Planet in crisis

Planet in crisis

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I hope I have got your attention.
This planet is in trouble and I figured TEN years ago that the human race has got less than 50 years or so left before extinction becomes inevitable. I posted this on a newspaper’s website and was the immediate victim of the most offensive abuse imaginable. However, many respected scientists are now saying my arguments and reasoning were correct. But no-one else has drawn the logical conclusion that I have.
Read on:-

1 The Global Crisis
This planet is in trouble because of all the squabbles people have indulged in, all the stupid little fights over that owns each scrap of land. These squabbles are petty when one considers the final outcome of such behaviour which is that it diverts attention away from the more pressing danger…the potential (inevitable unless someone listens to me) extinction of the human race.
There is no dispute so bitter that an impartial jury of peers cannot arbitrate it, provided of course all parties are willing to accept the authority of that board, (and I DO NOT count terrorists as having a legitimate complaint because their method of resolution is so offensive). We all know war; the history of humankind has been one long war. There have been wars of attrition over land and water, wars of genocide and disputes of all other kinds.
The result is the current situation.
The human species will be extinct within 50 years unless ALL FIGHTING STOPS NOW and WE START WORKING TOGETHER towards one goal, TO SAVE THE PLANET

2 The Problem: –
Much has been said in recent years of the “Greenhouse effect” and what it will mean for future generations on this planet. However, no one seems to have taken much notice, of the fact that there WILL NOT BE ANY FUTURE GENERATIONS unless we, as a species, pull our collective finger out and stop buggering up this planet. Strong language I know, but someone is going to have to shake mankind out of his apathy and get something done NOW or else we will become extinct. Maybe people just don’t realize how urgent the matter is- it hasn’t sunk in yet and people are still denying the truth.
If one looks at the history of the Earth it is obvious that it was ‘doing quite nicely, thank you very much’ for a long time.
There were the dinosaurs, for instance, which some people have said were “nature’s greatest failure”.
However, they lasted for OVER 140 MILLION YEARS. Rather a long time for a failure, don’t you think?
Then mankind appears and ruins the planet in a few thousand years. Well, actually the planet was maundering along quite happily after its mistake with the dinosaurs – they could not adapt to climate changes after a meteor hit this planet – and along came life forms that could so adapt. In other words, mammals appeared and only later did the mammals developed into us.
But in the second part of this century things have really gone to hell-in-a-hand-basket.

3 Recent Events
Just look at what has happened this last few years.
We have seen floods, monsoons, hurricanes, droughts and generally unseasonable weather the world over.
For instance in southern Africa one area has had a really bad drought resulting in forest and prairie fires and just a short time later another area, Mozambique, which is relatively nearby, has had heavy rain and severe flooding that killed thousands.
We’ve had hailstorms in THIS country, England, in May, 1999, and severe floods later in the same year in areas which have never known flooding before.
Mankind appears to have a death wish as we are ignoring the cause of these problems, hoping it will go away. Each person can only see the unusual events in their own little part of the world and are unable to see ‘the big picture’. This is the delusion similar to the soldier on the battlefield whose mates are dying all around him, that of "it can't happen to me".
The cause of the problem will not disappear, it will get worse until we have either dealt with it or we have gone the way of the dinosaurs. It is high time we stopped fighting amongst ourselves and started fighting for survival. We have narrowly managed to avoid being roasted by the effects of nuclear war. Instead the suns rays will roast us as they strike an Earth stripped of its defensive atmospheric layer by mankind’s greed and stupidity.
The problem of the Earth’s survival is OURS.
It is not our grandchildren’s or even our children’s but OURS and ours alone because our children and grandchildren will not be alive unless we deal with the cause NOW.
Politicians have been trying to make the best of a bad situation and have found it impossible to do so…and are unable to acknowledge their failure because of their particular mindset.
4 Proposal
While we sort out the long-term prospects of this planet the money spent on the armed forces of the world fighting each other would be much better spent providing a sort of ‘global mobile relief force’. This Force would be charged with entering, or invading if you like, any area of the world that has suffered disaster, and proceeding to save lives instead of kill people, fighting death instead of causing it and ensuring the relief supplies get to where they are needed. So all you bullyboys, why not call a thirty-year truce while we sort this planet out because if you don’t then you will find, in just a few more years, judging by the way things are going, there will not be anyone left on this planet for you to fight, including you.
I see the ‘ripples in the water’ in the recent International Summits that have been held, the measures that were agreed upon, for instance in the tentative plans for a European Rapid Reaction Force. But any agreed measures are simply not enough as the full import of the global disaster we are facing has yet to strike home and people are still sticking their heads in the sand.
The only viable solution is to create a hybrid of NATO and the UN but on a truly global scale and with far greater powers than either of them, a sort of Federation or a Union, or maybe a Federated Union of all Countries, Kingdoms, Empires Republics and States. This global treaty organization, the FU, would be constitutionally forbidden to have any involvement in promoting any territorial changes, its sole purpose would be in ensuring that the resources of this planet are distributed evenly until we have ‘cured’ this planet and until our efforts to reach and colonize other planets bear fruit.
The FU would be made up of a central council made up of one Member from each continent, say the continents on the ‘RISK’ game board. These Members would report back to their continental councils whose members are the Prime Ministers of all the countries in that region. The Prime Ministers, of course, can in turn go back to the people of their individual countries if needed.
If any country does not wish to participate in the campaign to save the planet and wishes therefore to ‘go it alone’ then they should be allowed to. That is TOTALLY alone or in other words a complete blockade. There would be no difficulty in enforcing this restriction as the FU would have direct control of all the military forces of all the member nations (note: – the only way a country could keep its armed forces would be to cede complete control of those forces to the FU, and war between member states would of course be forbidden, as well as impossible, because there would be no independent armed forces available). If any country not a member of the FU anywhere in the world takes any form of offensive military action then all the other countries in the world could, basically, ‘gang up on them’, i.e. move in, take their guns away and leave again, thus treating them like naughty children whose antisocial behaviour is not currently globally acceptable. The offending country should also be ‘given a spanking’ and told to ‘get into line’ or else. This idea would only work if a sufficiently large proportion of countries in the world were involved.
The next few years will be very difficult for the human race and we, as a species, can only hope for survival if we pull together ON A GLOBAL SCALE and forget about any petty territorial disputes we may have. EVERYTHING but survival of the species should be forgotten or at least set aside temporarily.
The reaction of some people to the ideas I’ve mentioned above will be to scoff at them and say ‘no, of course it won’t work, what a load of rubbish’ to which my reply is ‘tough s..t, we ain’t got no choice mate, its do this or die’. Besides, NOTHING I have mentioned above is anything more than the logical and inevitable development of the feeble measures so far inaugurated by the various International Summits. Unless the developments I have proposed are immediately acted upon in their entirety THE HUMAN RACE WILL BECOME EXTINCT within 50 YEARS.
Some people will say ‘it’s simply not possible to do all I have stated must be done’, to which my reply is ‘would anyone have thought it possible just 20 years ago that Russia would join NATO- NOTHING is impossible’.

