a life of service 4

a life of service 4

this is the begin of Kate's final training. this is my fav scene ….i wish i could pull this off

He looked very jet set in his suit; after all it was rather expensive. Tailor made to his build. He sat there with his legs crossed and looking at the two women rather intently. Where would he begin? He sipped on his wine and lit a smoke.
The walls of the room were made of cinder blocks. The floor was poured concrete. In various places he had steel loops drilled into the walls, ceiling and floor. The room was lit with candles and a wood fire place. The door of the room was made of heavy wood and had two dead blots in it. This room was the reason he bought the house. The previous owner had it built during the cold war and was a bit paranoid. But the new owner was not paranoid. The room served other purposes now.
He stood and removed his coat and folded it neatly over his chair. He removed his chemise and did the same.
Sandra looked magnificent in her black V-cut evening gown. Her hair, wild, dark and curly. Her eyes alive and shinning with the reflection of the fire, her makeup dark and gothic like.
He gestured for her to come to him. She came to him without skipping a beat. Her hips swaying and her nipples sliding through the front of the dress. She came to him and placed her hand on his neck, stroking him gently. He placed his hand on her behind patting firmly.
Kate looked stunning as well. She was clad in the black lingerie assemble that Sandra had bought for her. Stockings that went half way up her thigh a garter belt, black panties. black transparent bra. Elbow length silk gloves. All of this compounded with the latex black knee high boots. She had the physique for it. She stood with her hands held at shoulder height by the chains around her wrists. Her feet were chained as well, spread apart wide.
She looked splendid gagged and bound.
He whisper instructions into Sandra’s ear and then walked to his tool bench
“You see my dear” he began”As difficult as it may seem now, things will get better” He sifted through his wide collection of toys.
“Soon you will relinquish all your fears and open yourself to your desires. There will be no room for trivial, only what is truly important. Soon you will grow to meet your full potential. It has already begun. I am proud of your accomplishments, we both are, aren’t we my love?”
“Yes master, we are” Sandra said
“Rewards are given when hard work tasks are completed, when lessons are learned and soon you will reap the benefits of your work. But firsts you must learn the lessons and complete the tasks.” His hands floating over his tools, as if they had a mind of their own.

Kate’s eyes shifted between the two. Her breathing was deep, lifting her chest high. How magnificent she looked, the colors of the fire dancing on all over her figure.

“Obedience and loyalty” He turned “these are virtues Hard learned….If they can be learned at all.” He had his toys in hand. He began to walk towards her.
“That depends on the pupil I believe” He turned his head and looked at Sandra
“You see Kate; she is the shinning example of those virtues. She is the text book on how to conquer those lessons”. He gestured to her with his right hand. “Come” he said to Sandra.
She came to him and knelt by his side with her arms lovingly around his leg. His hand came to rest gently on her head. He played softly with her hair.
“Feet” he said gently to Sandra as he looked down at her.
She quickly lay on the ground before him. Curled up like a loyal obedient dog, her head on his feet. He placed one of the tools before her on the ground, the other still in his hand.
He began to walk towards Kate.
“I am a fair man. I am aware that you do not yet have the whole picture, you can’t see what waits on the other side for you.” He flexed the horse whip between his two hands.
“But first you must be purified, body and mind of your old ways.”

Kate trembled visibly.

“We must begin your cleansing” he said to her
As if on clue Sandra rose and removed her evening gown. She wore only her black stocking that climbed to her thighs and her black high heel shoes. Her body was hairless her figure…flawless. She reached down and began preparing the tool for its task.

