Wife and Nurse abused by Domme Boss

Wife and Nurse abused by Domme Boss

It had been a long and expensive summer season with Ron and I buying a new boat and taking an extended vacation. By the time we returned home we were neck deep in debt and wanted to get everything paid and caught up before Christmas. I took a part time job working at a clinic that performed obstetric and gynecology services for young girls with financial need. The largest numbers of our patients were teenage girls wanting to go on birth control. As the staff RN I worked two late evenings a week assisting the doctor in performing the physical exam process.

I came directly to this job those two evenings from my full time job at he hospital. I stayed until the clinic closed at 9 PM and had to stay until the doctor completed his charting before I could leave. Some days depending on how busy they were in the morning I did not get out until 11:30 or midnight. On the nights I worked the clinic job my husband did moonlighting working on clients computer systems until late at night. Some nights we would not see each other until we woke up together the next morning.

The doctor who worked at this clinic was not a very sociable man. He was in his mid fifties and was a medium height stocky man who wore his scrub pants to high on his hips. Despite my attempts to strike up a conversation with him he never talked or tried to be nice. I also did not like his bedside manner with the girls he treated. Although he always washed his hands he never put on gloves when performing the vaginal or rectal exams. He also seemed to be rough not applying KY or any type lubricant many times before inserting the speculum or his fingers causing the girls discomfort. On many occasions I thought he seemed to be playing with the patients versus simply performing an exam, but my questions to the nursing supervisors met with deaf ears.

We finished up our last patient at 9:22 PM on Tuesday evening and I cleaned the exam room as the doctor went to his private office to do his charting for the day. I asked if he had any idea how long he would be tonight and he did not answer me. After I finished the cleaning I stocked the supplies and then went into the employee lounge and started to read a magazine. I tried to call my husband several times and he was not home. A little after midnight the doctors light was still on in his office and I went into the bathroom. When I came out the doctor asked if I would help him set up an exam room for the next morning before we left. Since it was really the first time since I worked with him that he had spoken to me I told him it was not a problem.

We entered one of the exam rooms that was not used. It was a large room with several objects covered with sheets. I figured it was a procedure room and asked what he needed me to do. He asked me to retrieve an object inside a large vat, I bent over the side and reached in as I felt something stick me in the butt, it was something sharp like a needle. The doctor moved from in back of me as I stood up and he went back to the counter asking about the object. I started to ask about the sharp stick when I realized I was unable to speak and I felt my arms and legs going numb. Before I realized I had fallen to the floor and was unable to move, I was afraid at first that I was having a stroke or something until I saw the doctor stand over me with a sinister grin. My mind was still sharp but I could not move as he picked me up and placed me onto a large bed that he had uncovered. I wanted to scream but could not.
The doctor took my top and pulled it over my head and threw it to the floor. He reached and un snapped my bra and pulled it off my arms revealing my 34 A chest to his evil eyes. He took his hand and pinched my left nipple tightly for a minute causing me to feel pain. Both my nipples responded by quickly getting hard as nails and sticking out profusely. He played with both my nipples for a few minutes and then grabbed the waistband of my scrub pants and pulled them off my legs leaving me in my panties and sneakers. He stood back for a minute looking at my 5’4” 112 pound body laid out helpless in front of him. He pulled out a camera from one of the cabinets and started snapping pictures before coming back and pulling my panties, shoes and socks off me leaving me now totally naked. He snapped a few more pictures and then picked me up and laid me onto an exam table in the room. He placed my legs up in the stirrups and then dropped the end of the table my butt was on, leaving me gaping open to his view. He ran his fingers through my black pubic hair several times before pulling a handful again causing me pain that I was unable to scream out from. He walked over to the supply cabinet and returned with a razor we used to shave areas for surgical prep. He took the razor and shaved my entire pubic area clean including my butt. Now he stopped and took more pictures.

I did not know what this perverted old man was going to do to me before he was finished. I wanted to plead with him to stop but could not speak or move to escape him. He stuck his hand to my now bare pussy and pressed a finger to my opening while his next finger pushed at the opening of my anus. With a small laugh he pushed his fingers dry into me causing discomfort as he snapped pictures with his other hand. He worked his fingers in and out of me until I started to provide some lubrication that made the prodding easier to bear. As this disgusting old man pushed his fingers in and out of me at a rapid rhythm I could hear the sounds of my lubrication ring in my ears, I wanted to kick and scream but could do nothing but lay here helpless to whatever this perverted old fiend wanted to do to me. I was humiliated by my position and felt so vulnerable in my nakedness unable to move or to protect myself. I was mortified by the pictures being taken of me in such a compromised position but he continued his assault without appearing to have any concern about being caught.