5 Law And Order
The current disintegration in law and order will continue until the Law is allowed to punish criminals instead of giving them fines or terms of imprisonment.
The ONLY form of punishment that will work is corporal punishment, and it should be noted that a properly regulated and totally consistent system of this has NEVER been applied.
I've heard it said that the arguments against corporal punishment can be summarised thus:- "What if you get it wrong?", that is "What if you punish someone (with lashes say) when they are innocent? It is better to imprison them instead".
This very argument asserts that imprisonment IS NOT PUNISHMENT. Matters can only get worse unless someone in authority has the guts to stand up and acknowledge this simple truth which is proven by the fact that prisons are getting larger and the prison population is increasing faster than the overall population growth rate.
Will anyone do so?
Why not?
Because the people in charge are influenced by the stupid idea that "Oh, no, we mustn't use corporal punishment because we will hurt them" ('them' being 'criminals).
The response is:- “Of course you're going to hurt them, that's why it is called punishment, you morons”.
The one basic misconception maintained by all these stupid, half-witted, liberal-minded “Sociologist types” is their assertion that there is such a thing as a ‘social conscience’ or a ‘moral instinct’ or even a ‘criminal instinct’.
Tommyrot (and assorted expletives I can’t put here).
A person’s ‘moral code’ which governs his (or her) behaviour is instilled by Society itself and is the consensus of opinion of what is considered by most to be acceptable behaviour. The only way to do so is make use of a person’s ‘survival instinct’, after all, this has worked for thousands of years and is how ANY living being exists. In other words, if a person does something unacceptable to the rest of Society then the response from Society MUST be to take action which immediately threatens that person’s survival. The only way to do this is to employ something handed down to us by over 65 million years of evolution – the pain mechanism.
If someone does something wrong, he or she gets so many lashes.
There would be many knock-on effects of this:-
1/ The current (ineffective) prison system would not have to be maintained, thus freeing up resources to actually go and catch (and punish) criminals;
2/ The overworked Law Courts would have a quicker ‘throughput’ dealing with criminals because the punishment could be delivered immediately and the Courts could then proceed to the next case.
3/ e.g. rape and drink-driving. The immediate effect of both of these offences is short-term pleasure. However, with the extra police forces available, there is firstly more chance of a person being caught and secondly that the punishment of, say, 50 lashes delivered over the space of, say, 5 days would result in long-term (5 days) of pain. The conclusion to potential miscreants would obviously be “it just ain’t worth it”.
6 Summary
There will be an organisation in place, the FU, which will be able to compel people to ‘take their medicine’ and to redirect resources to where they are needed. Also everyone’s ‘survival instinct’ will be taken away from what Society regards as criminal behaviour and redirected towards starting to think of survival of the species.
7 Conclusion
In conclusion I would point out that only I, apparently, know how to get this global organisation set up as politicians, sociologists and social workers are too close to the problem and cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’.
I would like to have an interview with you soon (and it will have to be very soon because the point of no return is in under 10 years after which extinction will be inevitable) to present my plan for the total revision of the global political situation. You should note that what I will suggest is bound to evolve at some time in the future but current indications are that it will not appear until it is too late to save the human race from extinction which is inevitable at this time.

Will someone listen to me?
Like hell they will.
Long live the ‘head-in-the-sand’ philosophy…if you ignore a problem it will go away.
Save this essay in a permanent memory storage somewhere and, in 20 years time, when it has become apparent that the point of no return had been passed by 10 years previously (as I predicted) and that the required action to save the human race from extinction should have been initiated long before, you can look at this work and say ‘Oh, shit, we should have bleeding listened to him’.

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