The Trail to the Top of the Mountain

The Trail to the Top of the Mountain

This is not a sex story. A person emailed me and gave me a senario, and I had to write about it. Here is the senario…

Your walking through the forest along a path in an area thats new to you, yet you are very comfortable with the surroundings and the direction you are headed. As you walk, you come across a vase on the ground.
What does it look like and what to you do with it? Farther down the same path you stumble upon a mirror. What does it look like (in detail) and what do you ultimatly do with it.

After your journey and your recent findings, you come to a point on the path that is obstructed by a wall.
What does the wall look like? (what is it made out of? how high? How far does it span …) And what do you do when you reach it? Also, keep in mind what (if anything) you see on the other side (if, in fact, you ever see the other side).

Here is the response, please tell me what you think.

The Trail to the Top of the Mountain
By Britney

I seemed to be on a path of some kind. I have no clue on how I got there. But the place was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I was on a path going uphill circling around a great mountain peak. The view was tremendous. I looked off and I could see everything. There didn’t seem to be a horizon, it just kept going and going. I could see lakes, rivers, forests, cities, oceans, deserts, and other mountains. All of them being a hundred times more beautiful then anything I have ever seen before.

I was walking up hill but I felt as if I was gliding. My body felt like it was as light as a feather. And I didn’t feel like anything could hurt it. For some reason I knew I had to get to the top of the mountain. It was what I was there to do. But I wanted to enjoy every second of this journey on the way there. I couldn’t believe how happy I was, and how good I felt. I was in love with everything. The love in my heart seemed to glow like a burning fire every time I looked out at the beautiful sun set that lighted the amazing view that had no horizon.

I came across a vase on the ground. I walked right past it not thinking much of it, having being distracted from everything else that was going on. Suddenly it occurred to me that this vase had some kind of meaning to it. I turned around and went back to the place where it was laying. I bent over and picked it up. It wasn’t very big. It could’ve probably held about 32oz of water. But the way it was designed was amazing. Again it was like nothing I have ever seen before. Imagine a place like New York City. Take every square inch of building in the whole city. Take every design that was carefully drawn out. And the years and years of labor and building. Now put it in the palm of your hand in one small object. That is what this vase was like to look at. I could of spent weeks just looking at it’s amazing beauty. But there was more to see, and I had to get to the top of that mountain.

I held the vase in my hand as I continued up the trail. I learned that I didn’t even have to walk, but I could hover if I wanted to. I was bound by nothing. I could’ve flew to the most distant planet in the solar system. I could of seen every galaxy in the universe. And I could’ve been there in seconds if I wanted to. But I had to get to the top of the mountain.

I came across a mirror that was hung by a string on a tree branch. It was not like the vase. I noticed it coming long before I reached it. When I reached it I could only see the back of the mirror. The design was amazing like the vase was. I admired the amazing design of it, before I turned it around and looked at the reflection. The reflection resembled me. I had the same features as usual. My hair and eye color were the same. My bone structure in my face was the same. But I was a thousand times more beautiful then usual my hair was long, and it didn’t have a single flaw. It swayed around and seemed to move with the love that was glowing in my heart. What an amazing feeling it was to see yourself in the mirror as the most gorgeous women on earth times a hundred. I could of looked at it forever. But I had to make it to the top of the mountain.

I finally did reach the top. The path was obstructed by a huge wall. Again like everything else in this place it was amazing. The most well designed object on earth times a hundred to a thousand. There was an opening that I noticed. I don’t know how, but I knew that if I put the vase in that opening that a piece of the wall would open and let me get to the other side. I knew the other side would be glorious. I knew it would be a place that I never wanted to leave. But I also knew if I went through the wall I could never return. That didn’t even seem to be a hard decision at all. I almost put the vase where it went and walked through without giving it any thought at all. But something made me look at the mirror again.

I didn’t see my reflection in it this time. I watched the twenty eight years of life that I lived replay itself. Kind of like highlights on sports center. I saw the good things I did. The times when I helped people. And I also saw my mistakes. For the first time since I been at this place. I felt sadness. I saw that I led a selfish life. I could feel what other people were feeling around me. I could feel when I hurt them, when I made them angry, when they were disappointed with me. I could feel what my mother was feeling when I fought with her. I could feel my heart crush just like the boy felt in 9th grade when I broke up with him.

I fell to the ground and started to cry as I looked in the mirror. It showed a lot of good things, that I did. The good things well out numbered the bad things. But what was I thinking during some of those times. How could I have been so cold, and not realized the pain I caused.

The highlights became more recent. I saw myself being pulled out of a demolished car in the middle of an intersection. I felt my husband, my family, and friends pain, and concern as I laid unconscious in a hospital.

Then the highlights that were playing seemed to change. They seemed to review faster. It showed my life that I haven’t lived yet. It showed my unborn children, and I felt the love that I had for them. A love much more greater then the love for myself. Which made me feel better about the first part of my life. It showed what I was going to do. And I saw how many people needed my help. I realized that I had to go back and continue this life. There was no other choice.

I put the vase, and the mirror next to each other on the grass. I stood up and looked at the beautiful wall in front of me. I turned around and took a long look at the view with no horizon. I was extremely sad that I had to leave this amazing place. I knew that someday I would get to go through it, and see what is on the other side. I have to go back down the mountain now. There is work to be done at the bottom.

As I started back down the trail, and suddenly I lifted my head and looked at a hospital room through my blurry eyes. My body felt awful. My head ached, and I felt extremely weak. A few hours went by and I saw my husband and my family again. I learned about the car accident I was in. I had no memory about the trail, that lead to the top of the mountain.

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