Blond Hair.

Blond Hair.

“Nine A.M. and I’m already thinking about sex. And on Sunday fucking morning, for fucks sake! Something is bad wrong with me, bad wrong.” Ben thought to himself, as he buttoned his dress shirt for church. He wasn’t a religious man at all, and went to church for the sole purpose of meeting and being with his friends. Living in the southern “Bible Belt”, it's hard to have friends and also not be a Christian.

“It is only a short drive to church, and the service only lasts an hour and a half. Besides, all the guys will gripe at me all day tomorrow if I don’t go to church.” Ben was a short man, but strong. He was 26 at the time, but had worked in construction since he was 16 years old, and had grown damn strong because of it.

The preacher came and went, the choir sang their songs and the people had done their weekly Christian service. The church wasn’t bad, Ben didn’t mind it for the most part, just a little boring. Sitting next to a pretty young blond gal didn’t bother him either. Then the preacher said “Now I would like everyone to bow their head, and I will dismiss us with a prayer”. Ben had always felt so hypocritical at this point of the service. He always felt like he didn’t belong during this part, and always waited with anticipation for the prayer to end. He looked around, and everyone was bowing their heads. He felt that nobody in the whole world was watching him.

His brain got a weird buzz, and for some reason the thoughts he had about sex that morning came to his mind. It felt like he had just taken a sniff from a marker, and his whole brain was tingling. He noticed how pretty the girl next to him was, and for just a moment, instinctively he looked at her long light legs and how they went so smoothly up her Sunday skirt. He was not an impulsive man, he didn’t usually take risks and do crazy things, but he got a wicked thought that made his brain tingle with excitement even more. “Nobody in the whole world is watching me. I can do whatever I want for the next 30 seconds without anyone needing to know.” He slowly bent his head down almost to his knees, as if he were praying. He was sitting down, the girl was standing up. With his head bowed, he slowly turned to his side and, just for a moment, looked up her skirt. Shit, she is wearing no underwear. His eyes shot straight up inside her, and he saw her blond, trim pubic hair. His eyes darted up and down her body, his hands shaking that she would open her eyes and look at him. He loved her face, and almost wish she would open her eyes, but he wasn’t brave enough to say anything, he just looked away and waited for the prayer to end.

The thoughts of sex filled his mind, almost uncontrollably. He ran to the bathroom after the prayer, hiding his bulging penis with his bible. He wasted no time in the bathroom as he immediately locked the door and ran to a stall to masturbate with his bear hand, thoughts clouding his mind of having sex with her in the middle of the church, while everyone was praying. Somehow the knowledge of being in public made the experience more exciting as he masturbated. He finished, flushed the toilet, and washed his hand. The ejaculation had subdued his sexual urge. He washed his face and stared at his own eyes in the mirror. “Something is definitely wrong with me, but I like it. I’ll never get that girl though, and it’s for the better. She is an angel, and I am a demon. She was praying while I was thinking about sex. Get over it.”

Once he left the church and the bright sun shined down on him, all thoughts about sex left his mind. He almost magically forgot about even seeing the blond girl, and he kept himself busy with thoughts about work the next day. The rest of the day was ordinary and uneventful, filled with TV and boredom, just like all his days. That night he went to sleep early, to catch up on the sleep he lost over the weekend so he could wake up early for work the next day.

He awoke as if from a nightmare. Thoughts of the blond girl came to his head again, and he was overwhelmed with a need to have sex with something. To have sex with the girl. He was hard, harder than he had been his whole life. He quickly pulled out a magazine from under his bed, to try and get his mind off of the girl, but the women in the magazine weren’t pretty anymore. The site of them almost turned him off. He closed his eyes and thought about the blond girl from church, and jerked off in a fantasy of having sex in church again, during that prayer. The ejaculation came, and it was good, but this time it wasn’t enough. Still the lust for the blond girl was all over his body, but he didn’t feel like jerking off again. He wanted her in person. He needed her.

He knew the house that the girl lived in, it was near his house. The next thing he knew, he was in his car, about to start it. “Fuck, I can’t go to her house and ask to fuck her.” Suddenly he knew he wasn’t going to ask to fuck her, but he was going to fuck her. He went back in his house, and grabbed a few tools. A flashlight, packaging tape. And a knife – a hunting knife. He had an old mask from haloween, but for some reason he didn't grab it. Perhaps he wanted her to see him.