Finally this gross old man removed his fingers form my intimate areas and walked away leaving me lay upon this exam table open for the world to see. When he returned a few minutes later he had removed the sheets from the items in the room. As I looked around in horror they were all items of pain and humiliation. It looked like a BDSM dungeon that you would see in a porn type movie. I looked at my captor who was now out of his normal scrubs an was wearing a leather suit as if he was the master of his dungeon and I was his slave to do with as he pleased. He pulled a large grotesque looking anal plug from his back and smiled a wicked smile at me. He took a bottle of KY jelly and liberally applied a large amount to my anus and then pushed the plug up inside me. Shots of incredible pain jolted my anal opening until I thought I would split in two from this monster invading my butt. I had never seen one in real life but had seen pictures that nurses I worked with had in magazines before. Finally the plug was lodged up inside of me and I was starting to relax, the screaming that was all contained inside me was settling down as I adjusted to the size and feel of the invading member until it provided an incredible feeling of fullness. More pictures were taken of my further humiliation as I still lay helpless on his table of torture now.

I opened my eyes as I felt my body being lifted from the table and carried across the room to a device that looked like some form of stool or ergonomic chair. I was positioned on the device so that I was looking down at the floor while my butt was higher than any other part of my body. My legs were down and then lifted back toward me and my ankles were shackled to the mounts near them. My hands were then placed into some type of leather cuff device and strapped out in front to the sides of me. Even if I had not been drugged I would not have been able to move once in this predicament. First my breasts were played with from underneath with him pulling and pinching my nipples obscenely. He then placed some type of clamp upon each of my nipples that applied constant pressure and when he would do something would send volts of electricity through my tender nipples. I was still unable to cry or to scream from the pain. Next he took some type of leather device and started rubbing his hands over the cheeks of my butt. Between rubbing gently he would bring this leather device down on my skin in a spanking motion that would have made me jump out of the chair if I had been able. He would then use his hand to gently caress my reddened backside until he would deliver another blow. This treatment went on for what seemed to be an eternity.

I noticed that there were several cameras positioned around the room and wondered why the doctor would want to incriminate himself by taking so many pictures and video of this molestation and sexual attack. At the same time a sense of shame and humiliation filled my thoughts at the knowledge that anyone I told would be able to see me in this position. I had always been a pretty private person, wearing a two piece swim suit was a bit over the edge for me. I preferred to make love to my husband with the lights out just because I had always thought it improper for anyone to see me in the nude. Outside of my husband I had never been touched or made love to by anyone else. The only people to have ever seen me naked outside of my parents when I was a baby were my husband and my own gynecologist. I had always thought that gynecologist sort of become immune to seeing naked women and that it was just a part of the job for them, I never imagined that they could ever be capable of anything like what I was experiencing now.

I was released from the bonds of the chair I was in finally and taken to another device that I was knelt in front of. Before I fell to the ground I was put into some type of device that looked like the old western style stock where a persons neck and wrists were placed onto a wooden board and another board was then locked down confining them. As I looked forward I was horrified to see the doctor remove a PVC piece of clothing to reveal his manhood in all its glory. The doctor had from all accounts I had ever seen as a nurse a large cock with an exceptionally large set of balls hanging below his cock. He was probably 8-9” in total length and at least 4 inches around with a large purple colored head. He took his new toy and pressed it to my lips and then gently pried my mouth open inserting himself into my mouth until he pressed against the back of my throat causing a gagging reaction. Although I could not really suck or lick him due to the drugs administered to me he thrust himself in and out of my mouth until he pulled himself out and shot loads of his hot sticky cum over my face. I could not believe what was happening to me, I was embarrassed beyond belief to be in such a position and to be totally helpless compounded the humiliation that I felt. Now to have a strange man stick his nasty dirty penis into my mouth and use it as some sort of sexual device for his satisfaction was the absolute worst humiliating thing I could imagine until he shot his cum all over my face and left it there making me look like some cheap street whore turning tricks for crack. What he just did to me I did not even do for my husband in the privacy of our bedroom. The doctor seemed happy with himself as he stood back to take pictures of his handiwork.

Leaving my face covered with cum I was now taken to a device that after placing wrist cuffs on my wrists were hoisted into the air and pulled apart as far as my shoulders would allow. My ankles were again shackled and tied to some sort of pulley device that suspended me off the ground and spread my legs obscenely apart. The doctor played with my butt and rubbed my pussy for a few minutes until he started again spanking my butt with his bare hand. When he stopped he retrieved a wooden stand with a large glass looking phallus attached to the top. He moved it in front of me and inserted the thing into my pussy until it was inside me deep and standing on the ground on the other end. It was so large that it hurt like hell as he inserted it into me. As I was suspended with it inside my pussy it began to decrease in pain as I adjusted to its size. I was so totally full with the large butt plug in my butt and this thing in my pussy there was no room left. He took more pictures and then told me he had something I needed to see.

