By Twilight

By Twilight

Nightfall is when I come upon you while you’re fast asleep or still awake.

IL Corvo.

My flesh decadent but I show you not for to your eyes I am youthful and built roguishly.

My eyes vary like a wide dinner and salad bar selection.

My touch ignites goosebumps like a stone skipping across a pond.

Everytime I basked myself in your presence you make me laugh with your misfit attitude.

The monster within me wants to slash you into ribbons.

The lover within me wants to take you through the untamed boundaries of ecstasy I’ve encountered.

The warrior coursing through my blood wants to slain the biggest animal and lay it at your feet and ravage your body to feed my malicious desires.

My ancient undead heart keeps beating for you.

Keeps my other sides in check so I don’t lose control.

My loins ravenous from not being within you, you know this for I have given half of the dark gift.

You slowly tease me sliding what little clothes covering the temple I praise with my warm offering.

I work out of my simple shirt but you come to undo my pants tugging them along with my boxers down to my ankles.

Stepping out of them you run your fingers up my hairy powerful calves and thighs then up to my face locking your lips to mine in a feverish kiss which is short lived.

I kiss you back holding you to me loving the nakedness of you but the smoothness of your physique.

You gaze into my dark brown eyes drowning in the serenity of them laying back with a small smirk as I watch the candlelight wrap itself around your body.
Reaching into a small drawer you pull out a tube of warm scented strawberry oil you toss it at me and I know what to do.

On your stomach you rest eyes closed as I rub the oil starting at your feet caressing your soles then ankles working my way up your calves as you moan softly completely relaxed.

Coming up to the back of your knees I kiss both of them and applying some more oil I knead and deeply massage your thighs repelling the urge to force myself upon you I move up to your curved cheeks.

Spanking you playfully I revel in your low chuckling as I squeeze and knead your cheeks then go to work on your lower back.

Moving up your sides trying not to tickle but I do on purpose I come back to the center of your back rubbing and moving my hands in hard slow circles.

Coming upon your upper back and shoulders I massage them with care finally finishing with your supple neck.

My nostrils flare with the scent of you, the oil, and your blood what an intoxicating drug!

Breathing into your right ear I say gently “Roll over” and you comply pulling me to your hungry lips satisfying you with a hot deep kiss.

I apply more oil to my hands and begin on your front working from your feet to your shoulders.

Coming up to your thighs you prop one at a time the right one first on my left shoulder and with both my tantalizing touch I work your right thigh then your left.

Biting your lower lip you spread your legs blushing slightly giving me an open view which I take in whole and rub on either side of your wet love cavern listening to your moan softly arching your back.

Chuckling I move my way up to rub your tummy then up to your breasts pushing and squeezing the warm mounds together teasing the tips.

Watching your face contort and your voice radiate sounds of love I engulf your mouth with my thirsty tongue your response is clawing my back moaning deeply.

Begging me to be inside of you I tease you by changing my eyes to leopard with a warm blue hue to them you groan calling me a bastard.

I laugh huskily and push my hard rod inside only to be fought off by your tightness.

Pushing more you fight my breaching but I get through somewhat which is followed by more raking my bare skin canvass which brings mini spasms from my lower back making me moan and soon your chuckling at me and kissing me deeply.

“More” “Harder” you cry out and I obey going harder and giving more of my endowed rod bringing more sounds of love from you.

Leaning up I continue my breach into you and make little tendrils of lightning much like a Sith conjuring Sith lightning I let my lightning dance all over your skin bringing your tips to their full hard peaks.

Heightening your extra sensitive clitoris engaging a small set of mini orgasms building you up for the big one waiting.

Coming back down to you we french deeply breathing through our noses my lightning tips tickle your thighs which have super glued themselves to my waist as I drive into you breaching you fully.

As Spawn I would use my metal chain mouths to slide up slowly letting their sharp mauls bite your hardened peaks tugging them gently.

If I was the wind I’d blow myself into your wet cavern and circulate through your body turning you on like never before.

Now breached, your whole persona is that of a sex crazed nymphomaniac begging for me to fuck your brains out and chuckling I give you all that you want.

Lost in my own sexual lust mingled with blood fever I thrust harder deeper till I reach the end and you whimper as I go on pushing more.

“Stop” you say but it doesn’t register nothing registers til you slap my face and bring me back to reality and I slow and apologize with warm subtle kisses.

After our feverish wanton lustful engagement I move down to your wet cavern and snake my tongue out to mop you up.

French kissing your opening I savor in your deep shuddering moan knowing your eyes have rolled back into your head.

Pushing my tongue inside of you flicking it letting my fangs graze your opening slightly sends shivers up your body and I hear a hiss from you followed by a chuckle.

Purring as I lap your flowing stream you beg me for more twisting your twin towers in anticipation of the next wave of orgasms.

And I deliver the next wave like a platoon of Navy Seals invading an enemy stronghold.

Once the river stops flowing I climb up to you like a predator cornering it’s prey ready for the kill I hover over your face watching your pink gaze rest into mine.

I lean down and brush your smooth lips feeling you slowly respond to my caress my tongue runs into your mouth like warm honey and yours reaches into mine.

Moving to the right side of your neck fangs grazing your nape I decide to give you the dark gift in it’s entirety and in full bliss you hold my head close caressing my cool sweat slick skin with airbrush likeness.

Pressing my fangs I hesitate then you say “No please I want to with you eternal my love” and I kiss your nape softly in answer then piercing you I feed of your essence.

My eyes roll all over as I drink of you your body arches up into me as I suck deeply I pull back in time to sit you up in my lap.

Running my right index finger across my chest your eyes glazed over as if drunken then wearily you suck on my bleeding wound gently at first I relish in exhilaration then groan as you suck harder.

“Feed my dark misfit pixie take what you need” I whisper laying back holding you to me sweeping your hair back watching your lips puckered as you suck greedily and moaning softly you lean away growling like a tiger hunting on the plains of Africa.

“Good is it not?” I ask caressing your face gently and you flinch hissing at me then burning your wet tongue up my chest around my hard nipples then pouring into my mouth like a hot spring burning as it touches me.

Then slowing your pace you gradually collapse onto my left breast moaning and breathing softly then after a small spasm signifying your death and rebirth as my dark bride.

Finally sharing a deep loving kiss you fall back into the same place drifting away with me as the sun rises.

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