My Day with Aimee – Pt1 – Good Morning

My Day with Aimee – Pt1 – Good Morning

My Day with Aimee

Like most Sunday's, I was sleeping in… Knowing the alarm won't be disturbing my deep sleep… But there was something…It invaded my sub-conscious. In my dream state, it was hard to put my finger on it.. Flashes of a gently rocking boat… Warm splashes of water.. And of course a vision like that wouldn't be complete without a lovely Asian girl spread out on a towel. Slowly the images fade as I'm gently coaxed from slumber by something more in the physical realm. I start to realize my always erotic dreams were being fueled by the soft Asian minx snuggled next to me. Sure that she'd awoken before me and started her ministrations to Master's manhood. My little cock-Asian worshipper was stroking me and I could feel her slipping lower to get her hungry mouth on it to wake me the way I'd taught her. I continued to wake up, but kept my eyes closed and my breathing deep and regular as I pretended to be asleep. Knowing it would just make my little princess work harder.

And work harder she did. Her tongue lapped and danced over my growing cock and hairy balls. Nothing was forbidden to her tongue as she eagerly licked my ball sack still hot and sweaty from my sleeping. I can't help but let out a moan as she plunges her hot wet mouth down onto my semi-hard cock knowing once it's fully hard she'll gag and choke on it, but in its semi-flaccid state it slides deeply into her tight throat. Her button nose rubs against my pubic hair. I can feel her hold it as long as she can as it grows bigger in her mouth and throat finally pulling off it with a sloppy wet gasp.

"Mmmm, Good morning pet"

Her lovely Asian face looks up at me, licking the excess drool from her lips. "Good morning Master, would you like me to continue?"

"That's all for now my dear. Go fix us a nice breakfast."

"Of course Sir, its Football day today, I hope our team wins Sir!"

"Me too precious"

I watch as she bounces out of bed, her long black hair flows down over her honey skinned back, the perfect slender shape of her ass and thighs as she walks toward the door. "Oh Aimee, you forgot something" I call to her. She walks back over to me, giving a beautiful view of her perky b-cup tits and dark nipples, but especially that smooth waxed pussy. "I'm so sorry Master, what did I forget?" she asks with concern on her face. I smile up at her and pucker my lips inviting her to a kiss. Her face instantly lights up as she bends and presses her soft lips to mine. Our lips lock and tongues dance together in a perfect display of love and affection between Master and servant. Her smile was as bright as the sun as I send her sauntering off to the kitchen with a playful swat on the bottom.

I take a deep breath, smiling as I lay back against my pillow arms folded behind my head. My cock still twitching under the sheet as I think about the day ahead contemplating what pleasures or punishments might be in store for my Asian cum-bunny depending on our team's performance. She's learned all to well over the preceding months that when our team loses, she's punished for their performance. It's not as bad as it sounds; I realize it's out of her control what happens during the game. Seeing my favorite team lose or play poorly makes me upset and stressed, having my pet there to give me an outlet for my stress makes me happier over all, which in turn makes her happy. It's the preverbal "Win-Win" situation.

My thoughts are brought back into reality as the scent of grilling sausage wafts past my nose. I sigh and roll out of bed slipping my PJ shorts on then stepping into my comfortable slippers before plodding into the bathroom for my morning pee. "Not this morning pet" I think to myself as my golden stream flows into the toilet. My eyes glance at the tub, as a new idea forms in my head. "Oh yes, we'll be back here after breakfast" I think as I shake the last drops and tuck it into my shorts.

The sight of her standing at the stove brings a new smile to my face. Her shapely nude body displayed to me from behind accented by the strings of the apron draped over her front. I walk up behind her and gently bump my hairy belly against her back as I peek over her shoulder to see how she's coming with the sausage.

"Smells good baby girl, how much longer?"

"Another 5 minutes Master" She responds as she looks up over her shoulder smiling at me. At almost a foot taller than her, I've come to love the sight of her face looking up at me and I often stand close to her to accent the difference in size. Reminding my little Asian baby-fuck that she's less than I am, smaller, weaker, and built for My pleasure.

I leave her to her duties and make my morning rounds making notes of chores and places I can play with my toy. She's smart, so I have to stay a step ahead of her, find ways to keep her off balance and keep her guessing. I take a moment to stash a few "accessories" near the couch where we'll be watching the game then return to the kitchen and take a seat at the table just as she's serving my plate up. Like a well trained puppy, she takes her place, kneeling beside me on the floor, arms up like a begging dog. I dig into the food enjoying her exquisite cooking. Halfway through it, I pick a few pieces and dangle them over her head, the sight of her mouth open and tongue out looks perfect whether waiting for a scrap of food, or Master's cock.

