to forego hand jobs and fallacio until later. Since this was our first time together Cathy had still not laid eyes on the erection that had given her pussy so much pleasure.

Like other men, when I get excited I get an erection. But I also get this swelling about a third of the way up from my balls. It gets even bigger once I get inside a girl, so big that I can't easily pull out of her until much later – until after I ejaculate. I suppose it should make me feel trapped inside her, or something like that. But it's always been that way for me. I don't really know what it might feel like to be able to pull out before I'm done, maybe even stick it in her ass or cume on her face. No great loss, however. The fact that girls absolutely love having me inside them once they've felt it makes up for everything. Cathy didn't yet know why, but she was reacting the same way my previous hundred or so women had.

I'd met her in the park, jogging. We were both taking a break and naturally flirting a little, both sweaty but feeling good. I'm guessing she's in her mid twenties, about ten years younger than me. But I won't ask. I don't want to get too involved. None of this: "How old are you and are you single and are you thinking of getting married?" I have no intention of ever getting married, not even to a sexy dream angel like the one lying naked next to me on the bed. Asking a girl her age is like trying to figure out how soon she'll start falling apart. And it doesn't work anyway since some "babes" in their fifties are sexier than other women in their twenties. I never expect to see a woman for more than six months because it takes nine months to have a baby.

In private we call ourselves "werewolves" or sometimes "knobmen". I know three other men like myself. We suspect there are around a hundred of us and we probably all have the same grandfather. If it's a mutation it's probably only two generations old because there aren't that many of us yet, but we all tend to father two or three sons a year. The same number of daughters, of course. But they don't count. As far as we can tell they don't carry the gene and live fairly normal, non-promiscuous lives. You might assume we love 'em and leave 'em, and my father certainly did. He was out of the picture before my mom even discovered she had his bun in her oven. The fact that none of us have ever met even our own fathers is the main reason why we don't know much about half brothers and cousins or if we really all have the same grandfather. We've only found out about each other through our lovers. When I fuck a girl, she always wants to do it again. Eventually I have to leave them because they never want to stop. Anyway the second time she gets to see why she's so madly in love with me and one time one of them, Cindy, told me she had a girlfriend who had a lover with the same thing. So that's how I met Jack, who had already discovered Karl, another cousin. Since then we've discovered Larry. I think the three of them are either my cousins or half brothers. At this point we can't tell. I know for certain my father, who ever he really was, wasn't using his real name when he was getting my mother pregnant. The girls don't seem to care. Nothing is very important compared to getting that knob inside their pussies yet another time!

The affair I'm having with Cathy is pretty typical for my cousins, but only a break from routine for me. A few years back I discovered trust fund bunnies, girls who are independently wealthy at a young age. Usually it's because a father or grandfather had so much money that he gives some of it away to his offspring in trusts. The girl can't spend the principal but gets the interest or dividends as income, forever. I guess there are lots of men around with trust funds, but they don't concern me. Before this I was always getting girls pregnant and feeling bad about it. Girls like Cathy here lying beside me stretching her pretty body, trying to get me interested again. I know if I was ready she'd be riding me in a second. I guess it wouldn't be as bad for her as it was for my mother. Single mothers are much more common today.

But about six years ago I got picked up by a really stacked young woman. Gorgeous, but a little overly endowed for my tastes. The "DD" type and almost certainly artificial. I like a girl with medium big, shapely tits. Not so big that they sag and not artificial looking balloons. I've been spending the last few minutes studying an almost perfect pair. Cathy is probably a "C" which isn't too big because when she sits up they don't droop at all. In fact they're about as nicely shaped as can be. I'd rather have a smaller chested girl then one who sags. When Louise picked me up in a bar she was dressed, of course. Under her tight sweater she had on a massive support bra and everything just stuck out in front of her. I suppose the surgeon and the bra designer deserve the credit for the fact that a woman with tits as big as hers could look that good. The rest of her was even better, small waist, beautiful face and when I got to see them, long shapely legs. She was wearing pants at the time.

Usually, before I've fucked a girl, I have to do most of the seduction. With Louise this wasn't the case. I would have had to say "no" to have prevented the inevitable. An hour later we were lovers. Of course, as always, I made sure she didn't see my erection before she felt it inside her. Louise was one of the few women I've ever fucked who, after several orgasms, actually suggested we try a few other positions before I climaxed. I didn't tell her we couldn't separate until I ejaculated and she apparently didn't realize the monster inside her was stuck inside her. Since I didn't respond she let it drop and just enjoyed getting fucked the way women always do. Later she told me she just assumed men always want to fuck the girl in the ass and since she liked anal she liked to give her guys a present, both holes the first time. Of course she was telling me this after she knew the score and was already in love with my penis. She had always had this fantasy about getting fucked by a dog, probably a common female fantasy. I guess she liked getting fucked by a werewolf even better than the dog in her fantasy.