He stood before Kate, his hands gently caressing her curves; her skin was soft to his touch. He kissed her on the forehead. He leaned his head next to hers.
“Remember” he whispered “master loves you”
He cracked her then, on the side of her leg with his whip. She pushes back and shrieks but her restraints kept her in place and silent. He walked behind her, tracing her figure with his stick. He slid it gently between her thighs, massaging her crotch with its tip.
Sandra joined them then, her strap on in place. Its head placed between Kate’s legs. She began to move ever so slightly back and forth using its head to caress Kate’s center.
“You will be satisfied with our work.” He whipped her buttocks. Her eyes pleaded with Sandra.
He came around to the front again. He stood now behind Sandra his whip came up to caress her breasts, playing at the tip of her nipples. Her hand moved behind her to his belt where she unbuckled it. She slid her left hand over his package back and forth while her right hand undoes his zipper. She reaches in and pulls him out. She slid his tip over the smooth skin of her buttocks. Her Left hand came forth and grabbed a hand full of Kate’s rump.
“Kneel” He says to his faithful servant. She kneels, her legs wide her face inches from Kate’s snatch.
Kate feels Sandra’s hot breath on her center.
“Remove her panties” He orders. His faithful servant unties the knots that hold on her panties.
He turns from them then and heads for the table.
“How long this goes on for depends on you and how quickly you chose to accept your destiny” He seeks his final addition to there m?ge. He turns then as Sandra’s tongue slides between Kate’s legs to find its place on her clitoris. It dances and swirls around and around Kate’s breathing slows. She looks down, her eyes catching Sandra’s.

He is before them again. He places his hand on Sandra’s head.
“My love” he says softly.
She turns to look at him. He traces her jawbone with his thumb, looking lovingly in her eyes.
He slides the mask slowly and carefully over her face. It is black and covers her eyes. It covers her nose and leaves her mouth and chin exposed. At its base, over Sandra’s nose is its center piece a long and thick rubber dick that sticks out many inches from her face.
She turns and begins to slide its tip between Kate’s legs. Her hand comes up and she begins to stroke her master’s rod as he pats her ass with his whip. Sandra’s free hand begins to stroke her own rubber tool between her legs. She is excited by all this activity. She wishes it was her being trained again.

“There is no limit to my imagination, which is to say there is no limit to your pleasure or your suffering, it all just depends on you and how quickly you learn your place.” Master says to Kate. “Do you understand?”
Kate looks at him then, peeling her eyes off of Sandra and her mask. She tries to speak through the gag ball but only muffled noises escape her. The master reaches up to her mouth and slides out the gag ball.
“You’re both fucking nuts.” “Obedience?” Kate exclaims “maybe that works for this cunt here but not for me you sick fuck. How long do you think this will last for before the cops turn up here looking for me anyways?” Kate rattles in her chains breathing heavy from the anger, staring at him.
He begins to walk behind her then sliding his hand up and down her taught midriff her skin soft to his touch
“Get your hands off me you prick” she says to him. He does not flinch as he comes to a stop directly behind her. Sandra still slides the tip of her face cock between her prisoners snatch.
“You may not break yet but I always win” master begins to say in her ear. “And the more of a struggle you put up the better.” His hands come around her, caressing her body.
“You will obey just like she does “Master said as his left hand comes down to rest on Sandra’s head.
As if on cue Sandra begins to slide the face cock into Kate’s tight little snatch. She slides it all the way to the base and back, slowly she repeats the process over and over.

“Get off me you freak …. What’s the matter with you assholes” Kate yells “don’t touch me …. Stop!!!!”
Masters hands come to rest on her breasts. He begins to kiss the back of her neck and shoulders. His hard dick, pressed onto her buttocks. He pulls her bra down so it rest under both her breasts, perking them open even more if that were possible. Twisting her pencil eraser nipples between his thumb and for fingers he cups her breasts in his hands.
Kate feels him sliding his cock between her ass cheeks, like tit fucking her ass, she feels Sandra slide her mask as far deep as she can and reaches around for her masters’ cock, pulling it down between her legs. Kate Feels its fat head slide over her anus and down to her slit, where Sandra brings it to her mouth licking and sucking the tip. He begins to slide his rod in and out of Sandra’s mouth, the motion causes Sandra’s face dick to resume its thrusting motions in to her clam. To her horror Kate comes to realize that this is exciting her. She feels herself getting wetter.