He uncovered a large video screen in front of me and then started a movie. It was of one of the girls I worked with having the same humiliating things done to her. As I watched it unfold in front of me I thought why would she still work here for him after this animal did such horrendous things to her? Why when I went to her with complaints about his contact with his patients did she blow me off? Next he showed a slideshow of still shots taken of her with him in the same precarious positions as I found myself. As I watched the videos I could tell I was getting control back into my extremities. As I tried to move the oversized phallus caused me pain. To keep from the pain I had to remain perfectly still and not try to fight the bonds that held me captive. The doctor laughed and told me that over the next 15 minutes I would regain full control of all my body functions, he told me not to fight the bonds or the large object inside my pussy would rupture my internal organs. More humiliation as I now could move and had to stay still.

He continued showing me more video and photographs of himself with each of the girls in the office who I worked with. I was furious with them all for not having put a stop to this brutal perverted man until he showed me video of a girl I did not know. He followed with headline clips of where she had gone to the authorities and they would not believe her since she had no proof. She never told about the existence of the video or pictures but I fully understood why at this point. Later her husband left her as he thought she was cheating on him, her life was destroyed by this doctor who was seen in the eyes of the public as a hero providing health services to the poor and underprivileged. He stopped the video and then told me to watch carefully as he showed me video and pictures of myself. The pictures and video were horrifying to watch, they showed me exposed and taken advantage of in ways I never knew were possible. He told me that now he was going to release me from my bonds and that I would follow his every request fully or he would publish my pictures and video on the internet that did not include his image and it would look like I freely participated and enjoyed the action. I sobbed as I knew he was right and that there was nothing I could do to stop him without destroying my own life.

The butt plug was removed from my anus and the phallus from my gaping pussy. The bonds that restrained me were released and I stood by the doctor waiting for his command. I was told to get under this device he called his queening stool. He removed his clothing and sat upon it leaving his ass and balls directly above my face as he instructed me to use my tongue to lick him until he told me to stop. I hesitated before he sent a shock wave to by nipples. I slowly stuck out my tongue and touched it to the bottom of his anus. I closed my eyes as I obediently licked him from anus to cock tasting his musky smell and smelling his private region. My face was already covered with his cum what more could he do to me that was more humiliating? After he got back up I could see the licking had taken his limp cock and he was now back to full erection. He told me that we were now going to the bed where he and I would make passionate love to each other. He said he fully anticipated my complete participation to pre-empt any difficulties with our new relationship. He said in the future anytime he desired my sexual services I would be expected to comply fully.

I found a new degree of humiliation as I lay in the bed with my captor performing lovemaking acts with him that I would never consider doing with my husband and pretending to love it. I could not let him think I was not into the act entirely in fear my pictures would end up posted all over the net for everyone I knew to see including my husband. Once the doctor had regained his hard on he took forever to cum the second time. I obliged as he offered me his cock for oral sex and then turned me over and stuck his huge monster up my butt. It did not hurt near as bad as I expected I guess due to the large plug that had been inserted earlier. By the time he grew tired of my butt I was turned over onto my back with my legs pressed up over my chest and he drove his huge cock into my pussy. My pussy lubrication dried up from the continued friction of his grinding and I grew sore before he finally pushed fully into me and dumped his second load deep inside my stretched pussy. He brought his slimy covered cock to my mouth and I stuck out my tongue and cleaned him up before he got up.

I showered at work hurriedly and redressed as the doctor sat back in his office. I raced home and quietly crawled into bed in my night clothes still humiliated and wanting to cry. Half and hour later the alarm went off and my husband rolled over placing his hand on my stomach asking what time I finally got in. Late I replied, it was a crazy night and you’d never believe it. He got up and got into the shower and we started back into the grind of another day. Thursday afternoon when I arrived at the clinic after my day at the hospital the other girls acted like nothing happened. The doctor never spoke to me during the exams and after my shift I waited for him to finish his paperwork. Afterwards he told me he wanted a blowjob and I got down in front of him without argument and untied his scrubs and pulled out his cock placing it inside my mouth as my tongue circled his massive mushroom shaped head. He pulled out and blew his load all over my face and I got up and went in to clean up. Before we left he handed me a handful of pictures that showed he and I in bed together. We looked like a couple in love, no one would have ever believed from the pictures that there was any force involved. I drove home to where my husband was waiting on me and wanting to make love. I wonder if he ever thought about why I have become so much more accepting when he wants to try something new?

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