He stopped the car behind a tree thicket by her house and walked the rest of the way. He knew very little about the girl, and had to check to make sure she lived alone. The house was small, and only one car was parked out front. “That’s enough evidence for me.” He walked close and looked threw the windows. It was dark, but he could make out the rooms. “kitchen, TV room, some kind of closet. Bingo.” He saw the blond girl, laying on top her covers wearing only a slip on nightgown. Her legs were crossed, and her hair was laid out, slowing the pillow whole. He could see her breasts moving up and down as she breathed, the nightgown showing her cleavage perfectly. The light from her nightlight was reflecting over her body, making her look more angel than human. The thought of her being an angel again crossed his mind, and he looked at himself hiding in the dark, like the demon he imagined. Thoughts of turning away kept flowing in his conscious, and his hands were shaking as he grasped the packaging tape.

He went to the back door, and slid it open. “Thank God for quiet sliding doors.” Leaving his flashlight on the ground, he crept in threw the kitchen, quieter than a mouse. His eyes had adjusted to the dark well enough to see, and the house was so clean and smelled good. He went to her bedroom door and opened it. “Oh my God. She is so perfect.” He was still so nervous, but his hands stopped shaking; the knowledge of doing something wrong was all over him again, and the feeling of sniffing markers came back to him again, stronger and better than last time. He knew he could overpower her, he just needed to stop her from screaming, so he went to her mouth first and applied a strip of packaging tape over her lips. She kept sleeping. He uncrossed her legs and pulled her nightgown up. He had expected her to wake up long ago, but she kept sleeping. Her legs were so smooth and shaven, it felt to him better than silk. He felt he wanted to swallow her whole. Her trimmed blond pussy came into his view, pink and fluffy. She is defiantly a virgin. He whipped his pants off faster and quieter than ever. He placed his hard cock in her pussy, and she instinctively wrapped her legs around him and opened her eyes. The site of him scared him, like a little girl seeing a monster. She immediately tried to fight him, her arms pushing back on his chest and she was trying to scream. He held her arms down with such ease, and slowly moved his in and out. The feeling was so great and intense, he felt like going crazy. He couldn’t get enough. She fought harder and become so wet. He could see tears coming out of her eyes and he felt pussy juice covering his cock. The feeling was better than anything he had ever felt, ten times better than any sex he had ever had. She still struggled and tried to get free, but she was completely powerless, he could easily hold down both her arms with one of his hands.

He started to fuck her faster and rammed her pussy very hard. He did not cum, as he had ejaculated only minutes ago in his home and was still building up another erection. He fucked her and could hear her making moans under the packaging tape. She tried to hide them and not moan at first, but soon she became exhausted and could control her body no longer. She was terrified, as if she was in an awful dream and wasn't waking up.

He fucked her for nearly an hour, watching her perfect breasts bouncing up and down in her nightgown, until he could feel the ejaculation coming. He roared and let go of her arms, but grabbed her legs. He pulled her legs back behind him, pushing her pussy so hard against his cock. He could feel himself going so deep inside her, and he held her like that for almost a minute while he came. She could feel the cum squirting in her pussy, and knew that her struggling would do no good now, the man had got what he wanted from her, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She struggled with her last few breaths to hit and push him off her, and then she collapsed. He dropped her body, and she lay unconscious from the trauma and exhaustion. He laid her in the bed and sat next to her, his brain full of emotion and mixed thoughts. The awful lust that had overtaken him was gone, and he was back to his normal self. The women lying next to him no longer looked like an angel, but a very pretty young girl.

“Fucking Fuck fuck fuck! What the Hell did I just do? I just fucking raped a girl oh my God! I am a monster!” and he started to cry. He got dressed and started to leave, but when he reached the doorway he knew he couldn’t leave, not like that. She saw his face, she knew who he was. He could go home, gather his things and flee. But he couldn’t do that, he had a life; he had work tomorrow. He saw his knife, and knew what he had to do.

When he walked out the back door, he felt like a new man, an ordinary man. He looked up at the stars shining threw the sky, it was so pretty. "Whatever happened, whatever was wrong with me.. it is better now." He felt like an ordinary person again, and he drove home and went to sleep so he could wake up early for work the next day.


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