Louise really did like anal sex. Liked it a lot. So much so that, after seeing my erection, she still wanted to feel me inside her rectum. We only did it that way a few times because we couldn't do any pussy sex until the next time I was ready. I wasn't sure I liked it as much, but it was my first time and I was curious. It was obvious to both of us that when my knob swelled up inside of her sphincter, we were really stuck together. I found it a little scary. Louise loved it even more. As I explained, I'm not sure if I enjoy sex more than other men. But girls go bonkers feeling me inside them. Louise had an even stronger reaction to it in her heinie. We discovered that I had to nail her ass before I got too excited. If I swelled up all the way before getting inside her fanny we couldn't do it and had to satisfy ourselves with pussy fucking. Which is what we did most of the time anyway.

It turned out Louise had another thing on her agenda besides fantastic sex. She wanted to get pregnant without saddling herself with a husband. The thing about the trust fund bunnies is that they don't need the guy for financial support. And the modern girl apparently doesn't feel she needs a full time companion, that sex it better when she's playing the field. This probably isn't the way all wealthy young girls react, but Louise did. And she has a lot of friends who also feel the same way. Girls, beautiful rich girls, can play the field, which is what Louise and her friends did. Yes she wanted a baby, but she envisioned herself as a playgirl mother, not a married one. Of course, I thought we were just having a normal affair the first few times. I do refuse to use a rubber because I can't. But then, I've never tried using one. Girls seem to accept that. Most of them are on the pill anyhow, others think they've got rhythm. About a half dozen a year turned out to be wrong and I got them pregnant. As far as AIDS goes, well, so far I've been luck. But I don't do drugs and only do girls, never guys. Many a girl, I think, subconsciously wants to get knocked up. Which may be why she likes having my knob inside her and likes knowing we won't separate until I've filled her uterus with cume. But there was nothing subconscious about Louise's desire to get pregnant.

So that's how I became an "escort". Right from the beginning I tell a girl that I don't hang around long. Otherwise they start trying to get possessive the second or third time we hit the sheets. Girls tend to be very good when they feel like you're just looking for an excuse to walk out the door. So our second night together Louise suggested what seemed like a win/win situation for her, namely paying me for stud service. She could get me to stay with her for maybe a few months and hopefully get my baby inside her. I didn't tell her anything about all the kids I'd already fathered and that if she wasn't on the pill I'd almost certainly nail her during the first month. Anyway, it was also a win for me because she was offering me a really good "salary".

At first I simply accepted one thousand dollar a week, cash under the table. I didn't have real steady employment at the time and didn't pay much taxes. I didn't mind the money but had no intention of giving a large portion of it to Uncle Sam. Since she was paying most of the expenses as well, this money was virtually all gravy. It was during this time that we figured out how she and I could engage in anal sex. Louise also loved being mildly tortured, things like nipple and clit pinching, spankings. Anything erotic seemed to cause her pleasure instead of pain when a guy was doing it to her. She once asked me to push a thin sewing needle through her nipple and smiled while I did it. More than smiled, I think she orgasmed! But when she tried to do it to herself she couldn't stand the pain. Mostly though, she loved my knob in her pussy.

Considering how soon I leave a girl, you'd think I don't like being with them when I'm not fucking them. This is hardly the case. Cathy has totally depleted me. Or perhaps I could say her loveliness has caused me to totally deplete myself. As always happens, I felt myself dumping a huge load in her sweet little pussy and then I stay inside, effectively plugging the hole. I can't help it and girls seem to really love it, even before they know why I'm doing it. Cindy told me once she felt like she owned me for the five or ten minutes I stayed inside her after ejaculating. I guess most guys pull out as soon as they're done hosing the girl's insides. Or even sooner like they always seem to do in the porn movies. But I love slowly relaxing while I'm still inside my lover, love it so much that I often stay inside her even longer than I have to. I stayed parked inside Cathy just now for maybe a half hour, probably twenty minutes longer than necessary. Once she realized I wasn't pulling out quickly she just accepted it. Thirty minutes probably didn't seem any stranger than ten. Just like the others, she loved it.

Anyway, I do love being with beautiful girls even when I don't have my knob inside them. Of course, I most especially love it when they're naked. And I love it when they're feeling good after getting fucked. Cathy keeps squirming around, sort of stretching, trying to get my attention. Not that she has to try. She's about five-seven and probably skinny compared to most women her age. Which means she's about perfect, my guess is one-twenty and the average girl her size is maybe ten or twenty pounds heavier than I'd prefer. Not that there aren't plenty of women weighing one-forty I wouldn't love to fuck! (And probably have already.) But for the moment we're talking about perfection: Cathy. Not only is she every man's ideal, the subject for wet dreams, but at the moment she's mine, all mine. I could keep her as long as I want. She doesn't even know my last name. But if I asked her right now, she'd marry me, last name unknown. Tomorrow she'd probably ask me my last name so she could write it on the invitations. On the other hand if I told her I wanted to keep her as one of my four concubines she'd probably accept even that situation. The thing is, I've had my knob inside her and that's the way it is with girls afterwards. Right now I wistfully regret that I'll be throwing her overboard in a few weeks. But I know my nature. Flawless skin, perfect breasts, a beautiful face, great figure and legs that look long and sexy. What more could a man want for a two week fling?