"Good girl" I tell her bringing a smile to her lips as she chews eagerly. I make sure to give her a good amount of the "table Scraps" since I won't be letting her eat her own breakfast. After I finish what I want, I place the plate on the floor in front of her and watch as she laps it up, hands on either side of the plate, her head bobbing much like when she lowers her mouth to pleasure my cock. I can't help but smile and chuckle as she looks up at me licking her lips as best she can to get the excess food that's all over her cheeks, nose, and chin.

"My, what a mess you've become… I think a nice shower is in order" I tell her trying to look serious.

"Yes Master" she responds with a sad eyed look knowing she made a mess of her pretty Asian face.

I clip a leash to the collar that's always around her slender neck while at home and lead her crawling into the bathroom where I strip her naked then make her watch as I remove my clothes. I start the shower and get the water to a good temperature. I give her bottom a quick slap to get her moving into the tub climbing in after her.
We spend several minutes sharing the flow of water. Letting the warmth consume us and relax our muscles. We take pleasure in soaping each other and rubbing our slick bodies together. Nothing is left un-cleaned. From her lovely slanty eyed face, down over her perky dark nipped tits and through the crevasse of her ass. A soapy finger slipped gently into her tight rosebud to assure everything is clean before moving down her slender legs to her delicate toes.

She returns the favor much the same way. My cock is rock hard now and not just a morning or piss hard-on. As we finish rinsing off I turn and settle my ass onto the small ledge at the back of the shower. She smiles knowingly and squats down between my legs as I set them on either side of her. She runs her hands along my hairy thighs and belly before gently lifting my cock to her lips. Holding it as her lips and tongue glide over the shaft and head, and holding it up so she can snake her tongue over my hairy balls. I look into her passionate gook eyes as she brings the head to her lips, slowly parting them to work the swollen head into her mouth.

Once her mouth is holding the head, she moves her hands away to support herself on my thighs. She's learned the lesson well that a blowjob is between mouth and cock only. A girl that uses her hands while sucking cock is cheating and gets punished. She moans softly as she starts working more of the thick cock into her stretched lips. Only taking a bit over half in before I start to feel the tightness of the back of her throat. She struggles a moment before sliding back upwards leaving as much slobber on the shaft as she can before pushing down again. She continues this for several minutes as she gets my cock wetter and slippery in her slick drool. Only the occasional gag escapes her lips as the head pushes deeper into her face.

I reach down and gently run my fingers through her wet ebony hair, parting it into two bundles hanging over each shoulder. I slowly wrap the hair around my hands and wrists. She looks up at me as she tries once more to impale her throat on her Master's fat cock. My hands pull back slowly, tugging her head forward as I force her deeper onto the cock. Her throat resists, letting out a long gurgling gag before I let her up till only the head is still in her mouth. I only wait a moment before pulling her down again. Over and over I use her hair to fuck her lovely Asian face. Her breathing ragged broken up by the invasion of my cock into her throat. Her gagging and choking echo in the bathroom over the running water but she never raises her hand to protest just accepting Master's cock over and over like a good chink fuck puppet.

The sight of her eyes squinting and tearing up and the feeling of the thick gooey throat slobber dripping off my balls and her chin make my breathing ragged and bring my balls to a boil quickly. She knows the signs and tries to help every way she can. With a loud grunt and shudder in my legs I pull her down as hard as I can. The room becomes silent except for the running water. My cock driven so deep into her throat until she can't breathe and my own grunt caught in my throat as my cock spasms several times shooting thick ribbons of Master's cum straight into her belly. The seconds tick away as her chest heaves and her nails bite into my thigh before I finally can control myself enough to release her head and draw the cock from her air pipe.

The room explodes into sound again, my panting and grunts echo along with her choking and coughing and gentle Asian moans. Her coughing brings some of my thick cum back up till it is dribbling over her lips and onto her chin. Knowing not to waste Master's gift, she rubs the head of my cock over her face to scoop it up and slips her lips over the sensitive head to milk every drop from my cock and balls. I just sit back and close my eyes as I enjoy the sensations of my slave’s ministrations. As I open my eyes and look down I see her smiling up at me. Her face a vision of sexual pleasure with her lips and chin coated in her thick saliva and her cheeks smeared with what was left of her mascara brought down by her gagging tears.

"God your beautiful" I say with a smile bringing a blush to her messy cheeks. I help her to her feet and we finish cleaning ourselves up and washing our faces. Stepping out we help each other towel off as I pull her tight against me, engulfing her in the security of Master's arms. "I love you precious" I say as she looks up at me. "I love you too Master" she says. Her voice slightly horse from the abuse her throat took for my pleasure. I lean closer and give her a long, deep kiss. It’s my special way of giving her my praise and approval for being such a good Asian slave. Letting her know her servitude to me is more than just that of a slave, but as a lover.

End Part 1.
Coming soon… The big Game.

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