The master, enjoying Sandra’s mouth reaches down from Kate’s breast with his left hand to Sandra’s head where he begins to force it deeper into Kate’s cunt and forces his cock deeper into her mouth, at a faster more aggressive pace.
“Never in your wildest Fantasies would both off you thought you ever be doing something like this” He says to his Slaves “I sense both of your excitement, whether you admit it or not.”
“Fuck you …sicko” Kate shots out
At moment the master gives on last hard push on Sandra’s head and holds it there, the tip of his dick in her throat
“Sicko…?” He replies to Kate.” My lovely girl I’ve only just begun to please you. Don’t lie to me; I can feel your wet cunt dripping on my shaft. “
They could both hear Sandra gagging and coughing on his cock. They could feel her trying to push her head back to get some air but he held her there choking her with his dick.
“I know now that your body wants my perversions it is only your mind that we must correct …. The battle my dear is won” he says to Kate as he releases Sandra’s head who falls back on her ass gasping for air
“Master… please … I need more “Sandra says between gasps, as she wipes the long strands of spit that hang from her chin to her d cup breast. Sandra’s hands full of her drool finds their way to the strap-on shaft that is protruding from her crotch.
“She needs a good fucking Master” Sandra says as she strokes her fake shaft
Kate can’t believe her eyes. She can’t believe what she hearing. “You’re insane” is all she can say. The sight of Sandra sitting on the floor of this dungeon, her legs open, stroking a strap-on, as if it where her own dick. Her body covered by her own drool. Her mouth open. Face dick mask, with its long, thick shaft sticking out from the middle of her face, covering her eyes. The image was too much.
Even master was astonished by the depravity of his servants behavior. He felt his dick getting hard to the point where it began to hurt. He walked to her then and helped her to her feet. Then and guided her to face Kate who had a look of shock on her face.
“Have your way with her my love” master said to Sandra. And she did.
Sandra’s hands came up to her shaft and she began to slide it between Kate’s legs till it found its home….. Her cunt. Sandra’s Hands come around to Kate’s ass and begins to pull her deeper on to her strap-on. Fucking her at a violent and furious pace Sandra begins to mutter filth to Kate.
You’re my fuck hole you whore ….. Wait till I get to your ass you cunt…I bet you like this, deep inside I know you like this
Master is too aroused to stay out of this and he without warning to Sandra grabs her waist and forces his dick in her ass. Sandra gasps from the sudden entry but does not skip a beat as she impales Kate on the upstroke and herself on the down stroke. His hand comes up to grab a handful of her hair and yanks her head back hard
“You’re a dirt little whore “ master says to her as he slides his hand in her mouth choking her with his fingers .Master is fucking her ass hard now as he looks at Kate.
“Your next” as he slides his dick out of Sandra and walks around to Kate’s backside
She begins to protest…”please don’t …..Stop …. No don’t “but to no avail as she feels him enter her anus. Without mercy he begins to thrust into her. He feels her tight ass clenching him firmly only making it worse on her.
Kate’s protests begin to annoy him. In one swift motion he slides finger into each of Kate’s nostrils and pulls her head back and with his free hand grabs Sandra’s mask by the shaft and forces it into Kate’s open waiting mouth. With his hands free now and Kate’s yapping muffled he grabs a handful of hair on either side of Sandra’s head and pulls hard forcing the dildo deeper into Kate’s throat.
“Choke her master “Sandra utters as she fucks Kate’s snatch. Sandra fingers her own holes violently and she is quickly approaching climax. Even master is on the verge of eruption. This orgy of fucking and depravity is bringing all of its participants to the edge of climax.
Sandra body begins to shudder on the onset of her orgasm. Her moaning and breathing now furious. Master pulls harder on Sandra’s hair, forcing the shaft all the way down Kate’s throat. Kate’s drool running in long strands down to hers and Sandra’s breast which are being mashed together. The spit makes the tits shine as they rub violently together. Kate is making gagging noises now choking and coughing her spit strands sliding down the shaft into Sandra’s open mouth, whose shuddering hips set of a chain reaction in Kate who begins to cum. The double penetration, the bondage, the gagging and most of all the submission of this whole affair sets her off like never before. Her juice pours down her legs which give out. She is being fucked like a rag doll.
In one swift motion the master pulls out of her ass and undoes Kate’s chains to allow her to kneel before him. He grabs a handful of her hair and pulls as he spits on her face
“Now you know who u belong to” is all he says as he shoots his huge load onto her face and in her hair. Gulps of it fly into her eyes, nose and mouth, drenching her in his burning goo. Her eyes burn and tear as he cleans his dick off with her hair.

“Put the pig in the cage” He says to Sandra as he walks out of the room….

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