The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place

I was supposed to meet my husband in this bar………looking around I didn't see him anywhere. Once a month we like to meet up like strangers, pick up on each other and go home for some good fucking.
I ordered a Michelob from the bar and walked around looking around for Darryl.

I sat down at a table near the bar. I came dressed in a black skirt, low-cut tank top, and stiletto heels. My tits were overflowing in the top, just the way he liked them.
I drank my beer pretty fast and ordered another and a 'Slutty Redhead' shot.

Looking around the bar I noticed 2 really handsome black men playing pool.
One of them glanced in my direction and smiled. I looked away, then looked back and smiled. He was very tall and sexy.
He walked over to the table I was sitting at and said, "Hi. Are you alone?" I looked around…..Darryl still nowhere to be seen.
"Yes, uhh yes Im alone."
"Would you like to join us over here?", he asked motioning to the pool table.
"Sure" I said standing and walking over across the bar….still glancing around for Darryl.

"You're a hot little bitch." he said. "My name's Carl, and this is Steve."
"Im Ann….and I need another drink."

As Carl went to get us all another round, I was wondering if Darryl was going to show up. I was already horny and talking to these two guys wasn't going to help any.
I sat down on a high bar stool next to the table. My skirt was riding up my thigh, I could see Steve and Carl starring. I crossed my long tanned legs and could feel my pussy lips getting wet. I needed to be fucked BAD.

Steve came over and said….."Why don't we take this party somewhere private?"
I looked around and finally spotted Darryl drinking a beer at the other side of the bar. I wondered how long he had been here and I just didn't notice.

I smiled and licked my lips, "Okay….but I'd like to invite another to join in if that's ok with you two."
Both men smiled and said, "Sure!"
I pointed to Darryl and said, "Him…in the blue shirt…tell him to meet us at the Oasis Motel a block away…room 211."
and I got up and walked slowly to the door, watching as Carl walked over to my husband and told him what I said.

I was smiling to myself as I got in my car. On the short drive to the motel, I reached down and felt the wetness between my thighs. This was going to be good…'this will teach Darryl for making me wait for his ass' I thought to myself.

Once inside the room I had already paid for in anticipation of taking JUST my husband there, I turned on the air conditioner, and the stereo.

I grabbed a Corona bottle out of the fridge and sat on the bed waiting for my 'party'.
Steve and Carl arrived first, didn't knock, they just walked right in.
They grabbed a beer as well, and after taking a long drink, Steve sat down and said, "Show us those tits baby"
I pulled my tank top down under my breasts, making my 36DD's stand out.

"Mmmmmmm, yeah…that's what I'm talkin about!!" Steve moaned.
Carl and steve came on either side of me, pinching my nipples with their strong hands as the door opened and Darryl walked in.

Somewhat stunned at the sight he saw, "Hi" was all he could say.
I smiled at him, and looked up at the two hot men pawing my breasts.

Darryl sat in the chair now directly in front of us. I opened my thighs to reveal that I was not wearing any panties and I was VERY wet.

Steve and Carl began to undo their pants while squeezing my breasts in their hands. I couldn't believe the size of their cocks as they pulled them from their pants.

"Oh my god!" I sighed as I grabbed one in each hand, taking Carls hard cock in my mouth as deep as I could. Then turing to Steve and doing the same. I could see Darryl shifting in his seat, adjusting his cock in his jeans.
Steve bent down and slid his long fingers up my wet pussy lips, just grazing my clit, making me ache for more.
Carl backed away and pulled me to my feet, then bent me over the bed, taking his long hard 9 inch cock and sliding it up and down my wet hot slit.
"YESS…." I moaned, "Slide it in me!"
Carl slammed his hard black cock deep into my aching pussy. I could feel his balls slapping against my swollen clit, My pussy lips tightening up around his cock as I came hard.

Steve got on the bed and slapped my face with his thick rigid cock.
"Suck it" he said….I did….he began to drive it deep in my throat making me gag.

Darryl stod up and walked towards the bed looking somewhat concerned for me. "Take it easy guys" he said.

Steve pushed him back…"Shut the fuck up bitch!"

Darryl came back again. "I think this is enough guys, ok, stop."

Both men laughed at Darryll.

Darryl getting a bit more agressive yelled, "She's my WIFE….ENOUGH!!"

Steve pulled his cock from my mouth and walked swiftly to Darryl, cock sticking straight out, fists clenched.
"oh look Carl, it looks like we have another bitch here!!"
laughing, Carl pointed to Darryl's bulging pants.
"Looks like PART of you in enjoying this." "Maybe you're jealous YOU aren't doing the SUCKING eh BITCH?"

Darryl was embarrassed and backed away, but Steve grabbed him by the forearm.

Darryl, not being nearly as big or tall as either of the two men looked scared. He unbutton his Levis and pulled them open. Kicking off his shoes and pulling his jeans down to reveal his erect cock with pre-cum all over the tip.


Steve reached down and grabbed the tip of my husband's dick…..rubbing the pre-cum over the tip and pinching it like he did my nipples.

Darryl's cock was jumping in Steve's hands. Throbbing more and more. Turning purple at every touch.

Steve then put his hands on Darryl's shoulders and shoved him to his knees…..
"SUCK MY COCK BITCH", he ordered my husband. Darryl looked over at me. Watching for a moment as Carl continued to slam my pussy with his hard cock.
Darryl looked back to Steve's waiting cock and opened his mouth as Steve grabbed him by the back of the head and forced all 10 inches of thick black meat into his open moth. Darryl's eyes watered as he tried to take him all in. Bobbing his head back and forth on the massive cock. Steve's balls slapping his chin with every thrust.

Darryl reached down and began to stroke his own cock while his mouth was being raped by this stranger.

Carl turned and said, "Man, he's trying to jack off already!"

Steve stopped pumping his mouth and grabbed him by the forearms, yanking him to his feet and bending him over the other side of the bed.
He positioned his cock against Darryl's ass and spread his cheeks and without a word, slammed his hard thick black member balls deep into my husbands ass!

Darryl screamed in pain as Steve worked his cock in and out of his tight ass. Steve reached around and grasped Darryl's still hard cock and began to pump it with his hand.

When Darryl was on the verge of an orgasm, he told me to finish off my husband myself. Carl stopped fucking me, and I slid under Darryl to suck him off as his ass was still getting fucked. Darryl came quickly in my mouth.

Steve pulled out of Darryl's now sore ass and told him to get on his knees as both men stood and stroked their black cocks over his face.
He was soon covered in hot streams of cum from both directions.

I sat in shock watching my 'totally straight' husband lick all the hot cum from his lips and face.

Steve and Carl put on their pants, came over and slapped me on the ass and walked out he door with out a word.

Darryl and I never spoke of this day again. although both of us fantasize about it daily.[b][i]

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