With Louise it lasted a lot longer. But she was paying me for doing something I liked doing. Eventually we decided I should officially be her "escort" which most people accepted as meaning "bodyguard". I wouldn't make a good one, no self defense training, no license to carry a hand gun. I barely know how to use one. But the idea isn't uncommon and these young women mostly want you to ward off unwanted attention. Which you do by simply being there. If the girl does like a guy you're supposed to fade out quietly and she then informs her suitor that you're "just" her bodyguard. That isn't the way it works with me. I'm not really there to be her bodyguard or escort, just her stud. If she's going some place I think I'll like, I go also. But she has to treat me the same way she would any date.

I worked out several rules almost from the start. One is I keep my own apartment, but am always welcome at her digs whenever I want to be there. She doesn't have any other boyfriend for the duration, but I'm allowed to have as many girlfriends on the side as I want. I do guarantee I'll have sex with her at least three times a week. But typically it turns out to be about twice that. Not difficult because I only accept jobs from pretty bunnies. And like most men, I'm usually horny. I added another rule, a ten thousand dollar bonus when I get her pregnant. Louise wanted to keep me on the "job" even when I demanded a 100% raise. Truth was I was going crazy, having never stayed with a girl before, even for a month. And she was five months pregnant when she reluctantly let me go.

I suppose I would have stayed on longer, mostly for the pay. I was getting a little on the side. I just couldn't help tumbling a few working girls like Cathy for variety. But the change came because Louise told her friends about me, our arrangement, and even about my knob. Her circle of close friends are all pretty much like her. Rich, independent, young, and above average in looks. The last goes with the money. These girls think nothing of spending serious money on cosmetic surgery. And I suspect most of them are attractive to start with. Eva also wanted to get pregnant. And she was dying to feel my knob inside her. For the first time ever, I let a girl see it first. Eva also offered me three thousand a week.

The pay isn't regular. After my experience with Louise I decided these affairs need a definite end date no matter how much the girl wanted to pay me. Besides, I was "earning" far more money than I needed, or maybe even wanted. I started reporting an income of fifty a year so I could explain a fat bank account. But my real income was more than double that. The limit I set was two months after the girl gets pregnant. Which is typically about two and a half months total. Some times there's another bunny waiting a turn. Sometimes I get a break.

I suppose I could limit myself only to the bunnies who are paying me to get them pregnant. I wouldn't have to feel guilty any more about getting the ones like Cathy, with no trust fund, in the family way. But for some reason I just can't keep my dick out of the innocent ones. I don't meant sexually innocent, just socially innocent. Cathy is really nice, especially compared to most of the bunnies. Eva, and all the ones after her, know what they're getting into. And they expect to receive service for monies tendered. I don't mind too much because once I've stuck my dick in her pussy I can dictate my terms and she now knows the real score. But until I dick a girl the only thing she knows is that I come highly recommended. She's almost certainly met me if she hangs around with the other bunnies. But the truth is I'm only average looking. Even if she knows about the knob she doesn't really think it will make that much difference. If she's not happy she can terminate our agreement immediately. So can I for that matter. What I don't tell any of them is that none of the more than a hundred women I've dicked have ever wanted to end our "relationship". I neither need to brag nor want perspective girls to realize just how addictive I am.

"Darling", she murmurs sitting up and stretching. Almost all the bunnies have had their tits modified. And not one of them has a pair as nice as the pair I'm looking at. Cathy notices my interest and seems pleased. She takes in a breath and holds it, and holds out her tits for me like a soldier hoping to pass inspection. Or perhaps more like someone offering a delicacy on a silver platter. I smile but don't reach for them. I want to make her beg me to fondle them. And she will. If there were two men in the room they'd be fighting just to be the one to touch such beauties. Yet without competition I can make her suffer from neglect. Not suffer too much, of course. I'm only human and Cathy's body would tempt the gods, male and female. My guess is she's never done it with other girls. She doesn't seem the least bit bi-sexual. But I'd guess she's tempted a few of her lesbian friends.

When Paulette reached the two month stage, Karen, the next one on my list was in Australia. She still is, but she'll be back in a another week. She offered to fly me out there or come back early but I said not to bother, I'd keep myself available until she gets back. She wasn't being generous offering to pay for a trip around the world for me. To her the money was insignificant. I have to keep my perspective with these girls, especially the really rich ones like Karen. I have nearly a half million dollars in several different accounts. To her that's pocket money. The important thing is I never let someone like her treat me as anything less than an equal. As far as I can tell Karen is relatively unspoiled in spite of her finances. But I have to play things carefully until after I've gotten my dick inside her. Then I explain all the rules. The one about no other boyfriends for her while I have girlfriends on the side, well, that's supposed to be so she can't claim some other guy accomplished what I'm getting paid to do. Some girls think they're going to cheat just on principle until after our first joining. Then they realize they don't want any other men. I could easily do without other women. But I assert the right and occasionally follow through on principle. It's my way of showing the bunny that in spite of her money, I'm higher up on the totem pole.

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